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  1. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes, you haven't seen any indication of anything Axy whatsoever ;) :P
  2. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The rockets named "DAR"? Their cost is too high. We should be able to fix that.
  3. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hasn't this been always the case, I'm afraid? The mentioned "WW2 attack patterns" and overflying enemies? On it's own it won't get such a distance before the second run. What I meant is if you made the airplane fly away and then turn back. Hunter has no sensors and won't be able to share the enemy target info via datalink. Have you tried adding the target to the datalink directly via script? Put this into your target init: blufor reportRemoteTarget [this, 600];
  4. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    By default (vanilla) the pilot doesn't have control over any weapon - that's mainly because of the AI.
  5. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It is an AI first time recognition issue - if you make the AI plane fly away after the first pass it should engage the target without hesitation from longer distance. You can also use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reveal or https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reportRemoteTarget combined with enabling the datalink on the airplane.
  6. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The missile itself has a 8km range (limited by visibility), but the AI has to "know" about the target first. For example in Wipeout the AI can - with some knowledge in advance - start locking the target in 4-5km range (which is given by the airplane's onboard sensors) and will fire immediately after getting the lock. Looks like https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128103. This is currently being worked on.
  7. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Rhino * 600kW * 3000 Nm @ 1600 RPM * 2400 max. RPM * 6 gears, 1 rev.; drive ratios: 5.7, 3.1, 2.4, 1.72, 1.20, 0.82; final drive 4.8 As u can see it's quite buffed when compared to its African real-life inspiration :)
  8. Yes, "Lock target" (mark a target under the cursor / center of the screen) will do. The gunner will track the laser only with cannon selected. "Next target" should work as long as the gunner has ATGM loaded and selected.
  9. It's missing from the changelog, but since around these dev. updates any vehicle or person with laser designator "knows" about its own laser. Moreover he's able to share it via datalink. And yes, soldiers can now be connected to DL too, report their lasers and their own positions.
  10. @fn_Quiksilver - Before the release, during a data lock (code freeze), only critical fixes and crash fixes get through. No matter how small and safe a fix could be, This one simply has not been deemed as critical. Don't feed the trolls ;)
  11. The stalling is a tricky topic. We don't simulate stalling of individual surfaces. And the overall stall is rather very basic. With keyboard you always get maximum input. Doing a 360° turn with a fully loaded jet while pulling the stick throughout the whole time wouldn't probably work in a sim. In Arma you can actually do that. HUD says "STALL" but you can still keep turning, even without loosing altitude. We still have to allow reasonably sharp maneuvers and they need to come at a cost of a lot of induced drag (otherwise you could be pulling some way too extreme Gs). Rather than holding down the key down indefinitely in turns, feather it, tap it. What's probably more important is the recovery speed/time - when you let the airplane fly straight. We've tried to improve that across all jets while still keeping them outside of Falcon 9 territory (aka way too good acceleration when climbing).
  12. Turrets and pilotCamera use different technology in the code. There were plans and it had been in the backlog, but it didn't get through. Sorry about that.
  13. TBH we've never liked it either. At the same time restricting the switching isn't the best solution simply because the action menu is difficult to relate to what's actually present in 3D. If there wasn't an action menu, if the actions were...you know ;) If the actions are given by what's clearly visible and available it becomes a completely different story. And ofc we'd like animated crew switching or at least some hold actions to it. But you know that already...development is mainly about simply not being able to do all the things you would like to do. Scientists still haven't been able to stretch the time on a human scale ;) And we gotta move on. Simply put, I'm sorry about it, there's no plan to change this. There are only wishes.
  14. You're right - and we've got it fixed on dev-branch for some time already. It's a missed merge. We're sorry about it. Will get back to u with more info soon(tm)
  15. Thanks! That's ok, you don't have to :)