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  1. mikey74

    ArmA 3 Scripting help

    Hi Trulley, Try https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/ and explain what it is you are trying to accomplish. 🙂 Id put in the next comment to ask the moderator to move this over to that forum . 🙂 Happy scripting.
  2. RPT is more than a crash file? Nothing was crashing. Just popping off rounds without me pulling trigger. That said. I was unable to replicate today with or without mods. With the exception of It did shoot my bazoooka before I was aimed. idk its wierd. Only CBA and prairie fire was loaded, and of course I wasn't recording by this point. When I get more time. I'm going to try a few other things like making the same mission using just priarie fire or just standard arma 3. Hopefully in the next few days if it is SPE I'll post my findings here. Thanks for your response. As usual KJU. You do awesome work. IMO worth my hard earned money 😂. 😉
  3. Anyone else having an issue where your player character will unload a clip when spotting enemies without even hitting your trigger? I thought maybe it was the SPE_AI module, but removed it and its still happening. Looks like it may be an AI suppression script that forgot to leave out the players. Mods I am using is CBA, Death hit animations, and ACSTG AI cannot see through grass. I am running a respawn script that does control anything firing a weapon. Thanks in advance.
  4. mikey74

    Land transportation

    Many greater than most have tried and As far as I know the best of the best have failed with coding AI driving to not even be close to perfect and have failed. Not trying to discourage you, but If you figure it out you will be a hero to all Arma fans. no joke. 😉
  5. I ended up placing empty arty on ground, and activating computer. It has min max. Still havnt found the script thats telling the computer what the min max is, but it does have min max in computer screen.
  6. _helo setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _helo setCombatMode "STEALTH"; _helo disableAI "TARGET"; _helo disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _helo disableAI "WEAPONAIM"; _helo disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; Helps a lot!
  7. I use this in a re spawning script for single player. It does a few things. 1) Sense I fighting huge battles. I assign a group for the dead then delete that group along with holder group for newly spawned so I can simulate thousands of troops fighting. 2) it waits till the player is a certain distance and a few random seconds to hide the body. You can modify this to suit your needs. I use a killed EH for this script. pierremgi script is pretty great. so here is another option if you want. Always good to learn different ways. Because that one script you disregard I find a lot of time I end up using it else where for different reasons, or parts of a function I am not using. _deadgroup = createGroup [civilian,true]; if !(isNil "_unit") then { [_unit] joinSilent _deadgroup; [_unit] spawn { params ["_unit"]; while {!isNil "_unit"} do { waitUntil {sleep 1; (isNil "_unit") || (_unit distance player > 100)}; if !(isNil "_unit") then { if (_unit distance player <= 300) then {sleep (1+ (random 30 + random 29))} else {sleep (1+ (random 15 + random 14))}; hideBody _unit; if (_unit distance player <= 300) then {sleep 7} else {sleep 0.5}; deleteVehicle _unit; _unit = Nil; }; }; }; };
  8. This works as good as KK's scripts. bob addForce [bob vectorModelToWorld [0,0,0.7], [(random 1),(random 1),-2]];
  9. mikey74

    AI waves problem.

    I'm not very good on scripting for servers. BUT I think if you use: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; at the beginning of your script should keep it on server and not fire on all clients. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of servers corrects me if I am wrong or confirms if I am write.
  10. mikey74

    Counting dead units

    I realize this is an old thread, but If you have a custom garbage collector going. Possibly any garbage collector and already have a lot of killed EH that may delete units quick. Try this. _allDead = allDead; _allwestD = 0; _alleastD = 0; _allIndyD = 0; _time = time + 7; while {true} do { sleep 1; if (!(_allDead isEqualTo allDead) || (_time <= time)) then { { private _dead = _x; if !(_dead in _allDead) then { _allDead pushBack _dead; switch (getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _dead) >> "side")) do { case 0: { _alleastD = _alleastD + 1 }; case 1: { _allwestD = _allwestD + 1 }; case 2: { _allIndyD = _allIndyD + 1 }; //default { }; }; } } forEach allDead; _allDead = allDead; // Post the results hint format ["BluFor casaulties: %1\n OpFor casaulties: %2\nIndFor casaulties: %3",_allwestD,_alleastD,_allIndyD]; _time = time + 7; }; }; Ooops had a few thread open looking at this. I dont think it was meant for this thread. Probably this one
  11. Semper Fi Marine. Thanks for the like. 🙂

  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/68atxkce1t51635/annihilate.Stratis.rar?dl=0 Sorry bout that
  13. Try this. Place a trigger. lol It'll be easier just to look at my mission. This Arty script will work with most if not all artillery. https://www.dropbox.com/s/68atxkce1t51635/annihilate.Stratis.rar?dl=0 video
  14. mikey74

    Combat Mode "Go Go Go!"

    Congrats on your release and I love your steam page script!!!! lol!!!
  15. This is pretty good my man! Congrats on the release. 🙂