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  1. Thanks guys. I’m back from holidays (shit weather unfortunately), so will look into these issues ASAP
  2. Hi @redarmy, thanks for getting in touch. I’m on Easter holidays with my kids and can’t get to my Arma box, so will answer your questions with a high probability of making a dickhead of myself. To my understanding event handlers themselves are not hugely cpu intensive, similar to spawning lots of sleep loops. Obviously what happens once the handler is fired off is a different kettle of fish. In my experience TPW FALL is not a cpu killer, but then again I tend to use modest numbers of AI (<20) so your mileage may differ. As for the glitch with indoor units falling, you might be onto something there, since depending on the building the unit might never make it to ground level to complete the process. I’ll look into it as soon as I’m back. Thanks again for the heads up.
  3. TPW MODS 20190413: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0qx5jgzrvpr17y/TPW_MODS_20190413.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] tpw_animal_saddleperc = 10; // % of horses spawned with saddles (if using dbo_horses) [ANIMALS 1.50] User may now specify the percentage of horses spawned with saddles (Thanks Alpha-Kilo). Just a small update allowing the spawning of rideable horses with saddles. Johnnyboy's fix for the UAV controls bug is incorporated. Thanks to Alpha-Kilo for the suggestion.
  4. TPW MODS 20190407: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2gjzs15dg5dju3w/TPW_MODS_20190407.zip Changes: [ALL] Proper fix for all 'bin\config.bin/CfgSounds/XXX.titles' bugs. Huge thanks to LarsAspra [ANIMALS 1.49] Added panting noises to nearby dogs As promised.
  5. @LarsAsprahas found the solution to the dreaded bug, which I will implement ASAP.
  6. TPW MODS 20190406: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1o33fup9jpcbeu0/TPW_MODS_20190406.zip Changes: [ANIMALS 1.48, HUD 1.72] Will spawn ambient horses with custom horse sounds if dbo_horses is installed. Many thanks to LarsAspra for the suggestion and initial code. [FALL 1.68] Hopefully a fix for the "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgSounds/aimX.titles" bugs some people are reporting. I say hopefully because I can't reproduce the bug, so the fix is guesswork. I bloody love it when someone not only has a feature suggestion for TPW MODS, but provides code too! In this case, many thanks to @LarsAspra for both of those things, which now allow ambient horses in TPW ANIMALS. Always nice to extend the ambient animals selection in the game, and now you'll occasionally see animated horses in pasture areas of the map, with some custom horse snorting noises added by yours truly. I did look into adding MH_animals support so that we could have wild boar and cows back in game, but the mod is hopelessly broken and requires extensive post install jiggery pokery to make it work, and even then the animals are wonky. And lastly, please let me know if you're still getting "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgSounds/aimX.titles" errors when aiming. Cheers!
  7. TPW MODS 20190330: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsmu6ggbjybnama/TPW_MODS_20190330.zip Changes: [CORE 1.67, SOAP 1.44, FOG 1.73] Added St George and Summa to region lists. [ANIMALS 1.47] Added pseudo reverb effect to animal calls. [BLEEDOUT 1.36] Added random time before threshold injury triggers AI self healing, to prevent self-healing immediately after wounding (thanks mickeymen). [FIREFLIES 1.08] Adjusted default colour, brightness and size of fireflies. Removed BIS Fireflies which can appear in plague proportions on many maps (many thanks to .kju for help with this). [RADIO 1.34] Player must have radio in inventory in order to hear radio messages when footbound (thanks Valken). [SKIRMISH 1.48] Fixed dead unit despawn bug (thanks syf). Sorry about the long time off the tools. Every now and then my frustration at the total lack of meaningful development to address game's core deficiencies overcomes my enjoyment at being able to code for it. So I took a few months off to do other things and play other games. Coming back after nearly 6 months off demonstrated to me that although A3 is clunky, incomplete and horrifically optimised, there's nothing else even remotely like it. When everything comes together the degree of immersion is unbeatable. Anyway I've spent the last week or so dusting off my coding and addressing a few bugs found by me and others. Once I get my chops back I'll attempt a few more ambitious things I've got in mind.
  8. Infestation cured! I patched CfgNonAIVehicles as per your suggestion and it works like a charm. Thanks again .kju!
  9. Thanks .kju, much appreciated. You are probably right regarding CUP. I’ll look into that a bit further.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm back into Arma3 after several months "off the tools" to try and rekindle my waning enthusiasm. In that time A3 v1.90 was released, and I see among other things that they have added a glowing firefly.p3d model, where the old one used to be invisible. This is all well and good, except that now pretty much every mod terrain I've tried since is totally covered in fireflies. Strangely enough they're not seen on official maps Altis, Stratis, Tanoa or Malden (where one would actually expect to see the fireflies). I find the whole thing a bit distracting to be honest, and wonder if there's a way to edit them out using a config patch of some kind. Does anyone know if it's possible to replace "a3\animals_f\FireFly.p3d" with a null object? I'm a bit rusty at the moment and don't have the chops to attempt it myself. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi everyone. Sorry for the radio silence for the last few weeks, had a very hectic and stressful time at work and ran out of enthusiasm for everything. I'm finally on holidays for a few weeks and should hopefully be able to relax and address the various issues you've raised lately. Thanks for your patience!
  12. TPW MODS https://www.dropbox.com/s/b26x3umg119jw2r/TPW_MODS_20181117.zip Changes: [CORE 1.66, SOAP 1.43] Added Montella to region lists. [FOG 1.72] Improved heat haze effects. Dustdevils on treeless areas of hot desert / middle eastern / central asian maps. [HUD 1.71] American players can now select temperature display in Fahrenheit using ctrl + alt + f. [SOAP 1.43] Fixed errors for maps not on the SOAP list. Added additional winter maps. Improved traffic ambience. Another earth shattering collection of changes!
  13. Done. You'll be able top toggle metric/imperial temperature using ctrl-alt-f, will release update in a few days.
  14. Cool. Found and fixed the problem. I'll push out an update shortly.