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  1. Since the SACLOS gets mentioned more often - there was a little Discord configCreep competition won by @da12thMonkey. Let's see who else finds it here first ;)
  2. It can...although we've been thinking about some simplifications because the Titan and also Scalpel and DAGR have been too much of all-in-one missiles. (e.g. manual mode removal or/and retaining just one type of seeker) Many players may be used and enjoy exactly that specific use which we'd remove. It would be quite a risky, unpopular move to make. On the other hand, we're introducing new features (top-down) so now is probably the last option to think about "more drastic changes" (if ever)
  3. They would still have to "fire" the Laser designator in order to create laserTarget on the position which they are pointing at. Although it may still be accidental, it is clearly indicated in the LD. That is already the case (lase range with [T] key)
  4. The rangefinder laser doesn't actually "exist" in the game's world. It doesn't create a laserTarget entity that you could lock on. Laser designator uses different mechanics.
  5. This will be the case after the next dev-branch update. So - as you suggested - the LGB will initially always fall just like a dumb bomb. Plus there are few other changes and fixes. Regarding munitions and flight profiles you can now consider the current dev-branch build "obsolete". (We can also take the discussion over here>> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/213601-tanks-missile-flight-profiles-and-weapon-improvements/ )
  6. We won't be probably able to achieve reliable 90deg., the missiles are flying relatively fast - I'm afraid the detection when the missile is exactly above the target wouldn't be reliable. So some angle is a result of tolerance in range from the target when to trigger the explosion. There might be some room for improvement, but I believe the players will not even notice slight deviation without the diag. No info on that yet. More likely a bad gif ;) Too short range and skewed by the perspective angle. With Titan we aimed at roughly ~30° climb and ~45° descend angles, with level flight at 150m. The climb and descend angles depend on the actual missile and also the distance to the target (the missile will always start descending at a given distance from the target, even if the 'high' level flight altitude hasn't been reached yet.) But in the end, the most important factor will be to reliably hit the target when it's expectable.
  7. There's a submunition created. Check the PCML gif in the first post - you can see the red line trajectory of the submunition and green dots indicating each armour penetration
  8. Oukej has left this channel (reason: scared of animations)
  9. Here comes another platform feature for Tanks DLC to have fun with :) Our passionate programmers have added an option to switch the fire modes when using missile launchers, bombs, etc. And more importantly, added few different ways in which the missile can reach its target. In short - you can now switch the missile's flight from a simple direct trajectory to one that better utilizes the tank's weaker armour - e.g. the notorious Top attack. We'll try to add more info as the time flies and as the features get utilized more by the game's assets. As well as we'll update the documentation so you can try out what's under the black box. Titan AT PCML
  10. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Wow, so many teams... :P Jokes aside the A3 team is relatively small. And now we're more or less all in one office. For some time already the AI focus has been shifted to Enfusion engine. We are aware of many of these issues (skipping first x waypoints and waiting, tank formations, places on map incorrectly marked as inaccessible that the AI is unable to path plan from, bridges...). But every fix is now more of a long run as we need to steal time from Enfusion development. I'm really sorry about these issues and annoyances caused. It troubles us no less than you. I know it's not really a good excuse, but there's only so many of us. And when it comes to AI it's even worse than elsewhere. AI devs are a rare breed. So our apologies again :/
  11. It should look like this (bullet tracing + some targeting, flight and impact info)
  12. Sorry guys, not working yet :) (and some parts can be broken)
  13. Hey and sorry for the issues. I've never seen this before happen "just like that" (it might happen when you reposition a flipped car or so via script). Let's find out. Btw, do you know about anyone else who's experiencing this? By this you mean standard NVIDIA graphics card drivers? Have you tried Dev-branch and Legacy branch (I guess it was not happening prior to the PhysX update, right?)
  14. actually... ;) dampersBumpCoef (Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines#Basic_parameters) together with surface rough vehicle terrainCoef together with surface maxSpeedCoef vehicle frictionVsSlipGraph (Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines#Wheel_simulation_parameters) together with surface surfaceFriction
  15. Super Miller Land

    This is gonna be the best Friday at work ever!