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  1. Funny & interesting videos

    http://www.wykop.pl/ramka/4668619/tak-wygladaja-warsztaty-niemieckich-feministek-film-podbija-siec/ feminists in action, someone may think it is madhouse, nope, just feminists and another feminists : https://gloria.tv/video/eLj9dHrN6S8E2tXsF1ZrMUjUC
  2. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Putin fanboys ? ehhh it is not supporting of Putin that people support secular government in region where theocracies do not respect rights of Christians or atheists , it is completly wrong if someone (in this case US) attack only secular guarantee to keep state out of sharia laws , telling that someone who is against jihadists is Putin fanboy is ridiculous
  3. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    in "good old Europe" people had freedoms and lived much better than in socialism ;) when I was young i was socialist - now i see it was totally wrong, cause socialism learn people to be lazy plus control people and limits freedoms and kills will to work and make inventions, compare level of living in USSR-block and west, in our block in our youth color-TV was huge wealth, when someone had car (waited in queeue if you were member of communist party) it was huuuuuuuuuuuge deal, when someone had washing machine - he was lucky , all was limited and given by state, in the same time on west people had not only color TV but PC 286, cars had air-condition, washing machine or freezer was normal thing in house, while for us it was taste of luxury after awaiting several years in queue (the only people who had it first were police officers and party members) so it was totally wrong , also lack of any freedom of speech, tortures for criticizing Lenin etc. nowadays if people work hard they can earn money, previously we were working 6 days a week and our salary was like 20-30 USD monthly , don't you remember your parents awaiting decade to obtain freezer or washing machine ? cause my parents were , in Poland socialism was like this - all time crizis, all time poverty , waiting many years to get "bill in queue" to buy freeazer or washing machine , people on the west had air-condition in cars, we had to make laundry by hand cause awaiting time for washing machine was for example 3-5 years , fact is that socialism is self-destructive system and must collapse (as it shows our past , for people from west it is unimaginable what we were through , they cannot imagine that in 1985 when they played on ZX Spectrum we had to make laundry of our clothes by hand like in XIX century cause washing machine was "very limited luxury good", they had polaroid color cameras we had black-and-white photography , they had PC games , video players VHS , while we had only paper books and 1 governmental channel in TV with propaganda ) , sport cars were only for sons of communist party prime-minister cause average person was not able to buy himself car he wants , moreover also to buy car produced by state-factory we had to wait 5-10 years in queue (and you had work in some state factory to get "talon" (bill) ) communism murdered few times more people than Hitler , now european leaders seems to be communists, marxists etc. and they want to change europe plus people like Soros and similar do all to destroy Europe and make "arab spring" causing "refugees" crisis which in fact goes to limit freedoms in here socialism ends like that : https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kartki_(reglamentacja_towarów) food stamps , limited food etc. : < people awaiting to buy any food and empty shops party members trying to explain why people cannot buy glass "because there is no glass at the moment we have crisis" - can someone in west imagine he cannot buy a cup made from glass because there is no glass in shops? nope , it was all because of socialism which teach people "why work if you can get it from state" lack of cotton wool and suspenders (sanitary towel/napkin for women ) - this is how socialism ends - even sanitary towel was missing in shops of course fighting with socialists is okay :) socialims leads to police beating people for denying such economical nonsense like on movie above - militia protecting statue of Lenin , nowadays we have much more freedom and noone shoots to people except islamists , so also euro-commies like all those neo-marxists from EU commision should be destroyed cause their ideas lead to what we had in 80s and before , the only thing i remember from childhood was poverty that back than i was not realizing cause everyone was living in poverty (except party members and police officers and army officers) and there was no personal freedoms , even music was controlled by state (cenzorship bureau was deciding if artist can record music or not) nowadays those euro-idiots invented cenzorship again (called politicall correctness and "hate speech" ) , i had such childhood and i do not want such future ;)
  4. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    @CaptainAzimuth it is simply "why" globalists, so called NWO, banksters and some crazy old bilionares want world dictature, so they try to start WW3 by forcing multiculti to Europe by pushing non-compatible religion here, cause it causes violence and it also causes lowering work-price (lower salaries due to cheap-labor competition which natives cannot stand and cannot competee) it all was made to delete "good old Europe" to change it to some crazy marxists idea of "one common state like USSR ver 2" i do not belive in any chemical weapons there , i believe that some bank and corporation owners want to destroy Europe, so first they must make chaos in Middle East to move people from there to Europe to make WW3 in Europe (all those idiotic ideas like european union army , weapon ban for civilians , political correctness etc, it all goes to dictatorship ) we cannot look at "syrian" war only as war of one secular government with religious fanatics , it is war on "old" European way of life , look what happens in Europe due to "syrian" war : - lots of agressive noncompatible with our lifestyle rapefugees come and ... our government in reaction to non-native violence make for example EU directive which limits acces to guns for civilians, which limits mobile phone cards, which sets lots of laws that limit civilians but give more power to secret police, regular police, armies , cenzorship in many countries called "politicall correctness, hate speech" etc. - in fact it is regular cenzorship like in communism , - workforce flow, natives earn less cause cheap labor moves across whole europe (so corporations earn more , people earn less) - crazy european leftists call to unite EU countries the same way as USSR (one country with one central government despite 1000 years of different traditions and fights for independence from others) - crazy european marxists call to make one EU army etc. (some west population is already brainwashed by marxism and they do not understand neither freedom nor tradition of own nation etc) this all goes to WW3 or rather big civil war in Europe - thats why it happens in Syria, it is to destroy good old way of living in Europe , because banksters and corporations CEOs who make money from oil-wars do not live in Europe or they live in well secured "castles" but the only people who suffer are native europens (more and more freedoms are limited , nowadays we cannot even buy pre-paid SIM card to non-registered mobile phone due to "antiterrorist law" so we cannot even have lover/romance without police know about it - this all goes to total control, USSR, 1984 etc), "syrian" war is proxy war to destroy european old way of freedoms and national states by world-elites which are meeting from time to time in "Bilderberg" (they say about "humanitarian crisis caused by Syrian war" while in fact is simply war on Europe, nowadays people from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kongo, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea are called "syrian refugees" - despite they lived 1000 km away from Syria and never been to Syria ) but because of it "antiterrorist laws" are being set and we are controlled more and more (plus flow of people cause we earn less and cannot find better job with bigger salary, the same Ukraine war caused to Poland when it comes to labor situtation) only one who is happy are banks
  5. France General

    i do not speak French but it seems that brave heroic policeman who saved hostages from islamists - cannot be praised by name of street to not offend muslims lol, congratulation west
  6. Hello Villas I have sent you a message regarding using your mods.

    Could you please check?

  7. Do you have any pets?

    https://s15.postimg.cc/72pzynr57/20180324_124438.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/vvzjzbhvf/20180324_124536.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/7s8sb174b/20180502_181011.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/p5j2pwa57/Ar2865.jpg
  8. Witaj- Vilas , link do modu niestety nie działa, pomocy.   Hello, the link to the module unfortunately does not work, help.

  9. Merry Christmas to all ARMAholics!

    :) you too
  10. Illegal Model Uploads!

    I wrote to them emails with telling them about illegal models and piracy - they banned guy, but as far as i seen - he already was reported earlier - and they were just removing reported models, not whole his site, now they removed him completly and wrote me they banned him, so probably next week he will appear with new nick , need to check this website every week or month
  11. Illegal Model Uploads!

    https://ru.3dexport.com/major21 my stolen models are here too
  12. Where did everyone go...

    I am from time time logging, but due to working (too much work, not enough money from 1 job, need to keep 2 jobs) I don't mod to Arma (despite I am making models still but to other "game" or "for myself"), but from "old members" I am still from time to time, but rather on "real rifle" than on virtual one
  13. such process would take half year of hard work - so rather impossible
  14. PL-01 Concept Tank

    released 2 years ago, but this is not proper topic ;) Arma2 > complete addons > my topic