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  1. Community Factions Project

    We'll be updating as soon as the next CUPdate goes live as there are a ton of new CUP assets being used in the next version of CFP. Speaking of new CFP...here's a shot of the new overhauled ISIS faction.
  2. Chadian Special Forces and Army Regulars take a water break in Niger looking for local insurgents. Israeli troops take cover in the streets during a firefight with HAMAS fighters. Mods Used: CUP Terrains, CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Nikotoan's Static Animations., Angola map
  3. Community Factions Project

    One of the new factions coming in the next update is Chad. Here, Chadian troops, regulars and special forces, take a break at a watering hole in Niger looking for local militants. Also, more improvements to the Israeli Defense Force, including multiple new Golani Helmet variants
  4. Iraqi Police Guard a checkpoint. Iraqi Special Forces "The Golden Division" secure a village previously held by ISIS Mods Used: CUP Terrains, CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Nikotoan's Static Animations., Diyala
  5. Community Factions Project

    Iraqi Police patrol a checkpoint....new assets, upgraded textures, etc.
  6. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    Great stuff as usual guys. Well done!
  7. Community Factions Project

    Some more WIP units. Iraqi Special Forces aka "The Golden Divison" capture ISIS fighters near Diyala.
  8. Community Factions Project

    Iraqi Soldiers advance through a formerly ISIS held town in Northern Iraq. New textures as well as new assets for the next update are pictured below. Lots of work continues. Looking to have the next release ready by the holidays.
  9. Anizay

    This is outstanding, and flexible in that it could easily pass as a part of Iraq, Lebanon, or Syria as well. It's a very unique layout as well...reminds me of if Diyala and Kunduz had a baby..it would be this. Well done!!
  10. Community Factions Project

    CIA SAD operatives, accompanied by Delta Operators, try to deescalate tensions with a local African warlord during negotiations. New gear and uniforms inbound for the next CFP update to eqiup your guerilla and covert units.
  11. This is correct. Siege lives in the city that was hardest hit of any area by Hurricane Florence. Catastrophic flooding, etc. It could be some time before he is able to get back to modding as I'm sure he has some very big "real life" concerns at the moment, as you would expect.
  12. Community Factions Project

    Hey everyone, So work continues. I'm nearing completion of the first version of North Korea. Mali, Chad, and some of the factions involved in the Sub Saharan/West African conflicts will also be in the next release, as well as Myanmar/Burma. We also continue our work towards constantly upgrading and adding to our existing CFP factions. We plan on releasing our next CFP update after the next CUPdate is live, as there are some exciting additions within CUP that we plan on taking full advantage of. Hope all is well.
  13. Winning the Hearts and Minds of the local population. Mods Used: CUP Terrains, CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Nikotoan's Static Animations.
  14. Israeli SF Raid on a Hamas Weapons Cache. Hezbollah Fighters advance in the Syrian countryside. Mods Used: CUP Terrains, CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Nikotoan's Static Animations Pack.
  15. @icebreakr Will Rowalla be similar in style to this regarding landscape? This is a beautiful terrain. Well done.