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  1. The feature is functioning as designed. The override Orbat loadout is designed for non-virtualized units i.e. players or manually placed enemy units. Anything that is virtualized by ALiVE is not going to be affected by any manual changes in the editor. That would have to be changed via a script.
  2. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Elements of the Iraqi Regular Army (left) and Republican Guard (right) advance through Kuwait...August 1990 Saddam Era Iraqis will be added in the next CFP Update.
  3. Yes, all AI would be transferred to the HC
  4. Here's another peek at the WIP ALiVE Ambient Civ/Atmosphere module. Note that all you have to do is plop down the modules and hit play and it will populate towns/villages with civilians who will react dynamically both to combat and to the player based on hostility level. This may include a small riot with the civs pelting players with rocks if the mood strikes them. We've implemented auto-magic based on Civ. populations as well. Using Middle Eastern or African CUP or CFP factions will automatically trigger region specific sounds while patrolling those areas. You'll also notice appropriate sounds when gunfire erupts.
  5. It's in my workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924416304 Here's a sample of the WIP Civilian updates. My entire collection of Ambient sounds packs have been added in, as well as a large number of sounds from TPW's outstanding collection. You'll also notice the immersive effects of civilians screaming and running once gunfire breaks out nearby. Many other features are currently in progress, but I can firmly proclaim that this will be a night and day difference in immersion level once we have it ready for public release. And it will all function in a dedicated server/mp environment as well.
  6. I’m keeping the dev version on my workshop updated to the latest updates to our WIP civ modules. Note that it IS a dev version so expect some bugs and constant updates as we prep for the next public release. i think folks will be blown away with the new civ features.
  7. autigergrad


    Temppa, as a long time mission maker, your attention to 1. Beautiful Detail and 2. Functional terrains without a lot of areas for the potential of AI "chokepoints" that can cause issues ....are just some of the reasons I'm always impressed with your releases. Thank you so much. And also, thank you for this one as it definitely gives off a great North Africa type vibe as well. Kudos sir.
  8. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    I've just released a large scale ALiVE Insurgency campaign on Lythium using the newly overhauled SEALS and US CIA factions. OPERATION OVERWATCH Steam Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1711485378 Synopsis: Taliban Forces have continued to expand in the Lythium region of Afghanistan. Due to the uptick in insurgent activity, the President has ordered US Assets to deploy and assist the local Afghan military in quelling the insurgency. CIA SAD operatives have been in country for months establishing intelligence connections with the local population. US Special Forces will deploy and augment the already existing US presence. You are part of the US initiative to rid the Lythium region of Taliban activity. Question civilians, gain intel, locate Taliban installations and weapon caches and eliminate them. You have local Afghan assets to use in coordinated operations.
  9. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    VERSION 0.6.4 VERSION 0.6.4 RELEASED We are proud to bring you the latest update from the CFP Mod Team! This update adds additional assets to the already existing content, as well as several bug fixes and loadout revamps. RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS Fixed Syrian Army not spawning via ALiVE Fixed YPG Faction not spawning via ALiVE Added AOR1, AOR2, Flecktarn, Tropentarn Opscores Fixed Turret Error on Iranian BTR 90 Fixed Textures on IDF Opscores Complete overhaul of US CIA Middle East Faction Complete overhaul of Bundeswehr Woodland and Desert Factions Complete overhaul of US Navy Seals Woodland and Desert Factions Added Supply Boxes to Bundeswehr Factions Fixed Ballistic/Armor values of IDF Helmets and Miznefet Helmets Adjusted Ballistics and Supply values of RAV vests Adjusted RG31 textures to fit new CUP format Fixed Balaclava Error Continued support for ACE, VCOM AI, and ALiVE See full commit history on Github: https://github.com/tupolov/cfp Download on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369691841 Download on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdh1iyiuufukcar/%40CommunityFactionsProject.zip?dl=0 As always the CFP Team hopes you enjoy the mod!
  10. CIA and Special Forces assist ANA Commandos on the hunt for Taliban. Mods used: CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Lythium, Nikoatan's Static Poses
  11. For anyone wanting to try out the new RACS/SLA, I've put together a full map ALiVE Showcase based on the Sahrani Conflict. Requires CUP, CBA, and ALiVE only. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707318690
  12. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    It's in the plans. As far as now, we should have the CFP update coming out "soon" i.e. in the next few days.