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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry for the radio silence for the last few weeks, had a very hectic and stressful time at work and ran out of enthusiasm for everything. I'm finally on holidays for a few weeks and should hopefully be able to relax and address the various issues you've raised lately. Thanks for your patience!
  2. TPW MODS https://www.dropbox.com/s/b26x3umg119jw2r/TPW_MODS_20181117.zip Changes: [CORE 1.66, SOAP 1.43] Added Montella to region lists. [FOG 1.72] Improved heat haze effects. Dustdevils on treeless areas of hot desert / middle eastern / central asian maps. [HUD 1.71] American players can now select temperature display in Fahrenheit using ctrl + alt + f. [SOAP 1.43] Fixed errors for maps not on the SOAP list. Added additional winter maps. Improved traffic ambience. Another earth shattering collection of changes!
  3. Done. You'll be able top toggle metric/imperial temperature using ctrl-alt-f, will release update in a few days.
  4. Cool. Found and fixed the problem. I'll push out an update shortly.
  5. TPW MODS 20181103: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h1vqfemppfwf5b1/TPW_MODS_20181103.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [ANIMALS 1.46 ] Frog noises near ponds and other areas with reeds. Additional insect ambience in dense vegetation. [COMPRESS 1.00] *NEW MOD* Simulates compression of loud audio by muting nearby gunfire. [SOAP 1.42] Adjusted Azan sample volume to prevent clipping & breaking up on playback. Gday all Anyone who has followed TPW MODS for any length of time knows I'm all about increasing the ambience of the A3 experience, particularly through sound. Sound enables me to simulate the presence of things that A3 can't provide, to deepen the immersion. I've been spending a lot of time on Anizay and Diyala lately, and those two maps do an incredible job with the visual immersion side of things, especially regarding the use of pond objects to overcome the default A3 drought experience. I thought I'd add a bit to this by simulating croaking frogs near reedy ponds and waterways, and additional insect ambience in densely vegetated area such as ponds and crops. I don't want to toot my own horn but the experience is really awesome, it's fantastic traipsing through a hot dusty central asian or mesopotamian environment and coming across a cool verdant pond oasis with a gentle chorus of frogs and insects. I've taken to turning up the volume to experience it better, but unfortunately that leads to ringing ears when a nearby squadmate starts shooting. You can of course turn the volume down but then the ambience suffers. It'd be great if the engine provided some kind of volume normalisation or compression to limit the relative loudness of nearby gunshots, but it doesn't. So I've implemented the next best thing with TPW COMPRESS, which briefly mutes the volume when the player or nearby units fire their weapons. Works pretty well for an initial release, and you can play with the parameters to get the desired balance, just like a real instrument compressor pedal. I realise that this can drastically change the sonic landscape of a military simulator, so TPW COMPRESS is disabled by default. I'd be interested in your feedback.
  6. Cheers cype I noticed some of the other Apex vegetation, looks great!
  7. Hey @Cype_Revenge thanks so much for updating this awesome map. The improvements to FPS are very noticeable and very welcome. Using primarily A3 vegetation assets gives the map a nice visual consistency. I have a couple of suggestions for you: 1 - Would you consider removing the EP1 foliage, specifically b_pistacial1s_ep1.p3d and b_amygdalusn1s_ep1.p3d? These bushes simply don't work with the lighting on the map. 2 - cype_phragmites.p3d has an LOD colour problem. These reeds look green from a distance and almost white when up close. I assume you made these models so it should be something you can fix. Thanks again
  8. tpw


    Thanks so much for implementing my CUP replacement suggestions @Temppa! I have retired my replacement script now, everything just looks fantastic. The 10m cell size has given a nice boost in speed whilst still retaining the interesting topography of the map. Thanks again for such a fantastic central asian map.
  9. Some of the ambient voice samples have a bit of traffic background or beeping horns.
  10. OK mate I'll look into it again. In the mean time, if it pisses you off too much, you can disable weapon aiming sounds and raindrop sounds in the HPP.
  11. Shit, I thought I'd fixed that one. Are you using the latest version of TPW MODS @benouyt?
  12. I experimented with replacing the Cannabis plants on Anizay with large and small phoenix "date" palms and the results look pretty good. Dates are farmed in Afghanistan, so seeing clumps of cultivated date palms around that map looks reasonable.
  13. TPW MODS 20181018: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pr08veq9nns30je/TPW_MODS_20181018.zip Changes: [CORE 1.65, FOG 1.71,SOAP 1.41] Added Mogadishu, Anizay to region lists. Duststorm fx are now disabled during rain. [FALL 1.67] Reduced incidence and severity of prone units cartwheeling when killed. [PARK 1.27] Trucks and vans no longer excluded from parked vehicles. [SOAP 1.41] Improved German EQ, reverb and sound balancing. Fixed issues with polyglot sounds not playing correctly. Improved sound levels between regions. Improved balance of kid sounds and house noise sounds. I guess the weekend came early. Let me know how you get on with the prone units fixes. Remember, this is just an (imperfect) workaround because I can't do an engine level fix for the ridiculous ragdolling that A3 is infamous for. While I have your attention I would also like to take the time to extol the virtues of the incredible Anizay map by Temppa, which I've added support for. It's fantastic to finally see such an organic and immersive Central Asian map that uses modern A3 vegetation models which look like real trees and react properly with modern lighting.
  14. Sorry to blow my own horn, but you should have a look at tpw mods, it does exactly that.