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  1. -RaG-

    Crossplay might kill Arma

    Another thing i forgot to mention (also sorry for alot of text just couldnt find a way to explane it short) I have experience playing Arma aprox 10yrs on PC and ive been a console gamer aswell throughout that whole time and in my opinion its about time arma took the next step and expanded to consoles, now on the otherhand i understand people are worried of core features not returning in Arma4 but i think they will they just have to find a way to make it work for all the platforms the game is on also im sure theres a way for them to make cross play possible even if they make some features that are too complex to be possible for console PC only its a challenge but it can be done but honestly i think its possible to make a full arma experience for console if done right and when it comes to modding thats never really gonna be a huge issue cause after all they are made on PC anyways i just like to have a little faith cause there are ways to implement even the awesome editor for console and so far gamemaster have been a good start now dont get me wrong right as of now its very lacking and simplified but i think its gonna become mutch better over time infact im actually running reforger on a Series S and that version of xbox is weaker than a PS5 its almost PS4 pro specs and to me thats impressive regardless of the fact that Reforger is very early in development atm
  2. -RaG-

    Crossplay might kill Arma

    Im not saying we should gamble or oversimplify im just saying we shouldnt underestimate what consoles are capable of if the rules on mods become more leniant cause arma can definitly run on console with all its main features if they get implemented in a way that it works on console no big limits needed tbh just invention and ideas remember consoles now days are way more powerfull than they were before and they even support mouse and keyboard anyways i obviously want modders to stick around but thats why some mods shall be pc only if they happen to be too advanced or not compliant with the console’s modding terms also Reforger is early access so god knows what they may implement in the future besides its never gonna be a main title in the franchise its a stepping stone to the next one
  3. -RaG-

    Crossplay might kill Arma

    I see your point but in my opinion i think its good that they are expanding to console cause first of all reforger is the testbed not only for arma 4 but its a way for Bohemia to find ways to bring everything that makes arma great to console and maybe even all its features to a degree. i highly doubt on the other hand it will be the death of ArmA cause besides what bohemia is doing arma is basicly run by its huge community of modders and yeah while there may be simplifications atm it does not mean that the stuff that makes arma ARMA wont be added in the future after all consoles are very mutch capable of quite impressive things contrary to what alot of people believe
  4. I have a harddrive with a mish mash of vehicle,weapon,maps,units mods probably around 200 to 300 gb worth of A3 and a few A2 mods that i have collected over the years both from Armaholic and SteamWorkshop so im planning to share these in the future if get somewhere to upload or send them to so they can be archived but for now its on an external hardrive as i dont afford to upload to any cloud websites atm i decided to post this here as i came across this thread and i assume this threads purpose is sharing intel on arma mods being archived for future generations?
  5. Just saw one of the photos about a page back in the thread , looks promising looking forward to hear more about this map😁
  6. I would like to know if anyone is working on or have released a F-117 Nighthawk mod for ArmA 3? because this iconic aircraft deserves to be in ArmA 3
  7. Yeah i agree i prefer the single and multiplayer experience over online only after all 90% of my 1000+ arma3 hours has been messing around in the editor😂
  8. *PLEASE NOTE* (THIS IS ONLY SPECULATION) I just came across a very interesting video on YouTube and i thought id debate this with the arma community https://youtu.be/8kp5OkPWopk do you guys think this guy is correct about the speculation whether Arma Reforger is a Remastered version of the game that started this amazing MILSIM game franchise ? lets debate and share our opinions and findings im interested in hearing what you guys think😁
  9. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Oh yeah i work just not that good at saving but im getting there, but ill see if i find some nice ssd instead thanks for the advice
  10. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Im gonna try save up for a external hardrive with a ton of space so i can backup all the non steam mods i have so i dont lose them if my PC decides to say goodnight cause i have an insane and very unorganised amount of mods stored both on my ssd and 2 flashdrives🤣 so i better do some summercleanup soon so i have it all in a safe place but it will take a while cause im a lil broke rn XD
  11. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    As a Gamer that loves Arma and the huge amount of mods it has Im happy that things are looking a little better for the chances of the files to get a new home, and im looking forward to see the progress of the great effort you guys have been putting into getting in contact with Armaholic’s Creator/host and the effort to potentially find a place for the files. Im so thankfull for being part of such a passionate community I keep looking at this thread almost daily to keep myself updated on whats going on 🙂
  12. -RaG-

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Will you guys create the French Caesar 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer? I would love to see that added
  13. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I really hope this turns in favour of history cause getting our next generations of Arma players to have the ability to try the great mods made throughout the different installments of ArmA is something i find really important as i love going back in time and play some arma 2 and 1 every now and then myself aswell
  14. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I never expected this thread to take off like this and it warms my heart seeing all the people with experience comming together in an attempt to save these files and the hard work of all these modders some of witch unfortunatly are not with us anyomore
  15. -RaG-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I am so happy arma has such a tight knit community i dont play as often as i mainly am a console gamer but it is one of my top games on PC and armaholic has been my most used mod file website for finding mods since i started playing arma 2 then 3 back in 2014