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  1. n_icomach

    Grimdark Armory [40k]

    # Release 0.16 Added IG 80mm Deployable Mortar BP 80mm Deployable Mortar Accatran Pattern Carry Handle Accatran Pattern Red Dot Accatran Pattern Marksman Scope Accatran Pattern Bipod Accatran Pattern MkIV lasgun Accatran Pattern MkIV(M) Lasgun Accatran Pattern MkIV(G) Lasgun Fast Roping for Valkyrie Static and Mobile version of Wyvern Static Earthshaker cannon Basilisk Tank Static Hydra Changed SOB Backpacks now TFAR Compat (Was included in 0.15) Cost for BP Officer and Team Lead now match vanilla officer cost levels Autorifleman cost Heavy and Light AT Cost AT kits total loadout (For future mass/item adjustments) BP Chimera Kit (All Variants) to reflect the faction Skitarii armor from 4 to 18 Taurox base class ACE Cargo Space to 6 Taurox Unarmed Cargo to 10 Chimera base class ACE Cargo Space to 5 Transuranic Recoil reduced by half Autocannon Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Heavy Bolter Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Multilaser Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. Lascannon Static Short/Tall firegeo buffed, less calibers will pen. RespawnMagazines to all Bloodpact Units Red Chemlights to all BP Kits IFAKS to all BP Kits Chemlights to all BP Kits Officer Icon for BP Etogaur TeamLead Icon for BP Team Lead Prekit Backpacks, for Light and Heavy Bloodpack AT 100lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage 250lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage 750lb Bombs indirectHit and indirectHitRange Balanced for wider area damage Kit to BP Tuarox, all variants Kit to the BP Russ, all variants Kit to BP Valk Grenedier BP Unit Stat Buff to Godwyn Bolter Ammo Stat Buff to SoB armor Suffixes of all weapons with Black or Silver to (B) or (S) Valkyrie fuelConsumptionRate changed from 0.45 to 0.38 Transuranic Penetration Increased Fixed Bloodpact Vox Operator now carries correct equipment Missing Respawn entry for officers armor vest respawnWeapons Config entry (Missing Primary Weapon for several units) Bolt Pistol muzzleFlash Rotation on proxy Lascannon High backpack added to zues Multilaser high dissembled to wrong backpack CBA Disposable Launchers Removed Backpack filler script on BP, swapped out with pre-kit backpacks DLC option SecondaryAmmoCoef on AT Old ACE disposable classes for launchers
  2. n_icomach

    Enhanced Trenches

    Added ACE Entrenchment Capabilities Remade all textures Cleaned up configs Bunkers now have destroyed models
  3. The latest update included a v3 for verify signatures in one of the changelogs. I cant seem to find any documentation on it anywhere so maybe I just imagined it? Could be what they are referencing here https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00083
  4. Looks like the newest ArmA update broke Verify Signatures. Is there a plan to add a v3 option?
  5. Hello Crielaard, I am aware of the containerless one being....borked to the say the least. As for invisible 30m of floor can you take a small video or pictures?
  6. They are very different. I believe the siege one is much larger and more of a rat maze.
  7. So taking the lessons from the Cargo Ship a new ship is on the way. Should be better quality and more functional than the Cargo Ship. Cargo Ship may have nav mesh soon on it but i'm still burnt out from the initial push on that abomination.
  8. Updated to 0.4 Fixed ViewLOD (AI Shouldnt Spot through walls as easily. However your walking on metal and AI can hear you) Adjusted GEOLOD Gdrive Link updated
  9. @pognivet @Crielaard Pos points are planned later on but are currently not in the model.
  10. Update V0.3 Fixed Model.cfg for Cargoless Ship variant. Now all doors will work. Adjusted GEOLOD for cargo crates to stop bouncing of character when moving from crate to crate. Adjusted Multiple roadways to fix "Holes" In ship. Adjusted Random face blocking view of the Deck to interior door. Added staircases for water based boarding. Multiple Other small tweaks.
  11. Update V0.2 Added Cargoless version @Crielaard Added Hallway Textures Edited Interior Floor Textures Fixed several black holes in the floor Adjusted UV Sizes to fix tiling issues Is now availible on steam.
  12. Already planned and on the way! I also plan on removing the "Container Landing" section for more open deck fun times. Oh boi ill get the lube. Feel free to share anything you wish. I am not going for 100% authentic designs as I have to keep within the contraints of ArmA and my own free time.
  13. About "Naval Boarding Actions" NBA Offers a fully walkable and enterable Cargo Ship with more versions planned in the future. This modification was made in hopes to expand the amount of naval actions for multiple communities. Currently this is an early Build Features Fully Walkable interior and exterior. Custom model and textures. ACE Animation friendly. MP Friendly. How to Spawn Eden > Empty > Search for "Empty Cargo Ship" User/Admin Tips This should only be spawned in ED3N. Spawning it through zues can have some unwanted ship piece placement. Best played with Enhanced Movement mod. AI should not be given waypoints in the ship. Best to give AI the setUnitPos Command to prevent them from living in the prone position. Fast Roping is hit or miss, better to land on the ship if possible. To do list Finalize textures. Finalize Interior models. Add lighting to the exterior/interior Fix reported collision/roadway bugs as they come in. Detail Detail Detail Credits Model/Textures/Configs -ZephyrSouza Config/Scripting Wizard -DeltaGamer DOWNLOAD Google Drive Steam CHANGELOG
  14. n_icomach

    Enhanced Trenches

    Update 7/31/2017 Added new MG Nest Variant Fixed Penetration values on Bunker