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  1. Mildly_Interested

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Alright, all posted! https://github.com/MildlyInterested/GF_Autp_Population https://github.com/MildlyInterested/GF_Autopopulation_Zombie (ignore the typing errors, whooops)
  2. Mildly_Interested

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Great! Yeah I saw that link earlier in this thread but the link was expired. Seems to be the same apart from the "Find_Positon" folder missing so I guess you did that some other way. I'll test them now. Would you mind if post the updated version onto my github? All credit will got to you obviously, I'll only change the few lines with "waitUntil" and won't change anything else.
  3. Mildly_Interested

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Thanks a lot! Is that all I need to do? I replaced every "waitUntil" with "while {true} do" . It only loads the debug markers and stops after this. Testing atm with the zombie auto population script. Awesome scripts by the way. EDIT: I replaced "waitUntil" with "while {true} do" in the following scripts: GF_Auto_Population_Zombie - GF_APZ_DynamicSimulation..sqf [only waitUntil in script] - GF_Auto_Population_Zombie_Cleaner.sqf [Lines 51+110] - Server_info.sqf [Line 42] GF_Auto_Population - GF_AP_DynamicSimulation.sqf [only waitUntil in script] - GF_Auto_Population_Cleaner.sqf [Lines 51+110] - Server_info.sqf [Line 42] Seems to be working well, no error messages and units spawn. Ryans Zombies and Demons needs an ACE compat file tho (Steam ID: 1606871585) to work with the new medical system.
  4. Mildly_Interested

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Quite bummed the waitUntil update broke these scripts! Tried fixing them by just adding a "false" to the end of the waituntil loops. That didn't work and thats pretty much all the scripting skill I have. EDIT: Tried adding a "true" at the end of every waitUntil loop but that just stops the spawning completely.
  5. Mildly_Interested

    Takistan Insurgency [Dev Thread]

    So I´m still having the seagull issue. @phronk Mods loaded are: CUP-Terrains Core and CUP-Terrains Maps Funnily enough when I open the mission in editor and play in local multiplayer it all seems fine. Put it on the dedibox and its just fucked. Version used is TakIns_1L