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  1. Then disable it for the duration of your playthrough please.
  2. Are you using any mods that affect AI behavior?
  3. celery

    Why in multiplayer no team balance?

    Because it's annoying as hell for the players and scripting it would be a pain in the ass if not impossible without breaking something else in a mission. Players themselves have some responsibility in how they pick their sides.
  4. celery

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    Issues: Darter moves unacceptably slowly when under AI control – under player control it can move ~70 km/h Darter's yaw rate is way too slow Darter has effectively unlimited fuel when you put it in your backpack and back on the ground Waypoint completion radius is too big for Darter If you want to take over a UAV's gunner in the terminal, you have to go through its pilot first No speed setting Altitude options are named too vaguely ROE and altitude can't be changed without waypoints You become an enemy of the state if you crash a UAV – this feature has never been useful even for proper aircraft CAS plane doesn't know what to do with its laser designator or laser-guided bombs(?)
  5. It's infected, not zombie.
  6. Back in the 90s, a gaming PC was rendered obsolete within a couple of years. These days a mid-range PC from 2009 can run most games fine unless you specifically want to play Crysis, Arma & co. I'm not sure what hardware today's casual PCs have, but it has to be pretty low-budget if what you're saying is correct.
  7. The script was not made for Arma 3. If you want an Arma 3 removal script, open one of my deathmatch missions.
  8. celery

    At least a few "exotic" weapons?

    I believe the point of having old or civilian-grade weapons is to broaden the spectrum for different scenarios that don't focus on conventional warfare. Currently there aren't good ways to convey a ragtag paramilitary group in practical terms because all the game's rifles inhabit the same demigod tier of automatic, high-powered and modular tools of mayhem. Imagine if Arma 2 only had Mk16s and Mk17s.
  9. What if a tournament admin starts antagonizing certain players by vandalizing their forum accounts and disrupting their voice comms? I had that happen to me and my friends some years ago in IC/CF, and none of the other admins were inclined to do anything about it (except short-term reversals of said misdeeds) because the offending admin was their buddy.
  10. celery

    Is the 40mm lethal enough?

    You mean its damage somehow increases the longer I use it or what? Because in the other parts of the Arma series it's a pretty effective area of effect weapon, not so in Arma 3. I've already had plenty of situations where I should've landed the grenade close enough to kill my opponent, but he instead shrugged it off and proceeded to kill me the more simple way.
  11. celery

    Is the 40mm lethal enough?

    The UGL seems to be fairly useless in Arma 3.
  12. celery

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    setFlagOwner is not bugged. All the units and vehicles simply lack the functionality to show a flag on them.
  13. I added support for most Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead planes in DM Jet Rage. :)
  14. I added the option to fly the Super Hornet in DM Jet Rage. :) The mission uses a custom AA-only loadout for the plane, with weapons safe mode removed. ;)