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  1. Loving the new terrains guys. We just indexed Aachen for ALiVE and I put together this 25 player slot MP mission on my workshop. Feel free to give it a whirl. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303505443
  2. FADING EMPIRE Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303505443 By September 1944, the Western Allies had reached Germany's western border, which was protected by the extensive Siegfried Line. On 17 September, British, American, and Polish forces launched Operation Market Garden, an ambitious attempt to bypass the Siegfried Line by crossing the Lower Rhine River in the Netherlands.The failure of this operation and an acute supply problem brought about by the long distances involved in the rapid drive through France, brought an end to the headlong Allied race toward Berlin. German casualties in France had been high - Field Marshal Walter Model estimated that his 74 divisions had the actual strength of just 25- but the Western Allies' logistical problems gave the Germans a respite, which they used to begin rebuilding their strength. In September, the Wehrmacht high command's reinforcement of the Siegfried Line brought total troop strength up to an estimated 230,000 soldiers, including 100,000 fresh personnel. At the start of the month, the Germans had had about 100 tanks in the West; by the end, they had roughly 500. What followed was a month of bloody fighting for the city of Aachen. *Mission Details, Mods, and PBO link are in Steam Workshop Description*
  3. Hello, I noticed that most of the vehicles and turrets are not available to be placed in Zeus. Did not know if you were aware. Excellent update guys.
  4. Is there an English version of the FFAA website?
  5. OPERATION RECLAMATION Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298842878 *Mods required and synopsis on Steam workshop page* *PBO for dedicated servers linked on Steam page* SITREP Iranian Forces have overwhelmed AAF units and taken control of Altis. In a quick response, the NATO has dispatched the USS Freedom and it's Carrier group to the Aegean in a quick counterstrike to this hostile action. You are a part of the ongoing NATO invasion of Altis to liberate the country from Iranian rule. Key features include: -An AI Troop spawner for users who want AI to join them in the fight. -VCOM AI script inside the mission. NO NEED TO RUN ANY OTHER AI MODS CLIENT SIDE! -My custom NATO ReplacementFaction that includes assets from Project Zenith. -The ability to call in for reinforcements, supplies, and to determine the best objective to complete through the ALiVE commanders tablet. -A dynamic Air Combat component with both friendly and enemy aircraft battling for air superiority overhead. -Full logisitics support to rearm, repair, and refuel vehicles in the field. -Full Persistent saves, for both dedicated servers AND for local saves! -Zeus enabled for Admins -HC Support enabled -A moveable spawn point that can be dynamically moved to anywhere on the map and will save through the persistent data as well to create dynamic, saveable FOBs while advancing **UNITS AVAILABLE TO THE PLAYERS** -1 PIlot - based on the USS Freedom with Attack Aircraft and a Jet Spawner -1 Rifle Squad - based at FOB Razor with APCs and Anti Air Vehicles -1 Recon Squad - based at FOB Razor with 6x6 ATVs, and Prowlers -1 Anti Armor Squad - based at FOB Razor with APCs, Prowlers, and 6x6 ATVs -2 Helo Pilots - based at the 7th Air Cav FOB with a Ghosthawk and Comanche available to them As always, hope you like it.
  6. [ALiVE, ACE, COOP, MP] Restrepo

    I'll be switching all of my missions on Steam to Local, as well as the pbo I link on dropbox.
  7. I saved using local on my dedi last night. Worked fine. Loaded fine.
  8. I tweaked the Tank Crew and Deck Crew...got rid of the ugly NATO Crew Helmet on both. Added some Van Schmoozin goodness to both. Will update with tweaks tonight. Some more pretty pics of the Nato Recon units and Nato Standard Infantry.
  9. UPDATE: Even though I didn't change weaponry, I DID change the default color for all NATO weapons and Night Vision Goggles to black. Because...well.... black is awesome.
  10. Project Zenith

    Hey guys, I put together a quick Zenith-NATO replacement config to replace the Vanilla gear with Van's great new Zenith pack for those that may want to use it in game. If you play singleplayer story mode, it will work as well. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293380108
  11. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293380108 The title says it all folks. Just a simple config that automatically replaces the Vanilla NATO helmets, uniforms, and vests with assets from Van Schmoozin's new Project Zenith mod. I also changed the default color tone for all NATO weapons and Night Vision Goggles to black. When active, this will also replace all of the vanilla assets mentioned above in the story mode/single player mode as well. I'll continue to tweak as necessary as Van Schmoozin adds more "stuff" to Zenith. Enjoy.
  12. Has anyone had any issues with some of the German vehicles not fully rendering in game? When I deploy an Opal Truck or several of the Panzers..graphically...they aren't fully rendering. It's bizarre. The graphics are very blocky, etc. Any thoughts on what is causing this? Edit: So I validated my ARMA 3 files and went back in game and now they look fine. So...weird. This was the only mod that did that. Not sure what happened.
  13. No love for Sahrani?

    Username on Steam is AuburnAlumni
  14. No love for Sahrani?

    I have several on Sahrani, Takistan, and Chernarus that I've posted on here and Steam.
  15. [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

    Still my favorite map in ARMA. I'm a massive fan of African Conflict scenarios and this one is tops for creating that environment. Looking forward to Rowella in the future too.