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  1. Hello Villas I have sent you a message regarding using your mods.

    Could you please check?

  2. Do you have any pets?

    https://s15.postimg.cc/72pzynr57/20180324_124438.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/vvzjzbhvf/20180324_124536.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/7s8sb174b/20180502_181011.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/p5j2pwa57/Ar2865.jpg
  3. Witaj- Vilas , link do modu niestety nie działa, pomocy.   Hello, the link to the module unfortunately does not work, help.

  4. Merry Christmas to all ARMAholics!

    :) you too
  5. Illegal Model Uploads!

    I wrote to them emails with telling them about illegal models and piracy - they banned guy, but as far as i seen - he already was reported earlier - and they were just removing reported models, not whole his site, now they removed him completly and wrote me they banned him, so probably next week he will appear with new nick , need to check this website every week or month
  6. Illegal Model Uploads!

    https://ru.3dexport.com/major21 my stolen models are here too
  7. Where did everyone go...

    I am from time time logging, but due to working (too much work, not enough money from 1 job, need to keep 2 jobs) I don't mod to Arma (despite I am making models still but to other "game" or "for myself"), but from "old members" I am still from time to time, but rather on "real rifle" than on virtual one
  8. such process would take half year of hard work - so rather impossible
  9. PL-01 Concept Tank

    released 2 years ago, but this is not proper topic ;) Arma2 > complete addons > my topic
  10. https://postimg.org/gallery/1sr2xz1s2/ maybe in few weeks there will be update of Polish modern army mod i made completly new models of Beryl rifle, Tantal, UKM2000 machinegun, 12.7mm TOR sniper rifle, new HK 416, new Eotech 552 and Eotech EXPS sights so i replace old models from 2010-2012 by new models, which are now very accurate now a lot of config fixes to do left but i just wanted to show that "i am not off A2" ;) also most probably there will be new Toyota Landcruiser Prado in this addon added
  11. European Politics Thread.

    Year 1984 upcoming, shame that people on the west do not see it
  12. some updates: s24.postimg.org/yg76fxig5/news1.jpg s24.postimg.org/hgy80o78l/news2.jpg s24.postimg.org/xggvk83ad/news3.jpg ( - Polish army tests new camouflage - not many people are happy to see it : www.altair.com.pl/news/view?news_id=20907 they look ugly - but somehow in far distance in Arma2 they work better than old ones (they mix with environment maybe better, from far away human is less visible, less dark in woodland area) - Polish industry made new pistol, which probably will be produced for army - PR-15 : fabrykabroni.pl/produkty/pistolety-samopowtarzalne/pr-15-ragun/ - Polish army decided to choose new sniper rifle, Sako M10 : www.sako.fi/rifles/sako-trg/trg-m10 - border guards get new camouflage, changed multicam : www.wikiwand.com/en/MultiCam ) - plus what was visible on screens above (Iveco Eurocargo, new Krab howitzer, new wheels for Osa (real look wheels, not BRDM wheels) ) www.armaholic.eu/vilas/vilas_npl_as.7z ---------- P85: strange artifacts appearing on RPG7 from far distance - in config i changed old BIS A2 model to A2OA model (path in config file) no artifacts now: www.armaholic.eu/vilas/85temp/p85_config_a.7z
  13. horrible news, I had some occasions to chat with him on Skype, on addon-making and private stuff, he helped few times our team working on VBS by giving advice when we had some bugs with our islands, also he had similar views on some private stuff , very sad news , very sad news, RIP
  14. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Assad is only guy that guarantees rights of minorities apart from calling him such evil - in fact i see him as only chance there to allow to live Christians, Apostates, Atheists , Coptic Christians etc. i do not know about those sources but it is possible War in Syria looks like organized chaos to destroy Europe NWO wants to destroy national traditional states, tradition, Christianity etc. and to turn world into another USSR - country without borders ruled by oligarch-bureaucrats and corporations how to do it? by spoiling Europe and creating civil war - how to make it in peaceful Europeans ? by creating invasion of non-Europeans with totally opposite culture/values and foes to our values it is natural that patriots from different countries one day shall rise against jihadist invaders who act like bandits on streets, and there will be civil war in which both sides will die - patriots and jihadists - those who remain will be obedient disarmed sheeps that obey NWO government and what corporations want in time when Europe is invaded by hordes of jihadi invaders EU Comission want to ban legal weapons, want to make ACTA, TTIP, FACTA, CETA and all crap that benefits only small group of very very very rich people like George Soros this all would not happen without war in Syria - because this Syrian war started all that mess which now we see in EU and which in 10-15 years will end in serious bloodbath so it is possible as there is big connection between what happens in Syria and what happens in EU (and than EU governments in west send troops to streets , keep alert-state, limit civil-rights, bigger surveilance, controll etc)