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  1. TPW MODS 20230927: Steam Dropbox Changes: [CORE 2.00, ANIMALS 1.71, SOAP 1.76, FOG 2.01] Added support for Normandy, Lybor, Sa'hatra. Incapacitated units will use screams from SSD_DeathScreams if available. [ANIMALS 1.71] Fixed bug which spawned animals too far from player. Dogs now mainly spawn around buildings rather than out in the open. Hi everyone, Happy 10th anniversary to TPW MODS, which I first put up September 13, 2013. I'd actually had a handful of mods prior to that, but thought it best to combine them for ease of maintenance (me) and ease of use (you). Thanks to everyone who has stuck around using my mods over the years, providing support, bug reports, code ideas and contributions, encouragement and friendship. I only play SP so all my interaction with other Arma3 users is via my mods. 2 years ago I finally transitioned TPW MODS over to Steam and was gratified with the rapid uptake (now 11000 subscribers) and relative decorum of the commenters. This 10 year mark gives me a chance to reflect on Arma3. The game was anything but state of the art on release, and has barely evolved since then. But while other games have come and gone from my hard drive, A3 has been a constant. I have 9487 hours in it, which is about 9000 hours more than anything else I've ever played. This game has given me a creative outlet and a hobby to disappear into during various tough patches in my life, including divorce, health issues, professional setbacks etc etc. While it's getting harder to find motivation for major additions and improvements, I still tinker away. And yes I do read your comments and suggestions even if I don't comment much or act on them in as timely a manner as you'd all like. It's hard to know what to think about Arma's future. Reforger is certainly impressive from an audiovisual standpoint but has absolutely nothing to retain my interest as an SP person. I drop in every month or so to notice that nothing has really changed except for the performance, which has tanked. I appreciate that there's lots of under the bonnet stuff that is happening and needs to happen, but the development pace and priorities doesn't bode well for Arma4. I guess that leaves people like me stuck with Arma3. I just have to bite down on the terrible optimisation and outdated presentation and content myself with playing with the incredible mod content that others create, and do my small bit to contribute to that. Thanks for reading, and thanks again to all of you who've supported me in one way or another over the years. TPW
  2. // HIDE RUBBISH _rubbish = nearestterrainobjects [position player, ["HIDE"],10000, false] select {["rubble",str _x] call bis_fnc_instring ||["junk",str _x] call bis_fnc_instring || ["garbage",str _x] call bis_fnc_instring}; { _x hideobject true; _x enablesimulation false; } foreach _rubbish; I don't know how to make modules but the code is pretty simple.
  3. Fantastic work as always jujurat, thanks very much for an amazing and very atmospheric terrain. I'll second keject's opinion on all of the rubbish lying around. It's pretty simple to remove by screening nearrestterrainobjects and I've written a script to do so which I'm happy to share. I think using bricks as surface clutter is also overdone, since the player can be in the arid regions far away from habitation and see bricks everywhere in the dirt. I know the map is not full release version yet so hopefully there's still some scope for you to make a few config changes 🙂
  4. I'm not a particular WW2 fan but the CDLC was an instabuy just for the beautiful and interesting map. A couple of observations: 1 - The map is extremely taxing on my system, and takes an inordinate amount of time to load. I'm sure this is not news to the devs and I hope there is some optimisation in the map's future. 2 - There are many many missing water texture tiles in the river system.
  5. I think I'm that guy. I suspect that devs using top of the line CPUs, 64+Gb RAM and 4090 GPUs may not even be aware that the update has tanked performance. As an exclusively SP person Reforger has limited appeal to me, but at least it looked next gen and performed well. Now it doesn't even have that going for it.
  6. TPW MODS 20230629: Steam Dropbox Changes: [CORE 1.99, SOAP 1.75, FOG 2.00] Added support for Novogorsk, Sumava, Kardazak, Jumo. Improved screening for uninhabitable buildings and ruins. [ANIMALS 1.70] Added support for MFR dogs [DUCK 1.16] Suppressed units will not go prone if moving. Hi champs. Sorry for the very long time in between drinks. It's been a rough few months real life wise, and my enthusiasm for Arma modding has been at a pretty low ebb. Making a few uniforms for TPW UNIFORMS, and some sporadic improvements to TPW MODS as new maps and content appear. I'd like to thank @Marc13Bautista and others for continuing the bug reports. I'm fully aware that TPW FALL and TPW BLEEDOUT do a bit of a balancing act together in order to bring my interpretation of realism to the game. It works well for me with my combination of mods and settings, but obviously it doesn't work for everyone. I'll do some CPR on my modding enthusiasm and see if I can do another deeper dive into FALL/BLEEDOUT/CORE. But no promises 🙂
  7. TPW MODS 20230211: Steam Dropbox Changes: [CORE 1.98, SKIRMISH 1.65, SOAP 1.74] Refactored unit disabling/enabling code, should largely eliminate artifacts such as units stuck kneeling, dodgy somersault transitions between animations, units falling through terrain etc ad nauseum. Added Sehreno support. [AIR 1.34] Code cleanups [ANIMALS 1.69] Added ambient bird flock flybys. Many thanks to LarsAspra for the idea and code. Added startled birds flying from trees when gunfire nearby. Hi everyone. I'm very pleased to say that I have finally, after several years of frustration, got to the bottom of the issues causing glitches with disabled/re-enabled units. You're always fighting the engine when trying to override animations to get more realistic falling etc, which occasionally led to animations being applied to dead units, which caused the issues. A few extra lines of code later and they all behave themselves. TPW PARK is still a bit of a problem, as Badanov has noted. There's a reason why BIS pulled the original ambient parking module - it's difficult to get vehicles spawning exactly where and when is most appropriate. I'll keep looking into it now that I have the major glitch annoyance out of the way.
  8. Yep you've followed the instructions perfectly, it's just the instructions are wrong! There needs to be the array of aircraft to include. I have updated the instructions in the script header accordingly. Sorry about that EO 0 = [10,300,2,[50,250,500],0,[str1,str2,etc]] execvm "tpw_air.sqf"; or if you don't want to include any 0 = [10,300,2,[50,250,500],0,[]] execvm "tpw_air.sqf";
  9. Hmmm, not sure what's going on here. I run from the script version (in fact I run all my mods from the script versions as part of the dev process). I use custom strings in TPW AIR too: 0 = [60,300,2,[100,250,500],0,["heli","plane","uav","rhs","gm"]] execvm "\scripts\tpw_mods\tpw_air.sqf"; Can you post your settings and I'll try them out.
  10. Dear General Partz, I'll have a look into the disappearing crow issue for you!
  11. Gday EO, thanks for the very kind words which I really appreciate. I don't do social media so I get all my online dopamine hits from my mod feedback... TPW AIR is running as intended on my system. tpw_air_aircraft is initialised as an empty array and then filled based on the contents of tpw_air_include. If you're having an issue with TPW AIR feel free to drop me a PM.
  12. Sorry people, I uploaded TPW UNIFORMS content instead of TPW MODS. I feel like a fucking idiot. I've fixed it now. Not a good look.
  13. TPW MODS 20230114: Steam Dropbox Changes: [CORE 1.97, FOG 1.99, SOAP 1.73] Added support for Elovyi, Polanek, Colombia, Project USA Limestone, Farbad, Isla Pera. Added support for Timmy Taliban's Generic Civilian Clothing. Reduced incidence of units stuck kneeling or prone. [ANIMALS 1.68] Added support for CSLA cattle. Added Camels to Farabad [CIVS 1.67, CROWD 1.24] Fixed civs walking too fast [FALL 1.78] Camera will no longer switch to 1st person after a fall/hit, if player is using 3rd person. Units will die if they take multiple consecutive hits - less bullet sponge behaviour [PARK 1.34] Cars will not spawn closer than 50m to player Hi everyone and belated happy 2023. Sorry about the long wait between drinks. Yes I'm still playing and developing for Arma3, just not at the pace I used to. Actually, recently I've been spending more time developing TPW UNIFORMS than TPW MODS, sorry. I have got some more MODS stuff lined up though. @LarsAsprarecently kindly sent me some ambient bird flocking routines that I will try to adapt to TPW MODS. I'm also working to integrate TPW UNIFORMS support directly into TPW MODS. Still haven't gotten around to exploring Reforger modding - until that game has anything at all to offer an SP person (especially in terms of the atrocious AI) I'm not going to waste my time on it. OK enough soliloquising, happy Arma-ing everyone.
  14. PIR animations are excellent, I’m not a fan of other aspects of it though. So I just turn off all PIR settings, and allow TPW FALL to use the animations. It’s hitpart driven so you still get the appropriate animated reactions.
  15. @Pvt. Parts, @osterizer8, thanks for the bug reports, which I have addressed for the upcoming release. Sorry about the delay.