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  1. No it isn't. It is a No me in the certains cleverly covered with an object that used the same texture as the surrounding terrain
  2. I have tried setting high values and I can detect some emissions. I have set four modules with different musica and different frequencies and I have synchronized them with a Game Logic and I can detect the transmissions. I have tried setting similar values in another module, synchronized with a communications chicle but in this case it didn't work. I supose that a High Command System of sorts could be set so when giving waypoints to squads one could set transmissions but this could require a lot of modules for each squad.
  3. Does anyone knows how to set the module? I have synchronized the module with several entities and using the spectrum device I get a "signal spike" on the frequency I set in the module but it dissapears after 1 second or so. I have also looked at the biki and there is no docummentation about that new module
  4. Got the same problem. I cannot see texts and such in the misión. BTW, I can start the second misión but I can't disembark from the HMMETT
  5. mankyle

    Project RACS

    The Zubr MLOD is available somewhere?? Didn't know that... I had a health problem too (a type of cancer) two years ago and the time I spent doing things like some translation projects or playing and modding arma helped me to cope with the chemo and depression I developed. I hope you are well Eddie!!
  6. mankyle

    Project RACS

    I modelled a High Speed catamaran and you can find it in the completed addon boards. If you like it you can use it as you wish
  7. mankyle

    Project RACS

    Wonderful looking vehicles and Units eddie I'm wondering if you are going to add naval vessels. Some gunboats, a minelayer, LCTs or even a Murena Class Hovercraft would be adequate for RACS or SLA... http://blog.daum.net/as10456/1332 Anyway, I'm happy to see you are doing well and that you continue working on this hobby which I know it gave you confort during the hardships you endured a couple of years ago
  8. mankyle


    I thought that I released the source files but not a binarized pbo I'm uploading a binarized pbo too Here is the binarized pbo for whoever wants to try the ship. It is not finished and still lacks a lot of details. Hope you like it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cdK6sfmMpbX4LzwoTnfaa4YXrEiJO-GP/view?usp=sharing As I said above in another post, If anyone wants to continue, modify or do whatever he/she wants with the model, mod or whatever…. do as you wish I give my explicit permission to modify, reupload, update or basically do everything to the model and mod
  9. mankyle


    I just had my two year PET-CT scan and it seems I'm still oficially in remission,so... Yes, things for the moment are going well...
  10. mankyle


    I'm sorry because real life issues prevent me to continue working on this Project... Therefore I'm uploading ALL source files. If anyone wants to continue, modify or do whatever he/she wants with the model, mod or whatever…. do as you wish I give my explicit permission to modify, reupload, update or basically do everything to the model and mod https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVEMFc1tu3Ui739iSF6zufH13mqQcSLS/view?usp=sharing The only thing I ask for is a minute, tiny mention in the credits!!! Thank you very much guys and gals… You, BIS and the Arma series are the best
  11. Ensure that you put as an option the numeral 151 and the name USS Nathan James. I'm hooked to "The Last Ship" series. Good work Aplion
  12. Hi there. I want to add lights to my model and I have successfully added markerlights and Reflectors to the base class. The problem is that I want to add interior lights using class reflectors and position lights using class markerlights and,if it were possible, another pair of reflectors for the exterior. The hellcat helicopter has class reflectors defined twice in the model. One in the base model and another one in the main turret class. Is it possible to define different reflectors that can be activated separately via the driver and one gunner?? Thanks
  13. What I would really like for Arma 4 would be: - PHYSx interaction for Class Man - No Road LOD/GEO LOD limit for Class Man - Maybe Dialog in Texture... - Multiple Vehicle in Vehicle Cargo spaces in one Vehicle I like modelling ships. I almost chose Naval Engineering after high School and I have always loved ships and the sea, and I love everything nautical, even in Arma. With these things ships would be MUCH interesting in Arma
  14. Just giving you some ideas https://www.jfdglobal.com/products/swimmer-delivery/ Some ideas to add to your mod. I could probably help with the modelling part.
  15. mankyle

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    I love your projects,Von Quest, and I agree there is a lack of naval vessels in the game. Unfortunately there are several limiting factors regarding the succesful implementation of naval vessels ingame. The two most important are: - GEO/Road LOD limit of 72 meters. - no PHYSx for man class Other limiting factors are: - hardcoded limits in diving/surfacing speed for submarines. - Man class behaviour below water. Vessels like the M80 stiletto, the Sea Lance catamaran corvette or the SMX 26 Caiman littoral submarine would be very adequate projects for Arma 3. Those are naval vessels adapted for the littoral environment. Meanwhile we will have to console ourselves with static ships.... I'm eager to try a HALO insertion at night in your ship, Arma Fiend. Or if you model a ferry/passenger ship we could do hostage rescue missions.