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  1. my addon is not compatible with other things than vanila so i do not know how it work with other mods/gameplay changing addons i was doing it on vanila game to work with vanila game with vanila names, animations ---------- on updates - so far one person offered help to polish my capaing to deliver Contact2 campaign collecting blueprints for some new vehicles so far nothing more to report, due to lack of free time i had no time to import more things from A2
  2. 0x000000001 Nvidia GTX 760 Arma was working super for many years , spending hours making mission pack since last update i cannot play arma3 longer than 5 minutes
  3. only myslelf , it is personal hobby ========== 1 news - the same link as 17th Feb, update 0.56 just went to 1drive - Grot sport with short barrel (such version is produced and in sell) named Grot S10 in editor - Grot with heavy barrel as LMG (such version was just prototype, not released, but in game it can be ) named Grot C HB in editor , it uses C-mags in A3 + AI use more auto-fire - added totally fictional (after all it is game) 13.5 inch barrel (Grot C14), it is pure fiction but studies show that 13-14 inch barrels in 5.56 are efficient * note Grot rifle has generally now "in real" 3 barrels: - regular army 16 inch, twist 1:7 - civilian 1:9 lenght 16 inch without baoynet mount - civilian 10.5 inch in Arma there are : - army 16 inch - civilian 16 inch (different muzzle device, no bayonet mount) - army 10 inch (in reality yet not produced ) - now i added civilian 10.5 (visually different muzzle device) - marksman barrerl 20 inch (such version was tested, however not produced yet) - heavy barrel now added (as said before - tested, not yet produced) - fictional version of future 13.5 inch barrel without bayonet mount (maybe such thing will appear in real in 2025?) so 2 new versions of Grot - so far nothing more cause i was trying to make some update to old Arma2 pack (still playing CWR with my A2 so i am fixing some A2 mods, still , i am trying to make "last" update for PL mod in A2 (with models from A3, with new boots issued to army brown ones, with better models of vehicles - which already are in Arma3 ) )
  4. but there are new models - above linked LDF pack with Polish weapons pack contains new models of BMP1, Rosomak, Leopard2 , PT91, 2 trucks dozen of rifles, scopes, hanguns this LDF pack will be growing - but very slow , now i want to fix my 2019 capaign (Contact2) my version of LDF campaign counter to BIS Contact (player is from LDF)
  5. no time for it , sorry, it is too much time at the moment i am looking to find some time to remake my missions for Arma3 (my counter-contact single player campaign using new formal suits from Art of War pack ) i want to make SP campaign and i have trouble to find time for it, porting all A2 addon would be 1000 hours or more
  6. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgHn0cDy67fdbtG1BS3hiFNyv-I?e=mZHbgH the same link as before, small tiny update: Grot with AR-stock adapter (civilian, sport) , such version is produced in real life, simply adapter to mount AR-15 stocks (added 2 units - Livonian sport-shooters) more opfor units (from BIS uniforms) added generic OPFOR - RU uniforms, tiger-camo uniforms, CSAT light uniforms (not bullet proof) fixed few mistakes
  7. In Arma2 it was easy - one mount disc bat to change now in A3 in Steam anyone knows how to set R drive but not touch existing P drive (i cannot change other tools which are on P) i need A3 tools but on R not P
  8. tiny update Grot A2 version models , there was Grot A2 model previously , now there are 3 of them (without rail plastic accesories just empty hanguard, with plastic heat-guards and small grip, with grip-pod) and in several colors (black, fde, green, camo) also Grot A2 has changed hand grip to A2 version from A1 version so simply little more A2 versions of Grot currently produced in real no other changes than just 3 models of A2 version and FDE version added link the same as above
  9. 0.51 on onedrive , changes: groups definition - squads and platoons of LDF added (several) no changes in vehicles, weapons etc. just new groups and new soldiers in groups ---------------- edit - v. 0.53 on onedrive - changes - added Eotech XPS (there was EXPS from begining, but now XPS is added)
  10. hi just tested : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgHn0cDy67fdbtG1BS3hiFNyv-I?e=gccDQC (the same link as before, just renewed file) ver. 0.5: - new model of Rosomak - ZSSW30 new turret, remote turret, interior is my guess - i haven't seen real one, it is my guess and fantasy (no photos on net, it is prototype in 2020) - Grot A2 - long hanguard instead of short (A2 has long hanguard, M1 has short) - VIS 100 M1 - new pistol currently sold on civil market, upgrade to VIS 100 - grenadelauncher for GROT - short barrel AR15 (civilian) - color berets for LDF, NATO, and other (several colors of berets) - few more furniture to interiors (cutscenes , missions) - some bug fixes - much more classes, several classnames changed !!! if anyone made mission with soldiers like vil_LDF_base_.... now name is vil_ldf_... without "base" - new reticle for Leupold, new reticle for "Hunter Scope" used by "Hunter rifle" (BIS M14 but with ability to use my "hunting scope" which has 3 color cross - blue, red, green - like some real hunting scopes) - GROTs in new color - FDE , real one , not just Sand and Green (to match LDF colors of Promet) - changed Grot models (they were 1.5 cm too long comparing to real, now they have 843 mm not 860 like before)
  11. Hey man where did the Russians and Soviets pack go ? I need it to play Lobo's Egyptian infantry pack 😞

  12. sorry for late reply porting to A3 is not good when it is ported "as it was in A2" i should change models, interiors, dashboards- looooooooooooooot of time in case of helicopter - i have to redwork all avionics /dashboard it is not just porting, simple port is not good to A3 standards in my opinion and is too outdated
  13. vilas

    USA General

    here too, universities (those "humanistic" not those "scientific, math etc") are full of people who openly declare to be communists, feminists-lesbians, anti-christian, anti-meat-eating, those who openly declare that "private property must be deleted" and ... the same time they are rich, sponsored "by some fundations" etc. and they teach young "sociologists, pschylogists, language teachers" such things are not in areas where you have solid science - math, physics, mechanics, it, chemistry, geology etc. people with MSc and Moa sometimes thing different after graduation 😉 i have MSc not MoA majority of technical students are males, majority of "philosophical-like" students are girls, some univeristies which officially teach foreign language more time focus on "eqality and minority rights" than on gramma my friend has younger woman which now studies, he asked her about what does she study exactly and she said "my profesor said that private property is wrong and women must have more rights" - but she study foreign langauage, she should be taugh about foreign language not about "males should give up their property to women" , he asked her how does you practice foreign language - "we talk about right for LGBT to have children" we also have problem of some students evicted from university for participation in "far-right" party, they joined one rightwing party and they were suspended from univeristy (guy had YT channel) while other students with teach rally in far-left marches openly for example marches like "my vagina my right" "no to churches" etc.
  14. vilas

    USA General

    they are f*** in brain https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8460059/Cambridge-University-backs-academic-tweeted-White-Lives-Dont-Matter.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_m8npIh4eQ&fbclid=IwAR3qYKTOzIrDozlCIsbgXfteqDZDl8tg7N9eKDq9vTfbIGuxt8_5OiS8DTU https://storage.googleapis.com/conservativereview/2019/10/50e84488-interracialviolentcrime.jpg https://allthatsinteresting.com/chanelle-helm-black-lives-matter https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8404307/Professor-suspended-refusing-request-lenient-marking-black-students-assessments.html?fbclid=IwAR2bwQj0TviVZkb2YOY2BDeCD9Av2LKGYM75hl8f6OWX_ORifJiJIlPUFzM https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/101795785_2596858497082512_6785604043424611544_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_sid=110474&_nc_ohc=7xhGSryZOHYAX8sdj7g&_nc_ht=scontent-waw1-1.xx&oh=2f326919a71cacc99a9202fa56caf681&oe=5F1B7C2E https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/103326509_2647160708898968_1517108520218905766_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_ohc=IjM_IVyqpRMAX-LKxf4&_nc_ht=scontent-waw1-1.xx&oh=e1bd9d325386f0b82bc71b40e5bbd448&oe=5F18BC0C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5BeQ1w4bfA&feature=emb_logo&fbclid=IwAR3-rdB0bzjzsi1UCWekMLieM2MzXHg7y2W211-u234m867I7jfgxCvrFuE woman moan they cannot loot http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61403&fbclid=IwAR2iCTMhUHzDuL3lQlW7lJ2GXO4tC_iVWNcONfMf9XAKLTd46NqHML0GXyM corporations support multiculti because it breaks trade unions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPAaRsjDkC8&feature=emb_logo all those far-left movements should be banned
  15. vilas

    USA General

    what to say , criminals robe, loot, when police kill criminal people riot some groups instead of study, work - prefer being "gangsta" . people have ability to educate but some prefer listen to rap and say "i am poor", i have the same in my country, group called "dresy" (dres = sportswear), idiots wearing sportswear, listening to rap or techno, instead of go to school (which is free , free of charge) prefere to rob someone, to steal something, than go and drink , and have party and "i am poor, they must give me" - and they are white here and we have such groups, there is always in every society group of people dealing with criminal activity but i cannot imagine riots in defence of someone who had sentences , criminal is criminal for me, no excuse, no saint, if someone had several sentences ... i cannot imagine how people can defend criminals, for me it is unimaginable and than i read that some groups must be extra treated i think USA is great country especially states such as Tenessee , Arizona, Texas - you can defend your property when you study, work hard - you have results - but our generation is retarded - we (some of us) think that "i should get all free cause i deserve it" instead of "i must work, study, learn, work and than i have result" i always hated criminals, robbers, looters etc. i always stood for property rights, for taking care about right to defend property politicall correctness is new form of cenzorship that i know from communism - i hate communism