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  1. It depends on what your objective is... Do you want a moving vehicle? Or is an static vehicle enough for you? Remember that walking on moving vehicles is not possible in Arma 3 except by scripting. There also the 60 meters GEO Lod and Rad lod limits. For ships over that length you have to use the onInit eventhandler to array different "pieces". For a moving vehicle an option would be to create a couple invisible GEO/Road lod objects and attachto the main vehicle via onInit eventhandler. For an static object like the old arma 2 LHD or the Freedom and liberty ships there is a vanilla Arma 3 function that create the different pieces of the ships in the appropiate places. TeTeT (USS Nimitz mod creator) has a lot of experience. Me I can provide some help if you tell me what you want to do
  2. mankyle

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Yes. There are even things done in this community. There is a Medical objects pack that is used in the CVN Nimitz mod. But I have forgotten who did it. The hospita in the ship is actually quite small. 8 beds, one ICU post, an OP room and an X RAY room. All the important rooms are located in deck 3, just below the flight deck. The basic layout is already done. I only have to populate the rooms with details...
  3. mankyle

    Hyuga Class DDH

    I have just finished recreating the hangar and I have slightly improved the looks and tweaked a couple thinks I didn't like before. As I have got my hand on the photobook I have added a couple doors there weren't in the previous version. I have also started modelling the lifting mechanism of both elevators. The lower part of the elevators has been streamlined and I have slightly reduced the poly count. still have to add a couple doors to the exterior and finish the mast and a couple antennae and I will start the interior. I have drawn in paper the schematics of how she is going to be internally because the internal arrangement is not very clear from the documentation I have laid my hand onto. I know where the CIC, fleet command center, hospital and meeting room are but it is difficult to model them with just the info I have. Still MAAAAANY work to do. The poly count is quite low for the moment though.... we will see when I add more detail to her.
  4. A little bit of clipping but that cannot be avoided in this engine!!!! Are you planning to add a seahawk with radar/sonar/sonobuoys??? Awesome work!!!
  5. mankyle

    Project RACS

    For the Sahrani Marines... a gryphon hovercraft would be an excellent choice. Maybe an LST too.... I have always loved RACS mod... since Arma 1
  6. mankyle

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Thanks @chops Yes. I already have restarted working on her.
  7. mankyle

    Hyuga Class DDH

    More bad news... I have just moved from my old rig to a new 2 Tb SSD HD and... 1st: I have lost the latest version of the source files 2nd: I have problems with the Arma 3 Tools... This is bad news but I have just received a photobook about the Hyūga class (bought straight from Japan) and I will try to refine and modify the interior using the book as reference.
  8. I moved to a new 2Tb SSD HD and I did a fresh reinstall of Windows but since then my Arma 3 Tools don't work. I don't get the screen with all the different tools buttons and I also can't install Buldozer. I can open Object editor and binarize addons but I can't config neither the p:/ unit nor buldozer... I have tried to reinstall tools and delete all arma 3 tools folders and cache and nothing... Any ideas???
  9. mankyle

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Sorry. My wife is studying for an examination (she's a doctor) and I have two small children so I don't have a lot of time to devote to this but I'm still working. I haven't abandoned this project. I'm also working on an small cargo ship with interior (around 80 meters). I would like to do an small scenario devoted to maritime recon, SAR and MIO (Maritime Interdiction Operations) but I lack mission making skills to do that.
  10. In the picture I can only see two camel toes... And two pissed up female soldiers.... Now... Seriously. Outstanding quality. I'm enjoying the SP mission a lot. Can anyone confirm a problem with the "zasleh" proxy of the CSAT marid??? In my computer it doesn't look right
  11. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-10192003/BAE-snaps-software-group-Bohemia-Interactive-Simulations.html
  12. I have at maybe 70% completion level a Hyūga class DDH. This asset would be adequate for a map like this. It would only lack a proper escort (Mogami Class Frigate) and maybe a pair of OPFOR subs and corvettes
  13. I would blindly buy a naval themed DLC... I would like small merchant ships for performing MIO (Marine Interdiction Operations), ASW and ASuW plus helo landings and assaults. For ASW a new sensor (Sonar) would have to be created. I also would like to see removed the dreaded 70 m limit in GEO and Rad LODs
  14. mankyle

    Project RACS

    Hi Eddie... Could you please kink the discord again?? I have a pair of models that could fit RACS and SLA theme...
  15. mankyle

    F5-E Tiger 2

    I thought those were MiG 28s... 😉😉 Nice job