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  1. vilas

    France General

    heh, our press do not lie or cover muslim crimes , we had some Chechens in Poland and they were trying to force sharia law on others, they later emigrated to Germany , but yes, we had muslim imigrants and they were beating others telling "people must respect them, it is against islam to wear short trousers" etc. they killed someone with knife , and if you defend them i would like to remind you for example that in Pakistan christian woman was sentenced to death for drinking water from well that belongs to muslim family, in Brunei wearing christmass Santa-Claus hat is punished by 5 years prison and one immam said before Christmass that wishing Marry Christmass is crime worse than murder , opposite to BBC and German press, our media do not hide it and emigration for work from my country is due to western corporations, banks and also bribery of previous "so modern, so european, so tollerant" governments which were acting like supermarkets and banks servants, all those "we must be tollerant" governments were bribed to the bone, selling all to corporations for penny and almost turned by country to colony , not almost, we were like colony, obeying what Merkel wants and cheap-labor camp painted in rainbow lgbt colors , all was done to please giving bribes western banks and corporations (and now EU defends previous government because they made us colony ), those people who love to use words "Europe, tollerance, multiculturalism, modern behaviour, gender" - are bribed, they are simply taking bribes to change laws the way so legal regulation fits what one or another German/French/British/American/Israeli bank or supermarket wants , they sold national energy sector to several German companies, they sold almost all , now in my city i have French/German/Portuguese shops, hard to find Polish shop in capital of Poland , hard to find bank which is Polish, energy is Enea/Innogy/RWE etc. yes we can blame our previous governments - those who are now so beloved by Shultz, Merkel , Verhofstadt, Timmermans - they all say that "democracy ended" in Poland like in Hungary , lol, we have now more democracy than we had in past, we have freedom of speech and noone tries to sue anyone for "hate speech" etc. politicians are corrupted, they do not follow will of voters, they break promisses (main promiss of currently leading party was "not even single imigrant" "harsh punishments for criminals" etc. ) and they broke it and also say about "being European" but people protest and they resign from this new leftist bullshit , the problem with politicians is that they do not follow what voters want, they follow bribes, EU comission, UN etc. instead of following what voters want , this is real problem, they brought 3 milions Ukrainians here to work , they made 7% of minority in few years - this is problem - government which in 2015 won promising "Poland for Poles" brought us 3 milions of Ukrainians and according to EU stats (Eurostat) Poland took biggest number of immigrants in EU - opposing to what you believe, because we took 3 milions Ukrainians, 7% minority in 2 years suddenly appeared and this will be big problem because suddenly we have 7% of people who do not integrate (they marry with each other, their girls do not date with us, they work cheaper than us and we cannot find jobs because Ukrainian takes 70% of what we want , they are cheaper competition which we cannot hold on market because simply we start loosing jobs - western supermarkets are happy, when you go to supermarket than majority of people putting goods on shelves are Ukrainians , when our young people look for first job during studying on universities they hear "but you want 3000 and Ukrainian will do it for 2000" ) so do not tell me about Poland homoetnicity because i live and i know that since 2 years it ended and hell knows how it will end , when i go to shop asking "were is sugar" "where is tomato" i hear "не понымау" , when i travel by tram i often hear ukrainian/russian language , so your believe in ethically clean Poland is maybe from 2014 but now we have suddenly 7% of foreigners that appeared suddenly and it may lead to some kind of conflict (especially when they have now rights to welfare benefits, they say something about creating political party and right to vote, and they take our jobs, it is madness, someone came here year ago and demands right to vote and establish laws for me - born here and in Ukraine they praise Stephan Bandera - nazi criminal who was murdering Poles together with Waffen SS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacres_of_Poles_in_Volhynia_and_Eastern_Galicia ) https://www.tvp.info/39648522/eurostat-polska-przyjela-najwiecej-imigrantow-spoza-unii so politicians break promisses and this is main problem "brave progressive EU police" arrest woman which goes with stroller : https://niezalezna.pl/253732-niebywale-policja-zatrzymala-kobiete-z-wozkiem-tylko-dlatego-ze-miala-zolta-kamizelke really "very dangerous criminal" for progressive tollerant Europe , lol , lonely woman with small kid is danger for EU , really "so progressive" , really so "tollerant" EU-rope and meme for yellow vests: https://demotywatory.pl/4841463/Jesli-twoja-pensja-wystarcza-tylko-na-mieszkanie-dojazd-do "if your salary is spent only on your housing, commuting to work, and food - you ale slave - owner of slaves in past had to deliver those things (to their slaves in the past)" you said you all have credit - when i checked volkswagen de website there is information that you have 1.9 % per year - so after 5 years you pay to bank 110% of price we have 12%, after 5 years we pay 160% of price - it is difference, now Poles go to Germany to buy fuel , cause in Germany fuel is cheaper than in Poland, while German earns 2000 euro , Pole earns 700 euro - difference too
  2. vilas

    France General

    I am misinformed , lol, maybe you are misinformed: check those lists and find one mistake in them : https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=Last30 https://www.foxnews.com/world/timeline-of-recent-terror-attacks-against-the-west https://www.conservapedia.com/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks I talk about west so you say I am misinformed and returning to EU craziness - in last year we were told that there will be extra governmental funds to "electrical cars" - of course from taxes, electrical cars are very very expensive and this is how this craziness works - taxpayers will pay the most rich people buying Tesla cars , taxpayers work to pay welfare benefits to non-working lazy people, taxpayers pay to pay banksters and taxpayers fund exclusive "ecological" stuff to the most rich , it is crazy, taxpayers only work and work and work and get ass kicked in the name of "equality" and "environment protection" , for sure it is not free competition market neither capitalism , it is weird form of half-socialism half-idiotism which is nowadays in EU, usual people who work pay for both lazy non-working and for most rich , difference between it and feudalism is that in feudalism lazy never-working never get anything,
  3. vilas

    France General

    in USSR ""Damn, the workers in USSR get a descent payment, have payed vacations and other benefits, law protection, we have to introduce something equal too to reduce the socialism popularity here". Feel the difference?" i do not know USSR , i know Poland and what was in time of my parents and grandparents: - people had problems for going to church, - political police was killing people who supported other views like oposition, - property was confiscated, - state-owned stuff was given to commies, if you liked right wing, was church-patriot, you could not get flat, car, washing machine etc. - there were political prisons, where people were tortured and executed (especially patriotic guerillas from WW2 which fought with Nazis), - crisis was so big that shops were empty in 80s , there was problem to get toilet paper, - state control of thoughts, opinions, cenzorship in press, no freedom, no freedom to movement abroad if you want, passports were given "for those who serve commies" - no elections, no democracy, no possibility to choice anything, - production was state-limited, state was deciding what to produce and what not , for example state decided that there cannot be sport cars because "they look to western" and they quited manufacturer from enter Syrena Sport (in my addon P85 cars) - my mother was in Solidarity and she was ... evicted from flat, she was homeless after Martial Law was established, for 2 years Jan 1982 till 1984/1985 she was homeless cause communist judge evicted her by legal sentence , there was no private flats, all belonged to state , flats were given by decision of state, first they were given to communist party members and to police (militia) and army personell, - a friend of mine (now 65 years old) was daughter of early opposition activist, her father was cooperant of Cardinal Wyszyński, cardinal of Catholic church in 50-60s and she was told by secret police that "she will finish no university, noone will hire you , noone, anyone who will help you will have troubles" - such was communists treated person because she was daughter of close cooperant of cardinal of catholic church, repressions for families of opposition , - 50s was era of terror, many thousands people were killed, number of Poles killed during post WW2 Stalin-era regime till 1956 is estimated between 80 000 and 100 000 people (40% of officers in Stalin's secret police administration were Jews from USSR , 20% Russians, only 40% of workers of terror era police were Polish nationality), - state controlled ownership of goods as said before, for example to buy and have private truck people need to have agreement from government agency , you couldnt simply buy truck , you had to apply for it, get it , pay for it and than they controlled how you use it till 60s, - salaries were regulated by state, no matter if you are PhD, MSc or 8-class primary school - you earned by prescribed table, my older friends who are now 65 years old were engineers-constructors in one factory and they earned less than worker without secondary school, despite they had MSc , insane i do not know if people were jealous of USSR citizens, rather were happy that noone shoots them , noone imprisons them because for example their parents were nobles or had big factory which was confiscated or because they criticized ruling (not elected) government , people who laughed when Stalin died were executed and tortured , noone in west was tortured for being happy that politician from other party died , you should remember that communism brought to world 170 milions of victims, Stalin , PolPot, Mao, Kims etc there are movies how socialism looked like before 1989
  4. vilas

    France General

    lol, when my countrymen go to west they say "so many welfare benefits, such big labor support, such big child family care welfare" etc. you have more welfare than we had before 1989 , your labor codes protect worker/employee 10 times more than our labor code and you call it capitalism ? you work 35 h/week while we work 48, you have super medical care while we have to pay for many things, you have protection against being fired from job without any reason while we don't , you have in your markets kindergardens for employee while in our (not our - yours because we have German, French and British ) supermarkets cashiers had to wear pampers cause they were not allowed to go to WC "to not waste time" you have benefits/welfare for families which we do not have - i know what my colleagues from school say when they emigrated to work in west - they say that they earn 5 times more and everything is funded by the state - you have more socialism than you realize , you simply do not realize it , capitalism is in the USA , not in Europe, in Europe there is all controlled by the state, calling it capitalism is mistake, because in EU there is socialism and there was no problems till native worked when lots of migrants came making terror attacks and not working - economical problems came too because taxes that were been collected so far were not enough , plus corporations moved production to China (jobs in Europe gone, many things are produced in China ) so people have less money because there is no such big production in Europe as it used to be, almost every t-shirt, shirt, trousers in this world are made in China or Indonesia , of course socialists which lead EU are corrupted / bribed so they do not touch neither banksters nor corporations, they only tax usual people more and more and more , there are 2 levels of laws, one for usual citizens , second for corporations and banksters, whole EU paid for banks when those banksters made crisis, whole EU allowed to be flooded by islam when USA bombed and destroyed tyrans which kept extgreme islam under boot , you may call me xenophobic i do not care, for us nationalism is okay and good - because it keeps us safe from rapes on streets, terror acts, shooting pedestrians buy guys shouting "allah akbar" , knife attacks by bearded "allah akbars" etc. i want to be rich, healthy and safe - i do not care that you call it xenophobia or racism or whatever, i want safety on my street, i want my property to be safe and not destroyed, dammaged or taken from me (by too big taxes), while EU deals with "gender" "multiculturalism" etc. people are taxed more and more, soon after all those crazy CO2 "environment" eco-terror we all have price of energy rise, in Poland they say we gonna have even 70% higher prices of electricity - it is madness, half of price of fuel is taxes, it is madness , 1/3 of price of car is taxes, it is madness , people have less and less money to pay those who do not work but have 5 kids and pray to allah , in case of Poland new reforms also rised welfare benefits and we already have problems that some percent of people do not work but take "child support" and drink for it, one thing that is not "less" are taxes , we have less money in EU because taxes rise , soon every european gonna have higher cars prices, higher electricity prices, because of this mad EU soon electricity prices will rise for 70% in Poland due to evil "EU CO2 issues", i do not want to pay twice more for electricity because some ultra-left eco-terrorists from communist parties say about environment , i want to pay less taxes, not twice more, i know what socialism results - i lived in such system and my parents - terror , opression, political police beating and shooting and torturing oposition, confiscation of property, we had communism from 1944 , they tortured and executed people for other political views (for patriotism, for capitalism, for having big property, for Catholicism), we had Stalin terror and after Stalin era we also had terror from commies, they were not allowing to rise private enterpronous people, they controlled all, they controlled who can get flat or truck etc. my family had property confiscated and was imprisoned till 1958 , i know what is socialism , it leads to poverty because if people get things free - who want to work ? only suckers and idiots work when everything is "given" by the state , if people have to work to buy something - than it motivate people, my family had over 200 ha of land in east before 1939 (now Belaruss) and commies came, confiscated it and put my family to Syberia , this is socialism, house of my family was given to Militia officer "because he needed it more" - this is socialism, and after everything was "given by state" , in early 60s in Poland you couldn't have truck, trucks were controlled by state and there was special legal regulation who (except state) can have truck , farmers had to apply to buy car... buy car in socialism ... lol, cars were produced and people get "bills" to "buy" it , they had to wait and if someone was in communist party he was given such "bill to get car" first , if someone was active in Catholic church he was oppostion and he was neither given flat nor car nor washing machine etc. communism is idea that many EU commisars praised in their youth - they were in their countries communist organizations, some of them were formally in communist organizations , EU is heading into neo-marxism uthopia that will only end in civil war with society
  5. vilas

    France General

    "try a similar scale protest with Ordan and i'd guess you'd pretty quickly see where the democracy in france is." who will protest against Orban ? George Soros agent ? bank owners ? bank managers or corporations managers that want corporations to not pay taxes, or maybe jihadists and far left loonies demanding gay adoption and sharia for Christian kids ? "hardly anyone can afford new cars." lol , when i visited Vienna being on trip to Alps - i seen only new cars, cars maybe 5 years old, while in my fatherland Poland people buy 20 years old cars from Germany or Italy or other countries (where those cars had accidents and often were stamped "not to be used in road traffic" by TUV )
  6. vilas

    Funny & interesting videos

    funny - some idiots deny that women and men are different and call it racism lol
  7. vilas

    France General

    @spooky lynx 1) nope, in west they have socialism - they have benefits and people who do not work can live quite good without working - for example all those jihadi islamic extremists - they do not work, they live from taxes having many children plus they get flats free from the state - it is socialism , not capitalism, in capitalism noone gets benefits if he doesn't want to work for example this guy : https://www.therebel.media/uk_anjem_choudary_to_be_given_house_and_benefits_after_prison https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279972/Anjem-Choudary-Hate-preacher-pocketing-25-000-year-benefits-calls-fanatics-live-state.html this is pure socialism , those people do not work, but middle class has more and more taxes to pay such guys for not working it is socialism , nowadays capitalism in EU almost doesn't exist, everything is state-regulated, benefits are paid to non-working people law in our countries is such that if you have flat (owner) and you hire flat and person who hires flat stops paying and there is winter or that person is pregnant than... you cannot fire them, simply they do not pay and you cannot fire those people - it is socialism , and regulations on market - we even cannot buy car that we want because of "CO2 emissions standards" 2) cars prices - maybe due to Rubel exchange rate, prices that i took were from renault . ru, vw . ru, suzuki . ru - brand new cars from dealer, not old cars, i calculated prices and i found that i could buy brand new Suzuki Vitara 4x4 automatic for the same money that in the UE we can buy cheaper version of Opel Corsa Renault/Dacia Duster 4x4 automatic - 1 milion Rubels in Russia , it is 51 000 PLN, in Poland for 51 PLN you can buy... Fiat 500 or ... maybe Kia Picanto, second had 5 years old Skoda Yeti costs 49 000 (used car) , new Opel Corsa is 64 000 PLN, new VW Polo is ca 65 000 PLN - so ... Duster 4x4 in automatic gear is 15 000 cheaper in Kaliningrad than in EU , Skoda CityGo maybe costs the same price as Duster 4x4 automatic in Kalinigrad, but if i buy this car in Kaliningrad - i cannot register it in EU due to Euro6C standard it has, now EU demands cars to be Euro6D and soon Euro7 - crap.. oh and almost 40% of tax 3) about France and madness of the west : https://dorzeczy.pl/swiat/88934/Szokujace-slowa-bylego-ministra-Ograniczenie-liczby-urodzin-pozwoliloby-lepiej-przyjac-migrantow.html https://niezalezna.pl/252888-szok-francuski-polityk-niezle-odlecial-przestancie-sie-rozmnazac-trzeba-przyjac-migrantow french politician said that whites should not have children to give place to migrants - guy calls for white genocide - they are crazy , they are really crazy first they refused to name street after policeman killed by muslim terrorists, now their polician says that whites should not have children so there will be place for migrants, btw. Africa since 1970 tripled its population, they have 300% population growth since 1970 or 1975, we have 10% since WW2 or 1960s https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DwBeDgMU0AEVcK0.jpg
  8. vilas

    France General

  9. vilas

    France General

    i spent some time reading western european news websites - not much info about French yellow vest protests, in my country a lot of informations - west seems to close eyes on protests of citizens (and they call that in Poland democracy is in danger, lol) , western people know about small protest in Serbia, about some sportsmen wedding, while French middle class and working class is protesting against big taxes and police violence , in time when people who WORK (natives) protest against taxes, Brussels discuss applying "gender neutral, sex neutral language which doesn't recognize man or woman" - omg , they shoot (rubber bullets so far) to working hard people and they discuss that "fireman , policeman, spokesman, chairman, is wrong because it hurts women so it must be spokeperson, policeperson" - people leading EU are crazy or mentally ill , in meantime when crazy EU discuss about "how to reduce CO2" "spokeperson, fireperson, policeperson" - ten people were killed by French police , 1500 injured , those people were taxpayers working to pay too big taxes that will be spend on benefits and social care for jihadis illegal migrants or for banks and banksters , when in Poland we voted for more conservative and more right wing government - whole damn EU protested "for democracy", when in France people are beaten, killed by police, injured - no EU reaction, no EU word about democracy , the same when in Hungary people voted Orban than EU makes big protest about "lack of democracy", where is democracy in France when taxpayers are opressed and beaten by socialist multicultural government @spooky lynxi am in little shock - guess what - i checked prices in Russia - you have 30% cheaper cars , really, Suzuki Vitara 4x4 automatic gear costs in Russia circa 66 000 Polish Zlotys, in Poland ... 98 000 PLN (4.3 PLN = 1 Euro) i found that Russia has Dacia Duster 4x4 automat - we do not have cause damn EU made "WLTP" directive which killed Fiat Tipo, Dacia Duster etc. automats due to "euro6D emission norms" , damn EU , shame i cannot buy car in Russia and register it in Poland /EU due to "Euro6D" , yoou have 30% cheaper prices , i had no idea before that EU is so damn fiscal and expensive - o my gosh, being in Russia with my money i could buy Suzuki Vitara 4x4, in Poland for that money i can buy Opel Corsa in cheapest interior version or Citroen C3 in basic version or maybe Toyota Yaris cause VW Polo is more expensive (automat gear) but if i wanted to buy car in Russia (outside EU) i have to pay ... 23% VAT tax, 10% custom tax 3% excize tax , - 36 % price more - thats why people in yellow vest protest in France - we have all damn expensive due to taxes, this overtaxation system in EU must end , all those uber-benefits for nonworking lazy must end , we cannot work more and more just to pay taxes another crap - in Germany people have 1.99 % anual rate for credit (source vw . de) in Poland ... 11 % , so having credit for 5-6 years i have to pay 25-30% of car to bank (in Germany only 8-9 %), how is it in Russia ? damn banksters damn corporations damn EU
  10. vilas

    Happy New Year wishes

    Happy New Year wishes to Arma community, be healthy be wealthy let all worries and family problems disappear , let there be no problems but fun and joy of life
  11. vilas

    France General

    maybe you have stronger consumer-support laws, market surveilance in Russia is stronger , you not only have Sluzba Spasenia (which is not present anywhere else) but you have strong GosPotrebNadzor and you have stronger punishments for such things , here not , in Germany afaik undo counter (reverse odometer) is crime and noone makes it - try to buy car in Poland without reversed odometer - good luck , no workshop which makes it was ever put unto prosecutor office , majority of cars "have odometer less than 200 000 km" even cars from 2003 so... i wish to pay less taxes and buy new car , of course nowadays cars are made of thin foil not from steel sheets , they do not have frame , here sellers cheat and lie - never buy used car here - it is like that: http://x0.wykop.pl/cdn/c0834752/01s4FSE_BgV00tS4XdhKtbdHGVXZbbGZB4z9xe01,wat.jpg?author=JaCzyliOn&auth=8f0249a67231c5633ecb8bf8e36f650d 1) - Germany , price 6700 EU, odometer 270 000 km, 2) printscreen from Polish shop : the same car , the same photo http://x0.wykop.pl/cdn/c0834752/11s4FV0_BgV00tS4XdhKtbdHGVXZbbGZB4z9xe01,wat.jpg?author=JaCzyliOn&auth=8f0249a67231c5633ecb8bf8e36f650d in Poland 8100 Euro (1400 euro more - it is double average monthly salary), and ... odometer shows 157 000 km this is how it looks in here another example : http://www.wykop.pl/ramka/1319241/samochod-bezwypadkowy-po-polsku/ car in Poland being sold as "never had any accident" odometer 72 000 km, guy inspected VIN abroad in Austria car had accident and was destroyed in front and rear, in moment of accident in Austria car had ... 128553 km none from police or prosecutor office reacts on it , another example car in Germany : https://www.wykop.pl/cdn/c3201142/comment_Lf3N6kvAPpZWdA1O8sHUG5SrE7dBetWD.jpg and after repair being sold as "never accident, almost like new , never scratched" https://www.wykop.pl/cdn/c3397993/link_eAvtATLbpga5qYu7xRoEKzsDLkRS0Oo6,w300h223.jpg cars that being rejected by German or Austrian or French or US / Canadian technical surveilance as "not accepted to road" in Poland are being sold as "never scratched" after flood in Germany : https://s8.dziennik.pl/pliki/9158000/9158863-te-samochody-z-niemiec-wjada-do-900-555.jpg journalists fight it - https://expressilustrowany.pl/bezwypadkowy-wrak-za-175-tys-zl-tak-dzialaja-samochodowi-oszusci/ar/962066 but law not , sensors from airbags, sensors from brakes disabled - noone is in jail here person died cause car broke in half at high speed, it is due to poverty of people after socialism but also west made of Poland not only colony but also trash-bin : can you imagine putting propane butane into air-conditioning ? driving bomb but it is cheaper than aircondition gas - such things were discovered by journalists - they found many cars which had propane butane inside air-condition, in case of accident there is explosion but workshops put such gas to car because it is cheaper (they charge people for R134a, people pay money believing they have R134a while they have propane butane inside - if there would be spark in accident - we have big hollywood explosion) but try to buy new car for 30 000 euro when you earn monthly 700 - if not 5 decades of socialism - we would earn normally it is of course better than 1989 when we earned 30 dollars per month (1 dollar per day)
  12. vilas

    France General

    @spooky lynx "BTW my car is 26 years old. And it's still a big, comfortable, fast and safe one." returning to your car - the problem with old cars (apart from EU that I live in, which now focuses on "CO2" "environment protection") is that many of old cars on second-hand market are after accidents, car workshops use to ... weld two after-accidental cars (what left of those cars) into one "almost like new" car , such thing is popular in Poland (because we are poor, so we cannot afford new car, so we have to (not because we want) buy second hand old car) and many times it appears that this car had serious accident in France/Germany/Italy or USA and now some "workshop" welded elements and people die cause at high speed car can ... break apart, or in accident when people would survive , people die cause car broke in half , or car leaves "4 traces instead of 2", airbags do not work cause workshop welded sensors, so it is also dangerous for our lives and lives of our belowed ones , so it is not only matter of our dignity but also our life and safety , while on west people who are educated (MSc) earn 6000 or 8000 euro per month and can buy new 40 000 euro car which has low CO2, low fuel consumption and all airbags, esp, abs etc. than we earn 1/fifth and we buy cars which are 4000 euro not 40 000 , often those cars are simply wrecks painted again sold on our markets by traders (rather cheaters) - so I am not fan of old cars - I'd rather have all those new safe fancy ABS/airbags/ESP etc. systems in new car to have chance to survive accident
  13. vilas

    Military Humor

  14. vilas

    France General

    world economic forum, davos - co called banksters, NWO, if west want to be slaves and cheap-labor they can obey this bullshit longer, i hope west will wake up, NWO, Soros, Bilderberg Group, Rotshields, Altiero Spinelli plan, Coudenhova Kalergi plan will end misarebly for people on west and this shit will spread to central europe , Agenda 2030 is one of most evil things NWO gave to this globe, open borders is total madness, each nation has its culture, roots tradition and ... will fight for it
  15. vilas

    France General

    because in socialism we even had problem to buy toilet paper - simply commies decided to produce less than needed and in end 1989 our salary after communism was worthy circa 20-30 dollars per month, montly salary was ca. 20-30 dolars , in 1988 or 1984 you had problem to buy sausage because in shop there was not enough food and we had food stamps in Poland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_law_in_Poland food was regulated not even saying about clothes so we could not buy ham, sugar, milk, sausage, bread as much as we needed but as much as commies gave us on food stamps called "kartki" ( "papers" "bumaga, bumazhka" ) in socialism for example toilet paper was problem and such like things (link to YT movies in Syria topic : https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/128311-syria-what-should-we-do-if-anything/?do=findComment&comment=3324906 )