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  1. mankyle


    I'm sorry because real life issues prevent me to continue working on this Project... Therefore I'm uploading ALL source files. If anyone wants to continue, modify or do whatever he/she wants with the model, mod or whatever…. do as you wish I give my explicit permission to modify, reupload, update or basically do everything to the model and mod https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVEMFc1tu3Ui739iSF6zufH13mqQcSLS/view?usp=sharing The only thing I ask for is a minute, tiny mention in the credits!!! Thank you very much guys and gals… You, BIS and the Arma series are the best
  2. Ensure that you put as an option the numeral 151 and the name USS Nathan James. I'm hooked to "The Last Ship" series. Good work Aplion
  3. Hi there. I want to add lights to my model and I have successfully added markerlights and Reflectors to the base class. The problem is that I want to add interior lights using class reflectors and position lights using class markerlights and,if it were possible, another pair of reflectors for the exterior. The hellcat helicopter has class reflectors defined twice in the model. One in the base model and another one in the main turret class. Is it possible to define different reflectors that can be activated separately via the driver and one gunner?? Thanks
  4. What I would really like for Arma 4 would be: - PHYSx interaction for Class Man - No Road LOD/GEO LOD limit for Class Man - Maybe Dialog in Texture... - Multiple Vehicle in Vehicle Cargo spaces in one Vehicle I like modelling ships. I almost chose Naval Engineering after high School and I have always loved ships and the sea, and I love everything nautical, even in Arma. With these things ships would be MUCH interesting in Arma
  5. Just giving you some ideas https://www.jfdglobal.com/products/swimmer-delivery/ Some ideas to add to your mod. I could probably help with the modelling part.
  6. mankyle

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    I love your projects,Von Quest, and I agree there is a lack of naval vessels in the game. Unfortunately there are several limiting factors regarding the succesful implementation of naval vessels ingame. The two most important are: - GEO/Road LOD limit of 72 meters. - no PHYSx for man class Other limiting factors are: - hardcoded limits in diving/surfacing speed for submarines. - Man class behaviour below water. Vessels like the M80 stiletto, the Sea Lance catamaran corvette or the SMX 26 Caiman littoral submarine would be very adequate projects for Arma 3. Those are naval vessels adapted for the littoral environment. Meanwhile we will have to console ourselves with static ships.... I'm eager to try a HALO insertion at night in your ship, Arma Fiend. Or if you model a ferry/passenger ship we could do hostage rescue missions.
  7. mankyle


    The Independence class?? Ah... OK. You mean the version in which I did a bad ShadowLOD. I guess I could give it a little bit of love but, as the GEO LOD gets over the limit (72 meters) it just doesn't make sense to work on it unless BIS solves that problem. Regarding the HSSV First of all is modelling more details on the ship. I want to finish the boat davits/cranes this week. After that I will continue working on the bridge. I still have to model the seats in the bridge and cargo space. If I can get the GUI working so I can control UAVs from an turret I want to model an small CIC with the turrets set so UAV can be controled from there. Theoretically I could even tie hitpoints, animations and conditions so that the animation state of the satellite communication antenna is set as a condition for controlling UAVs (if the antenna gets destroyed you cannot activate the action and access the UAV terminal). I'm fairly noob regarding modelling and scripting. When I look at the code I understand what it does but I'm not capable of writing it. As I said before... still some months to go. EDIT: I have updated the first post
  8. mankyle


    I didn't have much time during the weekend to work on the ship but I have remodelled the starbord crane and boat bay. Now I'm modelling the crane's hook and when I finish it will animate with the boats when loading/unloading them. I need some help with a couple of things. 1) if I want to get an array of all BLUFOR UAVs.... How would I combine allunitsUAV and side scripting commands so I can get an array of objects?? 2) i'm experimenting with playmove. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playMove Would it be possible to use playmove while attached to another vehicle??? Thanks!!!
  9. I have modelled the HSSV 1:1 scale and it is 72 meters long. The Liberty destroyer is more or less twice as long as my ship. That would put the Liberty at around 150 meters long which is close to a real life Arleigh Burke destroyer (155 meters long). If they model the Burke 1:1 it won't be out of scale with the Liberty ship.
  10. I cannot speak for others but I started working on the HSSV on May last year but from September until December I wasn't able to work on it. Now it has almost 11K points and 27K faces and counting…. I'm not a pro and I'm learning the stuff while working on it. Scripting can be VERY complicated. I just know how to use some scripting commands but complex scripts elude me. If I look at the code I can more or less understand what each part does but for me scripting is very difficult.
  11. mankyle

    Pook BOATS pack

    There is an attribute inside of the config cpp that stablish the distance between vehicles in the cargo space. You would have to increase the value. But... this will reduce the transport capabilities of the vehicle as there will be less space to transport things
  12. mankyle

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    I agree with the curtains. In the HSSV I'm modelling I want to model curtains and animate also the selection in the Shadowvolume and View GEO LOD so the lights in the cargo area are blocked by the curtains. The main problem with ships is how to access the ship from the water. If it is an static class remember you can add ladders to the model. Theoretically you could model ladders and hide unhide them with animations os attachto ladders already existing as models in the game. Sadly that option is not possible in vehicles so I'm trying to find a workaround to enable a ladder in a movable object
  13. Hi there.... As you may know I'm working on a Logistic ship. I want to add UAV control capabilities to the ship so characters in Gunner positions can access and connect to UAVs. I'm null at scripting except the most basic things and I know nothing about dialogs and GUIs therefore I would like to ask for help coding the dialog and required scripts. I know some scripting commands such as remote control and switchcamera that allow taking control remotely of a UAV. One theoretically could script some addaction commands to allow changing positions between driver and gunner and revert to the console. The problem is the GUI. I have no idea about GUI and dialogs
  14. Hi Aplion As you may know I'm modelling one Austal's High Speed Support Vessel. I would like to make my addon as compatible with yours as possible. Would it be possible to send you a PM and discuss the issue?? I love your addons and the work you have put to add so many features to them
  15. mankyle


    Well… it is not a landing ship. It is a fast logistics intra theater ship. It is not designed for landing operations but for transporting some troops to small ports and deploy them with their vehicles. At the moment if the ship is located near the shore vehicle in vehicle allows loading, even far from a dock. With docks at the same level of the ramp it is posible to directly drive INSIDE of the ship. One theoretically could cram 4 tanks there or 16 o 20 MRAPs (driving there, not using Vehicle in Vehicle). The boat bays can dock one gunboat or two RHIBs or two SDVs on the port side and one CRRC on the starbord side. I have take a couple liberties with the boat davits but they are animated and move when loading/unloading the boats. All actions are located in certain points that are inmediately obvious when moving inside the ship and almost all animations are already working. I'm studying now dialog tutorials to see if I can devise a system for controlling UAVs from inside of the ship but I'm having trouble with the scripting part and the IDs. I also need to config the smoke FX of the turret's muzzle and the Zasleh proxy. Never understood how it worked