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  1. I am sorry about the caused troubles :( There have been related changes in the Update 1.86 (https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00082) Here is a short info about the changes with a how-to guide for updating models:
  2. yup, but FYI in any case 1 also defaults to 2 ;) (in Arma 3)
  3. 06-12-2018 No Dev-Branch update this and the last week due to a focus on 1.86 Update and 1.88 Hotfix
  4. The hotfix has been released.
  5. Can you please share the mod list you are using?
  6. Please try out the hotfix available @ rc_limited branch with beta access code LimitedRCBranch186 and report if the issues you were experiencing are now gone and it behaves the same as it behaved in 1.84. (cache not released, multiple instances hanging, people unable to connect, server side mods not working....) steamCMD -beta rc_limited -betapassword LimitedRCBranch186 Verify in RPT that you're running the correct version (1.86.145242). The hotfix build may look compatible with the current stable one, but it's not. Type: Public Build: Stable Version: 1.86.145242 You can also join the Discord #Troubleshooting or #server_admins threads for immediate comms. Thanks a lot!
  7. It is one of the possibilities. (FYI - in the old sign. check there were some holes that could've been abused by hackers and which we aimed to shut down by verification layers in 1.86)
  8. That issue we had before on the Release Candidate branch and which we fixed had been reporting failed signature checks. Common "Session lost" failures only appeared now after an update to the Main branch.
  9. The indication in the browser is a separate issue and as by itself it does not prevent you from joining a server - you may try it, players are reporting that apart from the browser indication everything is fine. But you'll probably bump into another issue - the primary one we're currently dealing with - a failure to connect to a server with verifySignatures=2 that results in a simple "session lost" or "connection failed" message (never a message about wrong keys or signatures). Definitely not an intention. Just having bikeys from the signed addons in your Arma 3 Server/Keys folder should be enough to allow client-side mods. This has been also tested and functional. Rly sorry to hear this :( Definitely not, our goal was that the security improvements do not require any immediate changes in the mods. Some issues with v2 were why we delayed the updated, fixed the issues and kindly asked everyone to test the RC with us again. We are really sorry about all the issues - please trust us, we've been extra careful to make sure by all means available to us that the update runs smoothly with no change to existing mods required. However there's one thing I believe I need to say about us here trying to improve the multiplayer security of Arma 3. What we're basically doing here is encouraging 99% of our players to modify and change the game while trying to prevent the evil 1% from doing the same. In such an open and moddable environment as Arma 3 it's not an easy task and it's nearly impossible to thoroughly test mp security related changes on a scale in which they will be deployed after an update. Arma 3 is bigger than us and it couldn't be as big if there wasn't a cooperation with players, server admins, modders and our community. tl;dr - our goal was to improve the security, give you tools to fight hackers, deny script kiddies from wrecking your fun in your multiplayer sessions, without altering how you were able to mod or customize your game up to this point. Apparently we've failed at some points and we're sorting it out. Please, bear with us.
  10. We've tested it ourselves successfully, including several mods in various tests (e.g. CBA, ACE, RHS, CUP, Exile, Unsung...). We've also got some positive reports of the issue fixed from the Release Candidate testing over the weekend. (Only wish we were able to get more RC usage and smash more bugs with it) We're on it. The goal of the security improvements was to make verifySignatures catch more malicious attempts, not to have it disabled :/ And it should work with any previously signed mod, in short both - v2 and new v3 signatures. We are really sorry about those issues!
  11. Weapon tests

    Definitely not intended (unless you're hitting some weak part of an APC or AWC, afaik e.g. Nyx shouldn't be able to protect you 360° from .50) Yup, agreed, it's a bug and to be fixed :).
  12. SPOTREPs

    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  13. The mod is now becoming a part of vanilla game with Update 186. Classnames and cfgPatches were retained so all your mods should now work with just the vanilla game.