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  1. no i will put some things to workshop myself only what worries me is steam/valve policy - some time ago there was discussion , that anything what we publish - than copyrights start to own to valve, i must re-read this again if i really loose copyrights than or not , probably they changed their policy so it is safe to put addons to workshop
  2. new verion on old link, changes: - fixed technical LODs, hitpoints, firegeometry, configs for hitpoints - fixed some firefight performance of vehicles, breaking windows etc. - added Rosomak recon (looks funny but still ground radar is not working as it should be, rather "observation post" vehicle for missions like "protect the border" etc) - 2 pieces of artillery - WR 40 Langusta, NSM as arty (big boom) this is to fix previous bugs, mostly with hitpoints (windows were not breaking in trucks, engines were not hidden under armour enough) ----- what next: - some fixes to T72/PT91 commander post (NSV, observation , some problems with engine limitations and unrealistic turret , which in real life has either commander looking forward or NSV manually operated from outside) - maybe Krab howitzer - maybe AA systems, maybe, cannot promise 😉
  3. it would be 1000 hours of work , nope at the moment i am preparing WR 40 langusta (BM-21 Grad like Jelcz truck) NSM artillery unit (4 heavy missiles) Rosomak AWR - recon like Nyx recon (Rosomak but with radar and optical surveilance unit, without canon, just observation-radar vehicle, in reality "ground radar") i have few problems : radar turns only when it is on gunner turret, when i made 2 separate turrets (like Vodnik config) than radar doesn't turn on for commander, second problem is ground vehicles radar - radars seem not to detect ground units Nyx also seem not to detect wheeled or tracked units on ground, i try to implement SR Hawk radar on wheeled apc (Rosomak AWR), model is made, it works, it rides, but it;s radar is either blind or doesn't turn (depends of configuration of turret) ------------ edit: 22th May 2023: - WR 40 Langusta ready, working, - NSM missile "artillery" working, - fixed glass damage bug in trucks, - AA vehicles moved to editor subcategory "AA" not "apc" or "cars" - Rosomak recon ready (still some game limits- ground radar is not working like it should be but it is "commonly known bug/engine limit it seems") - preparing T72/PT91 turret for commander to work better - ... still probably there won't be Borsuk, Poprad in release
  4. thats why i was sick with our community, selling my addons, selling my models, unauthorised "custom packs" and imports etc. and unauthorised distribution of my addons Steam should block his account for piracy, I hope they will
  5. no, i do not use other nicks than my original , it is not my workshop is someone releasing my models and my mod as his? because i practically gave up modding for free to Arma due to piracy and selling my models on third-websites
  6. i work alone 😉 it is better for me but you or they can do simple config : class their_soldier_class ; class new_soldier_class : class their_soldier_class { weapons = ( vil_rifle_xxx...); magazines = (vil_mag_xxx, vil mag_xxx, vil_mag_xxx... ) ; }; it is easy config - but it requires their permission , from my side - there is permission to use my weapons classnames when creating other mod/addon units dependent from my weapons (without changing my files etc) so there can be written such config which connects 2 mods - first copy-paste classnames for soldier, than copy paste class for rifle, connect in 1 new class @lukaszk1987 on Borsuk... i have some objections to put at the moment Osa, Borsuk, Pilica, Sola, Bystra , i cannot say at the moment will I add it (i simply afraid of stealing it and selling it by third parties) maybe NSM and WR 40 Langusta will appear, maybe Krab, from time to time i am finding some of my models being offered for 99, 89, 199 dollars on different websites (Arma2 default BIS models are also being sold in the past, BIS fights with it , they have lawyers, i am person not company) , yesterday i found my Rosomak RAK for 99 usd on one website @Boberitto some time ago there were posts that Steam or Valve takes property of copyright of mod -makers, so thats why i was not putting it to "workshop" on steam, i must to clarify whether it is true or not, whether it changed or not , but i remember some years ago there was discussion about it on this forum plus some servers are monetized and i do not want others to make money on my "free hobby job" , there are additional problems after changing windows on my computer, i used bikey, privatebikey for many years, over decade, i had problem with windows, i had to reinstal system again and now when packing PBO I have warning message about modname, bikey, signature etc. so on server in multiplayer there may be problems, bikey generated in 2008 which was used in Arma3 tools was working good, after changing windows week ago i have multiple problems , message prompts during PBO packing that modname "vilas" is changed to modname "vilas" and should it keep modname "vilas" or replace with modname "vilas" (sounds weird but i do not know if signature works for those addons) because in modfolder i have no signature files now (week ago system was reinstalled, tools, steam, all after changing VGA to GTX 1660 (i had GTX 780) ) still Windows 7
  7. https://postimg.cc/gallery/6QXqjsj https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgHn0cDy67fdbtG1BS3hiFNyv-I?e=9aBQzK Update of pack, what's inside: - new model of TOR 12.7mm sniper rifle, changed model, - new model of Grot B (bullpup) according to current stage of production, not 2014 prototype model (previous mod release) - Alex .338 , Bor 7.62mm bullpup sniper rifles (new) - few new Rosomak APC wheeled versions (medevac, HQ, repair, prototype of longer updated hull, arty-mortar version) - AA systems - Hibneryt (guntruck with ZU23 gun), ZU-23 modernized , - known issues : I ve tried to make T72 more "realistic" so NSVT is not fired from inside , due to this commander view is limited , I do not know how to enable it (need config help), also new NSV model (old from Arma1 time removed, new realistic model, previous NSV model was from 2010 or 2009, there is a new ) - bigger models of UKM (PKM) family (A2 model was 5-6% too small) - another issue: yet not released AA Pilica system, Poprad system, Sola and Bystrzyca radars , neither Borsuk APC, I have models but for some reasons they will be a little more on my disc (sory) , maybe in next release, sory at the moment I cannot realse them , I hope that new models will not be stolen and sold for 100-200 dollars on different 3d stocks /shops, as my previous models from Arma2 were stolen and being sold on different "3d" websites , neither new model of OSA at the moment is not released, sorry, - T72M1R - updated T-72 with FLIR instead of old sighting system - upcoming Abrams 2 SEP3 in Polish (sorry, Livonia) painting scheme - Leopard 2PL added in this release (model from photos, not from real vehicle, I had no opportunity to check and measure real vehicle so it is made "more or less") - UKM 2000S machinegun added (short barrel UKM machinegun developed for paratroopers), updated UKM 2000 M model as well (changed handguard section) at the moment as in game - LDF is "independent" but I think they should be "blueforce" and turned to bluefor (maybe I will double classes) it is still "LDF" mod , not Polish army , vehicles are painted like Polish army , cause I had no time to make it LDF camo , of course weapons can be used with other units with Polish camo released by others, why not :) I have no time to make new units models, human-models etc.
  8. working on update: https://postimg.cc/gallery/26Q1VCn album : Rosomak with 12.7 turret (M3) , Rosomak medevac - new models with interiors as real as i could find sources some fixex , i have limited time but i will try to release update
  9. LDF AA defence w.i.p. https://postimg.cc/gallery/0DQDgcg
  10. Cześć .Napisałem na priv

  11. i am making preparations to import some A2 stuff (never realeased before) but i have several issues (A3 AI seems to be worse than A2 AI): in Arma2 they can turn turrret, here in A3 AI simply stuck on one side and cannot turn, no "scan horizon" order helps, they simply try to turn 360 degree while turret is limited , in Arma2 AI simply changes turn, here ? why ? we use several types of such gun-trucks which are not 360 degree but rear-gunner , and here AI cannot turn , why ? are "rear" turrets in this game working or not ? in A2 it works perfect (Hibneryt trucks, Pilica truck) https://postimg.cc/gallery/Rt1YnZ3 + https://i.postimg.cc/cCrT80Kh/nsm.jpg gallery of several new vehicles, some imported , some still in A2 another problem in A3 - how to set turret on such truck that when i look trough optics sound of cannon is not silenced ? when i look through scope - sound is silenced like turned into turret
  12. i have made very big update (and have it on my disc) with WR40, new Biala ZSU23MP, new models of Poprad AA system, Sola, Bystra radars, Star 266, Hibneryt 1, P, 3, Leopard 2PL, Abrams SEP v3 PL, and many others but... i see how much of my content is being sold by pirats (probably from east) on different 3dstocks, my models are often pirated and sold for 99, 89 dollars etc. if i release now , probably next week several eastern pirats will sold it illegally on 3d stocks (stolenc ripped content) so it stops me from realeasing
  13. i copied BIS 455x.. pixels JPG i thought it must be 455x... JPG as some topics said
  14. https://i.postimg.cc/vT25hv27/labmore.jpg new version goes to 1 drive: - above shown industrial machines - 4 types of laboratory glass (bottles) - laboratory big desk - spectrophotometer (can be found in forensic lab probably) or in hospital scenery (before i have added scale and microscope, so forensic lab in scenery can be set now easier)
  15. upcoming : industrial machines for industrial scenes in Livonian empty factories, very lowpoly models to not cause graphic lags (models are extremely low poly so they do not "weigh" for FPS in factory buildings fight scenes) -CNC -drill, -production (bubble foil) -production (plastic) office: - cabinet with files few more items will come to update within few days light/flash (for UV for police etc) one more big production machine more forensic stuff for police or chemical laboratory glass etc