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  1. Infam0us

    Help me win the ultimate ArmA 3 ready PC

    Where can we see the other 24 finalists entries?
  2. Infam0us

    Need some advice deciding on headphones

    Go for some real quality headphones, none of these so called "gamer" headsets that use lesser quality components and can often charge more! http://www.whathifi.com/reviews/accessories/headphones I myself have Sennheiser 558 with a Creative X Fi and its by far the best sound quality I've heard on a PC, works great when I do sound production on it too. :)
  3. Infam0us

    Music Recommendations

  4. Hey mate, sorry it did'nt work out for you yesterday. Count me in when you want to do it again though ;)
  5. Downloading the required mods now, looking forward to tonight :-)
  6. I too would like to know the answer to this :)
  7. Infam0us

    Beta patch once a month enough?

    Are you really complaining that BI is constantly updating and making the game better for everyone?
  8. This looks really good, where can I join?
  9. Infam0us

    FPS Booster?

    You will struggle to run it at all on the lowest resolution with the graphics on low I'm afraid mate and will find it frustrating to play with such a low FPS.
  10. Infam0us

    FPS Booster?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you want to game, and in particular with ArmA 2. Your going to need a much stronger CPU, and Graphics card solution than what you use currently as its simply not strong enough.
  11. Infam0us

    How close is ArmA 3 to real military action?

    Having been in the British Army as a Royal Signaller myself I can assure you it is nothing like it at all. But then again, its the closest I've ever seen in a video game. :)
  12. Infam0us

    FPS Booster?

    Does Gamebooster give any real FPS proven benefit?
  13. Infam0us

    Football: Euro 2012

    They did enough to win ...
  14. Infam0us

    Football: Euro 2012