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  1. Looking into it. but i always had that in mind. Maybe, but the LCAC is too big for the LCS1 it can not be stored in the LCS1 if that's what your thinking. I would need to make mini version of LCAC it so that you can transport somthing out of the LCS1 from sea. The LCS1 will be able to dock if there is any dock nearby. What i mean is that you can only dock the LCS 1 at real dock not just drive the ship in to the land where the water is not deep enough, And thats where the LCAC comes in :)
  2. Thanks for the information, You explained it better now. I hope that you can agree that there's not just one way of doing things. I'm tired of people tell me what to do pm (private message) I'm sorry if I took it all out on you.
  3. Yeah hook lift will be functional if I don't it problem with it. bullet purveyor thanks for your support.
  4. And I thought I was doing the project let me worry about the poly count.. HEMTT is Not Done. I was actually going to normal bake the model. if you're going to come with the pointers be more polite.
  5. HEMTT Update that i did to day and still working on Are you asking if i can make the Panzer Tank? am confused with your massage
  6. Going to stream to day going live after this post. Yeah thanks, this is for the logistics pack i have been working on there is more vehicles that come with that pack if you look in the previewst posts I can only say maybe. VLS is going to be on the ship any way.
  7. Logistics pack Here is the photos off the HEMTT tuck i made to day. (When i was live streaming) (The vehicle door is not done and the windows)
  8. Yeah I think we talked about it before and there will be somthing like that this is somthing I wanted from the start put not sure I can deliver to you guys with out help, I got lot of people behind me in this to help me out. What I know best is to model so all the coding side will some one help me with or work on.
  9. Can't really say right now. what I mean, is that am not sure yet. But thanks all for your continuing support I really love coming on here and read all the things you talk about here.
  10. Hello Friends, I have been busy and doing lot of other stuff but I got good news for the ship it is almost done with texturing side. Here are some photos off the ship. And as always the ship will be done when it's done.
  11. Hey guys and girls. I had to take bit brake from this project I got real life stuff to do and I have other projects being worked on (not going to talk about those projects). Don't say that I have stopped on my project that is my decision to do so. I don't get payed to do this and never ask. There is no deadline on this project to be delivered. If you like to see what am working on just look on my livestream when I am streaming. I'm not showing always ship related stuff on my livestream.
  12. Hey i got some news i got my pc back to work new motherboard, power supply unit and RAM to insure my pc to work. it will take bit time to get started it again after all i had to wipe my pc (did not wipe my work) so am back to happy. there was no answer what was the cause.
  13. Motherboard was not the problem I am just getting frustrated.
  14. This pictures of the LCS1 are mine and I left this group so Seven Seas Studio don't have this LCS1 just clearing things up.