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  1. Community Factions Project

    We’re looking at it. AFAIK we are not impacted here.
  2. Community Factions Project

    We’re still working on upgrading the CUP US Army faction, however, it should be using our new uniform model and textures - let us know what you see, it may be a bug. Again, we used the Arma 2/CUP group definitions, which indeed did not include a medic. We will fix in the next release. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Community Factions Project

    Released! Another Hotfix We're releasing version 0.3.7 to address a bug with the custom voice protocol for Islamic State and to complete the clean up of CZ forces after the recent CUPdate. Keep in mind CFP is still in "Early Access" and we expect there to be minor quality/bug issues until we get to v1.0. Release Highlights Fixed Islamic State speaker bug Added new Olive Green Texture for the RG-31 Adjusted CZ armed forces after CUPdate See full commit history on Github Download on Steam or from our Github
  4. Community Factions Project

    Hey Taro, appreciate the testing! If you feel inclined, it would be good to have issues reported on our GitHub rather than the forum here. That way we can track them and include them in our dev sprints. Cheers!
  5. Community Factions Project

    Released! Hotfix We're releasing version v0.3.6 to address a small bug introduced with the recent update to CUP. Keep in mind CFP is still in "Early Access" and we expect there to be minor quality/bug issues until we get to v1.0. Still you lucky buggers also get the fruits of the last weeks labor, that include: Release Highlights Fixed bug on main menu due to recent CUPdate Added Western Ultranationalists (based on 3 Percenters) Updated Russian Desert Spetsnaz with upgraded assets Improved Russian Desert uniforms and loadouts Added German Fennek to Bundeswehr Desert faction Added varios Crye uniforms and Opscore Helmets Reduced US Army Delta loadouts Added FAKs to combatants, added Medikits to medics Added medic icons See full commit history on Github Download on Steam or from our Github
  6. Community Factions Project

    We'll take a look at it. Thanks for the support and feedback!
  7. Community Factions Project

    Yes. We added our own random tech. We followed a similar approach to BIS in this regard. This is all covered on the wiki on the CFP github. https://github.com/tupolov/cfp/wiki
  8. Community Factions Project

    Vehicles will be added if we get donations from the community, we're not creating our own at this point.
  9. Can you post your issue on our GitHub with your RPT for server and client? Thanks!
  10. Can you post your RPT on the issues page on the ALiVE GitHub? CFP are using Orbat Creator without issue. Previous versions of ALiVE are available on GitHub.
  11. Community Factions Project

    Good suggestion, we will look into it!
  12. Community Factions Project

    Spetsnaz Units coming soon...
  13. ALiVEmod.com The next generation dynamic persistent mission addon for ArmA3 Release 1.6.1 A New Chapter Firstly, we're very excited to announce that ArmaHosts have kindly offered to host the ALiVE War Room! This means cloud saving, AAR and stats are all back in action and War Room functionality has returned to normal! A massive thank you to Justin and the crew at ArmaHosts! With the server migration we removed game saves prior to April 6th, all stats and events/AAR remain. As the Arma 3 roadmap sees its final DLC ship, the ALiVE team are now very much moving into maintenance mode. Expect only minor updates to address any major bugs or issues as the Arma 3 platform is updated. Of course the ALiVE codebase is now completely open source so if anyone contributes fixes, new features, optimizations we will absolutely ensure these get released. For this release we have lots of bug fixes, new map indexes (for IFA thanks to HeroesandVillainsOS!) and we're announcing support for the Community Factions Project! We wanted to ensure that factions in CFP can operate in ALiVE and have access to supplies, logistics, civilian weapons etc. We have also updated Orbat Creator with additional functionality that makes it easier for the CFP team (and anyone else!) to create factions in Arma 3. Release Highlights Civilian Population - Added support for CUP Takistani civilians and CFP civilian factions Military Logistics - Added support for CFP factions Orbat Creator - Ability to auto generate faction crate configs, auto generate faction preview images (use Virtual Reality map), support for disabling ORBAT loadouts in 3DEN. Minor fixes. Map Indexes - Added: 10 IFA winter maps, Chernarus Redux Updated: Isla Duala Various - Performance and crash fixes See full commit history on Github Download Grab the latest version from ALiVEmod.com Also available from PlayWithSix, ArmAholic and Steam (Usually within 24 hours of this post) Please note that as with all updates, if you have an issue loading a mission made with a previous version of ALiVE, delete and replace the modules in that mission. Known Issues & Support Existing bugs are listed on Github here. Feel free to submit bugs (with vanilla repros please) or discuss any issues or ideas on our forum at http://alivemod.com/forum/. Manual Please refer to the ALiVE Wiki. All the info you need is there. If anything is missing or unclear, please let us know. Are you using Linux? ALiVE is fully supported on a Linux Dedicated Server (as well as Windows). In fact the ALiVE Official Server for testing is running Ubuntu. Here are some tips on getting ALiVE running smoothly on Linux and integrated with War Room - http://www.alivemod.com/forum/1916-setting-up-linux- dedi-server Acknowledgements and Thanks Particular thanks to all those on our support forum who have worked closely with us to identify bugs, provide logs and generally help us improve ALiVE. Your assistance is valuable and your dedication to ALiVE makes it all worth the effort! Have fun!
  14. Community Factions Project

  15. Requires the latest version of CBA A3 Requires the latest version of Community Upgrade Project (Weapons, Units and Vehicles). UPDATED 24TH JUNE 2018! "On behalf of the CFP team we are extremely excited to announce a new community mod designed to bring a rich and diverse set of factions to Arma 3! This ambitious project is off to a flying start with 30(!) new or enhanced factions, over 900 new custom items and support for ZEUS, VCOM, ACE3 and ALiVE. We're building factions using CUP as a base, as CUP includes a huge array of vehicles, weapons and equipment in use by today's aggressors. We specifically built the factions with mission making in mind, with a wide variety of groups (including static weapons) and support for mods such as ALiVE and VCOM. We're very thankful for the community donations of assets so far and we welcome the community in helping us to bring more factions to Arma 3!" - Tupolov & AUTigerGrad (CFP Lead Developers) CFP is a community project to provide Arma 3 with 100 new or enhanced real world factions/sub-factions involved in current and historical armed conflicts. CFP comes in two flavours - CFP and CFP Ultimate, only CFP requires Community Upgrade Project (CUP) while CFP Ultimate will require a number of community mods. CFP offers not only enhanced vanilla CUP factions but also a huge number of new factions using CUP and community donated assets. CFP includes custom assets and textures in order to help expand whats possible with CUP. CFP Ultimate will enhance base CFP factions (if running CFP) and introduces new factions using the most efficient combination of community gear, weapon and vehicle addons. CFP Ultimate will be announced soon(tm)! Factions are delivered in a modular way, enabling groups to maintain their own tailored version of CFP by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. CFP Features CFP plus CFP Ultimate provides 91 new factions! (excluding enhanced CUP factions) CFP introduces 59 new factions based on CUP + custom assets (including 9 new civilian factions) Replaces certain CUP factions with factions split by theater (i.e. Arid/Desert, Woodland/Jungle, Artic/Snow etc) Enhances certain CUP factions with additonal groups and loadouts (i.e. special forces) Includes AccuracyThruVolume's Iraq/Syria pack Includes SP Craig's gear pack Includes Siege-A's insignias and patches content Includes VanSchmoozin's vests and helmets content Includes 75th Rangers mod content, thanks to Hawaiian and co! Additional custom textures and assets donated by community members 900+ custom helmets, vests, uniforms, rucks and more Custom Supply Crates for each faction Randomization tech that provides variation of gear and equipment to appropriate units and vehicles resulting in hundreds of possible civilian, insurgent, PMC, clandestine operative and special forces units and vehicles. Standardizes faction and group configurations for the community Follows best practice configuration and implementation using CBA and ACE3 standards Full support for ZEUS, ALiVE, ACE3 and VCOM CFP Ultimate will enhance the CFP factions and introduces 32 new factions/sub-factions based on common community addons taking the total new or enhanced factions to over 100! CFP Factions CFP factions cover major current conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Philippines, Ukraine, South America and African states dealing with Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and islamic insurgencies such as Nigeria, Kenya, Central African Republic, Somalia, Yemen and Mali. In addition, western regular forces and special forces are represented along with historical and current aggressors. bold = Complete OPFOR Abu Sayyaf Al-Qaeda - cfp_o_alqaeda Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas) - cfp_o_hamas Al-Shabaab - cfp_o_alshabaab Boko Haram (Nigeria) - cfp_o_bokoharam Central African Rebels - cfp_o_cfrebels Columbian FARC Rebels Hezbollah - cfp_o_hezbollah Houthis (Yemen) - cfp_o_ansarallah IRA Iraqi Army (2003) Islamic Republic of Iran Army - cfp_o_irarmy Islamic State - cfp_o_isis Libyan National Army Mali Islamic Rebels Russian Ground Forces - split into various theater specific factions including Special Operations Forces - cup_o_ru, cfp_o_ruarmy_des Russian National Guard (formerly MVD) - cfp_o_rumvd Russian Navy Somali Rebels - cfp_o_sorebel South Thailand Insurgents Sudan Revolutionary Front - cfp_o_sdrebels Sudan People's Liberation Movement In Opposition - cfp_o_ssrebels Syrian Air Force Syrian Arab Army - cfp_o_syarmy Taliban Insurgents - cfp_o_tban INDFOR Al-Nusra - cfp_i_alnusra Afghani Militia Central African Republic Armed Forces Chechnya Militia Columbian Armed Forces Egyptian Armed Forces Free Syrian Army Islamic State - cfp_i_isis Myanmar Armed Forces PMC: Blackwater PMC: ION - split into various theater specific factions South Sudan People's Defense Force - cfp_i_ssarmy Sudan People's Liberation Movement North - cfp_i_sdrebels Tuareg Rebels - cfp_i_tuareg Ulster Loyalist Paramilitaries (Ulster Volunteer Force) UNAMID (Niger, Chad, Cameroon etc) United Nations - split into various theater specific factions Western Ultranationalists / Terrorist - cfp_i_westultra Yemen Armed Forces BLUFOR Afghan Police - cfp_b_afpolice Afghanistan Army - cfp_b_afarmy Armed Forces of the Czech Republic - split into theater factions - cfp_b_czarmy_wdl, cup_b_cz British Army - split into theater factions - cup_b_gb, cfp_b_gbarmy_wdl Bundeswehr (KSK) - split into theater factions - cfp_b_dearmy_wdl, cup_b_ger Iraqi Armed Forces - cfp_b_iqarmy Iraqi Police - cfp_b_iqpolice Israeli Defence Force - cfp_b_ilidf Jordanian Armed Forces Kenyan Defence Forces - cfp_b_kearmy Kurdish Peshmurga - cfp_b_pesh Libyan National Transitional Council / Government Forces Malian Government Forces Nigerian Armed Forces (Nigeria) - cfp_b_ngarmy Philippine Army Saudi Armed Forces Somali National Army Sudanese Armed Forces - cfp_b_sdarmy Sudanese Rapid Support Forces / Janjaweed - cfp_b_sdmilitia Ugandan Defence Forces - cfp_b_ugarmy Ukraine Armed Forces US 75th Rangers - cfp_b_usrangers_wdl US Army - split into theater factions (Delta Force enhanced) - cup_b_us_army, cfp_b_usarmy_wdl US CIA (Middle East) - cfp_b_uscia US CIA (South America) US Marine Corps - split into theater factions - cup_b_usmc, cfp_b_usmc_des US Navy SEALs - split into theater factions - cfp_b_usseals_des, cfp_b_usseals_wdl YPG (Syrian Kurds) - cfp_b_ypg CIVILIAN African (Christian) - cfp_c_afrchristian African (Muslim) - cfp_c_afrislamic Asian International Committee of the Red Cross Afghani/Pakistani - cfp_c_afg Middle Eastern (Iraqi/Syrian/Libyan) - cfp_c_me South American Customizing load-outs for CFP units in 3D Editor (3DEN) CFP uses technology to script and randomize loadouts of units - this provides a massive variety for the units you'll see on the battlefield. In order to customize the loadouts of units in 3DEN editor, you will first need to disable the scripted loadout and/or the randomization. To do this simply: Right-Click the unit in 3D Editor (3DEN) Select Attributes Check the box Override ALiVE ORBAT Loadout and/or Disable CFP Randomization as needed. Contributors Tupolov AUTigerGrad AccuracyThruVolume Archduke SP Craig VanSchmoozin Siege-A Hawaiian For more information Please come join us over at out GitHub page! Download You can download Community Factions Project mod from Github here or on Steam. License CFP is currently licensed under the Creative Commons No-Derivatives 4.0 License [CC-ND]. Known Issues Iraqi Police do not carry certain items such as map or radio. FAQ Q. Why use CUP and not RHS? A. CUP offers a huge array of vehicles, weapons and equipment that really covers many modern day forces. The progress CUP is making around quality and quantity has been significant and they continue to improve as they move closer to complete coverage of Arma 2 assets. CFP provides new and hopefully improved textures (and where necessary models) for each new faction. RHS, although a great quality mod, does not give us the quantity of assets needed. CUP is also more open for development purposes and we feel CFP is a great compliment to such a comprehensive piece of work. Finally, we had to take into consideration compatibility with Arma 3 and other mods, particularly around vehicle damage models etc.