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  1. No, the mod is focused on SOF vehicles, hence the name: Task Force Leviathan Special Operations Vehicles......
  2. Another progress update from myself, the MRZR's have now been armed with M-240L's, MRZR-2 MRZR-4 (The MRZR-4 comes in 3 armed variants: Next to driver, next and behind driver, and all 3 passenger seats) MRZR-D4 (The MRZR-D4 comes in 2 armed versions: Next to driver, next and behind driver) NOTE: THIS IS ALL STILL WIP AND DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL VERSION!!
  3. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi thanks, this has been brought to our attention and has been dealt with. Thanks again!
  4. WOW, epic photos man!!
  5. If you want some more updated stuff, i suggets joining our Discord, where WIP images get posted more regularly (link should be on the front page)
  6. From what i know adding the required config for ACE fastroping to work that then doesn't make ACE a requirement, (for instance with 3CB where their helo's support it, but ACE is also not required), it will add some great mission capabilities for MilSim groups :D . I can understand the FFV point of view and agree. Regarding the doors i understand, that make sense. Also, with the Puma getting a huge update, will that mean it will be the HC.2 rather then the HC.1?
  7. Hey we are aware of the M-ATV SOCOM version and it is being made :) and also are aware of all the arms and stuff on MRZR's and ATV's, all those things are currently still being worked on but will have some pics soon. Thanks for the comment and tips though!
  8. Hey @rksl-rock will the wildcat get ACE Fast roping compatibility, and the Puma in a future update too? It is a a very lacking feature on the Puma currently. Also would it be possible to get individual open/close actions for the doors, same again for the Puma, this would allow for FFV positions, etc.
  9. United States Air Force( 2015)

    It doesn't need those planes, they are not in service anymore, hell neither of them was a plane that was used for ECM back then. As that didn't exist back in those days..... Most planes come with an ECM pod or have it built in.
  10. Hey Toadie, Will all other NIArms weapons (like the AR15's for example) have correct placement of RHS accesoires (top mounted/combo's) on the rails in future as well (Like the amazing 416's)?
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That would not make sense.... That system is only used and built for the AH-64 Apache, not for any other helicopter
  12. 3CB BAF Units

    As mentioned above some of the compats require RHS (the Chinook and C-130 one as they use the RHS models)
  13. CAG Operators somewhere in a marshland on a training exercise Mods: RHS, RR CAG 416, USP Gear mod (WIP, Early Access), Krokom (WIP)