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  1. I loaded up an almost completely vanilla arma with just CBA and my custom units, and the error still occurs. It's not a mod conflict.
  2. I get this error whenever I spawn custom units which call a script upon creation, in this case a script to randomise loadout and uniform : If I spawn this custom unit: "tpw_bcombatuniform_amcu_s" createunit [(position player),(group player)]; which has this in its config: class eventhandlers { init="P = [_this select 0] execVM ""\tpw_amcu\scripts\random.sqf"";"; }; then the message pops up instantly. Spawning a generic unit such as "B_engineer_F" createunit [(position player),(group player)]; is fine. Something about the CBA update today is not happy with extended event handlers. Nothing in my code changed.
  3. I'm getting the error too, seems to be related to spawning units. I'll dig a little deeper and post my rpt
  4. Hi all I've been playing around with a config to add CBA PIP functionality to the default Arma3 scopes such as the MRCO, ERCO etc. Just because I can, I want to extend the scope functionality so a scope may offer different magnification levels. I've got 3 classes of scopes: 1 - Fixed magnification. PIP works great, and scope zeroing works and is remembered 2 - Variable magnification (eg 1x --> 6x). Scopes can be zoomed in/out with numpad +/-, and the zoom sticks and is remembered. Zeroing works and is remembered the next time the scope is used 3 - Discrete magnification (eg 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x). Scope's magnification can be incremented/decremented with numpad +/-, but the magnification doesn't stick. The next time the scope is used it will use the default magnification. Zeroing is fine. So I've looked at plenty of other scope configs in which the discrete zoom is remembered, and can't for the life of me figure out why mine doesn't work. If anyone could cast an eye over my sample config I'd be very grateful! Cheers
  5. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough mate. Tpw mods definitely affects animation speeds, it’s just the animation placeholder setting in the hpp does nothing, it’s a non functioning GUI leftover
  6. TPW MODS 20210701: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.86] Removed spurious call to config_extractor.sqf (stupid typo) [BLEEDOUT 1.41,DUCK 1.15, FALL 1.74, SKIRMISH 1.57] Fixed interactions that caused occasional incapacitated animation anomalies and corpse catapulting/somersaulting. [SOAP 1.64] Ambulance sirens will only play during combat in cities, not remote areas. Fixed missing Greek sound file error. [PUDDLE] Changed HPP so that Arma3 decal puddles are used by default rather than my shaky puddle.p3d objects which cause RPT errors. [HUD 1.75] Fixed error with projectile tracing - finally! Sigh, another school holiday, another bloody corona lockdown. On the plus side being stuck at home has given me time to work through a few issues with TPW MODS. The main fix is that the various interlocking animation systems that I use to try and get a bit more realism have been gone over with an electron microscope and the majority of annoying glitches dealt with. You still might occasionally see something a bit off, but at a greatly reduced frequency. And now a shameless plug for my other project: I've also had time to play a bit more with my ADF units stuff, and have got them looking pretty good now. I went back to scratch, got my Gimp skills up, and have come up with AMCU, MCAM and ATACS (yes I know the ADF don't use it but I think it looks cool) which I carefully tuned to work a bit better with A3 lighting, and to look appropriately worn and used. And I got the wounded textures working. You can now find them in the editor under NATO >> ADF_TPW. The units will spawn with random gear, and TRG bullpups as standins for AusSteyr EF88s. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ettnfgudnl5yfui/TPW_ADF.zip Cheers guys, back to wrangling bored kids!
  7. Hi guys, sorry about the late reply, I appreciate your feedback! Thanks for these reports. I've fixed the config_extractor bug, was just a spurious paste of code in tpw_core. tpw_soap_ambient volume controls the volume of ambient noises and conversations You should be able to enter parked cars. The only issue might be if you sprint to a car and get in before it's had a chance to have its simulation enabled. I'm not sure what you mean about RHS. Do you mean that the soldiers disappear after they've been killed? This happens very occasionally with all units, not just RHS. I've updated the puddles HPP so that it uses arma puddle decals by default Nice find, there was indeed a missing greek sound ogg, which I've replaced The animation placeholder thing is a remnant from when I worked with Gliptal to get the system working with his Java GUI. It doesn't actually affect the animations in any way No but I will, thanks for the heads up! Thank you, and good day to you too sir!
  8. Thanks MAA. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. The cross shaped LOD on the left, and the dark brown bushes. The LODs of the Arma3 birches at this distance are fine. Here's the bushes in question in the above pix, but to be honest nearly all of the non Arma3 vegetation has low quality distance LODs that kick in too soon.
  9. Nice gesture from BI to offer a refund and I’m sure a few disgruntled customers might take them up. There seems to be near universal acclaim for Gabreta, and I’m personally having the time of my life on this beautiful and immersive map. Since MAA is apparently monitoring the forums, I’ve got some Gabreta suggestions: Please have a good look at the environmental sound config, it’s really just not up to scratch. I patched it myself to use the Weferlingen sounds and it’s a massive improvement At the very least, remove the seashore noises from near the slow flowing river and dams. Any chance you could have a look at some of the terrible low res and miscoloured LODs for the non-Arma3 vegetation? The chasm area has serious optimisation issues, drops my computer from 60 down to 5 fps.
  10. Hi @gatordev SOAP chooses which sound pack to play based on whether the maps are in its known map list. The siren stuff is purely based on how many houses are around the player. At the moment that is 20 houses within 100m radius of the player. It generally works well but for some maps with lots of small houses nearby, it can play siren stuff when it's obviously not appropriate (as you've found). I'll work on adding a siren exclusion list.
  11. TPW MODS 20210618: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [CORE 1.85, ANIMALS 1.64, FOG 1.87, SOAP 1.63] Added support for CSLA Gabreta. [FIRE] Changed default tpw_fire_types strings in the HPP. [PARK 1.31] New parameter: tpw_park_wreck = 0-1, where 1 will cause all cars to be spawned as wrecks, for a more war-torn/apocalyptic vibe. Improved car placement algorithm for less destroyed fences. [SOAP 1.63] The user can now force multiple languages to be used on a single map. Back again with a reasonably substantial update which mainly revolves around the new CSLA Gabreta map. You can say what you like about value for money, the subpar military content and other aspects of the cDLC, but the map is a fucking triumph*. I drove from Cologne to Prague for my honeymoon in the early 2000s and this map brings back memories. As I've said elsewhere on the forum, it runs really well (unlike Livonia), the mix of A3 and A2 vegetation assets actually works well, the ground textures and clutter are great, there's huge numbers of new building assets with furniture, and the placement of everything feels natural and unforced. It's prompted me to update TPW MODS to help bring the map to life even more. I've given it the standard Eastern European sonic ambience, but have updated TPW SOAP so that you can now use more than one language set per map. So you can for instance use German and Eastern European (Russian) sounds on Gabreta at the same time. I've also updated TPW PARK with optimised car placement routines based on the width of the road, which should greatly reduce the incidence of cars spawning into fences etc. And you can now opt to spawn a user defined % of wrecked vehicles (default is 20%). Enjoy! * No I don't work for CSLA! Pretty much everyone feels the same as me .
  12. tpw

    ToH Characters

    Thanks so much for this fantastic mod. You’ve obviously put an enormous amount of work into it and the results are outstanding. I’m really loving the increased variety it affords, and the female work is really tip top.
  13. Call me weird but I basically only get cDLC for the terrains, and as far as I'm concerned I got my $ worth with Gabreta. It's pretty and varied and interesting, has great ground textures and clutter, makes good use of high quality A3 vegetation, has plenty of new buildings with furniture, and runs really well on my system. There's a few questionable config decisions (eg seaside noises near rivers) and a few very low quality A2 era vegetation assets for some bushes, but since I enjoy fixing these things it's not a problem for me. I can fully understand the disappointment for the military content side of things though, they're definitely not up to the quality of other cDLC or a lot of free workshop mods.
  14. The bear is spawned with its default behaviours, just like every TPW ANIMAL, I didn't modify them in any way. So it just ambles about and makes bear noises. It won't attack, sorry.