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  1. Kiwiland??? Just kiddin'
  2. https://www.4shared.com/rar/LHTeFHtkei/mnk_lcs__1_.html The last updated MLODs of the LCS 2 independence. If someone want's to continue working on this he has my explicit approval to do it as he/she wishes
  3. Sorry I just finished Chemotherapy and it has been a seriously umpleasant experience. Since I last posted I haven't worked that much on the ship.and I don't particularly feel very motivated to do so now either... I will tray to upload the base files so anyone can work on this, if he/she wants. PS: Regarding my cancer, for the moment I feel well and all tests results are good too, so I think the outcome will be good
  4. Rock Next thing will be making "Little Jenny"!!!!
  5. Bell V-280 Valor

    Do you plan to add a navy version?? I'm imaging a radar equipped version with sonobuoys and torpedoes....
  6. Bell V-280 Valor

    Beautiful!!!!!! I'm eager to see an armed version!!!
  7. [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hi there First of all tell you that I love your CTI mission I'd like to make a couple of suggestions if you deem them reasonable and feasible - Would it be difficult to create a new structure for the commander which is a Radar that can locate enemy Air units at very long distance? For Altis something like 10-12 kms....? - I play mostly in SP, and I have never seen yet an AI commander create the Naval Yards. I supose it is mostly for Human Commanders but for Multiisland maps, like MKSE or for example like the small islands in the new Malden a boat squad could be a good adition. - Also.... the defense squads are created when you get in a certain radius from a town. To avoid events like self destructing vehicles, could it be possible to add special markers to a town so Air vehicles are created in specific points???? The rest of the defending units could be randomly created in a certain position near a town but other vehicles like choppers could be created in determined places.... Just an idea Anyway,... I love what you did. I love your mission. I'm eager to try the next version
  8. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    I hope it is naval related stuff. I'm thinking about a mini campaign where you have to take control of a patrol boat or something similar and provide support to RHIBs, Helicopters, defend against a swarm of gunboats, investigate a chopper crash in the middle of the sea, or.... why not, get near of a hijacked big ship, deploy a RHIB or gunboat and clear of tangos the ship.... I don't think this will happend but one can dream....
  9. For the developers I know it has been commented many times but.... Could it be possible to link an animation that makes a loop tied to a "vehicle is being loaded/unloaded" eventhandler so whenever a vehicle is loaded/unloaded in another vehicle a certain animation is played? It would certainly improve a lot the inmersion an it wouldn't be resource intensive.
  10. Walking on moving decks

    Dr. Hladik One question. As you have said this feature is not planned but... could you please shed any light wether you afe going to increase the 50 meter RLOD and GEO LOD limits?? With that the interaction between man class and big ships would improve a lot making big ships a worthwhile effort. I'm working on an LCS 2 and improving those thing would mean that the LCS could be very useful as a mobile base
  11. Hi there After a lot of problems I have finally set my Arma 3 tools again and I have restarted working on the LCS I have completely reworked the textures and I have added many more details to the Mission bay and the Hangar. In the next days I will upload a new version with (hopefully) -Vehicle in vehicle transport - Many more details in the hangar - More PIP screens - Reworked weapons - Cargo spaces for troops (hopefully with new seats so the proxies don't look bad standing in the middle of the mission bay) I want also to add the new sensors but I haven't looked at the new config entries yet. I have tried interacting with land vehicles and in this moment Vehicle in Vehicle is not needed, at least in Single Player. You can lower the starbord ramp, get inside of the mission bay with a tank, APC, IFV or car, and the vehicle will move along with the ship. The vehicle in vehicle I have set so gunboats, zodiacs and SDVs can be loaded in the mission bay. For the moment you can load two gunboats plus a couple of SDVs/Zodiacs, or many more zodiacs/SDVs if you don't load gunboats. I hope it won't take long to solve the config problems I'm having. The PIPs of two turrets refuse to work properly and the gunners leave the turrets as soon as the mission starts and I don't know the reason. I'm having also problems with an error when the mission is loaded that says that model. doesn't exist and I still need to tweak a couple config values. I will keep you posted soon guys
  12. Sorry I solved the problem. I changed the external viewer so it used buldozer_x86.exe instead of buldozer.exe and that solved the problem.
  13. Hi there. I have been out of Arma editing for a couple of months and I have restarted working on a mod. Last time I used the tools I had no problem but now I'm completely unable to make buldozer work. I have reinstalled the tools like ten times, followed the tutorials, tried to use arma3 exe instead of buldozer, but to no avail. I have even reinstalled Arma3 from scratch. Object Builder works, p:/ works, but I cannot make buldozer work. Each time I try to launch buldozer the dreaded "External viewer: Unable to create viewer" error comes. Any ideas???
  14. Same problem Could you pleasem tell us how did you solve the issue?' Thanks!!!
  15. I agree. I have an LCS 2 waiting for that. Of course it is of a much inferior quality next to what you can create!!! I would like to stage an anphibious force from the Albion/Bulwark and the HMS Ocean (Albeit I think it is going to be sold to Brazil)