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  1. TPW MODS 20211127: Steam Dropbox Changes: [CORE 1.90, FOG 1.92, SOAP 1.67] Added Sefrou-Ramal, Bozoum, County Fermanagh support. Added appropriate female civs on African maps. Removed sporadic tree related errors. [ANIMALS 1.65] Added ambient Camel support to Sefrou-Ramal. [SKIRMISH 1.60] Skirmish squads will not spawn onto excessively steep terrain. Improved handling of "orphaned" units. Massively reduced incidence of skirmish units running around when not in combat. Hi everyone (anyone?). Thought I'd release the various things I've been working on over the last month or so of low Arma3 enthusiasm (lots of real life shit to keep me unmotivated). I've continued to work on SKIRMISH to get less antlike behaviour out of the infantry and I think it's looking ok. And of course the sublime Western Sahara cDLC has prompted me to add language and climate support, as well as the camels, which are hands down the most impressively animated and modelled animals I've yet seen in the game. Hopefully things will clear up and I'll be able to look a little deeper into the other issues and features requests that you've been providing.
  2. Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been off the tools for a few weeks not really playing much Arma and certainly not attending to the forum like I should. I’ll get back into it and will look into the issues raised.
  3. @lexx thanks very much for a great cDLC! I don’t really play missions, I just purchase content for the assets, and the assets in this are great. The map is fantastic, really captures a baked and desolate feel. I wouldn’t want to live there. Really liking all the new uniforms, particularly the civilian stuff. And the camels are easily the best and most detailed animals ever seen in Arma. Maybe my Arma priorities are all wrong… My only issue is with the sound on the map: there’s a constant quite loud wind noise even when the wind speed is 0. Thanks again
  4. tpw

    Mandol, Afghanistan WIP

    I’ve said it on steam and I’ll say it again here, this is a phenomenal map and even at this early stage is eminently playable. The sense of scale is immense, it doesn’t feel compressed like many terrains. The use of modern A3 vegetation which actually looks like trees instead of the outdated A2 stuff is the real master stroke though. My only issues are with AI path finding going to sh!t around some of the terraced buildings, dykes in fields, bridges and rocky areas. Hopefully this can be worked out, but in the meantime I’m still spending most of my plat time on this beautiful terrain. Thanks tree
  5. I've never actually used a save game in my life, so you really have to take my advice with a grain of salt. Playing around with moduload, it does seem a bit flakey in that sometimes the "reload" button is active and sometimes it isn't. Hopefully I'll get a fix in so you won't have to deal with the flakiness. In the mean time you could help point me in the right direction: 1 - So when TPW MODS shits itself after a save game reload, are you able to access the TPW MODS settings in the esc menu? 2 - If you type tpw_core_active in the debug shell what do you see? I've got a suspicion that the init I use now that I've implemented the CBA settings is not reading needed values on save game reload.
  6. Hi chaps I've been looking into why TPW MODS is not resuming nicely from a save game like it used to. Seems to basically be related to the use of the CBA settings instead of the old HPP file. Sigh. I'm not sure if I'll be able to code a workaround in a timely fashion, but in the mean time I suggest those of you who are TPW MODS + savegame users install Moduload, which will manually allow you to reinitialise the mods after you load a savegame.
  7. Thanks for the various reports guys, I’ll look into them. @badanov sorry that YouTube’s overzealous copyright algorithm got to you. To be honest I knew it was just a matter of time, that algorithm is pretty intense. You can’t reason with it. Eventually I’ll probably have to remove ambient music altogether.
  8. TPW MODS 20211001: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2586787720 Changes: [BOATS 1.43, CORE 1.89, SOAP 1.66, FOG 1.91] Added Prairiefire Khe Sanh support [CARS 1.73] Vehicle exclusion properly applied to trucks/vans [CROWD 1.23, CIVS 1.66] Added additional option so that killing civs will increase the number of spawned enemy squads in TPW SKIRMISH [HUD 1.76, FOG 1.90] HUD will now correctly start with the TMP readout disabled if TPW FOG is not enabled [SKIRMISH 1.59] Reduced incidence of skirmish units stuck in combat mode after combat is finished.
  9. Compress only simulates compression, it’s not an actual compressor. It only works when someone nearby (within 65m) fires a gun, a firednear event handler then triggers the routines to drop the volume. Nearby explosions won’t trigger it, neither will nearby choppers unless they’re firing. There’s no threshold available because it’s not working off the amplitude of the sample. Someone can fire a silenced gun near you and it will still kick in.
  10. Cheers mate. I’m not really keen on absorbing other mods into mine.
  11. Thanks kind sir, I’ll look into it immediately! EDIT: Fixed! I'll release the updated TPW MODS this weekend most likely
  12. Also, your TPW HUD, where is the BPM info coming from? Mine is like 60 usually even when I'm running. TPW BLEEDOUT