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  1. "Colonel Aziz arrives in Feruz Abad to inspect his troops."
  2. SLA is not the only CUP Faction receiving a facelift in the next CUPdate.
  3. "Viva La Revolucion!" Revamped CUP SLA Partisans (coming soon to a Sahrani battlefield near you)
  4. "SLA" Mods Used: CUP, Nikotan's Static Animations
  5. So as we gave RACS a facelift in the last CUPdate, it's only fair that we do the same for their enemies to the North. SLA revamp incoming.
  6. It means you've never seen A Bridge Too Far...which also means that your entire life up to this point has been hollow and meaningless.😎
  7. "We haven't the proper facilities to take you all prisoner....sorry."
  8. Oustanding!! Now Lythium (and soon Jalalabad) can enjoy some proper ALiVE insurgency goodness.
  9. Smoke, are you aware of the lack of civs spawning in JBAD buildings such as on Lythium (which you may or may not be aware of regarding JBAD)? Love your buildings but didn't know if you had anyone else mention it to you for mods such as ALiVE and how those buildings are detected via spawning scripts.
  10. "KSK" Mods used: Anizay Map, CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), FHQ Accessories, Nikotans Static Poses
  11. autigergrad

    3CB Factions

    Another outstanding addition to an already outstanding collection with 3CB. Congrats fellas!
  12. autigergrad

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Great stuff fellas. These guys will be a great addition to some of my CFP Malian campaigns. Impressive work all around!
  13. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Ok so a few things here..... 1. Make sure you click the "Override ORBAT Loadout" as well as the randomization box. Both are clickable boxes in the editor. I just tested this with al-Qaeda and it worked fine. 2. If you have those clicked and then go back into the editor..even if the randomization kicks in...as soon as you go to uniform/headgear, etc. you'll see it reverts to your selections. Just make sure to go into the editor..make your changes..and have those boxes clicked. Again..I just tested with both of the factions you mentioned and everything worked as it should. Just click both of those boxes for the unit..then make your changes and you should be fine. Glad you are enjoying the mod.