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    Pissin the Admins off, by makin my sigs and avatars too big....even though they are linked to another site:/
  1. Mandrake your problem is that there arn't many outright 'public' servers for ArmA2 / ArmA2 OA, mainly coz they are pigs to admin effectivly, Outright public servers should be for the good of the gamers, and there should be a place where you can vote for mods etc.. but not on the BIS forums. Public servers have been tried before by a few of us and failed misrebly. Most of the good admins on these forums have been running servers on OFP/ArmA/ArmA2 for quite a few years now, and they have experience of what thir squads require. I think you tried to ask a polite question but from the few flames that got thrown it cascaded into somthing different when a polite no would of sufficed. Like Tax says his squad create there own maps and unless they feel a mod will drastically improve the experiance for them it wont get added, and also for me the less mods the better. On the other hand the newer admins that I have had contact with, and there has been quite a few, add mod after mod after mod then wonder why the server doesnt perform very well.
  2. obviously including the bigger mods like ace would be silly, but if all servers had the bigger mods on, and a tag in the server name to indicate this, then the subtle mods that are not so big can be added into the missions as and when...the mods on a dedi take a few minutes to download and install, so its not that big a deal to add big file size mods to a dedicated server...and if I'm right, the mods are only used if the mission requires them, so running a non mod mission would enable players with vanilla installs still be able to play...Is that right?? :j: If you want to test this mac, i'll give you acces to a server to try it for testing. i'll get you ftp access etc, pm me or get me on msn or steam... TaxMan can get hold of me also.
  3. can the mods be added into the actual mission folder before its pbo'd?? I'm not sure about that coz i have done no scripting... but i think you should be able to answer this one mac:confused: that way when you connect to the server, the mission would download, with the included mods... but would only be related to that mission... again just thinking out loud if its a load of :j: then just ignore my ramblings...
  4. your going into the realms of a community server setup again here, where all nominated servers include certain addons, tried to do this a few times with very poor response, think it is what it is, certain groups play together all the time and they use the addons they feel suits them, nothing wrong with that, just the way it is...
  5. As a GSP this is a godsend $able, but I have a question, I use TCADMIN to run some servers, and this localizes all the files into the ARMA2 Root folder, (creates a users file, intead of in my documents etc..) for some reason I cant get RCON to work when I run them through this, is there any way I can change where it looks for the config file?:confused:
  6. Hi all , just a quick question, is it possible to seperate mission files in the mpmissions folder into their own folders? we have quite a few missions on the server atm and think it would be better/easier to keep them updated if the mission packs (e.g Dom by Xeno) could have their own folders. any ideas??
  7. Thanks guys for all the hard work, so many improvements;)
  8. Hi guys, looks like we all have a common goal here, to get the community playing together in regulated servers, I'm all for helping each other out, let me know what s needed;)
  9. Thanks Norrin much appreciated:)
  10. Is there a key for this mod, tried running it on my server but unless i turn key checking off the server wont allow anyone in...
  11. I had problems like this on one of my servers, I Installed directX and that seemed to sort it out for me, but yer could also be the way the config file is set up, if you havnt manually set up the .cfg file in your documents folder, make a copy of the folder then delete the arma.cfg file inside, the game should rewrite the file when its relaunched, keep us updated!!:)
  12. Well this is more like it, constuctive and helpful ideas for the community:D tractorking your welcome to become an admin on the community server that is now set up, it also does have a teamspeak server set up....non commital, play when you want, admin when you can. offer is open to all to who are interested, would like to get opinions on map rotations etc as well....maybe have a different map type each night, to see which is popular...
  13. Server is now up and running 24v24 devastation....
  14. they are all on our GSP IP range, the admining side is simply to admin the server, kick team killers make sure everyone play properly etc...
  15. regarding the voip issue, there is also a teamspeak running, but if people would prefer vent or mumble i'm sure something can be sorted out...