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  1. A little update I got working the Custom Load/Vehicle scripts. In order to stop the vanilla Load vehicle action I have disabled the action via init eventhandler. Now the custom scripts activate the capability of loading/unloading vehicles and then, after loading/unloading the vehicle, they block it again Unfortunately, due to the size of the hangar only three choppers can be loaded inside and the one in the middle gets damaged in the main rotor. Something like Arma 2's folding chopper blades (as IRL) would allow loading more vehicles inside of the hangar. I have also started modelling the davits in the starbord and port boat bays. Right now it can load two gunboats (port and starbord) and one RHIB/CRRC/SDV in the smaller port bay. The will be able to be loaded via Attachto. I will provide more screenshots this weekend I will gladly provide more info if anyone want's to tackle a similar project. (Carriers, LPDs etc...)
  2. So I have a big carrier and I want to use custom useractions (defined in the config.cpp) for loading other vehicles (mainly Helicopters) inside of the carrier. I thought that checking if vehicle player was in the array defined by is vehiclecargo it would work, but it is not the case Any ideas?? Thanks!!!
  3. mankyle

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Well... Arma 1 only had the journalist, Marian Quandt Arma 2 did have good female models But yes... I agree there should be more variety in models
  4. Just out of curiosity... Did you keep working on the L-61 Juan Carlos I?? You posted pictures a couple of years ago but nothing since then...
  5. Still a looooong way to go but she is coming along quite well the lifts can move up and down but I still have to add a couple things to get choppers in the hangar
  6. I have completely redone the Hyuga and I have improved a little the looks and reduced a lot the number of polys. I have opened new areas in the ship and I want to add a mess room (for putting there the cargo proxies), the CIC (the gunner proxies will go there) and maybe a meeting room with a giant screen for briefings and such. I will post new screenies this weekend
  7. mankyle

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Unless they liberate them as samples... No way...
  8. mankyle

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    CSLA will be launched soon. This is told in the article too... I think the surprise they hint could be something OFP-related. Me I'm betting on updated OFP islands... ala Malden 2035
  9. mankyle

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    This has been posted in the Bohemia Recap May 2021. https://www.bohemia.net/blog/bohemia-recap-may-2021 Let's remember that OFP was marketed on 22nd June 2001. In three weeks we're going to make 20 years since that historic moment. What moment could be better for announce Arma 4 that the 20th anniversary??? Other option could be some kind of updated OFP content updated for Arma.3, for example Everon o another of the old OFP islands as DLC, ala Malden 2035... We will see on 22nd...
  10. The guy that is doing the GIJOE clone mod has a WHALE hovercraft that moves over land and water. He has coded it as a tank. Just FYI That way it could be a truly amphibious vehicle
  11. Vehicle interactions are performed through the GEO PHYSx LOD... In VBS3 man class uses PHYSX so the entitities can walk over moving vehicles... Let's hope more info about enfusion engine comes soon
  12. I have restarted the hyuga model and redone it completely. By chance I have arrived to a DAYz video that shows class man entities inside of moving helicopters cars and boats. It is a mod but... does anyone if that was scripted or was something engine based?? If it is the second case then it could have serious consequences for carriers and ships...
  13. Just one thing Simulation = "ManX";
  14. Consider some DAYz videos showing class Man entities walking over moving vehicles. If the same fearures are available in the next Arma incarnation I just want to be prepared. Hopefully these hacks for making big ships won't be neccessary.