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  1. So yeah, for now it just has an M2. And yes, we decided to explain the FIA uniforms and some vehicles as though they had a militia pre invasion. A mixture of leftover Warsaw Pact equipment and low tech, cheap European military aid.
  2. "1, where are you?" Just want to check in with you guys and give some updates. Progress is still going. We're currently working on what we can as real life is that, real life. However I have been getting some work done where possible. One thing I got going was proxy mags. So far the SA61 and M16 have them. 10 and 20 for the SA61, 20 and 30 for the M16
  3. slatts


    Really good to hear that. Adds to the excitment 🙂
  4. slatts


    Not to sound like an arse, but are you sure the files will be able to be retextured so soon? I think they may come out in EBO format first which means no one can retex them just yet
  5. slatts

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Amazing work as always. Looking forward to this more and more as I see ypur work progress
  6. First and foremost. You need the author permission.
  7. The Conflict '85 team would like to wish you happy valentine's day with love, from Nogova
  8. Indeed, OH-58D. Norsu has been working hard on creating textures on it. His magic fingers have cooked this up so far
  9. I was asked by a friend to make African Union style equipment for a mission we were planning. This simple mod adds a green PASGT helmet and paper cloth from the LoW DLC with AU letters and logos. Maybe I'll add more later, maybe not. But for now, enjoy it for some African style missions :) Have fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1591016587
  10. For the weapon bays there is a way to get them to open when a weapon is selected without scripts. Like the Blackfoot. I'll try hook you up asap
  11. Dont worry about interest of others. You do you. Make what makes you happy and learn as much as possible. Your work looks really good so far. Keep it up :)
  12. Flat green versions of the PASGT and BDU's will make it into the game. As for tan or desert. They may come later. But I don't forsee any reason to forbid retextures if anyone wants to have a crack at them