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  1. This only relates to recent changes which we'll try to provide info about asap :) Taking this discussion over here
  2. Love them bulletpoints :) Will try to answer what I can atm Missile warnings - we probably won't be removing the MWR but there's now a way a limit distance how far the vehicle can detect an incoming missile. Maneuverability - can be adjusted. The key for configuration was that if the target is flying straight the missile should be able to reliably hit any target that can be locked. For the CSAT short-range, high off-boresight missile this means quite some aerobatics. But it should still be possible to outmaneuver both SR and MR missiles - the missiles are flying towards your "future position". Fly perpendicular to the missile, wait for it to get close and pull up at the right moment. Remember that few seconds after the launch the missiles are just 'gliding'. Arma missiles don't have boost sustain engines. Spoofing - no change planned in here, sorry. Proximity - currently the range for proximity explosions is set to ~20m for short-range and ~30m for medium-range missiles. The indirect damage should still harm the plane if the missile explodes at this distance. Are you certain about being able to gain lock (mark the target) through the smoke screen with IR or visible spectrum sensors? Smoke by itself doesn't break the lock (the "countermeasure ammo" that is released together with smoke however does). The system's not ideal. But you shouldn't be able to mark/lock a target when LoS is blocked by a smoke.
  3. The planes (except of Neophron or Wipeout) don't have any actual "armor". It's mainly kinetic rounds and anything that ricochets or penetrates the fuselage too cleanly (without hitting engine, control surf., etc.). Otherwise the idea remains that jets should be glass cannons and should be vulnerable even to small arms fire - they should rely mainly on speed and altitude.
  4. Sabot round. Probably went through some noncritical part or ricocheted without loosing any energy thus without dealing any real damage. It's a damage modelling issue. We're aware of it.
  5. Probably the easiest way is to catch the projectile object via fired eventHandler and do some trigonometry. For better visualization we intend to add shots diagnostic (what you see here) to the diagnostics exe.
  6. Kajman's 30 mm is a bit of a special case. As a gatling-style cannon it should have a lower precision than revolver cannons. On the other hand - as you mentioned - it's fire rate is pretty low. When compared to other gatling-style cannons it has the lowest fire rate but also the lowest dispersion (with APDS round). Few numbers for Kajman as well: 1000 30 mm HE shots @ 1000 m ~55% @ < 2.5 m radius ~96% @ < 5 m median 2.3 m 1000 30 mm APDS shots @ 1000 m ~63% @ < 1.9 m radius ~96% @ < 3.9 m median 1.65 m
  7. Some weapons were too accurate even when compared to their real counterparts (especially gatling types, HMGs, GMGs) and it was possible to use them as way too accurate "sniper" weapons. Having similar long range single-shot kill certainty as with the tank cannons or APC autocannons. But even those were simply "laser precise" without any dispersion at all. It should be now scaled with a better understanding of the purpose of each weapon. The Marshalls 40mm should still be very precise. This is few shots APFSDS at a 2m diameter target @1000m now (after the change): The difference should already be there in case of dual feed cannons (different muzzle) - e.g. the mentioned Marshall, Kamysh or also the Kajman. Some test-firing 500 40mm APFSDS shots @ 1000m ~75% @ < 0.35m radius (which might be still more precise than what these weapons realistically are) ~95% @ < 0.5m 500 40mm GPR-T shots @ 1000m ~60% @ < 0.35m radius ~76% @ < 0.5m ~95% @ < 0.9m You can also check one article about gun test here https://quillorcapture.com/tag/90mm/ with a target image (but without actual data). (thx @Damian90 for the reference link) Anyway, as always :), this is very much open to the feedback and changes are possible :)
  8. in cfgSurfaces, property surfaceFriction There's also maxSpeedCoef property that multiplies the maxSpeed of vehicle traversing the surface (depending also on the vehicle's terrainCoef.) The brakeIdleSpeed currently only works for wheeled vehicles :/
  9. The "autobrake" can be annoying, but atm we can't remove it in order to prevent vehicles from moving on their own (vehs atm are always "in gear"). You have to ask your dismounts to sweat a bit and run. And then use the limited speed (Ctrl+W) :/ This one is a bit tricky, the differentials don't seem to simulated well enough so once you release brakes one of the tracks will go loose. I'm afraid we won't be able to solve that. Yes, it can - depending on the wheel / track slip.
  10. At this point we couldn't afford really any drastic changes. But there should now be a bigger difference between tarmac, dirt roads, grassy fields or beach sand. And the frictions should be slightly more consistent across similar surfaces on vanilla terrains. Also when two objects collide it should be slightly easier to slide along each other (e.g. sliding along guiderails) at a low angle or bounce off instead of stopping on a spot. Further tweaks are possible and the feedback is welcome - be it about the general handling feel (sliding, drifting, braking distance, understeer, loss/gain of grip) or directly bugs and issues (boxes and ragdolls suddenly sliding down the hills....)
  11. Can you please check https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121635 if the description there fits the issue you are having?
  12. Action Menu / Keybindings

    Please take a look here, see if it helps and pls let us know. The menu will disappear if there's no support available. Can you please try the Supports Showcase and see if the issue is present there as well?
  13. Helicopter rocket dispersion?

    It has been quite a recent change. You will find more info and a discussion about this change in the posts following this one here
  14. UAVs: Feedback and wishes