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  1. autigergrad

    3CB BAF Units

    Congrats fellas. Yall continue to be at at the top of the quality Arma 3 mods utilized by the community.
  2. autigergrad

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Great stuff fellas! For anyone using CFP/CUP Bundeswehr I made this Compatibility Addon that incorporates all of Redd and T4nk's wonderful vehicles and statics. Makes for a really nice, fleshed out Bundeswehr faction for missions/campaigns. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901425710 Thanks again for such a wonderful mod guys.
  3. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Community Factions Project: Redd'N'Tank Compatibility Addon Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901425710 This companion mod to CFP adds all of the wonderful Redd'N'Tank vehicles and static weapons to the CFP/CUP Bundeswehr. Big shout out to Redd and Tank for their wonderful mod!
  4. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    No it doesn’t add them, merely equips and unequips if the unit already has some.
  5. Mods Used: Community Factions Project, CUP
  6. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    VERSION 0.6.7 RELEASED We are proud to bring you the latest update from the CFP Mod Team! This update adds additional assets and factions to the already existing content, as well as several bug fixes and loadout revamps. RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS Added 1991 Gulf War Era US Faction in both Desert and Woodland Added 2003 Invasion of Iraq/Operation Enduring Freedom Era US Faction in both Desert and Woodland Added Saddam Hussein Regime Era Iraqi Faction Added Israeli Marom Tactical Vest, X95 Bullpup variants, and Backpack Added new BDUs and Raid Cut BDUs Added Night Vision Script which automatically equips/unequips Nightvision for AI units based on Daytime/Nightime. Script can be disabled through CBA settings and does not affect player units. Adjusted Sudanese Conflict Factions to be more in line with real world Superpower relations Added Armor/Mechanized units and groups to Taliban faction, Added MANPADS units to Taliban faction Overhauled loadouts for multiple factions with new gear and weapons Fixed incorrect weights on uniforms, vests, helmets, and backpacks Added missing preview images Download on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369691841 As always the CFP Team hopes you enjoy the mod!
  7. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Not in this update. There will be 1991 and 2003 era US forces as well as Gulf War/2003 Invasion era Hussein Regime Iraqi forces. Iran Iraq War era units are a possibility in the future. In the interim...we do have current day Blufor Iraq and Opfor Iran forces now that you could utilize for some interesting scenarios.
  8. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Most of the current CFP factions will have new goodies added in the next update which is very "soon".
  9. "US Soldiers and Special Forces detain and question suspected Taliban. Afghanistan...2003." Mods used: CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Lythium
  10. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    "US Soldiers and Special Forces detain and question suspected Taliban. Afghanistan...2003"
  11. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    New gear, new factions, new update coming "soon"
  12. "Army of the Czech Republic" Upgrades coming in the next CUPdate
  13. Mods Used: CUP, Nikoatan Static Animations
  14. "Updates to early 2000s era US Woodland Gear as well..."
  15. We've added quite a bit of early 2000s era US gear for the next CUPdate. Old school DCU BDUs, new textures for the Interceptor Vests, DCU patterned MICH and PASGT Helmets, and more.