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  1. An update fixing some performance issues is released. Complete changelog.
  2. An update of overhauled sensor, advanced hitpoints and dynamic loadout is available into our Steam Workshop article. Complete changelog. To discuss about this updated please refer to the WIP forum thread. Greetings.
  3. An update we called "Jet DLC update" is available into our Steam Workshop article. It doesn't add any new content but a bunch of overhauled function and features that Jet DLC brought us. Certainly, this update affects both mission editors and players as well, as not only the current content has been updated but a few of unnecesary variant showing up into editor/virtual garage have been hidden. They have been hidden with scope=1 for backward compatibility, but It's HIGHLY recommended to use the new core mechanics to do variants into a missions like Vehicle Pylons or Components in Virtual garage, those hidden classnames will be removed in the short-term, giving mission editors the time to update its missions. The Advanced Hitpoints for Jets forced us to look again at damage system of our air vehicles and they have been upgraded using those new core mechanics, now you can lose the surface control effect of an aileron or an elevator!! The dynamic loadout allows mission editors edit the weapon loadout even in a real time and this is great, we updated some of air vehicles supporting this. In addition, thanks to the help of a contribution by classicarma via GitHub Public repository, the Japanese translation is available for all localized texts. Greetings and have a Splendid day.
  4. A very briefly Post-Lythium Analysis. Hi community! How are your missions going through Lythium? We hope you are enjoying the map in the meantime we keep updating and making a better content for you (for free)!! However let us explain what's behind the magic of making a map like this, with more than 1M objects, 21x21 Km with a development timelime of more than 3 years (yes, you read right, 3 YEARS). All this has been moved forward almost by one person, GreenBeret. Did you know the map started his development even when there wasn't any tool for Arma 3 yet? Well, in fact the first "playable" alpha was displayed 4 years ago. Meanwhile, at the FFAA MOD Team, we released our first version 6.0.1 almost 3 years ago (So technically it was our 3th anniversary this monday!) We are a small team looking forward for big projects and as a proof, we started importing and integrating our first mayor addon of our naval pack, the B.A.M, which is right now without any doubt our biggest and complex addon technically speaking, beside of Lythium. Why is this related to Lythium? Well, things went harder when BI announced the job application for External 3D Artist for APEX. That was an interesting experience to have, as we learned a lot developing structures, making and understanding the magic behind of multimaterial benefits. In fact this led to redefine and tweak all our current assets for Lythium. To be honest, things weren't easy as our manpower were (and are) low maintaining a mean of 3 projects (ffaa mod, lythium, Web/CM and at some point the Spanish Arma Community forums/web). Lythium started his development when the only available and "valuable" addon for structures was JBAD Building, which fitted perfect for this kind of map. So we go ahead with this fantastic addon 2 years ago. In this way meanwhile FFAA MOD Development team is redoing all our custom structures...... GreenBeret works in the map manually positioning the objects (I remember you there are 1 MILLION approx)... Things went harder (if you though that was impossible, you are wrong) when our major nightmare appears. The VISUAL UPGRADE for Arma 3, which completely destroyed the visual aspect of Lythium. This task won't be an issue as soon as BI release a better documentation about this new lighting system. Surely there are some weird issues right now in the map, which can't be fixed without a better understading on this so any technical help by anyone is welcomed though our feedback tracker. We give a HUGE thanks to all collaborators involved in the project, Fabio, Lorrio, Bushlurker and all individual users who put its time here, all of your efforts lead to a fantastic map. At this point, somewhere in the last year, JBAD was integrated into CUP Terrains.. And it's impressive that the most FAQ is like: Guys, we KNOW this, we READ you. But you should know that Lythium started his development even when CUP didn't exist!! So STOP complaining on this. We will take a meeting on this, for sure, looking for the best approach to players. But understand we are a small team, with a low reaction time to Community projects (even for A3 updates) and thus we simply can't easily switch to CUP requirement. We will do as many as we can, we finished our Spanish Arma Championship with real awards and some of us will take a break (we think it's worth) reading all of your feedbacks and comments. Talking about statistics, we break our subscribers record comparing to FFAA MOD, hitting 7000 of users in almost 1 week becoming one of the most popular mod in steam workshop in the past 3 months. This is cool, right? - Yellow / Blue : Number of visitors / subscribers of Lythium. - Red / Green : Number of visitors / subscribers of FFAAMOD in the same timeline. There is a mean of 20% more subscribers than FFAA MOD article and a less aggressive curve at the right side which mean more time of the same amount of users have been subscribing to the article until it starts to rapidly decrease. The overall feedback is very positive and some of you are doing some incredible screenshots!! We are recollecting all of this content, maybe we will update our gallery (which it's obsoleted sometimes). Here are some examples: Photos by Whiplash We thank you, supporting us is the best gift we can achieve. But remember the best help we can receive is reporting issues into our feedback tracker or if you are a highly experimented modder, you can help us directly joining on our team if you fit well! Greetings!
  5. Hi guys, After 3 years of development, we are pleased to present our beloved map "Lythium". Description The map replicate the tribal areas of Afghanistan, crossed by a large valley that runs over the map. You will find two main cities, aside from the villages or smaller towns, both oriented on north and south of the map with their respective airfields. The map name comes from the main route linking those two provinces in which all the operating of the Spanish armed forces in Afghanistan took place between 2002-2015 to secure the route between Badghis and Bala Murghad. Technical Details GRID: 2048X2048 Cell size: 10 Meters Terrain size: 20480x20480 (400 Km²) Sat Mask: 10240x10240 Satelital Image resolution: 20480x20480 Number of objects: 1.171.028 Additional requirements: JBAD buildings Characteristics Two airports with ther respective bases located at North and South. The main base "Regimiento44" has it's own training camp. Four towns at Northwest, Southeast and South where you can enjoy as well. Five main valleys all around the map. Road network interconnected throughout the map. Three little FOBs located into the North and central zone. Many small rural areas and villages spread over several points of the map. And many things to be discovered... Credits and Thanks to: DOWNLOAD LINK Reporting bugs : We have set up a new proyect inside out current feedback tracker specifically for Lythium HERE. Enjoy it! As many (Trust me, MANY) hours have been taken to finally release this map.

    Arma3 Videos

    The first day of the IV Spanish Simulation ChampionShip live stream.
  7. Hi guys! Just to let you know today we will start the IV Spanish ChampionShip of Simulation as you may know in our lastest news. Current groups and clans participating are up to 8 entities, they will fight according to pre-defined briefing so they will plan, coordinate and execute its way to comply with the mission objectives. The score system will be evaluated according to the tactics executed, number of allied KIA and the success of the task mission. Each 2 weeks, on Thursday at 22:30 (starting from now), teams will receive another (unknow) mission and briefing will be published a week before to let teams train the specific tactics for the upcoming mission. In total, there will be 6 missions along all the ChampionShip. For participating teams there will some really cool gifts and awards as we mencioned before, we reach an agreement with Annack Military Surplus and they (teams) will receive a discount coupon for purchases in their store, just to participate in the event! And for the winner team, they will have a chance to go for a guided visit at the CENAD ("San Gregorio" Training Center"). Inside this facility they will find some training simulator like the ones used for the RG31, LMV Lince and Leopard and also some serious games like Steel Beast and VBS. Winner team will be awarded with physical trophies in a ceremony that will take in CENAD facilities, granted by the organisation. Every mission will be streamed at each team point of view and you can follow those stream here. However, there will be a central / general streaming commenting and switching between those streamings. We hope you as we, you can enjoy this Championship! Good luck to all participating teams! Spanish Arma Community and FFAA MOD Team.
  8. New version is available: - Trucks IVECO M-250. - Trucks IVECO PEGASO 7226. - MQ-9 Reaper Complete changelog Subcribe from Steam Workshop More information of this is on our WIP channel.
  9. Hi, With a great and a lot of efforts we bring you this new update, which is mainly about the IVECO M-250 and PEGASO 7226 trucks. Special thank to Lorrio for the splendid video work!! :D This new update add the following content: - IVECO M-250 Series: M-250 Transport (Covered and Uncovered) M-250 Fuel, Ammo and Workshop M-250 Recovery M-250 NASAMS Station M-250 porting the NASAMS Launcher - IVECO PEGASO 7226 Series: Pegaso 7226 Transpotr (Covered and Uncovered) Pegaso 7226 Fuel, Ammo and Workshop - MQ-9 Reaper Complete Changelog Along the logistic support this will bring, we introduce the new NASAMS System as the first Long Range Anti-Air Defence System in the Spanish Army. We have done an extended documentation for mission makers and modders. In its content you can find from the FAQ, the classnames or even some key information of some addons (eg: BAM). On the other hand, we finally selected the Steam Workshop platform as a way to distribute our content. This doesn't mean users can freely upload our content (full or parts) to the Steam Workshop but WE, as the authors of the content, will upload it. Otherwise we will take actions against unauthorized uploaded content in order to protect our intellectual property rights. However we will maintein an external link (could be not up-to-date, make sure what's the version you are downloading) Download link: Steam Workshop Feedback tracker Official Page Greetings.
  10. The FFAA MOD ACE 3 Compatibility addon have been released for the public. Subcribe from Steam Workshop or Download from our ftp servers. More information of this is on our WIP channel.
  11. Hi guys, Due to the upcoming dates quickly reaching the Spanish Simulation Championship (CES IV), we have released to the public the FFAA MOD ACE 3 Compatibility addon. In the other hand, a relevant step is the use of Steam Workshop. After long days, meetings and internal debates on the real scope of the legal issues with SW, we have concluded that we will give an opportunity, as a good way to distribute our content (Probably more information about why we have adopted this when full mod is released). This does NOT mean users can upload our MOD to Steam Workshop but we, as the authors of the content, will make it available into Steam Workshop platform "when it's ready"® . So, uploading our content (full or part of them) into steam workshop will be strictly prohibited except for us (FFAA MOD Team) or developers with a prior / written agreement. At this moment, only the FFAA MOD + ACE 3 compatibility addon is available. Since we are still testing the platform and its perfomance with the help of some groups and beta testers. Link to the addon: Steam Workshop FTP Servers FFAA MOD, ACE 3 and CBA is needed for this addon. Greetings.
  12. Hi guys, Our terrain editor, GreenBeret, has edited a little teaser showing the current status of IVECO M-250 and PEGASO 7226 trucks. Hope you enjoy it. We want to make an appeal to all those clans and groups of the Spanish community to participate in the IV Spanish Championship of Simulation, we want release these vehicles at the same time of the tournament. So stay tunned!
  13. No, It can't be destroyed atm. Try the script coming with the BAM, put your helo landed somewhere and use this script: null = [_bam,_yourhelo] execVM "\ffaa_ar_bam\scripts\fnc_montar_bam.sqf"; Aside from some critical fixes that will be released soonâ„¢, Lobo, who is right now doing the painting stuff for IVECO M-250 and Pegaso 7226, has shared with us some screenshots. IVECO M-250 Transport version IVECO M-250 Fuel version IVECO M-250 NASAMS version IVECO M-250 NASAMS Station IVECO Pegaso 7226 Hope you enjoy those screenshots.
  14. Hi guys, A member (Lorrio) has just share with us a wonderfull and very beautiful video of 6.0.4, It officially became the official video of 6.0.4 version, It's short but intense, enjoy it ;) ! 76 mm main gun it's not really an "Artillery battery" IRL, but we will see in further rev. if we can add that feature in order to increase player gameplay so at this time artillery support from B.A.M isn't available. Here is some more command you can use for B.A.M: Use "_nil = [_bam,_sub] execvm ""\FFAA_ar_bam\scripts\grua_sub.sqf"";" command. It works in two ways, to lower down or recover up the sub (When down it will recover, when up it will lower down). For lateral cranes use "_nil = [_bam,1,_zodiac] execvm ""\FFAA_ar_bam\scripts\grua_lateral.sqf"";" where second parameter index is "0 - Right side, 1 - Left side". And for Rear crane use "_nil = [_bam,0,_zodiac] execvm ""\FFAA_ar_bam\scripts\grua_trasera.sqf"";" second parameter makes nothing. There is an issue reported in our feedback tracker where AS532 Cougar (Camouflage) doesn't appear when you put it directly in 2D/3D Editor. Well, this can be easily fixed by adding a line into config.cpp, but editors can still access to these camo, just edit the 3DEN Object atributtes and change his skin.