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  1. Hi Aplion As you may know I'm modelling one Austal's High Speed Support Vessel. I would like to make my addon as compatible with yours as possible. Would it be possible to send you a PM and discuss the issue?? I love your addons and the work you have put to add so many features to them

    Well… it is not a landing ship. It is a fast logistics intra theater ship. It is not designed for landing operations but for transporting some troops to small ports and deploy them with their vehicles. At the moment if the ship is located near the shore vehicle in vehicle allows loading, even far from a dock. With docks at the same level of the ramp it is posible to directly drive INSIDE of the ship. One theoretically could cram 4 tanks there or 16 o 20 MRAPs (driving there, not using Vehicle in Vehicle). The boat bays can dock one gunboat or two RHIBs or two SDVs on the port side and one CRRC on the starbord side. I have take a couple liberties with the boat davits but they are animated and move when loading/unloading the boats. All actions are located in certain points that are inmediately obvious when moving inside the ship and almost all animations are already working. I'm studying now dialog tutorials to see if I can devise a system for controlling UAVs from inside of the ship but I'm having trouble with the scripting part and the IDs. I also need to config the smoke FX of the turret's muzzle and the Zasleh proxy. Never understood how it worked

    Good idea... I will talk to Aplion so I can be more or less compatible with his addons..

    Interesting bit of code I was animating the Stern ramp of the ship, where the Vehicle in Vehicle entry/exit points are, and I thought…. Well, there is that scripting command called "enablevehiclecargo" https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableVehicleCargo So I decided to do an experiment, which was to tie the animation state of the ramp via an action with this scripting command and.... voila!!!!! Whenever the ramp is lowered, the ship can load/unload vehicles, and whenever the ramp is up, you cannot load/unload vehicles…. Quite cool I supose a minimod could be easily done to add this functionality to other vehicles such as the Xian, the VTOL transport etc.... Now the ramp is down and on the upper left corner, where the actions are shown, you can see "Cargar Vehículo". That means "Load Vehicle" in Spanish Now with the ramp up... The message doesn't appear anymore... And I can confirm that if you have vehicles already loaded on the ship, the cannot be unloaded while the ramp is up In the end this ship Will be only for operations with players, no AI, but I want to cram as many features in it as I can... I Will keep the updates as frequent as I can mates!!!!

    Well... i'm changing the way the landing aids work. From now they will be activated via an action in the Flight Control Gunner position. They are just beacons so.... And what I would really like Would be to find a way to use gunner positions to control UAVs, but without having to equip UAVTerminals. I'm trying to understand how dialogs work in order to make this but I have absolutely NO IDEA about dialogs so.... I'm experimenting with other animations so the boats are deployed/loaded with hooks and cables and such and I have a couple more ideas. I also need to look how AI paths are set and a couple more things. I will be updating the thread as soon as I add more features.
  6. I was wondering if it would be posible to somehow clone the UAV Terminal Dialog and Access it via an action in a vehicle. I can add an action that excutes this scripting command: UAVTerminal = createDialog "RscDisplayAVTerminal"; But the dialog doesn't work and doesn't allow connecting to UAVs or anything. I have absolutely NO IDEA of dialogs…. But I would like to allow certain gunner positions in a vehicle to behave as UAV terminals. Any help? Thanks!!!

    The bridge is starting to take form and I intend to add many more props there. I want to add two PIP screens on the top to help the driver during docking procedures. The gunner (the guy on the starbord side) Will have his own PIP with the Turret optics. I want to adda couple more thingies there. This is going to be the Flight Control. Still lacking details, it Will have a PIP screen and some other props in this area. The gunner in this área Will have a couple actions to engage/disengage the Landing aid lights and such. The lights are working But I still have to do some experiments with reflectors to see if I can do the glide slope indicator. I have to redo the door because it is too narrow for the avatar. The glass is destroyable, BTW, but I still haven't got to make it dissappear. The turret Works (altough I still have to add GEO and HitPoints.) and I still have to model chairs and other props. As I said…. still some months to finish
  8. Project RACS

    Don't worry. I hope you are well these days. I remember when you were very ill and I hope everything is going fine with ypu and your family... That's the most important thing... And I LOVE the little bird and your other addittions to RACS. RACS is my favourite INDFORCE in the whole Armaverse

    Thanks @TeTeT I will take a look at the addaction entry in the wiki. I have almost finished modelling the turret and I got it configured and ingame. Does anyone know if the old Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Shotspread simulation works in Arma 3??? I want to use a shotgun like weapon to simulate the AHEAD ammo. Next step will be continuing modelling the bridge and adjusting the positions of the proxies. I still have to model the seats of the csrgo spaces and such and add more details. This will still take a couple more months...

    I have reviewed the documentation about Vehicle inVehicle. Right now I have defined a cargo space inside the mission bay and it works. I'm working now on the boat bays on both sides and they work. Regarding the marker lights... yeah. I know they cannot be animated. I'm using light emmitting RVMATs for the marker lights. Next thing is to see if a Helicopter Landing Glide Indicator can be simulated using reflector class. This week I will start experimenting. I'm also trying to reengineer more carrier and destroyer props to add ambience and details to the ship. I have now a lot of them so it is a matter por copy pasting them wherever I want them to be placed. Yesterday I finished modelling and texturing the doors so I will start adding them to the model this weekend. I also want to add new details to the helicopter flight control and bridge... Still some weeks for having an acceptable alpha, I think. BTW... how does one add a bisign and bikey file to an addon??? Any tutorial on this???

    Yep... one week in the tuscany in Italy. I was lucky because I had the chance to see a couple of the new F-35s of the Italian air force deployed at Pisa's airport and we also went one day to La Spezia and visited the Marina Militare museum at the naval base. I'm lucky because my wife concedes me these little things. Women usually don't understand the things we, weapons freaks, love... I have just finished modelling and texturing the metal doors and I will start adding them to the model in the next days… UPDATE: Got the docking system working with gunboats and other small boats. I still have to model some details on the cranes but the system Works. A gunboat can get near the ship and get pulled by the cranes and deposited in the boat bay. Unfortunately, and I don't know the reason, the AAF gunboat characters disembark on the right side. The BLUEFOR on the left side and the avatar fall to the water. Still more things to do but the system Works. Maybe with an eventhandler I could get the avatars be moved to a specific locations. The boat bay doors work and cabe be animated and I'm starting to add interior doors to the ship. The GEO is rock stable on the whole ship and the transparencies work now…. Still far from an Alpha but its starting to take form... I need help determining the caller of an action. I want an action that can be called by PLAYER or by an AI and I don't know how to identify the entity that executes the action. Could anyone help with this??? Next thing will be to see if reflectors can be used as the slope indicator lights and finishing the millenium AHEAD turret and the countermeasure launchers and radars… In the screenshotsa couple of cubes can be distinguished on the ship's hull. Those Will be the position lights. They Will have light emitting materials when the lights are activated.

    I got back from my trip and today I have worked a Little bit on this. I have started modelling the doors and such and improving some details. I'm havin problems with some animations (in the end the model Will have like 40 or 50 different animated parts) but I'm progressing steadily. I Will try to post a couple more screenshots soon. Cheers mates, and a happy new year!!!

    Today I got some time to devote to modelling and experimenting. I got maybe 50% of the millenium turret done (I still have to model the gun Barrel and optics) and I got some placeholder textures. Regarding the boat cargo system... I got the scripts done for loading/unloading gunboats and RHIBs on the port boat bay and it is only a matter of copy/pasting them for the starbord one. Unfortunately my wife in command has decreed that we have to do a christmas trip so I will be far from the computar for a week. I wish you all a happy new year!!!
  14. No. Missiles, bullets, shells, etc.... aren entities per se.... They are not vehicles or characters and cannot be targetes AFAIK. Maybe with Enfusion engine???

    Good news!!! Thank god I haven't lost the source files. so I think I will be able to continue working on the HSSV soon, after I get my computer back in shape. I have had a couple more ideas that I want to try. Let's hope they can be feasible