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  1. Gday Rockapes. At present the simplified hud doesn’t distinguish the sides of people, everyone is just a green dot. This is a conscious design decision to a) cut down on calculations and b) increase plausibility. I’m not intending to change this any time soon sorry, but I will make it so you can change the colour of the dot in the next update. If you read the tpw_hud.txt file, it details the differences between the full and simplified hud.
  2. TPW MODS 20180119: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9ayxn5rd7t9ycj/TPW_MODS_20180119.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [ANIMALS 1.39] Changed shark spawning parameters so they're more likely to be seen around the player - sharks are still highly unlikely to eat you since they use Feint's shark FSM and prefer to hunt fish rather than humans. [HUD 1.66] Added a simplified icon display mode for improved performance, this is now enabled by default. Improved range detection code (thanks Pierre MGI http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30527), re-enabled by default. Re-enabled proximity detection. The main feature of this update is the implementation of simplified and optimised unit icon display for TPW HUD. In the previous update I'd turned off the full icon display with all the bells and whistles because it was pretty resource heavy with lots of calculations and a busy per frame event handler. I've gone back and added a much simpler version which basically just displays a green dot over any units that you have line of sight to. If you aim down sights or through optics then you'll get distance information too. The whole thing is much less cluttered and should give you back a lot of FPS if there are lots of units around or in dense areas. You can now choose an icon display that suits you and your CPU: tpw_hud_unit[] = {0,1,0.25,0.75}; -> no icons. tpw_hud_unit[] = {1,1,0.25,0.75}; -> simplified new icon display (this is the default). tpw_hud_unit[] = {2,1,0.25,0.75}; ->older more detailed and resource hungry display. I've also revamped the range calculation stuff, replacing my shit lineintersectsobjs with a much faster lineintersectssurface implementation (thanks to Pierre MGI http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30527), and re-enabled this too, along with proximity detection.
  3. Like I said guys, you just need to know the classnames of the soldiers and vehicles from the factions you want to use. Although it's a fantastic mod I don't use RHS, but here are just some of the US cfgvehicle classnames I grabbed from http://class.rhsmods.org/usaf/0.4.5/0b46c9b0-0723-4876-b8fe-2c4f92312184 to give you an idea. I advise you to look at this page too because it's a useful resource, and I'm not about setting up everyone's TPW SKIRMISH for them :) : You could use rhsusf_usmc_ if you wanted to spawn US marines for example, and rhsusf_ to spawn a variety of US vehicles. tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring = "rhsusf_usmc_". tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring = ""rhsusf_". tpw_skirmish_friendlytype = [0,1,5] will then use RHHUSF, NATO and AAF as friendlies.
  4. I'm on dev too mate. I'm going to rework the shark code so that they spawn nearer to the player, and move towards him too.
  5. Hmm, very strange. The only units that disappear immediately when killed are TPW CROWDS civs. I've been testing TPW MODS a lot lately and I've not seen the behaviour you describe. Can you please PM a copy of your TPW_MODS.hpp, just in case there's a setting there that is causing issues.
  6. Yes it bloody does. The icon display is disabled though, as per the changelog. You need to change these lines in your HPP to get it back to the default. tpw_hud_unit[] = {1,1,0.25,0.75}; // UNITS/MARKERS displayed on HUD, where 0/1/2 = disabled/simplified/full, 1 = icon max size, 0.25 = icon min size, 0.75 = text size ( 1 = same size as HUD text). tpw_hud_prx[] = {1,0.5,0.505,1}; // PRX = display numbers of nearby units. tpw_hud_rng[] = {1,0.5,0.56,1}; // RNG = range to centre of player's gaze (performance heavy, disabled by default). I've implemented a lighter HUD which will make it into the next release.
  7. I'll try to put something up soon. The critical thing is that you use the correct string that is common to the classnames of the units you want spawned. "rhs_faction_usarmy" is the faction name, not a common string. Have a look at this site that has the RHS classnames http://class.rhsmods.org Try using the string rhsusf_army
  8. Well it's definitely working for me. I just took a screenshot of one buzzing around me in the sea off Malden, but for some reason I can't insert a dropbox image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/19lz3bwkxghr8l8/shark.jpg Do you actually have Feint's sharks addon installed?
  9. Hi tiagobr6 TPW SETTINGS.jar is written by a very clever chap called Gliptal, not me. Every time I release an update with HPP Update Required then Gliptal needs to update his program to work with it. For that reason I don't include TPW SETTINGS.jar in the TPW MODS distribution. You are welcome to get in touch with him, or if you are impatient just use tpw_settings.py, which is a simple python script which allows you to easily edit settings.
  10. Hi Realthinged Sharks are activated by default, and will spawn in a radius between 75-200m from the player. They won't spawn if the player is standing in shallow water though, you need to be in water at least 2m deep (this is a design decision so that they don't spawn inland in shallow water). In my experience the sharks don't necessarily attack the player, but I've seen them eat other fish. You can confirm if there are sharks nearby by typing: hint str tpw_animal_array This is my first go at implementing Feint's totally awesome sharks into the game, so please bear with me while I refine it further.
  11. TPW MODS 20180115: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bczvov5203ux90/TPW_MODS_20180115.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [ANIMALS 1.38] Sharks will spawn around player in deeper water (requires Feint's Sharks addon). Can be toggled with tpw_animal_shark = 1/0. [CORE 1.48, FOG 1.59] Added Tembelan to region and climate list. [CIVS 1.55, CROWD 1.08] Reduced incidence of civs spawning with IDAP backpacks. [HOUSELIGHTS 1.13] User may now specify radius around player in which to spawn lights (default 75m). [HUD 1.65] Unit scanning, proximity and range are now disabled by default in the HPP (performance reasons). [SKIRMISH 1.41] Player will no longer spam move messages to AI squadmates. [SOAP 1.23] Added Tembelan (French). Hi everyone. Sorry for the long time between updates, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking for the last couple of months. I was actually intending to put something out 2 weeks ago but my bloody computer blew up! Anyhoo, enough about you, let's talk about me... So the latest update incorporates a few bug fixes and suggestions which should improve things for a few people. I've not yet been able to come up with a satisfactory solution to Lord Jarhead's suggestion to spawn civs into the houses in which ambient conversation noise is playing, so will continue to work on that. I Also got sick of the performance impact of TPW MODS and tracked the majority of it down to the performance hungry per frame routines for the smooth display of HUD icons. I'm working on something a little lighter, but in the mean time I've disabled this stuff in the HPP. Feel free to re-enable it, just be aware that it can cause framerate issue in dense urban areas and/or with a lot of AI around. YMMV!
  12. Hi everyone and happy 2018. Sorry about the long delays, was flat out working Nov/Dec until Dec 23 and then on holiday until Dec 31 trying to recover. Nice idea mate, I will definitely have a look at this. None of them, they actually disable themselves if on a dedi. Hi LJ, I'm honoured that a sound god such as yourself even uses my stuff. I know what you are saying, since TPW SOAP swaps one kind of cognitive dissonance (ie a supposedly inhabited landscape with no human sounds), with another kind (human sounds but no people apparently making them). I'll see if I can co-opt TPW CROWD to spawn static civilians when playing sounds. Then you'll get the third kind of cognitive dissonance of hearing females but not seeing any of them... Could you guys please PM me with a bit of your RPT file detailing the errors? I don't see them at my end. Gday General Partz. tpw_houselights_radius is the parameter you want to play with. It defaults to 50m, but you can fire up the debug console and try eg tpw_houselights_radius =500 You're the first person to complain about it, but I'll look to making this variable part of the HPP in the next release.
  13. Thanks for the error reports gents. I’m away from my Arma box until new year, but will look into it.
  14. Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been silent on here for a few weeks, real life getting in the way! I appreciate the suggestions and am not ignoring the bug reports! Give me a couple more weeks and I’ll attend to them properly. Thanks.