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  1. moondawg

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    Great work! I like the "Game design, not simulation" theory. Will be interesting to see how this data stacks up against mods.
  2. moondawg

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    I just tested this mod, and wish to thank you for your great work. It is what I have been looking for a long time.
  3. Incorrect. Most Countermeasure equipped aircraft have a CM button on the stick. At least for F16/ A10C it controls chaff/flares and ECM/jammer, and selects programs that are set up in the countermeasure panel.
  4. Hi Oukej, thanks for at least trying to improve the fixed wing flight characteristics of A3 I was just recently aware of your efforts, and tried it out the A10 FM addon today. I have no real life experience in this, but am an avid flightsimmer, with many hours in DCS A10. First off, I have no rudder authority at all, not that i can notice anyway. I know my rudder pedal works, because I can turn when taxiing on the ground. That the airframe now turns slightly when banked is great, but it requires very little backstick to maintain level turn. So little that level turns are really hard to do, esp. with no rudder. Thats about it, as I understand there are severe limits on how complex this can be simulated, but at least the feel is much better than vanilla FM. Another thing that's bothering me, but probably not in the scope of this project, is that the engine sounds "Lose rpm" when losing speed, when the throttle is in a fixed position.
  5. I just reinstalled with files from Armaholic, and overwrote the PW6 updated ones. And LO and BEHOLD! I can now configure my keys again. You might give the PW6 guys a heads up on that, nkey. And still thanks for a great mod :)
  6. I am running TFAR v0.9.7.3 with CBA, updated with PW6. Still not able to configure keys.
  7. ye, not seeing the TFAR options under configure addons either. Not in mission, not in (not empty) main menu. Thanks for a great mod, though.
  8. Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for this great airframe! Love the groundstabilization, and the semi advanced fire control system. I would add my voice to the collective issue though. Either the Axis are off, or the Helicopter is underpowered. Not that I have ever flown a real Apache, but needing close to 100% collective for level flight seems to leave little room for safe margins.
  9. moondawg

    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    I have this problem, I cannot hear other people firing any weapons, nor see the animations, likewise, other players cannot hear me. Players firing vehicle/mounted wepons works fine, and i also see and hear AI smallarms just fine. I tried a full reinstall of A3, as well as all the mods to no avail. So to troubleshoot, I started up everything vanilla with another player on our regular server, then everything worked fine. We then proceeded to add one and one mod, until we ran all the mods we normally use. To my surprise, everything worked fine, and the problem seems to be gone. So much for the scientific approach. However, I'm not convinced this problem is gone, and I will report back i I discover more, as well as keep a keen eye on this thread. For those affected, i understand the frustration, it put me off playing for two months.. For those interested, these are the mods we all run, and should have synced via pw6: @CBA_A3 @agm @AllInArmaTerrainPack @cTab @FA18_A3 @task_force_radio @BlastCore_A3 @JSRS2 @st_stamina_bar @sthud_a3
  10. moondawg

    Keyboard Recommendations Please

    I have been using my Merc stealth for 3 years now, Its awsome for gaming, if you don't mind the slightly nerdy look. http://www.steelseries.com/int/products/keyboards/merc_stealth/information
  11. moondawg

    Project Reality Development

    This is great indeed. As a long time PR player recently moved to arma, I couldn't be happier. The level of teamplay in PR is unmatched. Looking forward to this.
  12. Our new forums are up, come and visit! We have had quite a few new recruits, and play a lot on the TV2 servers, if not in a mission on our own. We are welcoming new players who would like to play with a like minded bunch of guys and gals, who take it serious to a degree :)
  13. moondawg

    GBU12 vs Mk82

    I guess the Mk82 simulates a proper CCIP sight on the hud.
  14. Thank you a million times. That saved what remained of my hair from being pulled out in frustration. (It was the Virtualstore prob.) And thanks to the crew for an amazing mod!
  15. Actually, I can see all my four cores individually as I play, and they are usually equally around 40-70% So no 1 core struggling as the others hang around. This leads me to believe the bottleneck is somewhere else. And as people are stating over and over again, that is most likely the HD.