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  1. oukej

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    You're correct about the behavior and sadly it's not been exposed. It's an older mechanic (improved during A3 post release development) that makes the AI not pick a cover position in the enemy cone of fire (a kind of a beaten zone) or even just the enemy's possible fire sectors.
  2. oukej

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    They are for AIBrainSuppressionComponent. Can't check AIBrainAimingErrorComponent atm, the defaults might be different there. If you define them in the config the engine will take those.
  3. oukej

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It can affect the "old innacuracy system" which only increases weapon dispersion for the AI. (Unlike DCE which changes actual AI aiming) To tune that you'd use aiDispersionCoefX/Y of the weapon and define different dispersion for fire modes depending on their requiredOpticType (If present, such firemode would be available to AI only if the weapon is equipped with an optic of a corresponding opticType. If not present, set to -1 as default, such firemode would be available to AI for all optics (even none)). This approach has not really been utilized in vanilla. It may still happen, without promises.
  4. oukej

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    As for the lack of feedback that the AI is suppressed - I fully agree. When the suppression was being made we already knew it wont be possible to communicate it well to the player due to our limitations back then when it comes to anim. manpower, the anim. system itself and code complexity of AI decision making. Wasn't the only time we went for "at least something" over "nothing". Whether that's generally a good bussiness idea I can't judge 😄
  5. oukej

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    @nkenny You may have found it yourself already - you can tweak the behavior via configfile >> "CfgBrains" >> "DefaultSoldierBrain" >> "Components" >> "AIBrainSuppressionComponent" maxSuppression = 1.0; worstDecreaseTime = 10.0; // in seconds for 0.0 skill bestDecreaseTime = 1.0; // in seconds for 1.0 skill SuppressionRange = 20.0; CauseFireWeight = 0.5; CauseHitWeight = 0.5; CauseExplosionWeight = 0.5; CauseBulletCloseWeight = 0.5; and configfile >> "CfgBrains" >> "DefaultSoldierBrain" >> "Components" >> "AIBrainAimingErrorComponent" maxAngularError = 0.130899694 // half of the error cone in radians maxAngularErrorTurrets = 0.087266462 // half of the error cone in radians, used for turrets worstDecreaseTime = 2.0 // how long (in seconds) it should take 0.0 skilled soldier to stabilize the aim completely bestDecreaseTime = 0.2 // how long (in seconds) it should take 1.0 skilled soldier to stabilize the aim completely lostTargetTimeMin = 0.5 // how soon after loosing sight of target, error starts to raise lostTargetTimeMax = 3.0 // how long error is raising after loosing sight of target shootingInfluence = 0.4 // importance of shooting in algorithm, multiplier movingInfluence = 1.0 // importance of moving in algorithm, multiplier turningInfluence = 1.0 // importance of turning in algorithm, multiplier damageCoef = 10.0 // importance of damage of entity, multiplier fatigueCoef = 10.0 // importance of fatigue of entity, multiplier suppressionCoef = 0.5 // importance of suppression value, multiplier lostTargetCoef = 3.0 // importance of loosing target event, multiplier Relevant properties in the cfgAmmo config are https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgAmmo_Config_Reference#suppressionRadiusBulletClose https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgAmmo_Config_Reference#suppressionRadiusHit shootDistraction = 1.0; // below 0 means it decreases dynamic error (DCE) which each shot, above 0 increases DCE which each shot, if the parameter is -1, the value will be calculated as 0.01 * (audibleFire^2 + visibleFire^2) All kudos go to @klamacz 😉
  6. oukej

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Please, give it a go, turn it upside down, do some AI road rage, etc. 🙂 And let us know if you encounter a situation where the AI would behave even worse than before. Also big big thanks to CUP for playing with the PID and tweaking it to improve the tank driving AI!
  7. I am sorry, there is no configuration of different accuracy per different target type. There is - on the target side (cost & threat) and on the used ammo side (aiAmmoUsageFlags). However the cost property has unfortunately been used for different mechanics over the OFP/Arma life span and at this point it's quite an ominous thing. It can't be adjusted easily for just one of its purposes. Other problems could arise with reevaluation of the targets which doesn't happen as often.
  8. I am afraid that if we allowed the AI tank gunners to shoot at helicopters they would be too good at it and players would complain. Also the AI could easily get too fixated by any enemy helicopter and would ignore ground combat. If we wanted to balance it out by limiting their accuracy or speed of the target they can engage, we'd have to limit it for all targets, crippling the tank crew efficiency even against "normal" ground targets. So I'd rather leave it as it is. Out of curiosity - according to our advisor for Tanks DLC engaging helicopters with the cannon (+FCS) was an actual part of their gunnery training 😎
  9. No Dev-Branch update this week due to a focus on the upcoming 1.92 Update. Please, try out its Release Candidate with us this - final - weekend and let us know about any issues you encounter!
  10. 18-04-2019 EXE rev. 145618 (game) EXE rev. 145618 (launcher) Size: ~894.5 MB DATA Added: Sand 5.56 STANAG magazines to the magazine wells Tweaked: AKSU magazine proxy replacement timing Tweaked: Adjusted camo of magazines used in the editor-placed weapons which are using magazine proxies Tweaked: Adjusted RPG-7 magazine proxy switching and slightly adjusted the proxy position Tweaked: The BLUFOR M320 does not shine so much anymore Tweaked: Increased the MX SW rate of fire to 750 rounds per minute Fixed: NATO vehicles in the Remnants of War campaign were using Pacific liveries Fixed: Typo in the function body of BIS_fnc_setDate (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82819) Fixed: A few remaining vehicles in which it still was not possible to open the compass Fixed: CTRG story character loadouts Fixed: The Varsuk turbine was audible even when the tank had been wrecked (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136457) Fixed: Zubr .45 ACP magazine well definition Warlords Added: You can now blacklist units the AI will purchase by using WLAIRequisitonBlacklist[] = {}; with an array of blacklisted infantry classnames in you scenario's description.ext file Added: The cost of any asset can now be changed in the scenario's description.ext file (details) Removed: Respawn backpacks from Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Static defenses no longer limit the maximum group size even when deleted Fixed: Vehicles presets in the editor would not be spawned for sectors owned from the start by BLUFOR or OPFOR Fixed: Friendly fire penalty issues Fixed: Funds transfer exploit Fixed: Sector vote calculation for dead players Eden Editor Tweaked: Added better error reporting for incompatible markers; upgraded to serialize the 3D position instead of 2D Tweaked: Increased precision of the marker position when serializing Fixed: Environmental sounds were audible in the Eden Editor after loading or starting new scenarios even if they had been disabled in preferences ENGINE Documentation of some of the changes / additions will be added soon™ Added: kickTimeout settings in the server configs Added: OnUserKicked event handler for the server configs Added: kick.txt which works in sync with the new kickTimeout server config parameter (it is stored alongside ban.txt) Added: A server config parameter lobbyIdleTime to manage players sitting idle in the mission/role selection or briefing Added: calculatePath script command Added: PathCalculated entity event handler Added: addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo and addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargoGlobal script commands Tweaked: allowedVoteCmds extended with a 'friendly ratio' - players are kicked if enough of players of the same side vote to kick Fixed: ban.txt would sometimes be read from or written to the game root, other times the user folder. From now on, it's always the user folder. Fixed: It was not possible to write into ban.txt and kick.txt Fixed: lnbSetTooltip (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T83315) Fixed: Year would not always sync when setDate was called from the server Fixed: animatePylon and setAmmoOnPylon would not take a pylon name as an argument Fixed: Crash in the voting system Fixed: Using waitUntil with Nil made the script enter a state of infinite suspension Preliminary documentation for: kickTimeout, onUserKicked, side-votekick-ratio - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-190-performance-binary-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=3350010 votingTimeOut, roleTimeOut, briefingTimeOut, debriefingTimeOut, lobbyIdleTimeout - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-190-performance-binary-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=3351042 LAUNCHER Added: Creator DLC Global Mobilization is now visible as optional DLC Tweaked: Texts
  11. oukej

    Please fix exploding vehicles when hit

    We've tried to get rid of the rollover explosions roughly around the time of the introduction of broken rotor blades. However we weren't able to fix the underlying issue of aircraft falling through the terrain (partially caused by different simulations - PhysX, Rotorlib and old Arma at the same time). So we've retained the explosions as a workaround. We don't like it either.
  12. 09-04-2019 EXE rev. 145537 (game) EXE rev. 145540 (launcher) Size: ~1.5 GB DATA Added: Magazine proxies to the following weapons: AKM, AK-12, AKS, MX, CAR-95, TRG-21, Mk20, Mk14, RPG-7, SPAR-16 (and expanded magazine wells with additional weapons)* Added: Van (Ambulance) is now using a custom sound controller for its siren Added: getMarkerPos [markerName, preserveElevation] for working with the Z coordinate Added: BIS_fnc_markerToString, BIS_fnc_stringToMarker, BIS_fnc_stringToMarkerLocal serialization functions Added: "EmptyLoadout" config class for the creation of empty unit loadouts Added: Scripted Event Handler OnGameInterrupt Fixed: Pacific NATO and CSAT UGV groups should now have Tropical versions of UGVs Fixed: Respawn Backpacks / camps now work correctly in MP; can also be placed by Zeus Fixed: Texts for the Clear All Mines waypoint were not localized * This change allows different types (f.e. color) magazines to be loaded into the same weapon dynamically, but the NATO (Pacific) and Syndikat loadouts (characters, containers, and vehicle cargos) have changed! Warlords Added: Unless their base is under attack, all playable units are now invulnerable after respawn until they leave the base (60 seconds maximum) Added: Long-range AA defense assets (SAM sites / radars) Added: Autonomous defenses are now limited to 3 per player Added: Parameter for maximum Command Points Added: Custom offset parameter for the Defenses Added: Friendly Fire protection for requested assets (first 3 minutes after being requested) Added: Team balance parameter Changed: Most requested assets are now locked by default and can be unlocked either directly via the Action menu or through the Strategy tab in the Request menu Changed: Increased the cost of repair and ammo trucks as well as the Rhino Changed: The Subordinates limit was increased to 3 for the 64-player Altis scenario Tweaked: The cost of planes was increased Fixed: Various script errors Eden Editor Added: Loading a scenario in Eden Editor will now call the "init3DEN.sqf" script in the scenario folder (when present). This can be useful for executing scenario-specific editor functionality. Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF was not saving vehicle appearances correctly ENGINE Fixed: Non-local tank suspension looked wrong in multiplayer Fixed: Extreme volumes are no longer possible with playSound3D Fixed: Players were not considered in the list of a trigger when they entered a vehicle of another group LAUNCHER KNOWN ISSUE: Some buttons may not have the correct tool-tips Added: DLC support in Launcher (preparing for official third-party DLC) Added: Offical Servers tab in the SERVERS category
  13. No Dev-Branch update last week - because the update today was worth waiting for 😉
  14. No Dev-Branch update last week. Paving the lot for Bohemia Sandbox instead.