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  1. PIR animations are excellent, I’m not a fan of other aspects of it though. So I just turn off all PIR settings, and allow TPW FALL to use the animations. It’s hitpart driven so you still get the appropriate animated reactions.
  2. @Pvt. Parts, @osterizer8, thanks for the bug reports, which I have addressed for the upcoming release. Sorry about the delay.
  3. Nothing new. It's important that you set your civilian casualty thresholds to 0, to ensure that you'll trigger an increase. If you kill a civ and then type hint str tpw_skirmish_enemysquad_max then you should see it increase.
  4. TPW UNIFORMS: Steam Dropbox As well as TPW MODS I've made some pretty substantial changes to TPW UNIFORMS. The main change is that I have added support for the Ranger Danger mod, which although of doubtful provenance has IMHO some of the best uniform models out there. I've also added a little bit of RHS support, which will allow retextured covered opscore helmets and alice backpacks. I've completely overhauled the AMCU, OCP and MCAM stuff , and added an MTP texture for your UK needs. Putting multicam style camo into Arma3 is really bloody hard.
  5. Thanks for the kind words @Reticuli, I appreciate the sentiment. I'll have a look into the skirmish spawning suggestion of yours. As far as FALL and ACE, I don't use ACE so any feedback from you would be valuable. EDIT: If you set the number of enemy squads and vehicles to 0 in TPW SKIRMISH, then there will be no skirmish until you retire a few civilians, in which case enemies will start spawning.
  6. TPW MODS 20220821: Steam, Dropbox Changes: [CORE 1.96, BOATS 1.44, FOG 1.98, SOAP 1.72] Added support for The Bra, Kaska, Northern Takistan. [BLEEDOUT 1.42] Prevent revival anims playing twice on the same unit. Remove interference with units with customised animation speed. [CORE 1.96] Added PIR animation support. [FALL 1.77] Hit reactions from Project Injury Animation (PIR) will be used if the mod is present (and its hit and medical functions deactivated). [FOG 1.98] Climate correctly adjusts for northern and southern hemisphere terrains. Hi everyone. OK so I got over my A3 apathy for a while and have made a few nice little changes to TPW MODS. The most important one is that I have integrated the excellent hitpart specific animations of Project Injury Reaction. This is a fantastic mod but in its default setup interferes with TPW FALL and adds a lot of other noises and medical stuff that is not to everyone's taste, so it's usually PIR or TPW FALL, not both. If you install PIR and then disable all its hit and medical functions, then TPW FALL will use the animations so that player and AI will now react in one of three ways to a hit: 1- body part specific reactions (PIR anims), 2 - animated fall to ground and recovery, or 3 - brief ragdoll "knockout" followed by varying degrees of incapacitation. This adds a real degree of variety to combat. To further spice things up, the user can now select how often a hit will transfer its real damage to the unit (ie a potential kill shot). By default it's 20%. The rest of the time, a unit cannot be killed outright, but will bleed out. Of course you can put a few more rounds into a unit to finish the job, if you are so inclined. The other decent change is to TPW FOG, which now correlty identifies which hemisphere the map is in and adjusts the weather accordingly. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks @pierre MGI. Not only was it a mod causing the problem, but it was one of my bloody mods!
  8. I can't deal with the default movement speed of Arma3 AI (particularly the comincal walking speed) and usually add a setanimspeedcoef = 0.85 or so to each unit to slow them down to normal. I've just noticed now that this setting no longer sticks. The unit will play one cycle of an animation and then revert back to speed = 1 (as determined by getanimspeedcoef). Is this a bug or a recently implemented design decision? Either way, it's a massive pain.
  9. Can't wait for another one of your fantastic terrains to hit the workshop! Thanks for continuing to put in the effort, the pics look awesome and I'm sure the final result will be too.
  10. Hi everyone, Sorry for being off the tools recently. I posted a brief explanation on the Steam TPW MODS page, but I'll go into a little more depth here. Basically it boils down to a bit of a conundrum I'm facing since the release of Reforger. I bought into Reforger with my eyes wide open and certainly don't subscribe the the delusional negative comments being bandied around by a handful of malcontents on Steam. As a tech demo it was probably overpriced, but $ I was happy to spend to help move my franchise of choice out of the 2000s and into the 2020s.To me, Reforger represents such a massive leap forward in terms of audiovisuals, environmental immersion and performance that it makes it very difficult to go back to the distinctly last gen visuals and atrocious performance of A3. On the other hand, the incredible depth of Arma3 and its huge range of official and 3rd party mods and content make it very difficult to handle the austerity and almost total lack of meaningful SP (and its woeful mouse handling) at this stage in Reforger. So I've actually found myself doing neither. I'm not quite prepared to ditch 13+ years of Arma modding to plunge into the the powerful but poorly documented Reforger workbench way of doing things, especially since my mods tend to address shortfalls in the game as I see it, and those shortfalls are not fully defined in Reforger yet. But at the same time I'm not sure how long I should persist with my A3 modding for a platform that is increasingly being abandoned by other modders keen to realise their talents in a more appealing engine. Sigh. Anyway, I think I will pick up the A3 modding again in the near future and keep an eye and a sense of cautious optimism out for Reforger. I'm sincerely hoping that this time around BI doesn't squander the chance (as they did for Arma3) to use early access as a platform to make meaningful engine level changes to Reforger and Arma4, instead of just rushing to bang out content. I'm also hoping that they don't just rely on modders to address shortfalls in the game content and systems. Lastly, TPW MODS recently joined the vaunted 10000+ subscribers club, and I'm very grateful to all of you for your support and feedback. Speaking of which, I will go back over the last few months of comments with an eye to addressing some suggestions in the shortish term. Cheers! TPW
  11. tpw

    Bcombat, Vcom, TPW, ASR, where are you?

    I finally jumped on the Reforger bandwagon a few days ago. Great to finally play a Bohemia game where the audiovisuals are not 5 generations behind the current state of the art upon release. Everon is just sublime. The new mod tools are also fantastic, but a completely different way of approaching Arma modding and will take quite a bit of getting used to. The scripting is completely different for starters. While I fully intend to port aspects of my mods across to Enfusion based games, it’s a non-trivial undertaking.
  12. TPW MODS 20220518: Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2586787720 Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.94, FALL 1.76, SKIRMISH 1.64] Code for reduced incidence of dead bodies occasionally falling through the ground and disappearing now applies to all units affected by TPW FALL, not just SKIRMISH spawned units. [ANIMALS 1.66] Added support for Edaly cattle. [FOG 1.96, SOAP 1.70] Added support for Libertad, Niakala, Gliese, Hanter's Gorge, Guelb al Richat. [PARK 1.33] User can specify what percentage of spawned vehicles will be military (defaults to 20%). Hi all. You'll notice that I timed my release to coincide with Arma Reforger, just so I could steal all their thunder. I have to admit, as a showcase for the new engine improvements (and not as an Arma3 replacement), Reforger looks very impressive indeed. Many of the things I've been bitching about for years are addressed: proper dynamic shadows from all lights; proper running water; proper raindrop fx and wet surface (and uniform) handling; proper interior lighting with lights not going through walls; far better animations; massive shadow draw distance; stupid action menu removed; slicker interface; better tools; vastly improved performance etc etc etc. Almost enough to tempt me to upgrade my trusty Windows 7 rig to Windows 10. Almost. As an exclusively single player guy, I'll be sticking to and continuing to code for Arma3 for the time being :)
  13. Yep I added them in, next release in a day or two will allow the user to specify the % of military vehicles to spawn
  14. Do you have TPW FOG running? The temperature display depends on it.