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  1. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Not in this update. There will be 1991 and 2003 era US forces as well as Gulf War/2003 Invasion era Hussein Regime Iraqi forces. Iran Iraq War era units are a possibility in the future. In the interim...we do have current day Blufor Iraq and Opfor Iran forces now that you could utilize for some interesting scenarios.
  2. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Most of the current CFP factions will have new goodies added in the next update which is very "soon".
  3. "US Soldiers and Special Forces detain and question suspected Taliban. Afghanistan...2003." Mods used: CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Lythium
  4. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    "US Soldiers and Special Forces detain and question suspected Taliban. Afghanistan...2003"
  5. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    New gear, new factions, new update coming "soon"
  6. "Army of the Czech Republic" Upgrades coming in the next CUPdate
  7. Mods Used: CUP, Nikoatan Static Animations
  8. "Updates to early 2000s era US Woodland Gear as well..."
  9. We've added quite a bit of early 2000s era US gear for the next CUPdate. Old school DCU BDUs, new textures for the Interceptor Vests, DCU patterned MICH and PASGT Helmets, and more.
  10. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    "Kuwaiti-Iraqi Border...1991"
  11. "Kuwaiti-Iraqi Border 1991" Mods Used: CUP, Community Factions Project (CFP), Al Salman, Iraq Map
  12. autigergrad

    Community Factions Project

    Glad you guys are enjoying the mod. The initial goal of this was to create a "one stop shop" for mission makers with a wide array of options for scenarios by using a very small mod set. It's grown exponentially since the beginning. You can create an authentic Iraq conflict in one mission...then move to West Africa and the Mali conflict in another, followed by a fictional face off between Israel and Iran in another. As a dev for CUP as well as CFP, it's been a lot of fun seeing the additions in both in that time. I'm a huge fan of RHS, 3CB, and all of the other great unit mods out there and I feel like CUP/CFP is in a great spot to be used in conjunction with those great mods as well as on their own. I will say we have some very exciting additions coming in both CUP and CFP for the next iteration. Again, glad you enjoy the mod!
  13. Yes we are aware. Yes it's due to the latest Arma 3 update. We're working on fixing it back for next release.
  14. "Royal Commando Escort" Mods Used: CUP
  15. "Sahrani Royal Commandos escort the local commander to Paraiso" Taro has added multiple variants of his wonderful new BDU that will be making its way into the next CUPdate.