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  1. TPW MODS 20200627: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.79,FOG 1.82, SOAP 1.53] Fix for Makhno maps throwing SafePositionAnchor errors. Added Halso. [ANIMALS 1.60] Added occasional flying bird noises [FOG 1.82] Will ignore hidden trees for dewpoint calculations. Increased mist on N'Ziwasogo [PUDDLE 1.04] Puddles aligned to ground surface correctly [SOAP 1.53] Fixed occasional "Cannot play XXXX_music0" bug Hi everyone. As promised here's a small update to get the ball rolling on TPW MODS development again.
  2. Hi everyone. Just to apologise for the lack of updates and communication, and assure you that I'm not dead. The last few months have affected everyone differently, in my case working at home (crunching scientific data via python) and trying to home school 2 kids full time I didn't leave me much enthusiasm for A3 coding. I did do a bit of sporadic terrain renovation just for fun though, so I haven't completely lost my touch. Luckily for us in Australia things didn't get as bad as in some places, so we are gradually getting a return to normality and with it my desire to jump on and address some of the things people have been reporting. I'll push out an update in the next week or so. PS I've fixed the SOAP bug...
  3. Do you mean install.bat? Strangely enough, it will install TPW MODS. There is no other .bat file in the TPW_MODS.zip that I distribute. If you got yours from Steam (even though I expressly forbid its upload there), then it might contain other files that I can't vouch for and won't support you with. sorry.
  4. If you drop the two scripts into your mission folder and then run 0 = [["c_man","c_man","rds","afghan","c_man","c_man"],[],5,22] execvm "tpw_core.sqf"; 0 = [10,50] execvm "tpw_houselights.sqf"; it should work. I say this because I just did exactly that. Remember it might take up to 30 seconds for the lights to come on.
  5. I always run tpw mods from scripts as part of the development process. This is my setup to run just tpw houselights: 0 = [["c_man","c_man","rds","afghan","c_man","c_man"],[],5,22] execvm "\scripts\tpw_mods\tpw_core.sqf"; 0 = [10,50] execvm "\scripts\tpw_mods\tpw_houselights.sqf"; tpw core does various things but unless you're running other scripts that rely on it you'll never notice them.
  6. Are you running tpw_core.sqf also? Houselights needs the building scanning functions of core in order to work.
  7. Many thanks to @-ben- and CUP team for this outstanding map, to my mind by far the best reworking of the beloved Chernarus map. Every bit as detailed and beautiful as Livonia, but actually running at a great framerate everywhere. As my interest in A3 wanes, I find that I only get drawn to maps where the authors have gone to decent lengths to get the natural environment aspects looking, well, natural. And with the latest work, the forests and most of the environment have been absolutely nailed! My only problems are satmap and ground texture related. The almost brown black forest satmap that resolves to light green as you move closer. The overly contrasty and blotchy grass satmap that resolves into patchwork grass. And the abundant pale satmap fields (wheat?) that resolve into dark brown and green grassy areas or brown plowed earth. The last one particularly annoys me, so I wrote a little config patch so that these pale areas resolve to either wheat fields, or pale stubble/dry grass: To my eye they reduce visual mismatches help create a more dry summery agricultural vibe. Please feel free to ignore these suggestions! Thanks again, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this already phenomenal map develops.
  8. Hi mate I looked at your HPP. So basically TPW SKIRMISH will default to using Arma3 blufor, opfor and indfor units if the strings you specify cannot be found in the classnames of the mod you are using. I don't use the star wars mod you use, so I have no idea if the classnames are correct. Is there a list of classnames for this mod I could check?
  9. Can you please send me your TPW SKIRMISH settings, either from the HPP file or from the script you use to launch it?
  10. I actually looked into it but couldn't replicate it. Then I forgot about it :) I'll reopen the ticket.
  11. tpw

    Flowing water

    Well you’ve been involved in overcoming two of my greatest visual peeves in A3: lack of flowing water and lack of females. That puts you up the deity ladder in my book. Best of luck bringing your incredible concepts to fruition.
  12. Thanks so much for this bludclot et al. In my opinion RHSPKL is quite simply one of the greatest mod (or official for that matter) maps ever made. The sense of immersion in a real place is unparalleled. My only problem is that the ambient wind noise gets very very loud as ASL increases, even when wind strength is zero. At 150m it sounds like a storm. Is this a design decision or something that could be changed in a future update?
  13. TPW MODS 20200201: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [ANIMALS 1.59, CORE 1.79, FOG 1.81, SOAP 1.54] Added RKSPKL and Chernarus 2020 support. Hi everyone. Happy 2020. I thought things couldn't be worse than 2019 but from where I'm standing they definitely are. Regardless, here's my 1st release for 2020 which basically just introduces proper support for the sublime RHSPKL (one of the greatest mod terrains ever made IMHO) , and for Chernarus 2020 (which aside from terrible clutter popping and nasty satmap/ground texture mismatches is a fantastic attempt to port that beloved terrain to modern A3 standards). For those having trouble with RHSPKL please try this new version and let me know how you go. For what it's worth, I always run tpw_livonia.pbo and have not experienced issues.
  14. Thanks mate. I’ll download the new PKL and have a look..