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  1. Is there a way to track only the squad leaders and not every group member. Id like to enforce this as a mission maker.
  2. Hello, is there a way to use show/hide still with JEBUS units? I currently want to setup a wave attack in my mission while utlizing JEBUS to handle the respawn system. Normally id sync the unit to the show/hide module, then have it activated via trigger. When a JEBUS unit is synced, the unit spawns anyway even if trigger isnt activated.
  3. n_icomach

    Enhanced Trenches

    Update 4/20/2021 Added CBA Settings "Enhanced Trenches" Menu to allow customization on build times per asset QOL feature, added the trenches to their own ACE submenu
  4. Well with how much work one boat takes, I likely wont. Unless I get some help this will be the only boat related project I do. Thank you for the interest however.
  5. Changelog: Added new Cargo Ship WIP version Several floors are missing and tower is placeholder. Work is still happening on this asset, just wanted to update what I have available for players. Playing the new asset should be done with the understanding that its still early.
  6. n_icomach

    Enhanced Trenches

    Ability to change build timers added. Integrated with ACE Trenches in CBA Addon Settings. Foxhole and Trench End are tied to ACE Small Trench. Rest are tied to ACE Large Trench. More customization is planned with the timers, but I really suck at understanding CBA settings. If anyone happens to know a guy whos interested in helpin explain it, im all ears.
  7. Lol hopefully! Thanks for taking a interest in the project.
  8. WIP of the new boat.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I misunderstood what Play3r was attempting to inform me of apparently. I'll go ahead and mess with that on my end. Thank you!
  10. AS far as im aware triggers dont count as markers, so im using markers.
  11. Hello Enigx, Feature Request, is there a way we could have the zones ignore helicopters/airplanes? Currently when a pilot is doing air things they are likely to trigger off zones accidentally, which causes a desync spike as units are spawned/despawned. This is currently one of the best features of EOS.
  12. Thank you for the reply! I'll go ahead and give it a shot. Thank you for your contribution to the community!
  13. What is the main benefit of using this over EOS? My unit has used EOS for several years now and is always looking for improved systems. Unfortunately nothing so far has topped EOS's flexibility.
  14. n_icomach

    Grimdark Armory [40k]

    # Release 0.16 Added IG 80mm Deployable Mortar BP 80mm Deployable Mortar Accatran Pattern Carry Handle Accatran Pattern Red Dot Accatran Pattern Marksman Scope Accatran Pattern Bipod Accatran Pattern MkIV lasgun Accatran Pattern MkIV(M) Lasgun Accatran Pattern MkIV(G) Lasgun Fast Roping for Valkyrie Static and Mobile version of Wyvern Static Earthshaker cannon Basilisk Tank Static Hydra Changed SOB Backpacks now TFAR Compat (Was included in 0.15) Cost for BP Officer and Team Lead now match vanilla officer cost levels Autorifleman cost Heavy and Light AT Cost AT kits total loadout (For future mass/item adjustments) BP Chimera Kit (All Variants) to reflect the faction Skitarii armor from 4 to 18 Taurox base class ACE Cargo Space to 6 Taurox Unarmed Cargo to 10 Chimera base class ACE Cargo Space to 5 Transuranic Recoil reduced by half Autocannon Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Heavy Bolter Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Multilaser Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Lascannon Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. RespawnMagazines to all Bloodpact Units Red Chemlights to all BP Kits IFAKS to all BP Kits Chemlights to all BP Kits Officer Icon for BP Etogaur TeamLead Icon for BP Team Lead Prekit Backpacks, for Light and Heavy Bloodpack AT 100lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage 250lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage 750lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage Kit to BP Tuarox, all variants Kit to the BP Russ, all variants Kit to BP Valk Grenedier BP Unit Stat Buff to Godwyn Bolter Ammo Stat Buff to SoB armor Suffixes of all weapons with Black or Silver to (B) or (S) Valkyrie fuelConsumptionRate changed from 0.45 to 0.38 Transuranic Penetration Increased Fixed Bloodpact Vox Operator now carries correct equipment Missing Respawn entry for officers armor vest respawnWeapons Config entry (Missing Primary Weapon for several units) Bolt Pistol muzzleFlash Rotation on proxy Lascannon High backpack added to zues Multilaser high dissembled to wrong backpack CBA Disposable Launchers Removed Backpack filler script on BP, swapped out with pre-kit backpacks DLC option SecondaryAmmoCoef on AT Old ACE disposable classes for launchers