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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, After looking at some of the brilliant inspiration on youtube and steam by Nikoleav and Xcino, (and an awesome rig by Luger from last year) I decided my original rig just didn't cut it. This one is complete from vanilla and apex assets, meaning it will work with almost any community. It is >4x larger than my previous rig and puts it on a similar scale to Xcino's V2. Features include: The structure can be accessed from any one of the 4 struts and gives unique bottlenecks at each one. Multiple office structures and pump areas plus service pipelines to new locations. HUGE level of verticality with multiple 'decks' and sight lines. A secret location for SF ops. A full size helipad and lighting for even the largest of transports. A sensible amount of lighting to assist immersive night ops, (turn dynamic lights up to ULTRA) AND FINALLY, I have added 4 changable respawn points that place players onto the four struts. Good for PVP or curated/role play elements. Obviously AI will struggle to navigate the thing, but the pathing isn't the worst. Use it / alter it as you see fit but let me know of you make any videos, please credit me if you want to re-release it in something else. Anyway have fun. and if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at ts1.cornishpastymen.co.uk:9993 Download HERE
  2. About "Naval Boarding Actions" NBA Offers a fully walkable and enterable Cargo Ship with more versions planned in the future. This modification was made in hopes to expand the amount of naval actions for multiple communities. Currently this is an early Build Features Fully Walkable interior and exterior. Custom model and textures. ACE Animation friendly. MP Friendly. How to Spawn Eden > Empty > Search for "Empty Cargo Ship" User/Admin Tips This should only be spawned in ED3N. Spawning it through zues can have some unwanted ship piece placement. Best played with Enhanced Movement mod. AI should not be given waypoints in the ship. Best to give AI the setUnitPos Command to prevent them from living in the prone position. Fast Roping is hit or miss, better to land on the ship if possible. To do list Finalize textures. Finalize Interior models. Add lighting to the exterior/interior Fix reported collision/roadway bugs as they come in. Detail Detail Detail Credits Model/Textures/Configs -ZephyrSouza Config/Scripting Wizard -DeltaGamer DOWNLOAD Google Drive Steam CHANGELOG
  3. Can't seem to figure out the correct way to reference the RV mat file in my P: drive and have it work in game once packed up. My file structure is: In object builder it works if I assign the following: However in game I am told the material file cannot be found. I've tried a few iterations now and can't seem to figure the correct way to work. Advice would be much appreciated! Cheers, Law
  4. Extended Fortifications Mod Sustainable security solutions for your safety. More than 1 year after announcing and hundreds of working hours, im happy to release the third public version 0.7 of the Extended Fortifications Mod. It contains a variety of 94 modular base elements aiming at the extension of vanilla fortifications by adding the possibility of creating contorted military outposts on small areas, mountain bases, checkpoints aswell as the refining of big sized, military bases. As Im going to be absent for 6 month from September on, please submit suggestions or bugs before that time. Benno FEATURES - 94 single models - Up to 6 range LODs - "Simple object" option in Editor - Editor preview pictures - Server key (.bikey) included - Zeus integration PLANNED FEATURES - Ace integration - More assets KNOWN ISSUES - CHANGELOG Version 0.7 (02.09.2017) ADDED Note: Updated license! EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_c_blufor EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_c_opfor EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_double_c_blufor EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_double_c_opfor EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_c_blufor EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_c_opfor EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_double_c_blufor EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_double_c_opfor EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_c_blufor EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_c_opfor EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_filled EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_filled_c_blufor EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_filled_c_opfor EFM_wood_wall_2m_door EFM_beam_wood_h_4m EFM_beam_wood_h_4m_railing EFM_coverage_camo_net_2x2m_blufor EFM_coverage_camo_net_2x2m_opfor EFM_coverage_camo_net_2_8x2m_blufor EFM_coverage_camo_net_2_8x2m_opfor EFM_stair_wood_1m EFM_stair_wood_1_7m EFM_stair_wood_2_7m EFM_ladder_metal_1_7m EFM_ladder_metal_2_7m EFM_ladder_metal_3_7m Fixed fixed performance issues for revetment_wall_types missing zeus objects deleted unsupported UV Sets _______________________ Version 0.6 (24.08.2017) ADDED Zeus integration EFM_wood_wall_2m_beam EFM_wood_wall_2m_door EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_single EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_single_filled EFM_wood_wall_2m_half_beam_single_filled EFM_wood_wall_2m_single EFM_wood_wall_2m_single_filled EFM_wood_wall_2m_support FIXED Added "simple object" possibility in EdenEditor Server key now working properly EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m - changed _as for top side EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m_beam - changed _as for top side EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m_fortified_A - changed _as for top side EFM_coverage_plywood_2m - changed _as for top side EFM_coverage_plywood_2m_beam - changed _as for top side EFM_coverage_plywood_2m_fortified_A - changed _as for top side EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m - fixed alpha texture EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_double - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_double - fixed geometry / fire / physX LOD ____________________ Version 0.5 (03.08.2017) ADDED EFM_beam_wood_angular_bearer_01 EFM_beam_wood_h_1_5m EFM_beam_wood_h_1_5m_railing EFM_beam_wood_h_1m EFM_beam_wood_h_1m_railing EFM_beam_wood_h_2m EFM_beam_wood_h_2m_railing EFM_beam_wood_h_3m EFM_beam_wood_h_3m_railing EFM_beam_wood_v_0_5m EFM_beam_wood_v_1_5m EFM_beam_wood_v_2_75m EFM_beam_wood_v_2m EFM_concrete_barrier_new EFM_concrete_wall_big_half_new EFM_concrete_wall_big_new EFM_concrete_wall_big_new_camo_blufor EFM_concrete_wall_big_new_camo_opfor EFM_concrete_wall_big_pillar_new EFM_concrete_wall_half_new EFM_concrete_wall_new EFM_concrete_wall_new_camo_blufor EFM_concrete_wall_new_camo_opfor EFM_concrete_wall_pillar_new EFM_coverage_camo_net_1_5m_blufor EFM_coverage_camo_net_1_5m_opfor EFM_coverage_camo_net_2m_blufor EFM_coverage_camo_net_2m_opfor EFM_coverage_concrete_2_7m EFM_coverage_concrete_2m EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m_beam EFM_coverage_plywood_2_7m_fortified_A EFM_coverage_plywood_2m EFM_coverage_plywood_2m_beam EFM_coverage_plywood_2m_fortified_A EFM_ground_surface_2x2m_dirt EFM_ground_surface_2x2m_soil EFM_ground_surface_4x4m_dirt EFM_ground_surface_4x4m_soil EFM_ground_surface_8x4m_dirt EFM_ground_surface_8x4m_soil EFM_rack_wood_big_new EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil EFM_revetment_wall_0_80x0_60x0_90m_soil_double EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil EFM_revetment_wall_1_60x0_60x0_90m_soil_double EFM_stair_wood_3_5m EFM_support_hole_dirt EFM_support_hole_soil EFM_mobile_barrier_A EFM_mobile_barrier_B EFM_mobile_dragons_teeth_small EFM_mobile_dragons_teeth_small_orange EFM_pole_B_01_yellow EFM_pole_B_02_black EFM_pole_B_03_black_white EFM_slide_gate_small EFM_tetrapod_line EFM_tetrapod_line_wet EFM_tetrapod_pile_big EFM_tetrapod_pile_big_wet EFM_tetrapod_single EFM_tetrapod_single_wet CONTENT DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop Armaholic Included Files EFM_basic_textures.pbo EFM_modular_base.pbo EFM_road_barrier_items.pbo EFM_road_barrier_static.pbo LICENSE By downloading and using my work, you hereby agree to the following license agreement. Creative Commons Attribution by nc-nd-4.0 International Public License -Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives For more info, see https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode Additionally to this license, I prohibit the use of this software or parts of it in any "pay-to-play" monetization scheme and / or server. This addon is provided for Bohemia Interactives Arma 3 series only. Please report any infringement of the license above directly. CREDITS Special thanks to Jay, Jokoho, Da12thMonkey and X3KJ aswell as the whole ArmaWorld and Discord Community for helping me out with bugs and scripting. DISCLAIMER One or more textures used on the models included have been created with images from http://www.textures.com/ These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit http://www.textures.com/for more information. _________________________________ THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY CHARACTER INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF GOODWILL, WORK STOPPAGE, COMPUTER FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION, OR ANY AND ALL OTHER COMMERCIAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES.
  5. The Air Station Paul 25 is one of twice Air Stations on the area of the Republic Altis and Stratis. Air Station Paul 25 and the Air Station Mike 26 were still build by the british colonial power, following the downsizing and relocation of Task Force Aegis troops based on Altis, Air Station Paul 25 was transferred to the AAF, although it had no trained personnel to use "Paul 25" at that time. During the civil war and the ensuing war with NATO, Air Station Paul 25 stayed in service almost until the end of the war with NATO forces. Recently, Air Station suffered a targeted detonation due to unknown extraneous forces. Today, the Air Station Paul 25 is again used by Task Force Aegis in cooperation with the civilian and military authorities of the Republic Altis and Stratis. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544860912
  6. Hey guys, I want to share my latest work with you. I invested a lot of time into it and now I think you deserve to make use of it too. The purpose of this template is to make custom ( or conventional ) unit structure appear professionally and easily to understand. Originally for tables of organization and equipment ( TOE ). The reference for this is US Army field manual ADRP 1-02 ( 2016 edition ). If you intend to make use of this and add more symbols, please use the layer structure and send me the new version so I can upload it ( or do it yourself, here ). Programme to be used with: Gimp, version 2.8.22 How could this look like? Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/home/gimp and similar files?preview=Unit+figure+1.9.xcf is this file virus checked ? let me know if you prefer it to be uploaded somewhere else. P.S.: If anyone can give me professional feedback on the example structure, regarding any wrong usage, context or mistakes, it will be much appreciated.
  7. Hi, we are Taiwan ArmA Clan, recently we want to build a x64 Dedicated Server for our team. (our last server use 5 years already) And here is come some questions. Our Goals 1. 50 ~ 100 players coop & PvP. (or even 100 vs 100 PvP) 2. 400~500 AI Unit. (50~100 groups) *This can use like EOS or ALiVE to help. But is perfect when 500 AI Unit can activities at the same time. 3. Mod: ACE, RHS(All faction), CUP(Only map), Task Force Radio. *And some little mod and map that don’t impact performance very much. 4. Host TeamSpeak 3 server. Hardware: 1. Server vs PC advantage? After discussion, this is our plan. But we want to know is server structure will have more advantage? Or is ok with PC structure? Server Structure CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v1 x2 MB: Supermicro X9DRL-IF or Tyan S7050-DLE RAM: Samsung Ecc reg DDR3 1600 8G x8 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 PC Structure(2 ver.) CPU: AMD R7 1700X MB: MSI X370 gaming pro carbon RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 CPU: Intal I7 7700K 4.2G MB: Asus Strix z270H RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 Network Speed 1. Server speed affect? In our plan, we will use this. 100m download / 100m upload (Right now we use 100m download / 40m upload) This speed plan is very high at Taiwan, in future we will upgrade if there have another higher plan. Last Question 1. The above Hardware plan & network speed, can done with our goals? 2. If goals can’t be done, is our hardware plan need more upgrade? Or is our network speed too slow? 3. If these plan are very nice and more than we want goal, how many player and AI can run on our hardware & network speed plan? We hope we can get these information from big ArmA Clan.(Who usually play with 100 players) And thank you for your reading.
  8. After hearing the sad news that Bushlurker - a fellow countryman, mod author and all-things-terrain(GIS) expert is no longer with us I needed to direct my energies into making something to remember not only him by, but also all the other modders who have also passed. In a homage to community authors, contributors and mentors who are sadly no longer with us, for thier commitment and dedication to empowering the community with thier knowledge and never ending enthusiasm in aiding comrades I created a memorial that can be incorporated into Arma terrains. Rest In Peace... Paul 'Bushlurker' Pelosi, 5th August 1960 - January 2017. Randy Stratton, 12th January 1980 - 3rd April 2014. James 'Planck' McNicoll, - 15th December 1952 - 7th April 2010. Dependencies: Arma 3 Features: An eternal flame, forever burning in the Armaverse. Rememberance texts, names & dates incorporated into the model. This mod is fully rigged for use in the 3DEN in-game editor and is also Map Builder enabled. 3DEN: In editor category 'Empty' under 'Monuments' Map Builder: Under 'uro_monuments > Monuments' Licence Terrain authors are free to use this mod in thier terrains provided they adhere to the APL-ND licencing which follows in the spirit of Arma modding. You can find the licence at https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-nd and I have also included a copy within the package. (Docs\licence.txt) Mod Contents: readme.txt - Self explanitory. licence.txt - Licence file. mod.cpp - Self explanitory. uro_monument.pbo+bisign - The mod itself, fully signed. \Keys\ - folder containing bikey for server admins. PBO Contents: Model Info: classname "Land_uro_arma_monument01" LODs: 6 Resolution, Geometry, Geometry Phys, View Geometry, Fire Geometry, Memory, LandContact, Roadway and ShadowVolume 0+10. Textures: Custom textures & mod presentation imagery. Materials: Custom materials. Config: Associated magic to make things work as they should. Download: Steam Workshop Armaholic