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  1. 22-02-2019 No new EXEs Size: ~14 MB DATA Fixed: HEMTT wrecks (NATO Pacific variants) have now the correct camo applied Eden Editor Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF did not preserve trigger altitude correctly Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF got corrupted when exporting attribute expressions longer than 8096 characters Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF returned incorrect entity ID values when autonomous drones were present in the mission ENGINE No EXE changes today
  2. RC has been just updated.
  3. 14-02-2019 EXE rev. 145343 (game) EXE rev. 145343 (launcher) Size: ~271 MB DATA Changed: MH-9 no longer has a crosshair. A new section was added: "aiming_dot". Now it can be retextured or removed using setObjectTexture (index 1). Changed: Enabled retexturing of the FV-720 Mora exterior pilot view Tweaked: The RPG-42 sight cover is now closed when the weapon is not being used Tweaked: A bullet gets hidden now when reloading the Protector 9mm Tweaked: Improved the syntax of the power line wire destruction script Added: Gorgon commander now has a settle-in animation Fixed: Shading issues of the UAV Terminal models Fixed: Some Titan launcher icons were using wrong icons or missed the rear caps Fixed: Camo nets shadow flickering when the model switched to the second shadow LOD Fixed: BLUFOR (Pacific) variants of UGV_01 (Stomper) were not available in Zeus Fixed: Missing polygons hole in the 1st resolution LOD of the Hellcat helicopter Warlords Fixed: It's no longer possible to obtain mortar bags in Warlords through an exploit in Arsenal Eden Editor Added: Reference to the spawned airplane in the CAS module (_module getVariable "plane") Added: "Combo" attribute in Eden Editor is now capable of showing a "tooltip" property defined in class Values of the attribute itself Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF now executes init code in a non-scheduled environment to simulate regular scenarios better Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF now preserves the group of drone crews, so group settings and waypoints are not lost Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF was sometimes not assigning the group leader correctly Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF was not initializing vehicles in vehicles Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF accidentally exported virtual UAV crews to the layers list Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF was not creating mines and explosives correctly Fixed: Keyframe Animation module texts have been localized ENGINE Fixed: AI directional radio reports now again use the relative direction from a formation instead of the world direction (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128200)
  4. oukej

    ArmA 3 AI Pathing Rant

    Arma 3 AI can only walk on objects and structures using simple paths and positions defined in the model. The original main focus of the OFP/ARMA series has been open terrains and streets and covers in urban areas rather than interiors. In buildings the AI has been mainly used to man static positions rather than to use buildings dynamically. It has been out of the scope of A3 development to change this AI system (no matter how much we'd like to). Knowing the limitations - it's been a tough and controversial call - we have still created some unique locations on our terrains (Kavala Castle, Ghost Hotel on Altis, Temple or rock formations on Tanoa) which have limited AI accessibility or are not suited for usage with (moving) AI at all.
  5. It should work with any "vehicle", including the "character vehicle" or entity. Just add/change/override the panel component. >> "Components" >> "VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentLeft" >> "Components" >> "VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentRight" >> "Components" >> "VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentMyCustomPositionXthPanelThatIWontBeAbleToControlByAnUserActionButItCanStillBeThere" You need to specify in the component: componentType = "VehicleSystemsDisplayManager"; When the panel components are completely missing (e.g. as it is now with vanilla characters) then - depending on the panel position or availability of sensors in a vehicle/entity - it falls back to use one of these: configfile >> "DefaultVehicleSystemsDisplayManagerLeft" configfile >> "DefaultVehicleSystemsDisplayManagerLeftSensors" configfile >> "DefaultVehicleSystemsDisplayManagerRight" configfile >> "DefaultVehicleSystemsDisplayManagerRightSensors"
  6. Most probably not, I am really sorry about that. Can you point us to the pack please?
  7. No Dev-Branch update this week due to logistical issues
  8. oukej

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    To me in a way the closest one to the full scale combat and freedom that OFP brought was probably Wargasm. Back in our early prim. school age we used to play a lot of Dune 2, Strike Eagle III and Wolfenstein 3D. Funnily enough, Wolfenstein 3D scared me off 😄 the classic FPS genre a bit for a long time and I spent a lot of time with strategy and sim games. Otherwise late 90's were quite rich in sims (Jane's, Novalogic...:/) and tactical games. To name a few F/A-18 Korea, Longbow, JSF, A-10 Cuba, Enemy Engaged, Spec Ops, Delta Force, Rainbow Six (I'd probably be still able to tell each team's route to the hostage room in the embassy mission. Only had demos back then and I'd just play that one demo mission over and over, exploit it and have fun with it... ). And 1944 Across the Rhine, the first game I bought myself. Classics like Doom or Duke Nukem 3D - I'd only play them in MP on LAN in school. But then Unreal brought the bots and mods and since then I might have spent the most of my gaming time just by messing around with mods and AI. (UT Assault missions with weapon mods like Strike Force and Infiltration, or Tactical Ops ❤️). And OFP demo - played the mission until I managed to destroy all the armor at the end. And I still had to evac. Such disappointment. So linear :P. BIS PLS FIX 😉 Next time I stole the helicopter...
  9. 29-01-2019 EXE rev. 145335 (game) EXE rev. 145335 (launcher) Size: ~69.6 MB DATA Fixed: T-100 Varsuk & 2S9 Sochor driver PiP camera view was obstructed by the cannon (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136231) Fixed: White edges on the icons of some of the accessories
  10. No Dev-Branch update this week due to "logistical issues"
  11. 09-01-2019 EXE rev. 145316 (game) EXE rev. 145304 (launcher) Size: ~60.6 MB DATA Added: Parameter for the number of steps (animation frames) in BIS_fnc_resizeMarker Added: A new variant of Dragon Teeth (old looking) Tweaked: Vehicle wheel durability ENGINE Added: A new parameter for the compile script command (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T135718) compile[string expression, bool forceDisableCache] Tweaked: Improvements in compile script caching (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T135718)
  12. 20-12-2018 EXE rev. 145199 (game) EXE rev. 145199 (launcher) Size: ~262.5 MB DATA Added: Additional olive reskins for NATO Pacific vehicles (work-in-progress)* Added: MRL standalone magazine prop Added: Small animation for raising the engine of Assault Boats when they are transported in other vehicles Fixed: Assault boat was missing a vehicle transport class and it didn't use memory point defined bounding boxes Fixed: AI can now walk inside of Castle Tower Fixed: Gendarmerie Commander Uniform was not displaying insignia Fixed: Cloth_plate.bisurf was missing the thickness parameter for a proper plate-like behavior Fixed: Material assignment to arms and legs in the face configuration Fixed: SPAR-16S pistol grip textures Fixed: Camo selections for AK12 and added a third camo selection to the AK12 with grenade launcher Fixed: AAF crewmen were respawning with a wrong vest Fixed: Pushing items of the same priority in the Priority Queue function Fixed: DateTime function calculation for when the date goes over the actual year Tweaked: Further decreased ADR-97 bullet hit value Tweaked: Improved ADR-97 textures Fixed: The ADR-97 magazine name didn't mention the caliber Fixed: It should be easier to interact with the Infostand (2-leg) (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128135) Fixed: High variants of HMG / GMG were using wrong icons in Virtual Garage Tweaked: Static AA and AT now use the Titan AT and AA FM descriptions Tweaked: All supply trucks now have a consistent supply radius, resource capacity, and destruction explosion Tweaked: Offroad and LSV tire durability Added: Unique Virtual Garage icons to Mk41 VLS / Mk45 Hammer * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Apex expansion. Warlords MP Added: Team killing penalty. For every 3 friendly kills, players suffer a 60 seconds black screen without the ability to use weapons followed by a forced respawn. This persists through disconnecting and reconnecting to a server. Added: Players now have the ability to get rid of their purchased subordinates and vehicles via the Action Menu Added: Parameter to enable sector voting resets Tweaked: Individual players can no longer have more than 20 active assets at a time (this includes vehicles, aircraft, ships, static defenses, and ammo boxes). Infantry limits remain the same. Tweaked: Airdrops on the player's location are now much more expensive Tweaked: Static weapons and ammo boxes are now deleted after a substantial timeout (3 times the normal vehicle time removal timeout) Tweaked: Destroyed vehicles are now deleted much sooner Tweaked: A sector with an unusable airstrip was removed from the Whole Altis scenario Tweaked: The Molos airfield sector now has a lower CP income and is defended more heavily Tweaked: Additional assets were added to the Request tables; some other asset costs have been tweaked as well Tweaked: The Sector Scan cost has been raised to 350 CP Tweaked: Sector seizing times now have hard limits so large sectors don't take an unreasonably long time to seize (custom timeout settings are not limited) Tweaked: You now have more time to leave a locked out sector if sector voting was reset Tweaked: Arsenal and Last Loadout availability is now limited to owned sectors Tweaked: It is no longer possible to select disassembled mortars in Arsenal Fixed: Warlords would not start properly on terrains with unusually defined runways Fixed: Airplanes should zero in on their approach vectors more quickly Fixed: Players can now dismiss even AI subordinates that they've already had in their group when joining to the game Fixed: Players no longer retain the waypoints assigned to their group prior to joining the game Fixed: Players who joined in progress would not be able to request Sector Scans for sectors that were scanned before Fixed: Players are now able to wear side-appropriate uniforms Fixed: Vehicle descriptions in some languages were too long Fixed: Some airdropped assets could fall too abruptly Fixed: Respawn locations far away from the base when it's targeted would not be selected on safe spots Fixed: Requesting Fast travel when it's already in progress is no longer possible ENGINE Increased Dev-branch EXE version to 1.91 Added: say3d command extension to exclude speech category sounds from the filtering Fixed: Some achievements couldn't be completed (ModelStudent, Puppeteer, Arsenal (Dressing Doll), GuardianAngel, GetArrested, PunchOut) Fixed: Various issues with the improved MP security measures (cache handling, v2 signature compatibility, -serverMod etc.) Fixed: The game could freeze on startup with the file system thread turned off (e.g. -exThreads=6) Fixed: setGroupIconsSelectable would not return NOTHING LAUNCHER Added: Support for the Warlords game type, highlighted it and removed the highlight from the Vanguard game type
  13. running servers with verifySignatures enabled running multiple server instances on one server box, launched sequentially or all at once running servers on linux / windows running servers via some server management service running the servers with a large amount of mods (e.g. >50GB) mods signed with v2 and v3 signatures using -serverMod= and standard -mod= mods allowing client-side mods running the servers with various start-up params any specific, non-standard or abusive usage of servers you can think of ;) then joining the servers with a correct mod set, wrong mod set, client-side mods, missing signatures, altered addons... trying to hack it And any combination of the above :)
  14. RC testing of Update 1.90 has started. Steam branch access code: Arma3Update190RC Arma 3: ~142.7 MB / Arma 3 Server ~53.7 MB The primary goal of this update is to reintroduce the MP security measures that have been rolled back with the 1.88 Hotfix after they had initially caused mod compatibility issues in the multiplayer in the 1.86 Update. As such this update is limited in scope and may not contain the usual variety of fixes or general improvements. Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog): Added: Improvements to multiplayer security systems related to addon loading, encryption, and server checks (reintroduced with fixes and improved cache handling) ☛ FEEDBACK GOES HERE ☚