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  1. Well.. thanks Gossamer :) I've requested you on steam too (if you remember me from the TV2 days)
  2. Impressed with the End Game thing - But please developers, HIRE Benny and let him make Warfare BE in Arma 3. Its a perfect game mode for beginners as well as veterans with JIP and a interesting way to play. Its whats serverhosters need and keep a good populated server running for months :) Maybe even get a GossamerSolid version
  3. cri74

    Warfare BE

    You probably have enemy wandering into the zone. BTW - Please developers, bring back this game mode in ARMA 3. Hire Benny ASAP
  4. Awmagaaard... is this WarfareBE in ArmA 3??
  5. I wish Bohemia Interactive paid Benny to come back and make WarfareBE for ArmA 3. It was one of the very best ways to play ArmA and to get into the game and learn how it works, hugely inviting and entertaining way to play ArmA. I've been waiting and waiting for it to appear in ArmA 3.
  6. cri74

    Warfare BE

    Have Benny made WarfareBE for Arma 3? All i want in Arma 3 is WarfareBE
  7. Seems revived However, not sure if its Viking_NSF - source
  8. Wolle is a nice guy and a legend - no bad talk about him
  9. Im sure if there is a double transaction for the game, BIS will return the money.
  10. Really.. i dont care about the credits, what i want is a steam-code so i can play with my friends that bought the version that costs less :p
  11. Nothing at that starts with http://store.bistudio.com/ works at the moment. Same with www.sproketidea.com
  12. *crying* The more you buy, the less you get :( Hope they fix the http://www.sprocketidea.com/joomla/downloaders/preparedown.php
  13. cri74

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    hahaha - that was a response to the video, not to the germans and their copyrights law on YT
  14. cri74

    Arma 3 Battle recorder

    Great idea - Its possible in VBS. Hopefully it will be available in Arma 3, it was missed in Arma 2