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  1. i copied BIS 455x.. pixels JPG i thought it must be 455x... JPG as some topics said
  2. https://i.postimg.cc/vT25hv27/labmore.jpg new version goes to 1 drive: - above shown industrial machines - 4 types of laboratory glass (bottles) - laboratory big desk - spectrophotometer (can be found in forensic lab probably) or in hospital scenery (before i have added scale and microscope, so forensic lab in scenery can be set now easier)
  3. upcoming : industrial machines for industrial scenes in Livonian empty factories, very lowpoly models to not cause graphic lags (models are extremely low poly so they do not "weigh" for FPS in factory buildings fight scenes) -CNC -drill, -production (bubble foil) -production (plastic) office: - cabinet with files few more items will come to update within few days light/flash (for UV for police etc) one more big production machine more forensic stuff for police or chemical laboratory glass etc
  4. microscope (forensic, medical scenery) scale (shop, selling drugs) chemical identifier (spectrometer) for drugs etc (police, forensic scenery) "the" sofa in progress : cnc machine, bubble foil production machine, 2 other production machines that i cannot identify but i took photos any ideas to equip forensic lab ? ------------- edit : 15:00 CET - check new version 0.65 from 1drive link as before, items as visible plus CNC machine icons do not work - i have no idea why, they are 455*256 pixels JPG but they simply do not work (so i made // before class to disable icons)
  5. info about update: - there will be few production machines to empty factories on maps (3-4 big machines) - there will be some forensic stuff for police missions/adventure police/detective missions - few shop items (weighing instrument for example) - and... new furniture... those who recognize sofa... you know..
  6. working on (and backuping to 1drv 😉 but it is still wip): added: defibulizer, ekg, usg, anesthesia, suction pump, infusive pump, respirator (separated from surgery bed) items moved to things>medicine and weapon case and military bed moved to things>military 😉 working on on other stuff
  7. next update will contain : 3 more lockers for hospital : https://i.postimg.cc/Jz6bgDtd/update4.jpg i will spend more time on surgery machines (i have some more ideas like USG, anesthesia machine etc.) surgery-set will be more detailed (few machines more around surgery bed)
  8. gallery with upcoming update: - X-Ray machine (without bed) - X-Ray oldschool on wall - surgery lamp - surgery bed-set (bed, EKG, breath respirator) - hospital bed - hospital locker - kitchen and bathroom furniture - gun case open and closed - safe in variant of weapon setup (not only documents shelves) Uploading it to 1drive (link as previos) as 0.62 version , unit uniforms yet not fixed, but visible objects + tiny change in AA laucher model (1 detail which i seen on real one) so you can download it after circa 30 minutes from this post future update ideas (some of them will be done depending of my free time): - more furniture for different kinds of gameplay activity/scenery - production machine (maybe CNC machine) - shop stuff (weighing instrument, some products to shop) - gun rack - cabinet with books, documents - medical closet (currently there is small locker, but i think about tall closed with glass doors) - ammo boxes for safe (decoration), 9mm, .223 (paper boxes) - i have to find my old model of teddy bear, so than teddy bear will be added - i had cat figure model, i have to find old funny cat decorative figure - more house furniture , maybe stylish old cabinet/table - icons for already made furniture (there are no custom icons at the moment)
  9. gun case and gun rack - seems okay ideas i will do it on dayz - you forgot what was in 2017 ? several mods were charging 10 $ from each player to start with my hello kitty Smart car or with my guns , formally they were charging for hosting servers but there were mods who were charging for "starting pack" in dayz mods (not dayz game !) and such starting pack was for example my model of Smart in hello-kitty texture or my AK pack instead of vanila Arma2 AK it was in 2017 and around that time later it was fixed but when i hear word "zombie" i remind myself those situations on gun case - such gun case will be just scenery - i mean opened case like on photo and closed on gun rack - is it possible to have it working as proxy holder ? weapons stored and visible as proxies ? or simply dead-object (like other boxes)
  10. https://i.postimg.cc/KjnHYxYQ/upcoming.jpg upcoming : surgery set (surgery bed, ekg, respirator) hospital bed surgery light bathtube now i have to find config to make safe (steel cabinet) hold items plus config for lamp/light i think that surgery set can be one unit (with EKG and breath respirator) because in surgery it is used together hospital bed will be "stand alone" i will add few items more (probably medical) like funny X-ray on wall etc. maybe X-ray machine (if i will have more time)
  11. surgery table is in modeling, good sugestion some surgical room equipment will be added, it was really missing
  12. DayZ was worst in A2 community that could happen - players paid for paid servers, some groups made thousands of dollars on servers using and charging for free content made by addonmakers so when you say about DayZ it is for addonmaker from Arma like saying "select all models, push delete button on keyboard, cause someone will take it and monetize it" addonmakers get nothing while some boys set servers and took money for starting with selected addon , player paid few dollars, 1000 players paid, guys had 6000 usd for my addons while i had in my country 600 usd monthly salary so better not say about DayZ (i wish i had 20% of what they charged people for playing with my addons)
  13. I will try change inheritances on safe - it is nof for weapons, but for documents but if in mission people will use safe for weapons - i will do another - like real - vertical not horizontal (the way we have for rifles) this safe is to place there documents or money or secret papers etc. in missions or simply to be decoration (dead scenery) bathtube to be done, vertical weapons safe - if you do missions - do you need another piece of furniture ? I am looking for inspiration (stove and washing machine done, sink done) if there is another type of furniture or mission dead (not functioning) object needed - let me know 1) safe for weapons will be done 2) i should do bathtube 3) ?
  14. I found small mistake - I have no idea how to fix it, configwise: - when i place policeman using either BIS gendermerie uniform or my police uniform (for LDF) i have neither name of this uniform in editor nor capacity for magazines: class vil_LDF_policeman_blu_yellow: vil_LDF_policeman_patrol { displayName = "Policeman (high visibility, summer)"; scope = 2; author = "vilas"; linkedItems[] = {"V_safety_yellow_f","H_Cap_police","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"}; _generalMacro = "vil_LDF_policeman_blu_yellow"; model = "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\Gendarmerie\B_GEN_Soldier_F.p3d"; uniformClass = "U_B_GEN_Soldier_F"; editorPreview = "\vil_skins\ui\ico_pol_y_co.paa"; }; as you see - BIS uniform is used but when i place such policeman - i have zero magazine capacity in this uniform plus such uniform is not named in editor (like he was without) i used BIS one - not my own to show mistake how to fix it ? winner wins virtual stove and newest Livonian production washing machine (and maybe more furniture or bathroom furniture for cutscenes )
  15. i am glad it works now i am making update - sorry for confusion i added disable of driver to turn-out why ? i have to model interior - till that moment - in WPT there is disabled turning out option file is overwritten on 1drv just one config line "driver force optics true" +2 furniture more - kitchen locker (80 cm, 85 cm high) and sink (the same size) for kitchens in missions 😉 11:40 CET, 12:00 CET - file updated !!!