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  1. After nearly 4 years. I'm sorry to announce that development of Conflict '85 will cease. Unfortunately I suffered major data loss and while some was backed up, it's not all up to date. This coupled with a lack of time and real life going on, means we have decided to call it a day. However, I want to make it known, your support over the years has meant a lot to us and we are extremely grateful! Also, I want to thank the amazing team members who made some high quality assets. stuff I could only dream of when I started this. Also, we wish to thank all those who donated models etc, your contribution meant a lot. In the coming weeks, I do intent to release some of our assets. The work the guys put in should not go to waste, it's too good to remain on a hard drive. Again I wish to thank everybody who has supported or contributed. It has meant a lot.
  2. Tonight I'm releasing the first release of the RBS-70 pack. It's something I had as a side project for a while sitting in my P drive but it's usable and functions how I want it to so I decided to put it out to pasture to see what people think and what I might have missed! From Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902885928
  3. For now, the FIA have captured Soviet helmets available. But mainly wear soft covers. In other news. I've enjoyed working on the Hind and Hip more and more lately. The dynamic loadout is a fun feature to work with. I've set the Hind up to carry an OFP style loadout of 8 AT-6 missiles. But it is possible to change this to various rocket pods and bombs per preference. Same with engine covers, they can be hidden or shown in the Virtual Garage.
  4. Probably not. We see the FIA pre invasion as a mixture of Warsaw Pact leftovers and cheap, light European equipment.
  5. No sadly not. They were retexures of the NAPA uniforms from A2. At the time they were placeholders till the M70 parka was made.
  6. slatts

    Project Livonia

    Would you possibly have a sample of the camo pattern you used?
  7. Yes. I have added HS to it and some of the Arma 2 faction camos. It should be view-able in the VR garage
  8. We do indeed It's not released yet.
  9. Tonight I'm releasing Version 0.9 of my AAF Radar System, the 76N6 THEIA. Named after a Greek mythological figure with divine sight. It is designed to be the AAF equivalent of the Jets DLC NATO and CSAT radar system, it features the Arma 2 76N6 model in AAF vehicle camo. A rotating radar head when active. And an adjustable elevation of the mast. V0.9 is designed for public testing and feedback. Basic functions should work, but please inform me of any oversights or bugs I may have missed. Have fun, Slatts 😎 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1784348174
  10. Work hasn't stopped! I've recently got my main PC back after moving house, but my trusty laptop has been a helpful aid all this time. I've recently begun working on porting air transport assets for the Soviet and American forces. Shown here is the MI-17. It will come in unarmed, rocket, and VIV versions. It will also have some minor vehicle customization
  11. Actually, I was thinking of releasing it tomorrow but I think I'll hold it back another 3 years. If you want to help speed it up we'll always welcome a helping hand.
  12. Should still be up Drive safely!
  13. So yeah, for now it just has an M2. And yes, we decided to explain the FIA uniforms and some vehicles as though they had a militia pre invasion. A mixture of leftover Warsaw Pact equipment and low tech, cheap European military aid.
  14. "1, where are you?" Just want to check in with you guys and give some updates. Progress is still going. We're currently working on what we can as real life is that, real life. However I have been getting some work done where possible. One thing I got going was proxy mags. So far the SA61 and M16 have them. 10 and 20 for the SA61, 20 and 30 for the M16