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  1. A3_3DEN is part of the game. Can't be missing if you installed Arma 3 correctly.
  2. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Wouldn't be too hard to make one just for that purpose: https://pastebin.com/2jda9txH
  3. ASR AI 3

    I can't. Why ? because there is no such global variable either. What you can play with: - radio report range; also remember there must be at least one radio in the group for it to send or receive target infos. - counter-attack range (if you enabled it, default is off). The increased ammo detect-ability is set in configs and you can't change that on the fly.
  4. ASR AI 3

    Sounds nice, but I don't have neither the time nor the motivation to code all that. The way I work on it is mainly making sure it stays up to date with the current content. Then, for features, is when I find something really annoying or want something really bad I try to work on that when I can.
  5. ASR AI 3

    Ugh, my guess is you've used a downloaded version (Github, Armaholic) before and now switched to Steam ? AFAIR the Steam addons had the spaced mod dirs for a while. I haven't done anything different with Publisher.
  6. ASR AI 3

    Heh, the random bug that made teamed units unresponsive to commands made me rage quit months ago and stop playing for a while :) With the 1.1.9 version of the mod, I haven't encountered it yet. Hope it's really gone and not just luck, only extended play testing will tell. Since I started playing SP more I added some features aimed at better controlling the team AI, but it's certainly not meant to replace advanced AI control mods like C2. I like to keep my mod setup slim (and those efpeeesses high :) and found C2 too advanced for my needs so I don't use it, hence I can't comment if there are any conflicts. All my AI control features are optional or triggered only on configurable keybinds so I don't expect there would be issues. The focus here is on enhancing the opposing AI in SP and coop games, not so much on commanding friendlies, so very different mods. Special configs are a lot of work so I can't do them for every mod out there. They provide the full ASR AI experience for those mods they are made for by adjusting the config values. But it does not mean that other mods without special configs will have any troubles. Just not as well tuned.
  7. ASR AI 3

    The RHS configs were updated for 0.4.8. Also split into one pbo for each mod.
  8. ASR AI 3

    Time for another update: v1.1.9 Have you even noticed after teamswitch the unit left in place often wonders off to some cover spot, not responding to any commands ? With added fun when you were in a high tower before switching to another unit ? The new version has a fix for that (need more testing to confirm it's 100% gone). Some other changes: - ammo detection tweaks - vehicle dispersion adjustments - copy my stance works only for nearby teammates - stay up when player in vehicle on copy my stance, faster mounting - add some nasty temporary weapon sway to falling units - bunch of code performance improvements, making sure some loops exit when they should - improve the unfreeze unit command (the one that has a shortcut key in control settings) - tweak the aiming and spotting skill interpolation curves Have fun !
  9. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Hopefully you're considering using JAM classes while you're at it ;) Tedious AF: https://pastebin.com/HSeQZfNS <-- feel free to grab any useful bits or the whole thing
  10. Nothing to fix, does not happen with CBA only. So you have another mod that's breaking vanilla class inheritance.
  11. Is cfgmagazinewells officially supported ? There's info in the biki but I did not catch anything about it in the changelogs. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines
  12. ASR AI 3

    I just fixed the Steam workshop visibility. @tuskohopkins I wouldn't need such standalone mod so I won't do one. But you are free to rip the code out of this if you want.
  13. ASR AI 3

    1.1.8 update is ready. It brings a major bugfix to hitreactions module plus some minor tweaks and code optimization. [cfgammo][config] - (mod) detection tweaks, increased distances [cfgweapons][config] - (mod) decrease AI dispersion coefficients for vehicle weapons [hitreactions][script] - (fix) units fall and get suppressed again when hit Enjoy !
  14. ASR AI 3

    There's a link to older releases in the first post.