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  1. mankyle

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Hadn't seen the videos till today.... It really looks like the holy grail of Arma (walking on moving vehicles) is finally here with the Enfusion Engine.... I'll will resume working on my LPD so I can get it ready for the next installment in the Arma series... Maybe I will try it in DAYz... 🤔🤔🤔
  2. Well… the portions of the config.cpp relative to PHYSx values (engine, torque, etc...) plus other memory points would very useful but….. The really important thing is how to set things in the GEO Physx LOD and Memory LOD which I supose Will be impossible to release.... Thanks for the effort anyway @Dedmen Thanks for trying it… I'll put the Project on hold
  3. mankyle

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    That is an Spanish Policia Nacional truck... i think it comes in the FFAA mod
  4. GNAT left the community arround six years ago.... He's not in these fórums anymore…. I sincereously hope he's well and alive… If I remember well he was from Perth (west Australia)... I want scriptless solutions whenever it is possible. I know simulation=xhovercraft Works because I have a vehicle ingame But I don't know how to make it move overland… I'm experimenting with simulation=xcar but the solution is much more complicated…. Thanks for the answer and don't worry… It made sense and I know how he did the trick with the sea plane...
  5. mankyle

    [WIP] Ibiza by Sezon

    Nice!!!! Waiting anxiously for the Beta!!!! As I said, I'm Spanish and I have been there a couple of times. Beautiful island
  6. mankyle

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Me... What a I want is Physx (or the equivalence in Enfusion engine) for Man class so we can walk on moving objects... I also want out the 72 m GEO/RLOD limit.... One can only hope...
  7. mankyle


    I'll do @wansec_6 It will be something similar to this Started this afternoon modelling the hull and cargo bay... I will add an artillery cannon so it can provide fire support and I also want to model an small CIC room wit a couple of screens. I'm still thinking wether to do a double size well deck or an small one. The idea is to work with small LCVPs. AAF cars and wheeled IFVs are anfibious so they can be launched and recovered directly from the well deck. My idea is to make it driveable and add ViV capabilities. I have had an idea which is to tie ViV entry/exit points to animations so the vehicles get in/get out in fixed positions depending on wether the starbord door or the well deck door is open/closed... It will also have space for a RHIB (not ViV) and I will try to add other features... In three weeks or so I will need testers
  8. mankyle


    Thanks @TeTe T I Will look at the code and Will include in the mod... I'm now modelling the Stern doors for CRRCs and SDVs…. RHIBs are too big for the patrol boat… They should fit but they don't Now… I have put my hands on the deckplans of a couple of auxiliary logistic ships from Damen Schelde that: a) Fit below the 72 meters GEO/Roadway LOD limit b) Have space for helicopter operations and a ViV cargo deck plus space for two RHIBs and a lot of space for cargo proxies…. They could be used as a "mini LPD" by the independen side Would anyone be interested in something like this? It is definitely too small for BLUFOR or OPFOR but not for INDFOR
  9. Which issue, Cervantes??? Have you found something that could help making bigger submarines posible?? I would love having a SSK for SEAL like missions...
  10. mankyle

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Pookie and TeTeTe have done many ship assets... They are good both of them... I'm eager to see anything related to ships and amphibious operations...
  11. mankyle

    UAV Camera Turret

    I'm going to try to explain In Object editor you have to create a couple memory points just pressing Ins If you follow BIS standard settings for UAV you must use these names but in reality you can name them as you wish as long as you use the same names in Object Editor and the config.cpp file of the UAV. The problema lies in that if you don't use some standard names you Will not be able to fully use the UAV console. For the pilot locate in the model the point where the camera lies and create one point called pip_pilot_pos Then create another one like 0,1-0.2 meters towards the front part of the model and name it pip_pilot_dir The first one sets the position from where we "see". The second one sets the orientation towards we are looking at. Then locate the position where the bombing sight lies in the mode and repeat. Create another point and name it PiP0_pos Create another one and put it below the previous one (same X and Z coordinates but 0.1 or 0.2 meters less in the Y coordinates) and name it PiP0_dir We are almost finished. In the Config CPP, for a UAV that Works with the UAV console we must follow some standard procedures. The point names I have used follow those guidelines. In the config Cpp we have to add these lines: isUav=1; uavCameraDriverPos="pip_pilot_pos"; uavCameraDriverDir="pip_pilot_dir"; uavCameraGunnerPos="PiP0_pos"; uavCameraGunnerDir="PiP0_dir"; You can add more features like PIP etc... but this is the most basic setup for what you want
  12. mankyle

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    It would be more "influenced by reality" an "Spratly/paracels" multi island map... But one can dream... I still want a big map appropiate por large scale amphibious assaults
  13. I have been experimenting and I can confirm that simulation= hovercraftx does indeed exists in the game…. it can move over wáter but as soon as you land…. nothing Works... I wil continue experimenting
  14. mankyle


    Hi @wansec_6 Yes. I'm planning a 20 mm RCWS. But... I'm not so experienced in modelling or texturing to do that. I also want to add two .50 cal machineguns but although I have the models themselves (Arma 2 samples) I would still have to model the gun mounts...
  15. mankyle


    Still working on the Patrol Boat. It is a replica of the Pacific Replacemente Patrol Boat from Austal. It is 40 meters long. I'm adding many details now and during the weekend I Will tinker with the markerlight and reflector classes. It has radar and can load a CRRC or a SDV on the Stern boat ramp. I'm trying to make enough space for a vanilla RHIB but the space on the Stern is quite small... It is fully walkable and the GEO LOD is rock solid... I need help with a couple of things... I want to add selectable hull numbers ala Vanilla Destroyer but I don't know how to set hidden selections and control them from EDEN editor. For the ship name… Would you use the setplate scripting command or use custom textures with an Alpha layer and a name? In two weeks I Will post pics of another Project I'm working on now!!!