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  1. cescollino

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    i see even Rober Hammer weapon packs are disapared this morning
  2. massi would be possible to make just an arx160 pack for italian clans?
  3. cescollino

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    hello need help! im having from much time this problem with smoke! http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu285/salam20/arma2/arma3%202015-01-31%2008-52-03-47_zpswf7h9v2o.jpg im using cba, blastcore, blastcore tracers as graphical mods
  4. great! just little suggestion, ops core helmet should be a little bigger and wide , beside that they r perfect
  5. ok why zoom doesnt work?
  6. cescollino

    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    hope will be changed proportions on lince and centauro because they look weird and not real, specially lince geometry should be more compact and for beeing a speciality of italian army should be done better:)
  7. cescollino

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    where can i find replacement for this mod?
  8. i installed the mod and it says missing RDS_APC
  9. cescollino

    MRAP Cougar

    the project is passed to itaca dev team see u soon in arma3
  10. cescollino

    MRAP Cougar

    hello guys , since making them perfect would be too long and we r a little busy in real life we r planing to releasing a beta soon for arma2 and later for arma3 also:bounce3: dont worry we didnt forget about u:cool:
  11. cescollino

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    i was wondering if is possible to make the IR laser more realistic making some dust through it here u can see an axample if possible would be nice ot make it
  12. cescollino

    PedagneMOD - Amphibious pack at 360°

    amazing work i found some new bugs with shadows that there wasnt before i guess http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu285/salam20/arma2/arma2oa2013-07-1023-16-27-23_zpsa6a0f987.jpg see looks weird self illumination http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu285/salam20/arma2/arma2oa2013-07-1023-16-45-10_zps38ce4edb.jpg http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu285/salam20/arma2/arma2oa2013-07-1023-16-45-10_zps38ce4edb.jpg shadow problem with weapons allmost all 2013 units got this problem hope its not only me to have it
  13. cescollino

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    hi cool work, where i can find good reference photos of Gyrocam? i have done one for cougars but its not pretty accurate as i wanted coz i couldnt find anything good
  14. cescollino

    MRAP Cougar

    work is going a little slow this period because we r both busy but we still working on it dont worry :)