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  1. Dark SudoNix

    Template - Silos' North Altis Oil Rig V2

    thanks dude.
  2. Dark SudoNix

    Template - Silos' North Altis Oil Rig V2

    Dude, How do I use this? I have subscribed to it on steam and can't find the mission to use it. Or find it if it's in the editor. Can't find instructions anywhere either. First looked at the Download file from armaholic then checked here like you recommended lol
  3. Dark SudoNix

    15th MEU CH-46 SeaKnight WIP

    also, i have TONS of pictures of the helo if you would like some, pm me. Some pictures and videos of the inside. FYI, ITHZAKS was wrong on the interior, (no offense), so PLEASE do not use that as a reference. They were dirty and greasy and oily. And one time an airframer told me "not to worry about it leaking hyd fluid... it's when it stops leaking"... lol
  4. Dark SudoNix

    15th MEU CH-46 SeaKnight WIP

    *BUMP* Can't wait man. Truth be told, my first MOS in the USMC was 6122 (CH-46 Engine Mechanic, i-Level). The Phrog is near and dear to my heart. can't believe no one has done one until now... The one from Arma 2, spc.ithzaks model was just lacking... it was cool to have it, but not fun to look at... CANNOT WAIT MAN! SO EXCITE! Much Happy!!
  5. ok, I have noticed an issue, an issue for me anyways, that when you have the AI fly around the map, the helo will continuously increase altitude... even if you use a command line like "h1 flyinheight 60;", it doesnt work. it just keeps increasing altitude... ive tried all different ways... cant get it to maintain altitude... Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. Dark SudoNix

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    You basically just described MW3 & BF3?!? Are you fucking kidding!!!
  7. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Ok I see what your saying now about being a passenger with an AI driver. Grenades are random. They don't always have grenades on them. So you want to get rid of grenades but have satchels?!? Ok, so start chipping away at the randomness, the replayability, and basically the structure of the game, so that you can have what you want when you want it... I'm pretty sure that's NOT the point of it and not what Enigma had in mind while creating this awesome mission?!? I think it's fuckin awesome as is, just a few scripts need to be changed. The revive script needs to be worked on or changed and maybe how the holding cells are spawned. Maybe there should be some set positions where it will spawn in at... Alot of random positions, but not where it is goin to spawn half way inside a building or a swamp/pond... With all these people whining about it, lol, you can just hit restart! Enigma, don't cave to the bitchers and whiners! they can make there own if they don't like yours ;) I love it as is! As do many many many other people!
  8. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    But, Why would you WANT he enemy to see you if youar hitching a ride from a civilian AI driver...? Isn't it kinda "cool" that you can sort of go "undercover" by riding in the "backseat" of a civilain driven vehicle and move about unseen? Why wouly you NOT want that?!? i can see the difference between riding in the back of an opened truck..? but, still the general concept would be that you are hiding...? or you could even pretend that the civilian is hiding you in his trunk and sneaking you around town...? Now, if your saying that the AI driver ran over an enemy while you were in it, well, thats just the games AI engine...? Not mich you can do there? ---------- Post added at 21:15 ---------- Previous post was at 21:12 ---------- I dont understand why people insist on bitching about miniscule things that dont matter at all...? the grenade being thrown into the jail cell?!? Well, thats just a case of bad luck dude... it' has happened to me once now... and again, i was shooting the guards too quickly so it was my fault that i killed my other players... And as for hiding in a civilain vehicle, you dont think that is "realistic"? What if you were in the back seat with a blanket over you??? use your imagination dude...? It's a game...
  9. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Well, the enemy have to be able to detect you in civi vehicles because I got blasted by a tank from like 500 yards away... And that was after I had been cruising around for like 20 minutes and definitely did NOT attract attention... Just randomly, I got hit by a tank shell... They definitely knew I was enemy
  10. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Dread, you don't think AI would be too much of a hassle? Iwas wondering the same thing but then I realized that it would be more like baby sitting the entire time... Although at least 1 AI guy would be cool to watch your back and spot patrols you happen to miss... I couldn't imagine having to babysit 7 other AI though...
  11. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Well, seeing as how it is a hasty holding cell, and they are uwaiting the interrogators to get there, it is probably members from the squad that captured them, that are guardig them... SO yes, they would have grenades, because they would have had a combat load to be on patrol in th first place. I have never had a grenade fly into the cell...? I have had a grenade land near it and only after i started killing the guards... If I were them, i'd toss a grenade in there as well!?! It's just part of the randomness and I love it. Maybe, instead of complaining cause you happened to get merced right from the start, you should be a little more tactical in your decision making upon killing the guards in the first place. As long as you time it right, the guards all pass by the front, and most of the time if you wait long enough, they will almost all be towards the front, so you can crouch and blast them without even leaving the gate ;) you need grenades anyways if you are going to ambush a patrol, or anything like that. Backpacks would be nice. although, this is nice to be vanilla arma2 as not everyone has OA. I still think you should either use "Assault Rifleman" class, or use the Razor Team from the actual game. Plus, 8 people is MORE than enough. but an option for more is cool. ---------- Post added at 22:07 ---------- Previous post was at 22:05 ---------- @Tavish; not directed at you. srry in advance.
  12. Dark SudoNix

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Been having a lot of problems with the revive. I have been playig it since the release as well as the update... sometimes, the revive button wont show up at all... We fixed it by transferring server admin rigts to someone other than the host and it would work perfectly all the time but it was a gamble... but when you die, you cant hit the map to go to the server control button to switch the server admin... Also, have you tried AI First Aid Support by DAP? I believe it is smoother and runs better than Norrins IMO... maybe do away with the whole, lay there wounded and spawn out in the middle of nowhere... DAPMAN's First aid allows the player to lay down wounded where they were originally hit... without having to switch cameras and go to an alternate triggered spawn.... Also, in your brief, you say soldiers were on a reconaissance mission... These are Marines, not Soldiers... Maybe change the briefing up a little... I'm a former Marine ;) (pride). Also, is it possible to change the Playable units to the actual Razor team itself from the single player campaign? I feel as though they would better suit a Pre-Invasion type Area Reconaissance mission seeing as how that is MARSOC/SEAL specialty ;)
  13. Dark SudoNix

    SLX Mod WIP

    I deleted all those in the list. still getting a game freeze EVERY SINGLE TIME i fire rockets from the AH1Z...
  14. Dark SudoNix

    How do I report my position to the AI?

    yea? Thats nice and all genious' but there is a bug in arma where the AI get stuck and dont respond after they request to know your position.. hence why people are asking the "How to" question... you could do it in Flashpoint (the original)... *Edit* Ehhh hmmm sorry. ARMA2 has the bug. Which is what i meant to say. (figured I'd have to specify before one of these retards shits because I didn't specify)