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  1. Hi. Ando with wing Problems Making a Call one retextura looks. Can anyone tell me the plantilla.ccp one retexturizado weapons and accessories Mounting As a weapon One To Be ? Thank you
  2. SaDaKo@Sanchez

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Very good work. Awesome! :)
  3. It has to have it's texture Mk12 RH M4 / M16 . Hammer Rober . so there are details that can not recreate
  4. I'm perfecting edges in the absence of unifying tone handrail.
  5. in proces SPR MK12 Mod1
  6. I am having confirmed my mistake M16A4 changed to Mk12 .
  7. not convince me finish RHS model USAF
  8. previous beards are an addon. which now can not say . I'm riding a template Customization faces. of which I have not decided not to use the faces of the film or real .