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  1. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    It is clear that the most servers online are COOP servers, but only with a few players on each. So the majority of the online gamers prefer warfare now and that is the major gamemode in ArmAII these days. And warfare is played with humans and AIs on both sides. So not really COOP. There is still a quite active PvP scene in ArmAII which like to play wars on CTF missions, but they are mostly all by themselves and dont play public rounds. The ArmAPvPLeague is the best example. They had over 16 clans in their last season and i guess that will be improved with the new upcoming season. There are other leagues running fine and even on TOW is not an end in sight, so you have to take part in something to enjoy the online multiplayer in ArmAII. For only public gaming is the ArmAII community too small and familial. So it can be that its only a feeling that the popularity has decreased, instead all the players play on privat servers now and so it just looks like the popularity is going down...
  2. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I like CallOfDuty, Battlefield and Counterstrike and love OFP and ArmA at the same time. So your argument is not really right. However, the DM and CTF part of the PvP scene in ArmAII seems to be totally small. In OFP there were more CTF servers on and im really wondering why. One reason could be ArmedAssault, because many old OFP veterans bought it and were then disappointed of the gameplay of ArmedAssault and then were not interested in ArmAII anymore. I have just started to play ArmAII a few weeks ago, because i was told that the gameplay of ArmAII has improved after the latest patches and so i tried it again and found out that BIS were not lazy and made it a lot better than it was in ArmedAssault or at the release of ArmAII. So the only hope i have now to see again an increasing of more CTF or in general PvP servers is the upcoming stand alone expansion OperationArrowhead. BIS only needs to improve the gameplay a bit more and bring out a nearly bug free game and then we will see a lot of new faces online.
  3. To level up the object or building with the ground works, but i would like to change the altitude of it too, but sadly the height wont change, no matter what i enter for the z value... I know that it worked in OFP and ArmedAssault, but why does it not work at ArmAII now?..or do i something wrong? this setVectorUp [0,0,1000]; should make the building far up in the sky if im not doing something wrong... Any clarification of that would be great. :) EDIT: im a noob...Big thx to Celery for telling me that. :) For changing the altitude of an object you need to use:
  4. Really strange, its not working for me...the level of the object is not changing in the editor if i change the z value...the y value works...any ideas anyone?
  5. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    We all are calm and relaxed...The only thing which we dont wanna see is the lack of support from BIS and as you said, BIS is a small company and every man working on a console version or making dlc for the console is a missing man for improving ArmAII on PC! I would really like to see ArmAII as the most popular game on the consoles, but one thing you dont see is what makes OFP, ArmedAssault and ArmAII great, its the community around it with all the support with addons and mods. This great thing wont be possible on consoles, so BIS would have to do it by themself and that would mean more work for the consoles and less support and improvement for the PC and i guess its clear what PC users prefer, so its really a waste of time to discuss your point on and on and on with us here, because we have a different opinion on that as yours and we wont change ours, sorry for that! :p And its definitely clear, that a console version wont increase the popularity of ArmAII on the PC, which is the topic here and not a console version of ArmAII! So please give up and stay at your thread. You can discuss your opinion there and please stop raping other threads! Thanks! :p
  6. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    ArmAII will keep its popularity, because of the continual support by BIS and the community with patches and all the great addons, mods and custom missions. OFP Elite was made because Codemasters wanted to have OFP for Xbox and as we all know had BIS a contract with them and so BIS had to do it... Im sure BIS would like to bring out ArmAII on consoles too, but its definitely a lot of work to dumb down the PC version of ArmAII to make the console version playable with joypad, so im not sure if we will ever see a ArmAII XBox version in the stores... And one major advantage of the PC is the community. We can see nearly every day new addons and missions at armaholic and it wont stop! Who cares about statistics if you wont have manipulated it by yourself. lol OFP was in stores for years and i know enough people who bought it years after the release, because it was constantly improved by BIS and the community. The same goes for ArmAII. And i dont think that such a thing could be possible on consoles...as long as you cant mod games at consoles, ArmAII wont be the same on it as it is on PC! The popuraity of ArmAII isnt as huge as some other FPS games, but who cares, it grows slowly but steady! ;)
  7. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Jo, thats true, but compare the complexity of controls in OFP to ArmAII now and then you will realise that ArmAII has a lot more functions and moves than OFP has. A joypad is really too less for all the functions in ArmAII.
  8. Frantic

    Why is this game not more popular?

    With Operation Arrowhead ArmAII will get more popular! BIS is just a small company as we all know and i guess everybody will agree on that the release of ArmAII wasnt really good...i dont wanna say it was as bad as ArmedAssaults release, but still not good enough. Now after some time ArmAII is really in good shape and if BIS manages to release Operation Arrowhead in the same quality like ArmAII is now after all the patches, then i think we will see great reviews and tests of it and so new players or old OFP veterans will find their way to the fun of ArmAII online gaming! ;) @AVIBIRD1: sorry, but i really dont think that ArmAII will work on consoles, you just need a keyboard for all the functions available in ArmAII. I dont say its impossible but ArmAII is definitely made for PC and not like OFP2 made for consoles. :p
  9. Frantic

    [MCY] The MercenaryS (PC)

    MCY is back in action! We have started to recruit for ArmAII now, because we wanna get a team together to take part in the Armaleague. So everybody who wanna play together with us come to our forums and give us a hug! :D http://mercenarys.co.uk/forum/ We are looking for a server now too...I will update this thread when The [MCY] Gay-Bar is back online! ;)
  10. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    yeah, know these sites already, but first i need to get a team together...playing alone isnt so much fun...:o
  11. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    Hi whisper, yeah, im trying to get some MCY guys together for some nice ArmAII action! ;) and maybe im starting to make some CTF missions too...time will tell :p
  12. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    hui...looking forward to play some of your missions Celery! :D
  13. Frantic

    Grass on or off?

    In Arma 1 it was possible to deactivate the grass within the mission, so i dont know how it is now in ARMA2, but i hope that will be possible again.
  14. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    yeah...sad news...have a nice one Celery and maybe we will see you in the future with a nice and shiny new pc! Good luck Celery!!! :) I will be waiting for you on Chernarus or Skira! ;)