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  1. @icebreakr Will Rowalla be similar in style to this regarding landscape? This is a beautiful terrain. Well done.
  2. YES!!!!!!! MORE AFRICAN MAPS!!!! Outstanding!! Thanks Ice!
  3. CFP factions are already set up to take advantage of VCOM..i.e. all CFP factions have dynamic static weapons teams and several also have UAV units. So it's just plug and play. We revamp several CUP factions as well and add dynamic static groups to those as well, along with our own custom factions. So again, it's plug and play with VCOM.
  4. Hello, Hello, I created the VCOM factions and yes, VCOM works on any unit out of the box. What I did for both my VCOM factions and what we are doing with Community Factions Project (CFP) is we created specific static weapon groups that take advantage of the ability of units to dynamically set up mortars, machine guns, etc. with VCOM active. It really takes the game to another level when you have AI that will set up a mortar, pummel the hell out of you, then disassemble the mortar and keep moving. That's the major addition that we added. We also have UAV groups that will dynamically utilize the UAVs they are carrying. Again..due to VCOM. Works for both 2.0 and 3.0.
  5. AI must have better autonomy.

    To OP, As others have mentioned, if you are looking for boosts in AI.... in my opinion after almost 5000 hours in Arma 3.... ALiVE + VCOM AI cannot be matched for an upgrade of both Strategic and Tactical AI. Those 2 modifications alone can vastly transform your Arma 3 experience.
  6. Community Factions Project

    Hello, We hope everyone is enjoying the new update. Work has begun on the next round which will focus on providing more interesting scenarios in the Pacific/Asian theater, including North Korea. Join our discord to talk all things CFP! https://discord.gg/TqmvnD
  7. Community Factions Project

    Hey guys, Dependency error has been fixed. Apologies as I was literally headed out the door for a mini vacation with the family. Should have tested prior but I was trying to be the nice guy and get the update out for the weekend. All good in the hood now. Hope y'all enjoy it.
  8. Community Factions Project

    I know the issue. Will fix. I’m away from home until Sunday but I’ll fix it then. If it’s causing issues, you can delete the irarmy pbo in the meantime.
  9. Community Factions Project

    VERSION 0.4.5 RELEASED We are proud to bring you the latest update from the CFP Mod Team! This update adds an additional 14 factions to the already existing content, as well as a plethora of new assets, uniform retextures, and more! RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS 16 NEW FACTIONS Israeli Defense Force Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces Hamas Al Qassam Brigades US Navy Seals Arid/Desert Faction US Navy Seals Jungle/Woodland Faction Completely overhauled CUP German KSK Woodland Faction Completely overhauled CUP German KSK Desert Faction US 75th Ranger Regiment Sudanese Armed Forces Sudan Rapid Support Forces / Janjaweed Sudan People's Liberation Movement North South Sudan People's Defense Force Ansar Allah (Houthis) Central African Rebels Sudan Revolutionary Front Sudan People's Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-O) NEW ASSETS Israeli Golani Helmet added New Balacalava variants New Facewear combos for Beards, Shades, Shemaghs Completely redone Cryes and Crye G3 uniforms New textures for various CUP weapons such as the Elcan SpecterDR scope, M4A3 Rifle, and the ANPEQ-15 The entire 75th Ranger Regiment mod and it's assets are now included in CFP (Special thanks to Hawaiian, Siege-A, and the entire 75th RR team for this gracious donation!) See full commit history on Github Download on Steam or on Dropbox
  10. Project OPFOR

    I would check to make sure that the vehicle had the proper crew in it. This sounds like perhaps one of the members of the vehicle are not on the same side as the rest so that is probably what is causing it. Just a shot in the dark though as I haven't used this mod in a while but I'd bet it's something like that. Hope that helps.
  11. Community Factions Project

    Glad you like it. You've probably noticed too that we already have our factions set up properly to utilize the outstanding dynamic static weapons when VCOM is active. So the mortar rounds will be flyin'. Next update should be coming out very very soon. Got some surprises we haven't announced yet in this thread coming in it as well. Stay tuned.
  12. [WIP] MINUSCA: Ouaka Region

    Nice to have some more African themed maps. Great to see this.
  13. Israeli Shayetet 13 return from an operation. Mods used: CUP, CFP, Nikotan Static Animations
  14. Community Factions Project

    CFP update inbound "very soon". Massive update across the board. Hope you guys like it. Here's a preview of the Israeli Shayetet 13
  15. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If you're interested in assymetric campaigns or scenarios using RHS I have this on the workshop. I think it's pretty good, but I'm biased. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=863134045