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  1. We'll be keeping the old deployment in the next patch as we weren't able to promise any further improvements to the tested alternate deployment behavior. Thanks everyone!
  2. During the "overhaul" we've tried to have the tanks without the artificial turning force but it wasn't possible to achieve reasonable behavior so we had to resort back to this solution. Knowing and accepting the downside that you're mentioning.
  3. 18-10-2018 No Dev-Branch update this week due to Arma 3 Creator Bootcamp
  4. You can notice similar behavior on the vanilla tanks too, especially with Nyx. It's a downsides of the tankTurnForce, especially when using higher forces. Try to use lower values or limit the force to lower angular speeds. Tire parameters come into play as well. You may try lowering the lateral stiffness or having a relatively small friction near zero slip - to let the tank turn well even with lower tankTurnForce configured.
  5. Sadly not, we're sorry. It's a pure engine change (simplification of gnd deployment) with not much premise of configurability at this point. From our side - the vertical aiming limits are quite an issue we're concerned about and would like it improved. But it may not happen - just so you know that we're - in a way - "offering" this change "as is".
  6. Resurrecting the thread in order to gather votes and feedback regarding an adjusted weapon deployment behavior when prone on the ground. With this change the ground weapon deployment becomes much less restrictive. It also fixes several visual issues (levitating legs). On the other it may remove the proper feeling of having a weapon deployed and pivoting around one fixed point. It also allows the player to aim quite high in the sky even while still deployed. There are pros and cons. Lets see whether you'd prefer such behavior of ground weapon deployment despite the various other issues that come with it.
  7. 09-10-2018 EXE rev. 145126 (game) EXE rev. 145126 (launcher) Size: ~71 MB DATA Tweaked: Increased helicopter winch hitpoint durability (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T132889) Added: Priority Queue data structure functions ENGINE Tweaked: Weapon deployment when prone is now significantly less restrictive (Dev-Branch testing - make your feedback count here)
  8. 03-10-2018 EXE rev. 145106 (game) EXE rev. 145106 (launcher) Size: ~109 MB DATA Tweaked: Removed the drop down menu from the Posters module (syncing to triggers was not required & was causing pop-up errors) Fixed: Bad alpha sorting on Slum Fence (Land_Slums01_8m) Tweaked: Footstep sounds inside small military towers ENGINE Fixed: Attenuation for transport internal sound
  9. 26-09-2018 EXE rev. 145075 (game) EXE rev. 145075 (launcher) Size: ~39 MB DATA Fixed: Shadows for all Concrete Curbs (Grey, x m) Fixed: Error when creating "test_EmptyObjectForBubbles" - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T132812 Added: BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF now supports exports with positions relative to a given center Added: BIS_fnc_calculateDateTime function Added: BIS_fnc_CompareDateTimes and BIS_fnc_IsDateTimeNewer functions Tweaked: Improved fence texture and material Fixed: UV stretch on the front of the SDAR rifle magazine Tweaked: Adjusted colors for Assault Pack (Coyote Brown), Assault Pack (Khaki), Assault Pack (Sage), Kitbag (Coyote Brown) and Kitbag (Sage) backpacks. The old Kitbag (Coyote) variant has been kept as Kitbag (Tan). ENGINE No EXE changes
  10. The check is between aimpoint of the target and gunnerview (sensorPosition) mem. point of the Cheetah which is quite close to the radar dish. It may also be that the SPAAG radars are only able to cover the hemisphere above them - in such way that their radar can be avoided if you fly "under them".
  11. 19-09-2018 EXE rev. 145075 (game) EXE rev. 145075 (launcher) Size: ~80 MB DATA Tweaked: Increased the illumination range of soft vehicles' reflectors (APCs & Tanks WIP) ENGINE Fixed: The serverTime command did not return the server time on a server for 5 minutes after a restart (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127059)
  12. 12-09-2018 EXE rev. 145051 (game) EXE rev. 145051 (launcher) Size: ~160 MB DATA Fixed: Caesar airplane wrecks shouldn't float in the air anymore Fixed: Taru helicopter wrecks shouldn't fly away anymore Fixed: Mohawk helicopters shouldn't jump on USS Freedom or USS Liberty anymore Tweaked: Added "bysta" proxy to View Pilot and empty Pilot LOD to heads (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/?do=findComment&comment=3313477) Fixed: Missing face on the bottom of the verge post models ENGINE No EXE changes
  13. Atm the table is outdated. Sorry about that. I.e. Macers have 8km range now. We've been well aware of this questionable connection between game rules and an option which relates to performance and visual settings. The main reason was to reduce unfair advantage that one could have with "silent" passively guided weapons if those could be locked beyond what the target can see (aerial vehicles can be seen and tracked up to the terrain view distance). Also in MP environment the server can enforce view distance, so the rules can be fair for everyone in MP. This way we also tried to create room for radar guided and LOAL munitions so they have a role in Arma's scaled down combat range (especially when it comes to long and mid range weapons). So - the current solution is not ideal, it has its pros (weapon balance, fair MP, a bit of authenticity) and cons (game rules according to PC performance). Thanks a lot for the write-up. Hopefully we'll have a chance to make some adjustments and improve the balance of the (vanilla) weapons or make it more interesting.
  14. tankTurnForce and the following related properties
  15. You can toggle 16,8,4 and 32km range via Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+] depending on on what side you have the sensor display opened. This has been more of a deliberate deviation from realism to make the cruise missile more visible (players can't shoot it down and don't have many options how to react to it anyway).