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  1. TechnoTerrorist303

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    The ability to load heightmap, texture mask and sat image directly into the editor then place objects using the ingame standard 3d editor. It would be even better if there was some sort of gui allowing the user to define which ground texture went on which colour in the mask instead of messing about with config files. Currently the whole process for building an island/map is far more complicated than it needs to be. Why mess around with Visitor and Bulldozer when it could go straight from the "raw materials" directly into the game?
  2. TechnoTerrorist303

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    None of this post is necessarily true... Especially the bit about Arma 2 working better under 64bit os. It would make sense to have a 64bit .exe for Arma3 in this day and age I mean come on, even Half Life 2 has a 64bit mode.
  3. TechnoTerrorist303

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Apologies if this has been requested already but... I would love to have the ability to load heightmap, satellite image and texture mask directly into the 3d editor and have all the terrain objects available to place combined with a GUI for writing the island config files.
  4. TechnoTerrorist303

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    Until you can show people an animation and not a one frame screenshot which actually shows nothing but a static body you're just making yourself look really really dumb. It seems that you're determined to follow this course however so let's assume they have in fact implemented ragdoll failphysics, how do you think they will have overcome the issue of having to synchronise said ragdolls across the 100 or more clients that could be connected to a server?
  5. TechnoTerrorist303

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    I have a single still picture of an aeroplane in the air, that is obviously conclusive proof that it was going at OMGWTFBAZILLION knots.
  6. I'm hoping not, that would be very very silly since the A2 campaign requires the arma 2 maps and units.
  7. TechnoTerrorist303

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    Dude seriously, what the fuck are you smoking and can I have some?
  8. TechnoTerrorist303

    Lua instead of SQF/SQS

    EPIC FACEPALM Ok... You are asking BIS to rewrite Arma2 so that it can handle LUA, this isn't exactly going to make them focus more on gameplay is it? "Stable with good error recovery if you know how to do it."... Wat... This can be said for SQF/SQS "most elegant data structures" makes no sense. "Good documentation and community support" says the person posting in one of the most active and helpful communities I have ever been a member of. "is very easy to embed, hooks com C, C++, C#, easy" irrelevant really, Arma2 calls SQF and SQS very easily... why do you need the rest of the points here? Why is history in gaming relevant? "Fast running" don't be stupid. A scripting system only really runs as fast as the engine running the scripts. Since BIS have the most experience with the system they already support then I don't really think this is a good argument. "Consistent and not overly verbose syntax" ok, maybe you prefer the syntax of LUA to SQF... so what? Basically implementation of another scripting system would be a complete waste of time, money, resources, energy and effort. SQF/SQS would still need to remain supported to allow legacy support for missions, mods and everything else. Pointless. I bet you want ragdoll too...
  9. TechnoTerrorist303

    Lua instead of SQF/SQS

    How can LUA "do more" than the language which is already capable of doing everything that Arma2 can?
  10. TechnoTerrorist303

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    The crowds outside the White House make me laugh, "USA USA USA USA" it's like "YEEEEEHAAAAAA We killed an arab!".
  11. TechnoTerrorist303

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    I want to know where this Al-Qaeda nuke is that they supposedly hid in Europe to cover this exact eventuality. I hope it's in Brussels.
  12. I think you'll find that most people campaigning for a free Tibet don't give a shit about the occult or the Nazi expedition in 1938.
  13. Seriously... What the flying fuck are you talking about?
  14. TechnoTerrorist303

    Royal navy buys Hornets not JSF...

    Back on to the original topic slightly, I saw on the news (BBC news channel once again not reporting the whole story for whatever reason) that the bill for the new carriers was going up because they have to be modified to accomodate "American built fighter planes". This was of course referring to the F-35C that we are now getting instead of the F-35B but the whole report made it sound like we were completely ditching one aircraft and going with some dodgy yank alternative. I wish they'd get their facts right before going to air and write the stories properly, we've always been getting the JSF. It's a bit worrying that the beeb are getting shoddy lately, not researching or writing their reports correctly and completely missing things that happen (like riots and violent protests in mainland UK) in favour of continuing to cover a wedding days after it happened.
  15. TechnoTerrorist303

    CM Operation Flashpoint 3 announced | "Oops, they're doing it again..."

    Truth... But BIS didn't suddenly remove support for the game and move on to the next P.O.S