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  1. griffz

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Sorry i"m late . I can confirm this one has working commander for both sides. you can recruit AIs. You can play it with hosted server , but it's damn slow. even with reduced AI troops.problem is didnt succeed yet to make it works with dedi. my selectable list of units at start is ... empty.
  2. a better preset for pure rhs on chernarus . i added MRAP and smaw soldier too. only engineer is still desert camo , because rhs marpat woodland engineer... doesnt have toolkit . file kp_liberation.Chernarus\presets\rhs.sqf:
  3. you should try to play with a dedicated server. with a quad core cpu , it's better than hosting mission from your own game client. run a client PLUS a dedicated one the same computer. RAM hungry but faster .
  4. very impressive work. a great mission. i playing right now chernarus version with enterable building. it seems there is no civil traffic and civil parked car. is this problem known ? edit: nevermind, there IS civil traffic on chernarus ;)
  5. okay, i'm discovering the 3 different AI commander entity . my IND commander send well 1 group to sabotage a CSAT mortar camp. that's great ! but , the team it use to do the dirty job isn't exactly appropriate . no weapons silencers, it's not a specops group. i assum there is no demo specialist either. Where can i change that ? is there a way to do it ? Ho and i forgot that ! : the designated sabotage team is moving in safe behavior . they walk. shouldn't they run , in frosty behavior ? it would achieve to goal faster. 2 time faster.
  6. can we add more than 1 faction in the same placement module ? per exemple IND_F and BLU_G_F ?
  7. ok got it ! is there a way to define a minimum group size ? these lonely soldier are useless
  8. i'm previewing in editor. where is this admin action menu ?
  9. I'm learning Alive right now. i'm using zeus to monitor things across the map, - the alt+left click is not working anymore in editor why is that ? i need it as zeus POV will not pop virtualized unit i need to move my "player" instead. - why i see sometime lonely soldiers , i don't understand why it's not at least, a 3 or 4 unit group. (i'm in range , as i set 3000meter range to cache unit , unit is 900meter away) -i enabled debug nearly everywhere, but i don't see trooper waypoint/order. i can see vehicle patrol WP , but not trooper.
  10. griffz

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    that's a collateral effect of first objective being very close from nato base . congrats kolmain with your mission. i played it 3 hours straight , i notice few thing : - Ai pathfinding is crappy in base, probably because all these vehicle are close from eachother. we could maybe place them all over the airfield ? sparse them a little bit , ai will be able to get in vehicle without workaround. - no recon soldiers choice in recruitement menu . it would be convenient to have them for night ops , saying, at the 3rd grade. i tried to add them in static list but that doesnt works this way . so i give you the string i tested: that gives reco and ...nato guerrila units. 'cause i like what they look like! - Ai recruit never really run . (speedmode not set correctly?) - nato vehicle respawn when it should not . i get out of my car, and it disappears ! i'm sure it respawned at nato base. it happens in a matter of seconde. - Arty , rocket , and mortar support dont work , but CAS works
  11. griffz

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    view distance is defined by the mission itself, i'm just saying ... 29.6fps on mine . it's a good benchmark , as it seems to be on part with multiplayer performance. ps: with blastcore addon !
  12. griffz

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    yup , that 's the idea ps: 12 slot 8 ai group size , 2 side 12*8*2 plus the resistance . 8 city. at start probably 350 ai
  13. griffz

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    server run very well after 3 hours long battlefield. full of AI ... 12*8*2 precisly .20-35 fps , with an catalogue-less intel CPU running at 4ghz. but problem remains : we still need to close client binary and restart it , to grab back a good framerate. do you conclude to the same thing ? can it be an OS related problem ? wipping the whole memory of client, closing the process , restarting it , and seeing a factor 5 on framerate is ... ?
  14. griffz

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    kolmain,do you think you can set AI team default behaviour to safe mode , at start ? would be more immersive i think .