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  1. [DUCK 1.00] Thanks for this, the update is really welcome. Exactly what i was searching for, simple elegant solution that affects only stance for AI and works with other MODS. Thank you for your great work and improving game immersion!
  2. This one (in the posted picture) is from standart ARMA mission called Combined Arms. It happens each time only in the beginning of mission. I think it occurs only with ASR AI running along. I usuaully use this mod with CBA, Blastcore, Bloodlust and TPW MODS. I dont play ALIVE at all so you should try it yourself. Thank for your support anyway.
  3. Hi, I'm playing this useful MOD with the latest ASR AI v1.0.0 and it gives me this error: Image error Probably can't read Unitsklill or something is corrupted?
  4. Wow, impressive! :) Gore is always welcome, thanks.
  5. Post it onto ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING section. They may help you .)
  6. Thanks for this! I was missing this feature for long time .)
  7. I like the agresivity of AI units with Bcombat mod, although its more than 2 years without update, good for micro ai behaviour even there is no tactical aspect like communication between groups. But I put the greatest hopes in VCOM AI mod beacuse of author great programming skills.
  8. Can you please also make Addon PBO version for me or for the guys who are not into Arma coding? :) Really thanks.
  9. Thanks so much Genesis92x! I'm going to try it now ;).
  10. alloc

    ASR AI 3

    Sweet! Where can I get it? :)
  11. alloc

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo, any chance of returning back the AI rearming feature in future release? :p Thanks
  12. OH, tkank U for new information. Sounds very good, what do I like the most is Targeting of Opportunity, that could be very useful improvement. About Shooting accuracy and AI sklills, have you tried ASR AI Addons by Robalo_AS? It handles AI skills and also includes AI rearming feature. Looking forward to see further progress and thanks for your awesome work so far. :bounce3:
  13. I am sorry Mr. fabrizioT for my impatience, but I have to ask :). Will you release this great addon someday? Or can we look forward to see it before Arma3 come out? Thx
  14. Glad how this mod is still improving. Wow 2.000 times :eek:, maybe if you relase beta, players will make some tests for you and send reports with suggestions :) I play mainly singleplayer and this looks like superb enhancement on A.I. Can't wait more , will it be ACE compatible?