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  1. Hey man where did the Russians and Soviets pack go ? I need it to play Lobo's Egyptian infantry pack 😞

  2. sorry for late reply porting to A3 is not good when it is ported "as it was in A2" i should change models, interiors, dashboards- looooooooooooooot of time in case of helicopter - i have to redwork all avionics /dashboard it is not just porting, simple port is not good to A3 standards in my opinion and is too outdated
  3. vilas

    USA General

    here too, universities (those "humanistic" not those "scientific, math etc") are full of people who openly declare to be communists, feminists-lesbians, anti-christian, anti-meat-eating, those who openly declare that "private property must be deleted" and ... the same time they are rich, sponsored "by some fundations" etc. and they teach young "sociologists, pschylogists, language teachers" such things are not in areas where you have solid science - math, physics, mechanics, it, chemistry, geology etc. people with MSc and Moa sometimes thing different after graduation 😉 i have MSc not MoA majority of technical students are males, majority of "philosophical-like" students are girls, some univeristies which officially teach foreign language more time focus on "eqality and minority rights" than on gramma my friend has younger woman which now studies, he asked her about what does she study exactly and she said "my profesor said that private property is wrong and women must have more rights" - but she study foreign langauage, she should be taugh about foreign language not about "males should give up their property to women" , he asked her how does you practice foreign language - "we talk about right for LGBT to have children" we also have problem of some students evicted from university for participation in "far-right" party, they joined one rightwing party and they were suspended from univeristy (guy had YT channel) while other students with teach rally in far-left marches openly for example marches like "my vagina my right" "no to churches" etc.
  4. vilas

    USA General

    they are f*** in brain https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8460059/Cambridge-University-backs-academic-tweeted-White-Lives-Dont-Matter.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_m8npIh4eQ&fbclid=IwAR3qYKTOzIrDozlCIsbgXfteqDZDl8tg7N9eKDq9vTfbIGuxt8_5OiS8DTU https://storage.googleapis.com/conservativereview/2019/10/50e84488-interracialviolentcrime.jpg https://allthatsinteresting.com/chanelle-helm-black-lives-matter https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8404307/Professor-suspended-refusing-request-lenient-marking-black-students-assessments.html?fbclid=IwAR2bwQj0TviVZkb2YOY2BDeCD9Av2LKGYM75hl8f6OWX_ORifJiJIlPUFzM https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/101795785_2596858497082512_6785604043424611544_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_sid=110474&_nc_ohc=7xhGSryZOHYAX8sdj7g&_nc_ht=scontent-waw1-1.xx&oh=2f326919a71cacc99a9202fa56caf681&oe=5F1B7C2E https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/103326509_2647160708898968_1517108520218905766_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_ohc=IjM_IVyqpRMAX-LKxf4&_nc_ht=scontent-waw1-1.xx&oh=e1bd9d325386f0b82bc71b40e5bbd448&oe=5F18BC0C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5BeQ1w4bfA&feature=emb_logo&fbclid=IwAR3-rdB0bzjzsi1UCWekMLieM2MzXHg7y2W211-u234m867I7jfgxCvrFuE woman moan they cannot loot http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61403&fbclid=IwAR2iCTMhUHzDuL3lQlW7lJ2GXO4tC_iVWNcONfMf9XAKLTd46NqHML0GXyM corporations support multiculti because it breaks trade unions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPAaRsjDkC8&feature=emb_logo all those far-left movements should be banned
  5. vilas

    USA General

    what to say , criminals robe, loot, when police kill criminal people riot some groups instead of study, work - prefer being "gangsta" . people have ability to educate but some prefer listen to rap and say "i am poor", i have the same in my country, group called "dresy" (dres = sportswear), idiots wearing sportswear, listening to rap or techno, instead of go to school (which is free , free of charge) prefere to rob someone, to steal something, than go and drink , and have party and "i am poor, they must give me" - and they are white here and we have such groups, there is always in every society group of people dealing with criminal activity but i cannot imagine riots in defence of someone who had sentences , criminal is criminal for me, no excuse, no saint, if someone had several sentences ... i cannot imagine how people can defend criminals, for me it is unimaginable and than i read that some groups must be extra treated i think USA is great country especially states such as Tenessee , Arizona, Texas - you can defend your property when you study, work hard - you have results - but our generation is retarded - we (some of us) think that "i should get all free cause i deserve it" instead of "i must work, study, learn, work and than i have result" i always hated criminals, robbers, looters etc. i always stood for property rights, for taking care about right to defend property politicall correctness is new form of cenzorship that i know from communism - i hate communism
  6. vilas

    Aliens Mod

    but we do "real" AVP mod 😉 you know , like OFP had it's bugs (Soviet Army had Czech weapons , RPG75NH instead of RPG7 for example) than AvP has its mistakes PulseRifle should remain Pulse-Rifle, not "another futuristic" it is recreating AVP games not making new things which should be in real-real, but in "AVP realism" - play AVP from 1999, play AVP2 from 2001, watch Sigourney Weaver movies PulseRifle with rail is like James Bond without Walther PPK (or later P99) Colonial Marines game from 2010 is third game but doesn't keep Movie realism (Aliens movies) this should recreate movie or first games, i forget if there were attachments in 2010 game, but for sure there was no it neither in movie nor in AVP from 1999 (first game i ever modded before RTCW) or 2001
  7. "are still firing somewhere else than they are aiming, is this the way it should be? " i wrote about it few times - problem with zeroing and i asked few times who can help me, but i found today, problem was in ... BIS example in BIS example model cfg gunner view was another bone which was NOT following canon barrel it was BIS example mistake that i used believing that example is okay "class MainGunOptics: MainGun { selection="gunnerview"; axis="gunnerview"; };" such thing is in BIS sample example - it breaks zeroing gunnerview has different axis than barrel which causes that optics goes in different angle than barrel i discovered it today version 0.46 goes on one drive and in 5 minutes it will be for download - now zeroing works fine, but how could i knew that sample example was broken and wrong (i copy-pasted example) now when i deleted this mistake - all works fine , my models were good, my config was good, but i was using BIS model . cfg example which was wrong , it also pissed me off that i couldn't zero my tanks and they were still hitting ca. 600 meters, no matter if i aim 100 m or 1500 m check 0.46 , all should work fine and they hit zero perfectly -------- edit : 10 PM CET : 0.47 on 1drv - changes - optics - i changed optics of all vehicles to match more realism , many vehicles in real do not have zoom like game has, so BMP, KTO Rosomak , Leopards , PT91 get close to real magnification values, LEO has green hot FLIR, PT91 has white hot, Leopard has new GUI for sight, it has red LCD letters for range finder PT91, BMP, Rosomak - no zoom, just one magnification
  8. new version - Leopard with interior (simple, not as in Rosomaks) due to loader - but i see 2 problems with loader - it doesn't use memory points (loaderview and machinegun eye for loader) i have no idea why AI doesn's use visual guided missiles it seems (the same with NLAW) in A3 it seems AI use mostly FLIR guided missile ------------ edit : today (the same da) just 13:30 AM CET - i am sending ver. 0.45 - changelog: complicated Fire Geometry for Leopards (instead of old Arma Fire Geo) and resaved FireGeo for previous tanks (mostly selection of turret) , more detailed interior (few details more)
  9. new version on onedrive (soon i hope to start my own page with adverts to make some cents) BMP1 swims AT3 can be locked (cheat to make AI use it) Leopards imported (but yet they are half-done) cause they do not have loader, they have commander and gunner but without loader, loader requires interior, i will rather do poor simple interior so loader see anything (plus visor) Rosomak swims, Rosomak M1 doesn't swim, ----------- 13th May edit : there will be Leopard2 turret interior for loader ! i started doing it - so Leos will get interior PT91 ? i have no idea cause in this case maybe optics is enough as there is no extra crew (extra apart from those who watch scopes) PT91 interior is not necessary - as it is tank , 2 scopes, driver, in case of LEO there is loader which has to do something other than wait till turn-out option will appear to use MG3 on roof (multiplayer)
  10. Rosomak M1 added - the same link as before , fixed damage/hitwheels (checked, tester, fired upon each wheel) soon Leopard 2 A4 and A5, TRI Hors (Opal , Polish version of MTLB, which is repair tracked APC) but without interiors ! i have no time to create PT91, Leopard interiors (too much time on instruments) next steep - Borsuk prototype APC, Rosomak with ZSSW-30 turret (prototype remote controll turret with Spike launchers) , turret from Borsuk program, most probably i have to cheat BMP1 - because AI doesn't use AT3 , AI use guided missiles, but with lock system, my AT "to be realistic" has no lock system - which causes AI not using it, so i will make cheat and add locking system thank you to Nightintruder for showing direction, it was hithull instead of hitbody, thank you again Rosomak already has very detailed interior - but making such interior for Leopard and PT and BMP driver and Opal (MTLB) is too much time , in the same time i am trying to make AvP mod update - fact is that AvP was too old, models from Arma1 , they definetly needed reneval, so far APC is ready , PulseRifle is ready, ScopedRifle is ready, now time for Railgun, SMG, pistols , SADAR and few more, like Weyland Yutani rifles
  11. so it was hithull - okay, i am glat it works
  12. i had hitbody in config (not hithull) - as BI Wiki says (although maybe it is to previous versions of game, i was using it) - hithull is for helicopters and tanks but for cars there is hitbody (APC wheeled is car) so i used hitbody not hithull but i made expirement - i replaced hitbody with hithull i wonder what now , i replaced it by definition of Gorgon APC instead of Marshall APC i fixed hitpoints (now wheels are destructible, turret also can be destroyed so it doesnt move when red status) new version of file - under the same link as before - check if it works on your PC later (if it works) i will apply such hitpoints on BMP and PT91 and upcoming Leopard and MTLB Opal and i will apply it to any other upcoming Rosomak version (if it works now) i do not know if in Arma3 damage to hull is HitHull or HitBody in case of wheeled APCs , according to wiki (but article is from Arma1) hithull was reserved for tracked and hitbody for wheeled (thats why i had before this version hitbody), if it doesnt work - i am thinking about replacing by hitbody again
  13. as i said - APC Wheeled 01 is BIS AMV Patria i have no idea why hit hull from Rosomak makes problem with reading AMV Patria from BIS (AMV Marshall) in definitions of Rosomak (last version) there is no hithull or AMV Marshall connection only definition of APC Wheeled is : class Wheeled_APC_F: Car_F { class ViewPilot; class ViewOptics; class ViewCargo; class Sounds: Sounds { class Engine; class Movement; }; class NewTurret; class Turrets { class MainTurret: NewTurret { class ViewOptics; class ViewGunner; class Turrets { class CommanderOptics; }; }; }; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitBody; class HitFuel; class HitLFWheel; class HitLBWheel; class HitLMWheel; class HitLF2Wheel; class HitRFWheel; class HitRBWheel; class HitRMWheel; class HitRF2Wheel; class HitEngine; }; class AnimationSources; class EventHandlers; }; but other people have it working, so check it on vanila game --------------- AVP update - working on: https://postimg.cc/gallery/cSf0F7y
  14. people tested it in RACS mod team testers and none of them had bug, testers checked it (testers have RACS mod, RHS and it works fine for them) anyone tested it without bug here ? @Navalny for president does it work for you ?
  15. what is the error message for Rosomak ? ------------ under the same link - i put new version - icons, changed interior of BMP1 a little, Rosomak commander view changed (now can look around), a little changed AT3 flight