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    I haven't had much time lately. I will try to upload the source files to 4shared or somewhere else so you can download them. LCS 2 source files

    I have finally solved some transparency problems using other texture. Now all windows are transparent.... Now I'm adding decals and details and I have started to model the seats for the troops. I'm a little busy with work so I haven't had time to devote to this in 3 weeks but this weekend I will continue working on it... I'm going to start animations and such and also the turret modelling... I'm also planning to add more details to the hull. I have already added lights and ilumination works. Inside there is light and outside light sources are blocked by the geometry... It looks acceptable IMHO... but this is going to take a couple of months more
  3. Cant get a skin not to be blurry

    Have you checked you have at "high" the level of detail of the ingame textures??? If it is even at medium the textures are very blurred...
  4. driverAction = "driver_offroad01"; cargoAction[] = {"passenger_low01", "passenger_flatground_leanleft", "passenger_flatground_leanright", "passenger_flatground_crosslegs", "passenger_flatground_leanleft"}; getInAction = "GetInLow"; getOutAction = "GetOutLow"; cargoGetInAction[] = {"GetInLow"}; cargoGetOutAction[] = {"GetOutLow"}; [/CODE] driveraction is the animation (the posture) the driver proxy has when driving a vehicle or Manning an static weapon. This line references an specific animation CargoAction is the same for the different cargo proxies. As you can notice, different cargo proxies can have different cargo animations, meaning that depending on the position they have inside of the vehicle they can have different cargo animations. For example in the trucks the last two soldiers have cargo weapon turrets and have different cargo animations than the other proxies. GetInAction and GetOutAction are the animations played when a carácter gets in or gets out of a vehicle. For example the ones played on the hellcat helicopter. The same with cargoGetInAction and CargoGetoutAction. These are animations defined by config, but in the anim.pbo file. They are referenced in the config.cpp, not in the p3d. And answering your questions... 1st: No, these animations are defined in the config.cpp as above. In the p3d you have to créate two points for each cargo, gunner, commander and cargo positions or you can use a pair of points for all of them. These points represent the position in the vehicle where the "Get Inside of the vehicle" action starts popping up in the action menú. they are defined in the config.cpp with the lines: memoryPointsGetInCargo = "cargo_pos"; memoryPointsGetInCargoDir = "cargo_dir"; memoryPointsGetInDriver = "driver_pos"; memoryPointsGetInDriverDir = "driver_dir"; For the gunners and commanders you have to define inside of each class turret the following lines: memoryPointsGetInGunner = "gunner_pos"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "gunner_dir"; check the sample files you can download from steam and it Will be obvious when you look at the p3d First you créate the vehicle as you wish. Then in the config.cpp you have to add the following lines: crew = B_UAV_AI; typicalCargo[] = {B_UAV_AI}; isUAV=1; uavCameraDriverPos = "PiP0_pos"; uavCameraDriverDir = "PiP0_dir"; uavCameraGunnerPos = "PiP1_pos"; uavCameraGunnerDir = "PiP1_dir"; First line tells the game that the vehicle is crewed by an UAV_AI trooper. The example above is for a BLUFOR UAV. The isUAV=1; line tells the game that the vehicle is a remote controlles vehicle, accesible with a UAV console. The last four lines tell the game the memory points used for the driver and gunner views, which are shown in the UAV console when connecting to that UAV. It is advisable to use the same names as above, because they are standard names. I think you can name them as you wish, but all BIS UAV type vehicle share those names. I hope I have helped you!!!
  5. Stabilized component in ship

    Oh my gosh!! I haven't thought about those…. I Will try them Thanks, Whitefame!!!!
  6. Is there a way to keep a component stabilized? I mean, I want a component to remain horizontal at any time, independently of ship movements. Is there a way to do that??

    Well… In this moment it is coded in BLUFOR, but I intend to change it to Independent…. The idea is to add AAF and Altis markings plus a plate in both sides that reads the name of the ship, but those things can be changed via set texture. It would be just a matter of changing texture paths to different flags and such… I Will probably need some help with that. There are many things that I don't know how to do them and I'm learning by trial and mistake….. For example I'm having problems with transparent textures. I'm reusing BIS textures and RVMATs, I just put the path but the Alpha channel doesn't work and I just have either opaque textures or black textured áreas. Any idea anyone?? I already have selected all those faces and moved to top the texture… I have some ideas but thos Will be for later. Other things are progressing steadily. I have finally enabled radar and FLIR and I have begun animating her. I'm seriously considering creating a blog about this project so I can post little pieces of news but my life is full of problems right now (in two weeks or so I have a couple tests for my cáncer controls, for example). Anyway, and as I said before, don't fear because this Will be released.

    For civilian.... I'm planning to add an smaller vessel. It will also allow vehicle in vehicle and the same features. I will see what I can do regarding sides.

    hSorry... One question. I have been thinking and it seems more logical to me to put the ship in Independent side, for example inside AAF faction, than belonging to BLUFOR. Altis is an island nation and would need sealift to ferry tropos and material from island to island.Do you think it makes sense? I mean... US would have an LSD, LPH, LHD, LHA or any of those big assed landing ships, but an small nation such as Altis would have a much smaller piece of equipment. I'm going to put numerals in the ship and also a name. Two or three ships would make sense and they would fit inside of the different Altian ports. I'm thinking about baptising them with Altian City names, such as Oreokastro, Kavala, and such... Any opinions there??? I keep with the modelling part and I'm adding many more details to the hull and interior. This part is loooooong and booring so I think I won't show any more screenshots for one or two weeks. Don't despair. I Will try to finish this and I don't want this to end up like so many dead mods out there. Even if I lose interest in it, I Will release the source files in case anyone wants to finish her. Last screenshot for a couple of days…
  10. I cannot say for certain but I will relay your request. It would be just a matter of modifying the config and adding a couple of invisible helipads in the desired positions. The most difficult part would be to determine the relative positions of the helipads from the placed carrier object.

    She moves better. She turns in a dime without canting, accelerates like an sports car and reacts well to the waves. PHYSx work very well too. Engine limitations will probably limit its use to players. If PHYSx worked with Man class, if more than one cargo space per vehicle could be set, she would be much more versatile. After seeing the new destroyer I'm going to add many more details in some places. It gets frustrating to finish a part and then erase everything and redo it from scratch but the results are much better.... The carrier and destroyer props are awesome. I have reengineered 10 or 12 objects and reused the textures. They add a lot of ambience to otherwise empty areas. And the decals are beautiful too.... I would say she will be finished in three or four months
  12. What they should do is to add a rotor folding animation to the Ghosthawk and use it for the "transported animation" of the ghosthawk. Vehicle in Vehicle uses a bounding box for determine if a vehicle fits inside the cargo space. If this "box" is smaller because the rotors have been folded, two choppers would fit inside of the hangar.... For the same reasons... i would love to see PHYSx for Man Class.... I would seel one kidney to get that in Arma 3....
  13. You can do that by putting an invisible helipad on the carrier wherever you want. In the destroyer what they have done is to put one via createvehicle scripting command on spawn
  14. I can confirm it I supose they will add this feature later. The Carrier started lacking some features too AI has problems with dual mode weapons. They tend to point the gun to the sky and not attack annything Maybe the upper part of the superstructure over the bridge can be coded as a radar object. What I would like is a way to add UAV control capabilities to a turret position in a vehicle. That's it, to link UAV control capabilities not to an object in the inventory but to a position in a vehicle. Then, a player would get into a console in the Destroyer (or carrier) and could control all Unmanned turrets. In Real Life, diferent consoles in a ship allow control of diferent weapon systems. What it doesn't make sense is that a player with a UAV console a couple of KMs away can control the ships turrets while a player inside of the ship can't.