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  1. Fixed in the next dev-branch update. Thanks everyone for the feedback and notes!
  2. Not in the upcoming patch, I am sorry. Will quote the changelog here once this change happens.
  3. AI must have better autonomy.

    The brain components have been used for parts of AI behavior that could've been isolated. However, their modding potential may not be as big (compared to other things) and the settings have been quite polished in vanilla. They control variables of reaction with countermeasures (inc. smoke when suppressed), suppression and the so called aimingError (how much AI aim gets distracted by various events). They do not affect the actual decision making much which is what you'd probably want to play with the most. We simply can't do everything. We always try to leave things open for customization (there are still many, many hardcoded elements from the past). Even if we face the risk that we won't be able to provide any further support. This mainly applies to properties simply exposed in config which do not require any additional maintenance. Arma in its openness and scale wouldn't be possible otherwise. For the PIDs and AI brains the diagnostics are available in the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Diagnostics_Exe
  4. We are aware about this bug. Thin components (either thin modeled or with defined thickness in material) that are next to each other or with only a small space between them (<10cm) can be skipped during the penetration. In this case the bag gets registered during the penetration but the next component - armor - doesn't.
  5. Targeting, missiles and sensors are still a bit WIP ;)
  6. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    There's also an initiative for you to try configuring the vehicle PIDs. We'll be happy to hear your thoughts or even go ahead implementing your PID settings for indiv. vehicles which would have better behavior than the current vanilla default. You'd have our big thanks - and from players too! Moreover you'll be allowed to claim #CommunityFixedItForYaBIS ;)
  7. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Primary reason for lately low "investments" in AI in A3 has been a way too low cost-benefit ratio (spend days, weeks fixing seemingly simple issue) and relatively high risk connected to code changes (fixes causing issues on remote places). AI devs have been the first ones to put their hands on Enfusion, building up the AI from the very foundations.
  8. You were not mistaken :) The missile can find and track down targets on its own. Pre-launch (targeted via "T") or post-launch (autoSeekTarget & LoalDistance). Having the anti-radiation sensor on a vehicle is just a matter of convenience - this way the player can cycle through targets via Next target action - "R" (aka tab-lock).
  9. The antiradiation sensor (which allows marking) is necessary in order to be able to use "R" to cycle through targets. Otherwise the missile could still be locked via "T" but there comes an inconvenience of having to aim at the target. With long range engagements expected from SEAD this wouldn't be much useful. So to answer the question - yes, at least Jets' jets are getting the antiradiation sens. as well.
  10. All those missiles have datalink as well. AI can't utilize autoSeek :/
  11. It used to be triggered only by proximity to the target. Now it also triggers on impact (like standard HEAT). We also don't have different submunition behavior based on the firemode to make the PCML representation a bit more accurate, so this was a necessary safety measure.
  12. It's possible via https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Missile_flight_profiles#LoalDistance and it's coming to ARH missiles (except of Zephyr) and to be tested on dev-branch. Might have been a telepathy or something - commited that just yesterday :D Just to manage expectations - what's coming is a "maddog" launch - i.e. a "dumb-fired" missile will find a target on its own and a missile knows no friendlies. Mid-course updates won't be possible.
  13. (Also added note to the feedback tracker) The AI pilot has to first know that the target is an enemy. He doesn't know that from sensors alone (sensors do not reveal allegiance). Missile itself only provides some engagement envelope. As for target acquisition - that's a different story :) In the following test I've added a Wipeout pilot to the player's group. Player, as a leader, then gives the Wipeout a target (T-100, with engines already running). That makes the AI pilot know that he should expect an enemy target at a given position. The pilot however can't see the target yet. So the default weapon - selected by the AI pilot - remains the cannon (AI only switches to a desired weapon once engaging). AI only switches to the Macer around 5 km from the target. This depends on: the weapon's probability (target value coef.) vs. range missile's own missileLockMaxDistance (6 km for Macer) and the AI's skill, e.g. AI with skill 1.0 will launch Macer @ ~5.5km (after it has already acquired the target and waited 3s for the lock). Keep in mind that in this example the AI pilot already has a good knowledge about the target from his leader (group), so the skill only affects the speed of the actual engagement. If the target was a completely new one and there was no info about it from AI's group then the skill would also affect the initial acquisition and recognition that the target is an enemy and should be engaged.
  14. Tanks - Damage improvements

    We've increased the simulationStep (back to default 0.05) because with very short sim. step time there's a higher chance of duplicated (or several) hit registration during projectile penetration of one component. Sometimes you could've experienced a much higher damage dealt when the projectile ended up going through thick components (front armor).