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  1. Community Factions Project

    Hey Pook, Faction classnames are on the workshop page. I’m out of town but I’ll shoot you the unit list when I get back home to my PC.
  2. Community Factions Project

    CUP German KSK Faction will continue to get a facelift/upgrades from us in the next update.
  3. Community Factions Project

    Some more Balaclava Variations I've added for next release.
  4. Community Factions Project

    Next update will see quite a bit of "spring cleaning" in it, along with some major faction releases like the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces. Camos have been reworked, Uniforms have been tweaked, and several items have been updated or removed in anticipation of a very large influx of new gear being added to CFP in the next few updates. An example of some of the US SF/CIA SAD gear with fixes, updates, etc.
  5. Community Factions Project

    We've already implemented an adjustment for the markers for next release. Kudos to Tupolov.
  6. Great stuff Dom, FYI, I'm seeing a lot of these in my RPTs Error position: <objectParent _Unit; if (_Foot) then { if> Error objectparent: Type Array, expected Object File Vcom\Functions\fn_ArmStatics.sqf [VCM_fnc_ArmStatics], line 10 Error in expression <VCM_fnc_ClstObj; private _Foot = isNull objectParent _Unit; if (_Foot) then { if>
  7. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1)

    Good stuff fellas. Love this mod when we do 2035 scenarios. This and the CSAT Replacement by Evancat are a welcome addition as opfors vs Vanilla "Iranian Space Bugs". Well done!
  8. Community Factions Project

    Work continues.... Islamic Republic of Iran Army
  9. Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I can also confirm seeing the "Sky Mines" lol.
  10. Community Factions Project

    Thanks. Will take a look and adjust accordingly. Will push fix in next update.
  11. Community Factions Project

    Being worked on as we speak. Iran will most likely be in the next major CFP Update
  12. Community Factions Project

    Our goal is to add 100 factions... If you’re worried about clutter...this ain’t your mod. Fair point on the naming. We’ll look at renaming to move CFP markers down
  13. Community Factions Project

    As CUP just updated today...I'll go ahead and be proactive here. Yes, we do plan on releasing a hotfix sometime this week to fix any issues that may arise from the new CUP update. Should have some nice additions throw in as well for a hotfix.
  14. Community Factions Project

    If we have the assets/ability to do so...we plan on covering or upgrading as much as we possibly can. Time, assets, and manpower are the major points that determine this. However, we've also learned that the Arma Community as a whole is pretty awesome as we have had several contributions to the project which you will see in the coming updates.
  15. Community Factions Project

    Some German KSK CUP Upgrades inbound in the next CFP Update.