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  1. Silos

    [Co-op] Oil Rig Assault

    This is wicked. Thank you for putting this together. I can't wait to try it out.
  2. Ha, wow, you must have been searching for a while! Nice job! let me know if you use it in a mission!
  3. Hi Guys, After looking at some of the brilliant inspiration on youtube and steam by Nikoleav and Xcino, (and an awesome rig by Luger from last year) I decided my original rig just didn't cut it. This one is complete from vanilla and apex assets, meaning it will work with almost any community. It is >4x larger than my previous rig and puts it on a similar scale to Xcino's V2. Features include: The structure can be accessed from any one of the 4 struts and gives unique bottlenecks at each one. Multiple office structures and pump areas plus service pipelines to new locations. HUGE level of verticality with multiple 'decks' and sight lines. A secret location for SF ops. A full size helipad and lighting for even the largest of transports. A sensible amount of lighting to assist immersive night ops, (turn dynamic lights up to ULTRA) AND FINALLY, I have added 4 changable respawn points that place players onto the four struts. Good for PVP or curated/role play elements. Obviously AI will struggle to navigate the thing, but the pathing isn't the worst. Use it / alter it as you see fit but let me know of you make any videos, please credit me if you want to re-release it in something else. Anyway have fun. and if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at ts1.cornishpastymen.co.uk:9993 Download HERE
  4. It's on armaholic i think there is a NEW version coming soon also
  5. I've added an updated version to the steam workshop. It includes a DSHK UAZ and a truck. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=875582311 Hope this helps. But I'm not sure the server key is working.
  6. Silos

    Custom Composition HeliPad

    Did anyone solve this??? I've seen helipads on flat surfaces before:
  7. Just link us some screenshots or videos when you're done!
  8. Glad you like it guys, its definitely not good for AI! The whole thing is one massive collection of assets. you can actually select the whole lot and Ctrl+C. Open up any map you like and Ctrl+V and viola! I've intentionally not put any scripts in so it's as portable as possible. A couple of things. Respawns don't work on the rig because they are auto leveled to water level. (I've seen scripted or code to work around this but I haven't included it) It's pretty good for PvP or for Parachute insertion (if you're skillful enough). Also for night missions, push your dynamic lights settings up to full to avoid lights clipping in and out as you move around the rig. Link me to any screenshots or videos you make. Happy for it to be used for youtubers, just please include a credit in your description.
  9. Thanks! been building it for a while!
  10. Hi All, I built this a while ago as a small mission for my group at the CPM. The boys liked it so I decided I would put it up as a template in case anyone wanted to use it. It is created entirely from BI or CUP assets and has a fair amount of CQB options. Our mission was to SDV to the rig at night and infiltrate. AI doesn't like it too much but it's brilliant for curated missions or roleplay (like we run at the CPM) or PVP. Features include: Multiple infil options by water leading to a small bottleneck at the top Offices and pump rooms, for adding your own story elements A usable helicopter pad (Ever tried making a landing pad float.... ?) Immersive lighting for night ops. Images here Anyway have fun. And if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at ts1.cornishpastymen.co.uk:9993 Click here for Armaholic link Silos
  11. Hey Freghar, I know this is not part of your mod, but it has inspired a question from me. Any chance you could do something similar with a primary weapon? I've been looking for a mod that lets you sling a weapon either on your back, (potentially where launchers go or just lowered against the vest). You seem to have handled things like Ammo counts well. I just wondered if it's possible to have a weapon with potentially rail, scope and silencer attachments visible on the player model.
  12. Any chance this could go on Play with Six
  13. Sorry about that, I'm not entirely sure I have the process of signing properly sorted yet. I'll look into this on an upcoming release. should be with you soon.
  14. Finally got the Light covers removed and the cover off the GAZ-66. Looking more natural now: Thanks to Reyhard from the RHS team for his advice.
  15. Thanks for your ideas. I plan to use the SPG-9 and DSHKM as these already fit in my mind as the most appropriate units. Would LOVE to have Hilux pickup with a PK but I can't find one in the RHS pack. I'll also probably include a BTR as part of a mechanized armor group. I really want to avoid including too many pre-requisites as this is supposed to be a lightweight option. The GP-25 is a great idea but I sometimes find the grenadier a little OP in insurgency. But i'll look into it! Cheers.