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  1. I think I have found the problem in my mission, I have a caching script running in the back ground. I have removed this and it seems ok at the moment
  2. My mission has various scripts that spawn enemy units at various locations and different times through out the mission. The problem that I have noticed is that the enemy will re spawn. An example is this I have a truck spawn full of enemy units. I engage with Nlaw and destroy the truck, some of the enemy jump out and start to fire back. I kill some of them and then the next thing the truck re spawns with all the men in it and we start again?? Do I need to put something to end the script once it has been called? Here is one of the scripts that I use: _spawn = [getmarkerpos "sup11", "Kamaz", "ssp1a",0] execVM "mission7a.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "sup12", "BTR90", "ssp1c",0] execVM "mission7a.sqf"; mission7a _spawn_zone = _this select 0; _veh_type = _this select 1; _name = _this select 2; _dir = _this select 3;// new _group = createGroup east; _veh = createVehicle [_veh_type, _spawn_zone, [], 0, "NONE"]; _driver = _veh emptyPositions "driver"; _gunner = _veh emptyPositions "gunner"; _cargo = (_veh emptyPositions "cargo") - 1; if (_driver > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinDriver _veh;this assignAsDriver _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];}; if (_gunner > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinGunner _veh;this assignAsGunner _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];}; if (_commander > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_Crew" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinCommander _veh;this assignAsCommander _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];}; for "_i" from 0 to _cargo do { "RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinCargo _veh;this assignAsCargo _veh;"]; }; _veh setdir _dir;// new _veh SetVehicleVarName _name; call compile format["%1 = _veh", _name]; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "pat71", 400] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol;
  3. Try this _spawn = [getmarkerpos "spawn1", "BMP3", "sp1a",180] execVM "mission1a.sqf"; sp1a is just to give the vehicle a name so can be called by other scripts. The direction is the 180, change this to what ever degrees you want 0 would be north. the execVM "mission1a.sqf part is a script to call the crew etc
  4. This is a link to a thread that I started and everything got sorted http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?120848-create-vehicle-with-name Just noticed your first post and that you alresdy looked at this thread. I dont know why it wont work for you as I use it all the time and no problems? All I can think of is maybe you not placed function module or have one of every faction you are spawning on map..
  5. I do it like this: _spawn = [getmarkerpos "marker1", "ZSU_TK_EP1", "tank",180] execVM "mission1a.sqf"; it spawns a vehicle at marker1 named tank. Mission1a is a script that creates the crew..
  6. lockjaw-65-

    Make objectives random?

    yeah the one I posted was more for if you had your own set of specfic missions
  7. Many thanks that works great. While we on this I just saw your link right above this post. Is it possible to make more than one mobile and a static respawn then when you die you can select which one to respawn at?
  8. lockjaw-65-

    Make objectives random?

    I have a mission with 40 objectives and it randomly picks one until they are all done. First make a script called random1.sqf the code within: if ((count missions) == 0) then {hint "No more missions"}; _mission = missions select (floor(random(count missions))); if (_mission == 1) then {[] execVM "mission1.sqf"}; if (_mission == 2) then {[] execVM "mission2.sqf"}; if (_mission == 3) then {[] execVM "mission3.sqf"}; if (_mission == 4) then {[] execVM "mission4.sqf"}; if (_mission == 5) then {[] execVM "mission5.sqf"}; if (_mission == 6) then {[] execVM "mission6.sqf"}; if (_mission == 7) then {[] execVM "mission7.sqf"}; if (_mission == 8) then {[] execVM "mission8.sqf"}; if (_mission == 9) then {[] execVM "mission9.sqf"}; if (_mission == 10) then {[] execVM "mission10.sqf"}; if (_mission == 11) then {[] execVM "mission11.sqf"}; if (_mission == 12) then {[] execVM "mission12.sqf"}; if (_mission == 13) then {[] execVM "mission13.sqf"}; if (_mission == 14) then {[] execVM "mission14.sqf"}; if (_mission == 15) then {[] execVM "mission15.sqf"}; if (_mission == 16) then {[] execVM "mission16.sqf"}; if (_mission == 17) then {[] execVM "mission17.sqf"}; if (_mission == 18) then {[] execVM "mission18.sqf"}; if (_mission == 19) then {[] execVM "mission19.sqf"}; if (_mission == 20) then {[] execVM "mission20.sqf"}; if (_mission == 21) then {[] execVM "mission21.sqf"}; if (_mission == 22) then {[] execVM "mission22.sqf"}; if (_mission == 23) then {[] execVM "mission23.sqf"}; if (_mission == 24) then {[] execVM "mission24.sqf"}; if (_mission == 25) then {[] execVM "mission25.sqf"}; if (_mission == 26) then {[] execVM "mission26.sqf"}; if (_mission == 27) then {[] execVM "mission27.sqf"}; if (_mission == 28) then {[] execVM "mission28.sqf"}; if (_mission == 29) then {[] execVM "mission29.sqf"}; if (_mission == 30) then {[] execVM "mission30.sqf"}; if (_mission == 31) then {[] execVM "mission31.sqf"}; if (_mission == 32) then {[] execVM "mission32.sqf"}; if (_mission == 33) then {[] execVM "mission33.sqf"}; if (_mission == 34) then {[] execVM "mission34.sqf"}; if (_mission == 35) then {[] execVM "mission35.sqf"}; if (_mission == 36) then {[] execVM "mission36.sqf"}; if (_mission == 37) then {[] execVM "mission37.sqf"}; if (_mission == 38) then {[] execVM "mission38.sqf"}; if (_mission == 39) then {[] execVM "mission39.sqf"}; if (_mission == 40) then {[] execVM "mission40.sqf"}; missions = missions - [_mission]; In the init.sqf missions = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40]; Now in the editor create a trigger in its condition put: missiondone in its activation put: missiondone=false; nul = [] execvm "random1.sqf"; You will also need a trigger to call the random1 script when the objective is complete its activation: missiondone=true you will also need a trigger to start the whole thing off. in its activation: _null = [] execVM "random1.sqf"; you could put this in the init.sqf BTW I forgot to mention that all the objective info etc should be called within each mission script. I can post an example of one of these if you need it...
  9. I would be more than greatful if you could show how to do mobile respawn :D I have been trying to find something like whats in Norrins Revive without the revive part but have not come across anything like it.
  10. Would it be possible to make any of these respawn markers mobile?
  11. Hi all as the title says im trying to find a script etc to make a simple mobile respawn vehicle. Im not very good at scripting and tend to pull bits from other stuff thats been made. At the moment im using Norrins Revive just to use the mobile respawn part. This is exactly what im looking for but without the revive bit. I have tried to seperate that part but with no success and when even when I try to dissable all the revive options in the revive init I still get problems. I have been looking into this over the last week and have not found anything that is a good alternative! There are a lot of threads at the moment about multi respawn points but these are static and not suitable for my needs. So does any body know how to create this or has anything been made that I may have missed? I have been looking at a script called HOG MHQ. This is quite close to what I want but I dont want the teleport options. All I want is when you die and respawn you have the option to either respawn at base or the MHQ.
  12. Im going to show one of my mission scripts that has shown the error, I run the script 9 times and it showed the error once? newObjs59 = [getmarkerpos "comp59", 320, "Camp1_RU"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); newObjs60 = [getmarkerpos "comp60", 30, "AntiAir1_RU"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); newObjs61 = [getmarkerpos "comp61", 170, "Firebase1_RU"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); newObjs62 = [getmarkerpos "comp62", 125, "Camp2_RU"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); newObjs63 = [getmarkerpos "comp63", 125, "GuardPost_CDF"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); newObjs64 = [getmarkerpos "comp64", 125, "HeliParking1_RU"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def115", "WarfareBMGNest_PK_TK_EP1", "def24a",155] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def116", "Metis_TK_EP1", "def24b",155] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def117", "AGS_TK_EP1", "def24c",25] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def118", "WarfareBMGNest_PK_TK_EP1","def24d",25] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def119", "Metis_TK_EP1", "def24e",335] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "def120", "KORD_TK_EP1","def24f",335] execVM "mission1aTA.sqf"; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn240", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn240", 150] call bis_fnc_taskDefend; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn241", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn241", 150] call bis_fnc_taskDefend; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn242", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn242", 150] call bis_fnc_taskDefend; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn243", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn243", 150] call bis_fnc_taskDefend; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn244", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn244", 150] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn245", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Medic_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AA_EP1", "TK_Soldier_HAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_AAT_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_GL_EP1", "TK_Soldier_MG_EP1", "TK_Soldier_B_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn245", 650] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; _group = [getmarkerpos "spawn246", EAST, ["TK_Soldier_Sniper_EP1", "TK_Soldier_Sniper_EP1"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "spawn246", 750] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "spawn247", "UAZ_MG_TK_EP1", "sp24a",180] execVM "mission24a.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "spawn247", "UAZ_AGS30_TK_EP1", "sp24b",180] execVM "mission24a.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "spawn248", "T55_TK_EP1", "sp24e",180] execVM "mission24b.sqf"; _spawn = [getmarkerpos "spawn248", "T72_TK_EP1", "sp24f",180] execVM "mission24b.sqf"; tskZone24 = player createSimpleTask ["Anar"]; taskhint ["Clear Anar!", [1, 1, 1, 1], "taskNew"]; tskZone24 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "mrk_zone24"); tskZone24 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear all enemies in Anar!", "Anar", "Anar"]; tskZone24 setTaskState "Created"; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "mrk_zone24"]; _trg setTriggerArea[400,400,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation["EAST", "NOT PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements["this", "tskZone24 setTaskState 'SUCCEEDED'; hint 'Anar clear'","tskZone24 setTaskState 'CREATED'; hint 'Enemy Detected in Anar'"]; _trg2 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "mrk_zone24"]; _trg2 setTriggerArea [400,400,0,false]; _trg2 setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "NOT PRESENT", false]; _trg2 setTriggerStatements ["this", "missiondone=true", ""]; null = execVM "supportmission24.sqf"; "mrk_zone24" setMarkerAlpha 1; 1 setRadioMsg "Radio on"; hint "Anti Armour Support Squad Available!";
  13. I agree. I dont know what the error means but it does not seem to effect the mission so will have to put up with it.
  14. I cant help with this but I too have this error now and again. I have a large scale mission where I call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup at various stages. I am trying to work out if its a random thing or if its a particular call. Its just a bit hard to tell at the moment as all the calls are done on a random basis throughtout the mission. I will test a bit more and if I have any info will post on here.. Ok I have been testing this for a while and it is a random event. Most of the time the scripts that call are fine then now and again it will appear?
  15. lockjaw-65-

    Create Trigger mid-mission

    I have managed to work this out. I placed a trigger on the map and in its condition i put missiondone and in the activation i put missiondone=false; nul = [] execvm "random1.sqf"; then the code for the trigger is: _trg2 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "mrk_zone1"]; _trg2 setTriggerArea [400,400,0,false]; _trg2 setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "NOT PRESENT", false]; _trg2 setTriggerStatements ["this", "missiondone=true", ""];