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  1. CDF reArmed

    Very nice work Temon :)
  2. FIA soldiers stand beside a V3S. Added in some variation to the uniform to create Irregular rebels who don' have a full uniform
  3. We will! Among other things. I've recently ported the CJ5 to Arma and given it some A3 treatment. Still some kinks to buff out!
  4. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Really looking forward to this. Some good looking content we never seen before.
  5. This question has come up a number of times before, the answer is always the same. Unless we receive a model of one, we won't be adding one. We still have to make/acquire a T-80 model
  6. Project RACS

    Ditto. I don't need a map to get around it lol
  7. I was recently contacted by Gromov, a former CWR2 dev. He made available sources he developed for our use. So far I have added his badly needed M60 MG Night 515 and RedPhoenix also helped us out. Giving us inprovments to the M9, and newly made RPG-75 respectively. Hugh props all these guys for their much appreciated contributions! https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/967599421468575673/60A1ED069EB2D7A15CEC9706B70B79A06E3BFE4D/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/967599421468575855/71ABAE0DA6B84D8AD2F33E5E95230AFE3088638E/
  8. EricJ Release thread

    YESSSSSS ERIC! Good to see you pal!
  9. Thanks man, We'll have UH-60A's, the Cobra will take longer. As for the Bradley. We will be making an M2A1 Bradley at some stage. Though it may be a port for the time being. Just to wet the whiskers before I leave for a quick holiday. Here's some WIP progress on the fictional AT-4
  10. Far from it. Right now we're mostly tidying up the assets we have. Which means we don't have anything exciting to show, unless you guys get off from seeing me make inventory icons :p With some guys busy IRL and taking holidays, the toys everyone wants to see are on hold, but we're still chipping away where we can
  11. This should be in the addon request thread. But looking at images of this weapon, it seems like the perfect thing for you to try your hand at making weapons in arma. If you can do it yourself it'll be better satisfaction for you, and more modders is always better :)
  12. Of course :) We're so grateful about you donating the M16 model Thanks for the heads up:)