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  1. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Hey all, long time no see. CUP changed some class names since I released this which broke the mission. I just finished bug fixing and getting it working again. Putting it up on an Official Evo Classic server (US East) if anyone wants to join and submit feedback! Workshop should update tonight with new mission file.
  2. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    How did it go?
  3. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Hey Call! Good to see you again! Awesome, thank you! Does it have a headless client?
  4. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Check out the Sahrani version of Classic evolution! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=677540897
  5. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Hi all, I've stumbled upon CUP's AWESOME new ArmA assets and finally got around to working them into Evolution. I have a development version ready with CUP assets, but I need to finish scripting the classnames and figure out why my chopper won't land sometimes!! Thanks for the support, more info soon!
  6. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    I've got a beta version running now of RHS assets on Sahrani. I was using Sahrani Rearmed, which was awesome as it was the actual units brought up to A3 standards, but the quality just isn't right yet. Too many bugs for production. I'm using CUP Terrains, but it should work for any version of Sahrani as long as you change the extension to match.
  7. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Add me on steam so you can help test my Sahrani version and soon the Icebreaker stuff! What mods would you all prefer so I don't go overboard?
  8. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Thank you :)
  9. Kolmain

    Sahrani Rearmed 2

    Any chance we can get classnames for units and groups posted? I'd love to use this to recreate Evolution. :)
  10. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Sorry for going dark everyone! I've graduated and needed to get that out of the way :lol: I'll be resuming work on this mission, starting by a code rewrite for OPFOR forces. With the new SRA mod, I'm hoping to revive the original Evo as well for A3! Post suggestions or feature requests here!
  11. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Thanks for the tip, I'll add that in! ---------- Post added at 12:07 ---------- Previous post was at 10:19 ---------- Just patched a hotfix, should significantly lower load times. https://github.com/Kolmain/Evolution-A3/releases
  12. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Here's 1.2! Happy hunting everyone, hope you enjoy the new persistent feature! Download me from GitHub!
  13. Kolmain

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Thanks Watarimono, I'm aware of the gesture, its an error I'm working on resolving before 1.2. I fixed all support issues, but were you hosting or on a dedicated server? Interesting about the third town, will test today. You can move where notifications show up in your arma 3 settings. :)
  14. Its not listed as supported? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgRemoteExecCommands
  15. I'm in the office and can't test it :(