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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9rojbvs56jht3b/arma3_LDF_campaign.Enoch.zip?dl=0 new version of archive changelog : Mission 11 has fixed overwiew (no change in mission, just map briefing) Mission 12 added Mission 13 requires play in Contact added : 3 bonus missions - NATO / UN international forces helping Malden Defence Forces to get rid of CSAT which invaded Malden (action on Malden) mission 1) Contingent (landing of LDF troops on Malden), mission 2 ) Saboteur - classic OFP-like "put bombs under Shilka" mission 3) Guns of Navarone 😉
  2. vilas

    Project Livonia

    please make (and share) reskin of "Marshal" APC - it would be natural as "Rosomak" 2025 version desert-camo uniforms for "contingent UN on Malden or Altis" would be good too
  3. no, not even one, just few DLC (Tanoa, Livonia, tanks)
  4. 23:47:11 Longest free VM region: 3204513792 B 23:47:11 VM busy 4251545600 B (reserved 244948992 B, committed 4006596608 B, mapped 250277888 B), free 43290624 B 23:47:11 ErrorMessage: DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 23:47:11 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 23:47:11 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 23:47:11 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 23:47:11 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 23:20:53 VID: dedicated: 3114926080, shared 16878624768, system: 0, max: 2800353280, used: 2620977152 23:20:53 ErrorMessage: DX11 error : CreateBuffer failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 23:20:53 Application terminated intentionally ErrorMessage: DX11 error : CreateBuffer failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:23:32 VM busy 4127662080 B (reserved 285933568 B, committed 3841728512 B, mapped 199168000 B), free 167174144 B 19:23:32 Small mapped regions: 19, size 77824 B 19:23:32 VID: dedicated: 3114926080, shared 16878624768, system: 0, max: 2800353280, used: 2623614976 19:23:32 ErrorMessage: DX11 error : CreateBuffer failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:23:32 Application terminated intentionally ErrorMessage: DX11 error : CreateBuffer failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED virtual memory usage 20 times more than available memory, DX11 etc.
  5. i have Nvidia 780 GTX, new drivers etc. Arma3 crashes to desktop afer circa 15-20 minutes, error code 00000x000 "cannot create device" often than Arma3 works good for 2 hours than crashes again (black screen, 30% of CPU, 5 GB ram use)
  6. it is 2 years since post , over 2 years and bug still present i was working on some missions and ... indeed, AI doesn't use anything except machineguns , i put mission with 4 AH99 and 1 tank and tank killed them with commander's machinegun, sometimes they hit tank but only with machinegun/canon to make mission i must put 4 or 6 helicopters instead of 2 or 1, in Arma2, Operation Flashpoint (and in real life) AT helicopter is dangerous weapon and destroyes anything with rockets / missiles in Arma3 i put 8 Wipeouts (A-10 😉 ) and they all were shot down by APC in Arma2 one A-10 would kill 8 APCs , in Arma3 1 APC killed 8 A-10s
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9rojbvs56jht3b/arma3_LDF_campaign.Enoch.zip?dl=0 11 missions mini campaign, first missions reworked , i fixed issues such as "player had different face in each mission, captain had different face in each mission" now missions start from bureau, i spent some time on seting furniture in building, now mission is starting like real mission not "stand in front of building and go" i hope people will have fun playing it, it is my first mission-making in Arma3 and first "campaign released" , so it is still on the noob-level , but anyway i wish fun playing it i had no idea how to script it that mission 2 appear when 1 finished, 5 when 4... so they are already available but for sake of "storyline" please play 1, 2, 3, 4... 11 if missions will have positive acceptance than i will prepare more missions and "in between" missions (for example 9A, 9B, 7C) cause at the moment this campaign is "short" (11 missions only, not whole adventure line which i wanted to show and without ending , missions are not long so thats why 11 but short stories, as i wanted to make adventure game from Arma, so not in all missions player shoots even single bullet while in other missions you cannot let other avatars die while you must defend yourself ) this campaign doesn't end, it ends in step which shows that there will be next mission but simply i wanted to give them without awaiting, or opposite - to make taste for another if someone will like storyline (LDF mistery vs superpowers) storyline is also told in intro and outro of mission , not just only missions (despite i still haven't learned AAN and camera) so play and share opinions required DLC : Contact, Apex (gendarmerie etc.), there are used also stuff from other DLCs but not the way it require player to have it cause used by AI regarding playing - contact is required in mission 5, 6 because of Contact "alien" object , rest should work to play in A3 but on Livonia
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ujef3zefs3xdqs0/mission3_vil_castle.Enoch.pbo?dl=0 third mission , probably next will have to be played as contact not played as Arma, because in Contact more items are available than in vanila but this mission ends in moment in which next will start
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gp9c26rt2x1zz4u/mision1_vil_hunter.enoch.pbo?dl=0 first mission ver. 2 , about first i told too much already so people know "what is going in it" https://www.dropbox.com/s/gwchhm9xyd13e4m/mission2_vil_mobilephone.enoch.pbo?dl=0 second mission , i will not tell , let someone play and say if likes it 😉 returning back to editor to make another 😉 when there will be people willing to polish/fix/add to it dialogues by voice, pictures, tasks etc. let me know
  10. yes, exactly as you suppose - i am totally green in coding since 2003 i was doing models for OFP and Arma1-2, but i never made simple script - i was always 3D modeler and never coder, for me those "!alive && || " is totally new, i never had coding in school , i never learned C+ C++ C# , i was always using Corel (painting textures) and Oxygen ;) but i love some "adventure scenarios" (privately i play in adventure games , not in shooters, but i like putting adventures in shooter , thats why i want to make long campaign which is political-fiction tale about politics, big business etc. ) so i present my "first" mission yesterday, now i must do "mission zero" (before first) - in this mission is story of this hunter and his friend, in second mission i plan "construction workers" - specnaz recon which hides in civilian uniforms as workers which "fix" electric plant, than military mission about hunting those specnaz recon in old castle ruins i want to make "hybrid war" scenario , yet without "showing uniforms as army" but "police chase for electric worker which is suspicious" etc. than players in fourth or fifth mission of capaign will find "they are specnaz" , so far "police collects evidence" and "army took investigation and policeman is angry because his friends died and army came and took investigation and policeman wants to find on his own hand"
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/998jgdt8s4oajhh/mision1_vil_hunter.Enoch.pbo?dl=0 first mission playable , but yet without taks , so if anyone wants to play - there you go, my first Arma3 mission required DLC - Apex / Gendarmerie, Contacts - Livonia island and soldier
  12. thanx for suggestions, this AI is insane i made mission , i play it in mission editor - all works so far i export it to singleplayer scenario and ... to my surprise "once again terrorists instead of escape , they do counterattack" "my SWAT team supposed to arrive when bandits escaped, now bandits stay in place and kill my SWAT team" i tried "disableAI" with no succes 😞 i put trigger with "rus1 disableAI "fsm" ; ...." but it was resulting them to stay for looooong, so i deleted it and - when i play from "mission editor" it behaves different than from "singleplayer" - like different AI settings were in "game" and "in editor" https://sharefiles.app/download/c602cc26b7f08d103b76aa542a6da00405c58079 zip with folder of mission from "mydocs" mission called Hunter's murder (should be much longer)
  13. Hi, I wanted to make some missions for Arma3 , I have my scenario / ideas etc. I start making missions (SinglePlayer) and I have very limited knowledge about it - for example I want to add cut-scene etc. dialogues etc. I look for someone to cooperate and "polish-finish-fix" missions , so far only 1 mission is in progress, but following problems appear : - plan is that "policeman is ordered to murder scene, there several terrorists shot from AK to policemen and run away" - problem is that ... they do not run (despite waypoint) , they wait "for hours" , moreover, 6 guys with AK "do not killed first patrol of 3 policemen with handguns and SMG as I planned", so result of "attack" is different because those who "had to be killed" killed "bad guys" which were planned to win and escape to place where we have to find them later , but AI screws all what was planned, they behave totally different (for example instead to run as fast as possible they ... stand for 8 minutes and cover behind tree and aim into direction of enemy ) another not funny situation - police patrol armed in handguns "had to die in my plan" and 6 terrorists (on 3 cops) with AK "should smash them in seconds" while... terrorists shooting second magazine and cannot hit 3 policeman and policeman killed them from pistol in mission that "policeman has run for cover after terrorists killed first patrol and than he returns with SWAT team but they run away and we have to find trace and investigate" - but they neither kill patrol nor they run, another issue is "car has to take SWAT team from base but they do not want to get in and continue on foot" another issue SWAT team member dies not due to bandits but he is run away by another police car etc. - total disaster of AI so i look who can help me to organize missions things which were working in Arma2 (get in, load, transport unload) here seems to work different and AI "thinks too much instead of obeying orders" my mission worked in Arma2 , in Arma3 it behaves totally different due to AI difference it seems DLC Tanoa and Livonia - action takes place on Livonia with "Gendermerie Police" units (all BIS default stuff from DLC) campaign starts when civilian hunter finds group of strange guys , he thinks they are ASG players but suddenly they open fire (i need camera scripting , that hunter sees armed guys by binocular ), so he calls police and reports to police about it police comes to check and police is under heavy fire, all police dies except one policeman which runs away, he gets SWAT help and with SWAT they counter attack place in woods but noone left except dead bodies of one terrorist and some rucksacks he investigates left rucksacks (i do not know how to make it as game-logic tasks) he founds that equipment is military not civilian so they were not usual bandits rest of scenerio will be Livonia as good guys which are under attack from hybrid-war from Russia or US when both superpowers discover that "in old castle aliens left something and both superpowers push on little Livonia because they want alien-technology for their own" and Livonian player has to defend his country against once Russian specnaz (DLC) another time "democracy helpers " and scenario is not "open war" rather than "someone in the woods was shot and politicians in AAN say nothing happened" political-fiction scenario with AAN storytales etc. so capaign similar to which BIS makes with "cutscenes from TV news" - i can make waypoints and triggers and units placement but i do not know about scripting, cutscenes, camera now what I would need is to make goddamn AI to obey scenario and waypoints also I am looking for solution for AI to "blindly follow orders" - i do not want philosophical AI
  14. vilas

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    this is the problem with politicians in my country i do not know how it looks in other countries, but i see something like this in my country: - year 200X : party A says "we will do X solution" , party B says "we will do Y solution" , people want X (promise) and they vote A, than A says "okay, lets do Y, - year 200X+4, another parliament election: party C new says "we finally have to do X, Y is wrong idea", B says "we will do Y:, people now say "A betrayed us, vote C, we want X" than party C says "okay, we do Y", - year 200X+8, another parliment election, party D appears "we must end with Y, so many promisses broken, we must do X instead of Y", B says "only Y idea, never X", people want X again, vote for D, than after 1 year of ruling "people , Y is good idea, not X" goddamn , Y is solution good for rich, corporations, banks, X is solution good for working people, nation, defence of country, strict legal system etc. majority of people want "X" idea, but politician make Y solution despite those who were saying about Y lost election people first have to have knowledge about facts, without facts (education) they do not know what was truth, as proverb says "winners write history" people read history from books written by those who won, not by those who lost and were slaughtered so they couldn't write or because their books were burned - as metaphore if media belongs to big corporations - how poor person can say his history if he is not in media and in media journalist/politician says "it never happened" people would voted against "if they ever knew" - but it is up to freedom of speech "so they could know"