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  1. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Hopefully you're considering using JAM classes while you're at it ;) Tedious AF: https://pastebin.com/HSeQZfNS <-- feel free to grab any useful bits or the whole thing
  2. Nothing to fix, does not happen with CBA only. So you have another mod that's breaking vanilla class inheritance.
  3. Is cfgmagazinewells officially supported ? There's info in the biki but I did not catch anything about it in the changelogs. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines
  4. ASR AI 3

    I just fixed the Steam workshop visibility. @tuskohopkins I wouldn't need such standalone mod so I won't do one. But you are free to rip the code out of this if you want.
  5. ASR AI 3

    1.1.8 update is ready. It brings a major bugfix to hitreactions module plus some minor tweaks and code optimization. [cfgammo][config] - (mod) detection tweaks, increased distances [cfgweapons][config] - (mod) decrease AI dispersion coefficients for vehicle weapons [hitreactions][script] - (fix) units fall and get suppressed again when hit Enjoy !
  6. ASR AI 3

    There's a link to older releases in the first post.
  7. ASR AI 3

    Could've read the post just before yours... Also nothing stops you from using a slightly older compat config, if you really must not use all RHS mods. Perhaps they need FAKs ? Should stop eventually, only going once in each place in 5 minutes. They do not know in advance if a container has what they need, they must go check it. Generally all players should be running the same mods on a server. Who knows what happens if they don't ? They could grow a third arm, shoot bullets from their behind.. up to you if you want to allow that :) Don't know why they're not saved, but check if you have settings saved in a server-side sqf file as per CBA Settings documentation. If you do they will override anything you set in game IIRC.
  8. ASR AI 3

    It's more work to maintain them separately but I'll consider it next time there's a RHS update. Maybe CBA isn't loaded on the server. Also this isn't a server-side mod, read instructions in first post, everyone should run it not just server.
  9. ASR AI 3

    Interesting, but I didn't touch arty dispersion config. Does using a higher skilled gunner have any effect ? Might be the combined effect of the increased aidispersioncoef with low skilled unit firing the weapon. But I'll look into it.
  10. ASR AI 3

    Can't see anything wrong in that picture, it just looks like debugging is enabled in settings. User/Admin error :)
  11. ASR AI 3

    Not directly but it can create that impression as the AI may patrol near buildings or use building positions for cover.
  12. ASR AI 3

    Sorry for lack of replies, haven't been much around this lately as the interest in the game is slowly fading. Most questions already have answers in this long thread, so please use the search thing. @Keycat First you have to understand what this mod changes, best place is to look directly at the source: https://github.com/robalo/mods/tree/master/asr_ai3/addons Then you have to know what exactly do you need to adjust for the mod you want to bridge. Best of luck :) Also, I'm pushing a new version. Changelog copied below. 1.1.7 This version integrates Pooter's enhanced ASR AI as optional features among other things. [settings] - (mod) in-game settings organized with subcategories [main][script] - (mod) automatically exclude civilian factions (contributed by 654wak654, thanks!) [cfgammo][config] - (mod) detection tweaks, tracers more visible to AI than non-tracers - (mod) use HE ammo for Vorona and MRAWS against infantry and vehicles [cfgweapons][config] - (mod) update class relationship to match with 1.82 - (mod) use variable full auto burst lengths for SMGs [control][config] - (mod) adjust gear actions to show before the take actions (which can clutter commanding menus a lot) [control][script] - (mod) copy my stance can be used for selected units (defaults to all when none selected) - (mod) remove stamina handling completely - (add) shortcut keys to toggle AI flashlights and lasers - works under certain conditions (MRT compatible) - (add) shortcut key to attempt to unfreeze AI units in team [danger][script] - (add) advanced cover and counter-attack from Raptoer/Pooter's fork (thanks!) - (mod) removed unneeded setvariable flags [hitreactions][script] - (mod) optionally keep AI inside immobile vehicles with working weapons (by Raptoer, thanks again!) [skills][config] - (mod) support tanks DLC for dynamic camouflage - (mod) minor spotting skill decrease [skills][script] - (mod) performance optimisation for dynamic camo (contributed by Dedmen, thanks!) Have fun !
  13. ASR AI 3

    In-game setting ? Maybe, don't know when though. Most scripted features are already disabled for player group anyway. There is no group joining in this mod. Used to be in older versions but it has been removed long ago. I don't play zombie scenarios so no plans for that. Rearming kicks in after 5 minutes in game in latest version.
  14. Pushed some code fixes for the magswitch errors, hopefully they pass QA and we get another hotfix soon :D