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  1. TPW MODS 20191231: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [SOAP 1.53] Added Finnish soundpack. Fixed car stereo errors on maps with undefined ethnicity. Hi everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas and managed to avoid the carb-pocalypse (I didn't). I thought I'd put down the celery and release a final update for the year and decade, mainly centered around adding Finnish ambience due to the rash of outstanding Finnish terrains which have been released by Temppa (Ruha, Hellanmaa, Vingesvingen, Ihantala, Summa, Suursaari), and most recently Furean (Virolahti). I've found myself playing a lot on these brilliant terrains which utilise Enoch assets to give really believable and immersive environments, devoid only of the noise of the famously exuberant and outgoing Finns. So I've put together a pack of Finnish conversation and modern music to give the maps a bit more of a Suomi feel. Enjoy your new year!
  2. Well aren't I a winner?!?! I managed to upload TPW_MODS.zip wihout the actual tpw_mods.pbo in it I need to fire my QC department. Please redownload https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip
  3. I have. The satmap and ground texturing, the jumbled up architecture and the jumbled up biomes don't really make for a coherent experience at this stage in the beta.
  4. Ok people here's an early Christmas present from Uncle TPW. TPW ENVIRONMENT - CLUTTER/VEGETATION/LIGHTING/SOUND CHANGES Download (84kb): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdmgs7klx5lpw61/TPW_ENVIRONMENT.zip TPW ENVIRONMENT is a set of config patches and scripts to modify the environment of some of my favourite maps. While I'm incredibly grateful and appreciative to the authors and developers of Arma3 terrains, I often found myself wishing that the clutter/vegetation, lighting and environmental audio was more to my taste. And now here we are. TPW ENVIRONMENT affects the following terrains, by the following authors to whom appropriate kudos are due: Anizay - Temppa Cham - Temppa Hellanmaa - Temppa Ihantala - Temppa Khoramshahr - Eagle Kujari - Temppa Livonia - BIS Lythium - Green_Beret/FFAAMOD Ruha - Temppa Svartmarka - Temppa Uzbin Valley - Max Vinjesvingen - Temppa Virolahti - furean Weferlingen Summer - mondkalb / Vertexmacht Some terrains are changed by config patch only, some by script only, and some by patch and script (although you don't absolutely have to run both). In general, config patches apply Enoch lighting and sounds, murkier water, increased clutter draw distance, and increased density and variety of clutter particularly in forested areas. You'll really notice the difference on Weferlingen, which has very austere forest clutter by default, but looks much more overgrown when patched by TPW ENVIRONMENT. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1938188379 Scripts work by dividing the terrain into a grid (usually 512m or 1024m) and removing/replacing vegetation and other objects in the grid elements nearest the player. Replacement stuff is spawned enablesimulation false to reduce CPU overhead, and dynamically hidden and unhidden as the player moves between grid elements. Trees spawned in this way do not move in the wind. Scripts are heavily commented and logically written, so you can easily adapt them to suit your taste or for other terrains. Several things to note: These scripts were written by me for me. If you don't like the effects, you're welcome to modify them, but not welcome to bitch to me about it. They are written to increase immersion, not performance. Your CPU will probably notice. They are written for SP use. You will need Livonia DLC, Global Mobilisation DLC, and CUP Terrains Core to provide the full range of needed vegetation. Please see point 1 if you're thinking of whingeing about these requirements. At this early stage, this mod is pretty much intended for advanced users, which means I expect you'll know how to get PBO addons working and how to execute scripts. If it gets some traction then I'll give it the same treatment as TPW MODS.
  5. Thanks EO. I thought you might be interested in this stuff. I'll put together a properly documented download shortly.
  6. TPW MODS 20191215: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [ANIMALS 1.58, CORE 1.78, FOG 1.80, SOAP 1.52] Added Virolahti, Esseker and Uzbin Valley. [CORE 1.78] Hidden houses ignored for all ambience. [SOAP 1.52] Added car stereos to civilian traffic. Hi everyone. My apologies for the long time in between updates. The last few months have been a professional and mental health shitfest for yours truly, which further weakened my resolve to play and code for A3. To be honest I've spent most of that time playing around with clutter/environment/lighting/sounds/vegetation on my favourite official and mod terrains, to try to make the environment more to my taste. So I'm now sitting on a large number of config patches and vegetation replacement scripts for a range of terrains, including: Cham, Svartmarka, Ihantala, Khoramshahr, Kujari, Livonia, Lythium, Ruha, Uzbin Valley, Vinjesvingen, Weferlingen. If anyone is interested I may release them at some stage. In the mean time, here's a version of TPW MODS with a few improvements. I'll work on some of the bug reports from the last few months and will release fixes for them before too long hopefully.
  7. Phenomenal map, the amount of work that must have gone into it is mind boggling. Thanks so much @furean and your collaborators..
  8. Hi guys. Sorry, I’ve had a couple of months off the tools. I’ll look into the various issues
  9. Cheers mate, I wasn't trying to be a wanker, just pointing out that there other other code ideas that tinter could try.
  10. Not strictly true. I wrote an SP script called TPW Furniture for TPW Mods several years ago, which spawns simple compositions into defined house classes with minimal overhead. @tinter you’re welcome to grab any ideas out of my code if you want.
  11. Thanks for the report @gatordev. I very occasionally get an error thrown by my mods, and do my best to track it down. Believe it or not I do my best to release tpw mods bug free. I haven’t seen anything like you’re describing and would be keen to know if others do too so I can address it. I’ll have a deep dive into the code today. I have changed nothing in the initialisation routines recently. Cheers mate
  12. How did you install the mod? Using the included batch script? It sounds to me like there's some TPW MODS files somewhere else within your installation. Search for tpw_ in your file explorer.
  13. If you create and save a scenario using mods, and then try to load the scenario without mods it usually leads to various problems. The mods are saved as part of the mission.sqm and the scenario will try to load them. BTW, welcome to the forum :)
  14. So did you get TPW MODS working correctly in the first place? If it's correctly installed there will be the your_arma3_folder\@TPW_MODS folder containing all the pbos, and your_arma3_folder\userconfig\TPW_MODS folder containing the HPP configuration file TPW MODS does not install any other files, so if you remove the above folders you've essentially removed all trace of it.