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  1. 1436

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    Yah i am unbanned!
  2. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    no version of 1.08 of my arma if you do -server it does not work thats why thare is a server.exe you must be on 1.06 or 1.05 or maby it is my us versions that it does not work on. ?anywazy i gave the keygen to suma so he can ad the ranges to ban to gamespy but i think im going ot go to atari now with it it has been 3 weeks now.
  3. bump to add Mirrors 4 1.3 sorey Mirror 1 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1758 Mirror 2 ftp://armed-assault.de/aa/mods/xam1.3_english.exe Mirror 3 http://www.globalearth.de/index.php?downloads-show-53 Mirror 4 http://dl1.armed-assault.de/mods/xam1.3_english.exe
  4. idk the wiki did not post the fix log but its about 1mb biger
  5. Download link http://www.usaupload.net/d/muktr722wwn Decided to update saralite island the old one hosted around is from demo 1.02 this one is from demo 1.06 or usdemo.exe
  6. This is a Sticky over at ofp Multiplayer The same apply for arma. it is important for server admins to know about modified files. and mod makers to make addons that dont reconfig defult addons. if the server is not useing it but the player still has theys modified files in my book thats a cheat. not talking about sounds but mods like SLX whare you can pull out a knife and kill some one with it. but the realy simple way Prevent mods off youre server is to make it Equalmodrequires=1 but people cant conenct if thay have a mod folder Suicidesquad.com does this and a few others. There is currently quite busy discussion about modifications of config.bin (or its text equivalent config.cpp) in other topics of this forum. Let me explain why we implemented "config modified" message. When modifying config.bin, you can control many aspects of the game, some very important (like reload times or other waepon, ammunition or vehicle parameters, some not that important, like weapon sounds or other "minor" things. We considered a lot what parts of config should be protected against cheating, and after some thinking and experimentation we decided that modifing almost any field in config can be used to get some advantage. Let me consider two favourite config.bin modification types that seem innocent: sound replacement packs and face set replacements. Sound replacement packs Most sound replacement packs currently available replace original ingame sounds by other sounds, that are considered more reallistic or simply nicer by its creator. Exactly the same technique can be used for cheating: consider replacing very quite H&K sound (or sound of footsteps of eastern soldiers) by some distinct and very loud tone. This would give you quite big advantage, as enemy would be unable to approach you unheaderd. detected. Face set replacements. Most common face set replacements replace original faces with some cammo type / spec ops faces. The very same same technique could be used for cheating: imagine replacing all faces with bright yellow face. This would make spotting enemy much easier. Conclusion: While the message about modified config does not necessary mean given player is cheating, it tells you is it is impossible to guarantee he is not, as identical techniques can be used for non-cheatig and cheating config modifications. When seeing this message, it is upon your decision if you will believe the player when he tells you he is not cheating. If you are using some config modification that is causing this message, you should understand why some people / servers may be unwilling to play with you. They see you are using modified config and they cannot know if you modified it in cheating or non-cheating way. If they want to stay on the safe side, they will often kick you or even ban you from the server. Seeing the number of people that used config modification to cheat, you can hardly blame them. Is modified "config message" reliable? The answer is not easy. We can tell it was not reliable before 1.45, as addons installed to Addons folder were able to modify some protected config entries. We fixed this and we are convinced this is no longer possible in 1.45. Unless you modify your config, you should not see this message, no matter what unofficial addons you have installed in your Addons folder. Why not disconnecting player with modified config? As I wrote above, we were not sure in previous version if our test of config modification were reliable and we did not want to kick any player using any addons unless they really used config modification. We think that the detection is working right since 1.45, but we want to wait a little to be sure. Once we will see this really works well, we will implement server side option that will automatically disconnect players using config modification. Remmeber: this will be server side options and server administrator will be able to decide if he wants this feature or not. Can unofficial addons cause "modified config" message? If you have unoffical addon installed into following folders: Addons Missions MPMissions Campaigns it should not cause this message. Unfortunatelly there was bug in 1.42 and before which caused some addons could modify protected parts of config and the message was shown. This should be no longer possible in 1.45 and later. If you think you have any addon that installs only into folders listed above and it shows the message in 1.45 and later, please send it to support@bistudio.com for investigation. ------------------------------------- ok ok but how do i turn on filechecks? copy and paste the checkfile commands from my server config over to youre server config. http://www.freewebs.com/sieish/server2.txt
  7. added some more awsme maps!
  8. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    install the game with a keygen then you will have youre proff.
  9. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    make a bat file put this in it @ECHO OFF SET cint=112000000 :next set /a cint=cint+1 echo %cint% if %cint%==300000000 goto done goto next ,one and make a shortcut add this to run line >ban.txt thi is set to 112000000-300000000 @daikan if you install the game with a key-gen you will get a 10 digit id most likley. a ligit game will have 6-9 length id
  10. 1436

    Servers that use VoN in-game Voice

    Alot of servers dont you voip becuse you can spam it and cant see who is doing it. so we use team speak downlaod it at www.goteamspeak.com
  11. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    il talk to Mal who runs squadserver.com about geting this on it he runs 10 arma servers.
  12. 1436

    TK Global Banlist

    Jerry hopper is working on his passport system. a Allow list and a collection of fake cd-keys anything 10+
  13. 1436

    realism server

    USM Runs a Xam 1.3 mod server with no cross hairs and if you set it to vet mode no 3rd.
  14. United States Military Team has active members our own 100mbit server, the best maps on any server. Our own teams speak & website/forums. USM Does Weakley training on our own custom maps teaching you real tactics. Our goal is to make you a better player part of the team. and play in a clan where you can enjoy the people you are around. We have 3 main divisions 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment |3ACR| 75th Ranger Regiment |75RR| 160th SOAR |160SOAR| Team Speak= Ts.usmsquad.com Public server= Ts.usmsquad.com:2302 Website= http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke/ Join @ http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke....istment Why Join USM? #1 we hate evo and don’t play it but we have a coop server with it on it. CTF, C&H AND CTI are so much beter! #2 All our pfc and above get server admin We are good people you will enjoy being around us and playing with us.  Unlike most clans we have Good direction we know our goals. We compete and win. We don’t settle for you’re half fast attempts and will make you a better player if you want to. We have tons of mission makers and lots of custom missions. Our server is better then anyone else’s why do I say that?  Because I helped out 30% of most of the good servers out thare we know how to tweak all night long! gets 40fps all the time. Our box is a Opteron 1216 with 2gb ddr2 533mhz on a 100mbit pipe in Texas. We have very active server admins who can change anything on the fly & ip ban id ban. Requirements to join are!!! #1 have team speak and be social on it. #2 you have you be willing to attend Training/practice. #3 Mature but not a total tight wad. #4 Not a cheater & Have a ligit copy of the game. This is not a double post the other one has old info and that member is no longer allowed to use the bis forums To edit it.