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  1. Hey miles, I know it almost useless to you, but I am fairly decent at texturing, and can help you with that, plus with audio files. If you plan to have a campaign to go along with it, i can do arabic voices for you, or arabic radio chatter or music, backround noise, etc. I can also do signs, and help you correct the lingual mistakes. I dont mean to insult anyone, but most of the arabic is either backwards, in mirror image, or simply google translated... I have and can use photoshop and i am fairly good at editing sound files to make them sound like they are in almost any environment wether over a loudspeaker, on radio, or even inside a tank, so if you need anything like that, i can help. I suck at scripting though, so the textures will be sent as BMPs, TGAs or PNGs. Hope i can help .
  2. thanks! works perfectly if i paste that into a color environment module as well
  3. Hello all, Very sorry if it has been anwsered before, but i have googled and searched the forums for ANY clue on how to make my missions have whatever you call that pink or pinkish golden tint you see in ArmA2: PMC missions... If someone could tell me what module to use or command or ANYTHING that could make the coloring effects anywhere close to what it looks like in the PMC scenarios, id be VERY greatful! Thanks, and sorry if its a stupid question! .
  4. Great job! Love the vastness of the map.
  5. AaninPanje

    PAF Mod

    Will there be an Indian Army mod too? (not specificly from you) If so India vs Pakistan mod would make a GREAT campaign! I can help ya with promo screens, SOME textures, translations (only written, my Urdu/Punjab/Hindi accents is terrible) on that or the campaign youre working on now...
  6. AaninPanje

    Texview 2 Crash

    Is there any other program that can convert TGA to PAA? Photoshop PAA plugin apparently makes ArmA ctd...
  7. How about this?: Its not EXACTLY the same, but im sure it will work better for you than what you are getting now. Set a helicopter to FLYING and name it H1 Go to each of the squad members in your unit, and type in the init box: this moveInCargo H1. Then make a landing spot (empty>objects>H(invisible)) on a road or clearing or whereever you want the heli to land. (Dont worry, if you pick invisible, you wont get a huge H on the ground, it only helps the AI make a precise landing[Azimut of H = opposite direction the heli lands]) Now, select the HELI and make a waypoint DIRECTLY on the H(Invisible). Make it a TRANSPORT UNLOAD wpt. On the ON ACTIVATION in the waypoint, write: H1 land "Land"; DONT add: dostop H1, that will make the heli power off this land "Land"; this refers to the object that is the wpt marker, NOT the object that executes the wpt. and then make a waypoint for both your squad and heli right next to the helipad. For the wpt for your squad, make it GET OUT. For the heli, just put MOVE. Sync these waypoints. (Its not as effective as the (!alive) command, but it is quicker. The heli will resume its flightpath as soon as the SQUAD LEADER gets out. Also try this if you experience probs: Go to H1 (The Heli) > Init Box > This disableAI "Engine_off"; (or something like that) after that, make a nother waypoint far away for the heli to go. (and probly sync final squad waypoint to a 'return' waypoint or radio trigger for EVAC at the end of mission) Hope it halps! .
  8. lol, Turkey and Azb is closer to eachother. South Azeris are fighting the Irani government for independence to become part of Azb and to have a identity as Azeri Turks, NOT Iranians. .
  9. Ok? But I REALLY dont get why pics are reasons for infractions. .
  10. \/\/\/BORING\/\/\/ 99% of you may not even know if Azerbaijan is even a country, so i will inform you: Azerbaijan is a country stolen form Turkey by the Soviets, but were never able to reunite with Turkey because Armenia separates us. The architechture in Azerbaijan is a mix of Ottoman, Persian, Russian, Georgian. Most of the city looks as a combination of streets in Istanbul and St. Petersburg, but only 3-4 levels tall. /\/\/\BORING/\/\/\ Feel pretty guilty for requesting an addon, but anyway: Some would consider Azerbaijan the "Real life RACS" because they use both Russian and Western weapons, so many non-Turk/Azeri players could end up liking the Azeri military. And the Azeri army could fit into almost any made-up storyline, because they border Dagestan/Chechnya(Where Chernarus is most likely based off of), Russia, Iran and Armenia, and they are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It may be hard to find info of Azeri military in internet in English, so i will make a list. Most of these weapons are already in ArmA. I will be greatful with ANY of these. [f]az[/f] Azeri Army: T-72, SA-8 SAM, BMP-2, BRDM-2, UAZ, Ural, Shilka Azeri Air Force: Mi-24D/V, Su-25, Su-27, Su-17, Mig-29, Mig-25 Azeri Inf Weap: AK-74(No Kobra), M-4, M-16A4, RPG, M-136-AT4, AKMS Foldable, AK-74S SD Azeri Inf Uniform: Basically Desert Camo similar to the camo used by the US in Op Desert Storm (But without the small rocks). And woodland camo almost exactly like the SLA's camo(dark green and black, but with short sleeves). The actual uniform is shaped similar to the Spanish army. Generals dress usually the same as Turkish generals dress, except for the rank symbol. http://www.uniforminsignia.net/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=2086 I can assist in translation if someone is willing to be so kind as to actually go on with my rediculus request. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel VERY guilty for asking, and I would gladly make this mod myself without complaint (and I would PREFER to make it mysefl), but I cant seem to be able to retexture ANYTHING without crashing the game upon loading the unit i modified. If someone could make some Azerbaijani units, or show me how to retexture units, i and my friends would be very greatful. Sorry if i am requesting too much and sorry for my english! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Azerbaijani_soldiers_in_Iraq_11.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l68/ef-hc/a5-ft6-f7-mig29-baf.jpg http://a.imageshack.us/img135/9954/militia.jpg (Azeri soldiers have a thing for wearing the wrong camo in the wrong terrain) http://a.imageshack.us/img135/3733/uaz.jpg UAZ in Georgian/Russian Border http://a.imageshack.us/img153/7784/bmpinbakuparade.jpg BMPs in Baku http://a.imageshack.us/img135/8922/hindhavaparadbaki2008.jpg http://a.imageshack.us/img405/8059/rifleman.jpg http://pics.livejournal.com/m_lampick/pic/0001p0q8/s640x480 http://a.imageshack.us/img291/9294/shilka.jpg http://a.imageshack.us/img529/263/mi17azeringeorgia.jpg Azeri BRDM that fought in north Armenia (the writing on the side is Georgian, the writing on the back says "Party time" in azeri) http://a.imageshack.us/img291/6269/brdm.jpg http://a.imageshack.us/img291/1452/brdmrear.jpg this is a full showcase of the azeri military. Form 7:48 to the end has some facts about Azer-Armenian war. (music is terrible thoug) .
  11. Nami twanam sebar kanid! Man aashoq afghanistan! I cant wait! Love afghanistan! Just one question, will there be any custom made audio for this mod? (Will the Afg soldiers speak Pushto, or will they still speak Farsi?)
  12. AaninPanje

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    RAGDOLL EFFECT! AND a damage system similar to OFP-DR (different body parts can get blown off) Something in Asia, maybe based off of a REAL country? BETTER VOICE ACTING!!! Even an in-game tts system would be better than "ENEMY!!! rifleman? FRONT!!! half a click." F-15, F-16, MiG-29A/C/G, Su-27 possibly a IL-76 or Mi-26...(Some sort of Eastern equivalent to the C130!) i know there are addons for these, but it would be nice if anyone who can get on multiplayer could use these aircrafts instead of having to download specific versions of them... Distance blur, if its possible. When aiming it would be more realistic for your sights and everything close to you to blur... A set of soldiers on the independent side that are just soldiers and vehicles WITHOUT and markings or roundells. This way we can at least pretend our own country(any country not featured in arma), is involved in the conflict. Flags of all states? Not minor ones like Abkhazia, Dagestan, etc. But most of the countries... Maybe we can have a campaign that DOESNT feature the USA soldiers??? A lot of us are sick of only being able to play the campaign as an american! Can the country be CZ, Germany, UK, or even Russia? A folder in the ArmA2 directory titled MUSIC that we can just put wavÅ› and oggÅ› in??? Its really a pain having to write .ext's EVERY time we want to add our own music/sounds to our missions. It would be great if you could still use these ext method to organize sounds only for specific missions, but to have music and sounds that you can easily access through the TRACKS menu on a trigger, even if the mission isnt saved would be VERY appreciated. Also, an option to repeat the song or sound? A simple LAND option for helis, so that we dont have to set up H's, waypoints, syncing, etc. The ability to spawn Modules with triggers and waypoints. (specificly Jukebox, Env-Colors, simple support module) The ability to set the combat zone with a brush Better damage models for cars. Exmpl-Crash into a wall headon, so the front of your car is smashed and the winsheild cracked. NOT crash into a wall headon, so your front right tire becomes flat. Maybe an update like OA that requires ArmA2 and OA? So that we dont have this multiplayer compatibility problem anymore. Because OA is standalone, Chernarus has been almost completely abandoned and too many people are scared that their game will crash if they DO join one of the 3 servers that accually has Chernarus. A BIGGER DESERT MAP! The one in OA is waaaaay too small. Can the desert map be 50km x 50km, instead of 2km x 2km? Misc maps unrelated to campaign that have a variety of terrains, completely forest, snow-covered mountains, grass plains(like the ones in the Falkland Islands), a map with many small tropic islands for island hopping, etc. A CIVILIAN airport with terminals and commercial aircraft(dont have to be flyable) (A firefight inside of an airliner would be really neat) Character support for these letters ÆÉ™ Ћћ Ђђ An interpreter for all sides for Eng/Rus/Chr/Tak/Cz/De The ability to set who civilians are scared of. The ability to draw colored zones with a brush and opacity control. The ability to set the ambient light color in the weather and forcasted weather sections, without having to use permanent modules. Perhaps the ability to choose different voices for different langs. (rus/eng/chr/cz/tak) and an accented voice(s) for eng. A lot of us dont speak perfect english, and it would feel more like you ARE the soldier if you had this. Also the choice of nose shapes, facial hair, eye shape, skin tone, eye color, etc... If the next ArmA takes place in the MidEast, I will personally give you accurate translations for free, ill even give you the textures in unique fonts (i hate when a game takes place in the mideast and the signs are in mirror image, or the characters are disconnected in the wrong areas). Why not eliminate the English translations of roadsigns? lol
  13. @ryguy i can do voices in Farsi, Takistani (since its just a mixed up version of Farsi/Dari), Syrian Arabic, Turkish, Turkmën(AfghanTurkish), Azeri, and Pashto(with a Persian accent) if you, or anyone else need them.