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  1. Taxman

    Horrible SLI Performance GTX 770 4GB

    I run with SLI, and in the beginning it was pretty pants performance, then I found that VSYNC turned off dramatically improved performance.
  2. CTF, DM, and very small amount of coop at the end of the evening.
  3. Taxman

    Psycho's Multiplayer Missions for A3

    nice one, will upload to server this evening, many thanks.
  4. Squad name:- Special Boat Service - SBS Timezone/location : GMT 0 UK based Gamemode preference : PVP mostly CQB Contact email: sbs_taxman@ntlworld.com Website address: www.sbs-clan.co.uk Short description: Est in 2000, we have been through the full series from OFP to Arma 3, relaxed bunch of lads and play for fun, a small mature group ranging from 25 years up to 49 :) (me) No ranks just mates having a laugh and enjoying it for what it is, A GAME. We play mostly CTF's some HOLD's ... our own server, TS etc... you can either play with us or against us. Language: English. Need translators for the scottish and Welsh contingent No one can understand us.
  5. Hya bud, firstly do you have a download link ?, secondly how does it work, do both teams go for the "one" flag and return it to theirs ? or can you pick up any of the three, if so where do you cap them ?.... we have a server running CTF only and would be happy to give it a go for a change...
  6. Taxman

    Psycho's Multiplayer Missions for A3

    Cheers thunder.
  7. Taxman

    Psycho's Multiplayer Missions for A3

    A probs with map matey, plays fine first time on server, run it twice it and it hangs, server has to be restarted to be able to run it more than once. (excellent job though)
  8. Taxman

    Psycho's Multiplayer Missions for A3

    Nice one, Looking forward to giving this a try on the SBS server
  9. Im with Vilayer, havent had a problem, so no need to use support, server runs smooth and Uptime for the last month was 100%, cheapest I could find and normally I say you "get what you pay for" but in this case I feel like im having a good deal, was going to go with multiplay but in comparison they are a LOT more expensive.
  10. Taxman

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    St p is soooooooooooooooooo much better john with the fog john, Plays well, and so does the rest with the One nade option, much prefer them now... well done.
  11. Taxman

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    Omg MCY, we used to have awesome games with you guys, SBS have a CTF only server up if anyone fancies a few games toight, GGX if you fancy another one this evening drop by,,, good games last week.. JIm tell beck bond we have been asking about him, great to see some of old teams back up and running..
  12. Taxman

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    Can you sent me Gospic please John ?
  13. Taxman

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    8pm ok ?