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  1. jimgun

    Feedback Thread

    I like Clash because I am old and those quicker modes for todays hyperactive young scamps don't interest me, so I will offer my thoughts on Clash only. I wish more people knew how to use chat in game. I wish more people knew about what pressing "T" does. I would like folks to realise that they can rest their weapons using "c". I think the time limit could do with being increased ( as I'm old and move slow ) maybe to 15/20 minutes, add 1 player slot to enable 2 groups of 3, and a revive function - either timer and all revive, or include 2 medics in a team of 6 and limit the times they can revive. Everyone should have 1 offensive grenade and a couple of smokes. Maybe an objective in a building? Code in a prerequisite that folks have a mic or they can not join. :D Tip - I have found that every couple of minutes calling it unacceptable in chat that people are not communicating using a mic usually gets a few people saying hello, and then good things start to happen. Also I have found that the quite a few people I got talking to did not know about T or C. All folks I have talked to playing with or against have been friendly, and not one person has questioned the integrity of my mother. To conclude - I'm having fun when I can get people to talk. Increase round timer a little and add revive.
  2. jimgun

    14th anniversary of OFP:CWC

    Hi, came here to say happy birthday OFP - much fun had, and continue to have. The MercenaryS [MCY] ( winners of various CTF Cups in OFP's CTF leagues) are still going strong, and it all started with this game. Since OFP there hasn't been a time that I have not had a Bohemia game installed on my PC. Thank you. ....still got it.
  3. jimgun


    We are playing this a lot. I prefer it when we are started in the far east of Altis as it becomes a dash to get over the middle of the map before stuff gets cut off. Starting in the west lessons that sense of time ticking and danger. I would like to see some sort of revive system used instead of re-spawn and maybe another couple of player slots. Keep up the amazing work.
  4. jimgun


    So much fun. Thanks for the release. I've seen friends splattered by tornados and crushed by meteors, while in fire-fights with Opfor, as the water laps around our feet. I have never heard "LEG IT!!!" screamed so many times on our TS. Good job. :cool: One bug we found, was infinitely spawning ammo crates in a couple of houses. Literally stacking on top of each other, with a new one spawning every couple of seconds, so in the end there are that many you can't actually get in the house. Was funny to watch. :)
  5. jimgun

    I hate charlie

    I now think charlie squad are amongst the bravest of the brave. I was wrong and I apologise. Don't worry I got ya daddy's watch you kept safe and I'll get home and give it to your son....I promise. *Brofist* ps. I enjoy the APER mines . :811:
  6. jimgun

    I hate charlie

    ok....but whats the point of the mortars then? *heads off over hill, disregarding future-tech artillary while fixing a bayonet like the man i am* :)
  7. Three words that I thought I would never/post/say as I like charlie. They're great guys. But why do they mock me so? I've tried pointing with my sights, using the map. I tried moving and adjusting, and keeping the map up/sights up until the thingies hit. Is it me? Has anyone else managed to kick charlie into action and get them to sort themselves out? If so how? Is it not meant to work? Is it your first time on a thingy, so because you dont know what the feck you are doing, it "simulates" it? So many questions. Please. For the love of charlie...help me. :cool: ps. thinking this is vague enough to not need spoilers...and besides the above, top work. :D
  8. jimgun

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    aye, thanks for the maps. currently having a few nights training and when GB get back i'm sure MCY will be in touch with all of you. ;) (hopefully at your flag :p ) btw, for us the maps run great. nice work.
  9. jimgun

    PvP: CTF & CQB Missions

    Alright chaps. MCY (used to play a bit of ctf back in the day) have started to get into arma3. Beckbond is leading weekly nights on Tuesdays so maybe it would be fun to get together. We haven't played CTF yet, mostly coop etc. so it would be cool to see if us old dudes still got it ( some never had it on the firsts place...) and to shake off some cobwebs. So if any of you are up for it give us a shout. :)
  10. jimgun

    DM20 Kamino

    Spot on.
  11. jimgun

    DM20 Kamino

    My friends and I were enjoying this, but after the last alpha update everyone crashes within about 5 seconds of the game starting. Any chance of having a look and seeing what's causing this if you have time? Cheers. :)
  12. jimgun

    TeeTimes Warfare

    A playable CTI, that is a blast even with the restricted assets available at the moment. Nice work. I have but two suggestions, and that would be scopes for all the classes, as it is at the minute - Marksman is the king. Or, make everyone the same, and give them access to all weapons and all scopes, and let them decide their loadout. Other than that, again, nice work. :)
  13. jimgun

    How ArmA III should really look like

    You sir, just made my night.
  14. Celery. Strategy guide. Really.....? Would never have thought it... :) Nice thought, but I'd say work it out for yourself - 'tis where the fun happens :D
  15. You must keep your server up. You and your friends can leave the server - then rejoin it a later time to continue. If you close the server you will lose your progress. Setting to persistant server only means that when all players have left the server the mission carries on, instead of defaulting to the multiplayer setup screen. In short - no way to save if you close your server. Hope this helps.