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  1. Thanks for the info. Your tops as usual. Boy that really looks intimidating! lol
  2. Wow sorry man I must have missed this. I've forgotten about this script...… That said. I've edited it that may be what youre looking for if youre still looking.... Here are my edits. Got a sample mission https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1965523583 MikesSP_Respawn.sqf FOA_find_cover.sqf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42qCaSH_FsI Enjoy
  3. mikey74

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I like it. IMO most rifle sounds even in the best of mods are a bit weak. Very few of them have the punch like a real rifle sound. Granted we'll never get that. But lol few of them had that punch then weakened them later. idk why.
  4. mikey74

    Auto Aiming

    Yeh I have it set in a while loop with a few waitUntils. It did flash gunner view once or twice this last test. Kind of figured there wasn't an easy way to control a players aim by script. lol Thanks what I have works. Just need to polish it a bit. Thanks again. 🙂
  5. mikey74

    Auto Aiming

    Thanks KillZone_Kid, I tried that one. When I displayed a hint while zoomed or not it always said internal view. BTW there is no way to script in a lock on FOV is there? Thanks again KZ You're probably the best coder and I've learned a lot from your site and you throughout the years in the OFP/Arma verse. I grovel at your feet. lol seriously kid your a hero. 😉
  6. I've got a script I'm working on based a tad bit on dead eye in Red Dead 2. This is not for realism by the way! 😄 I was wondering if there is a way to set players aim more accurately. Like a random head, torso, arms, legs. But so far I've not found a way to set players aim very accurately. It only does it when you zoom. To me zoom in Arma is unrealistic anyways. lol Why not give an edge up. Click the spoiler to see the script. Thanks in advanced.
  7. mikey74

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    @nkenny yes it does do some anims. its based on morale of units within a certain range and distance. If it gets to low. They drop their weapons and surrender at this point. update: Had another mod running I over looked that does effect AI. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂
  8. mikey74

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    @nkenny No ACE. Just your mod, a few islands, unit mods like CUP, JSRS, CBA, and my surrender script. 🙂 Thanks for the reply.
  9. mikey74

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    mkenny. Looks very well done congrats! Just one question/ Is there anyway to turn it off for certain units. Example. I have a surrender script running, when I see the morale of certain groups break, and they go to surrender when vastly outgunned and pretty much no hope. They start to drop their weapons, buttt lol they go into what looks like a healing animation state and then pick back up there weapons and go back to fighting. Yes Its your mod. 😉 With AISS and FOA I put in a setvariable so that mission makers can turn off the AI scripts when needed. I was wondering if you have added something like this into LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm? Other than that. The AI look and respond very well. 🙂
  10. mikey74

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    That's a separate Addon.
  11. Wow... Glad I missed you leaving! I would have had to crack some heads to get you back. 😄 Glad youre back Jarhead. You're actually one of the best in the whole of the Arma modding community! Glad youre back. Hope youre here for a long time into Arma 4,5,6,7...….
  12. mikey74

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    added forcefields to your aliens... Place this script in Init.sqf of mission, or call in a config for addon. They admit a small glow until field is depleted by hits. When hit the glow grows brighter for a short time. They do not take damage till after field is depleted. I may rework it later to take into account kinetic energy, and explosive damage to effect the shields. Used Damage taken instead. Works just as well with less works and less FPS hits. This version has some particle effects: shield pic.... Video would be better though. The blur is something else unrelated to the alien shields. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/798739516680410435/5C7074EDCBE8B2EAC6F7A5A4EE31970AA987F0EE/ https://youtu.be/dndWv6gfvF4
  13. I noticed if you place artillery on map they use it! But why have them kill each others HQ's right at the beginning of a mission? I replayed the mission I've been goofing with. Put HQ's in several different locations with same result. Shouldn't scouts find the HQ 1st then blow it to smithereens at least? Thanks in advance. :)
  14. mikey74

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Maybe try this? _designatedPos = position laserTarget player; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/laserTarget Brian I am also working on a script involving the USS Freedom AI taking off and landing. I finally got it working again. Would you be able to use this in with your Jtac script? I've still got things I'm working out, but was going to use it to make a support type script for Missions off the Freedom and Liberty. Time probably will not be kind to me. lol anywho same offer I make to others. if you need help give me a shout. If I can I will. :)