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  1. tpw

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    Ever played Kingdom Come Deliverance? The countryside and forest are astonishing, the towns are a slideshow.
  2. tpw

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    Let me know if you need a hand mate. I've been hesitant to do Livonia furniture templates in case the buildings get changed (eg shrunk to the correct size).
  3. So the performance in inhabited areas (even with only a handful of enterable houses) is still atrocious. Can someone tell me exactly what the DayZ buildings bring to the game (because it's certainly not furniture) that warrants such a big performance hit? PS that constant annoying ambient distant traffic/ wind noise is still there too.
  4. Bullets have to pass within about 5m of the player to suppress him. Doesn't matter if they hit the ground or not. I don't know how to hook into the bullet hitting nearby surfaces, and to be honest I'm probably not about to look for it, because if the bullet passed within 5m of the player to his that surface, then the player will already be suppressed.
  5. Mate this is working exactly as I always intended it to, just not the way you like :) If you have ("a*", "b*", "c*") set, and don't have mod b loaded, then in effect your list becomes ("a*","nato","c*")., not ("a*","c*"). If you have no mods loaded then it becomes ("nato","nato","nato"). But since you're a VIP customer I'll try to change it for you. I had an explicit string to remove any classnames containing "zomb". I'll remove it, see how you go with that. Zombies spawned by TPW SKIRMISH will always attack the player. Only those spawned by TPW ZOMBIES can have their focus altered. If I were me (and I am) I'd just use TPW ZOMBIES if I want zombies. Hmm. Airstrikes don't actually drop anything, I just spawn a bomb at groundlevel and let it explode. I'll look into it. As for nukes, I think that might be slightly outside the remit of the skirmish philosophy - I don't imagine a squad calling in a tac nuke on an enemy squad 1km away - but I'll have a peek at the code anyway.
  6. Do you play without TPW HUD? I've fixed it. Please download again mate.
  7. I have to admit the whole "Arma4 is years away from even being announced yet alone released" vibe does not fill me with joy. BI are obviously committed to providing more content to us and money to them via various DLC and expansion initiatives. But the engine this income stream runs on was basically multiple generations behind state of the art when A3 was released 6 years ago, and is only going to fall further behind in the years to come. I don't think it's unreasonable for the player base to expect that at some stage our beloved series will transition to something that properly leverages the fast multicore CPUs and decent GFX cards most of us have, to provide the graphical immersion and performance the series so desperately needs.
  8. TPW MODS 20190529: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CARS 1.67] Orphaned drivers or passengers from commandeered or crashed vehicles will be deleted if out of sight of the player (thanks AirShark). Fixed setfuel error (also thanks AirShark). [CROWDS 1.19] Civs will not despawn if closer than 20m to the player, even if not visible (thanks AirShark). [DUCK 1.11] Degree of visual blur when suppressed may now be specified. 0 = no blur -> 1 = strong blur. Player will get slight blurring of vision when any bullets pass by, and stronger blurring and other FX when suppressed by enemy bullets (thanks mickeymen). [SKIRMISH 1.51] Changed behaviour of units to prevent walking under combat conditions (thanks Zakuaz). Proper selection of multiple custom unit or vehicle strings (thanks Valken) Thanks for all the testing, suggestions and bug reports guys.
  9. Hi mate 1 - The system as it stands will give light blurring and no other suppression fx when any bullet passes the player, and heavier blurring and other fx when 3 enemy bullets pass in 10 seconds. I'm happy with that to be honest and am not really keen on further complicating the system. Try downloading the current TPW MODS and see for yourself. 2 - The other FX are those built into the fatigue system. So if you're suppressed you get panting and pulsing darkened screen edges. If you use TPW BLEEDOUT then you'll get optional camera shaking to simulate increased heartrate. And of course screen blurring courtesy of TPW DUCK (if radial blur is enabled). 3 - Yes the value can be anywhere between 0-1. tpw_duck_player = 0.44 if that's what you want :)
  10. Civs are spawning just fine. The walking TPW CIVS will spawn in houses near you, and walk from house to house. The stationary TPW CROWDS will spawn near houses more than about 75m from you, and will disperse to other houses if you get near them (or if battle or rain starts). Both civs rely on habitable houses, not ruins. The more you move around an area, the more you'll see. Thanks for the heads up on the glitching of injured CROWD civs. This happens because the system tried to keep them animating when they aren't moving. I've added the additional code to prevent this when their damage is > 0. Since you insist on tormenting CROWD civs by chasing them, then yes you will notice that they despawn when out of sight. That's the design. I've added additional code so that they have to be out of sight and >20m from the player. CROWD and CIV civs are intended to be decorative, to make an area seem inhabited, and have just enough awareness of the player and environment so that they'll gradually disappear when battle starts, to free up CPU. Because everything is dynamic, despawning is built into both. I'm not trying to be a prick here, but your edge case of civilian interaction is pushing right up against the design of TPW CIVS/CROWD, you might be better served with one of the numerous other CIV mods. Parked vehicles are very (I mean very) difficult to implement correctly. Why do you think BIS dropped the idea? PARK tries to pick appropriate places to spawn a car, but if it senses that the car is being damaged during spawn, will rapidly despawn it and try another car. Usually it succeeds after a couple of tries. All this is CPU intensive so I can't run it on a really fast loop, which means you can sometimes have the great good fortune of observing the process. TPW SOAP is working fine on Anizay and other maps. Most of the sounds are disabled once battle starts though, by design. Have you changed the config in some way?
  11. Nice to see some updates rolling in already. The performance is still terrible in built up areas unfortunately. I guess that's a bigger update. @DnA any word on getting the sound config looked at, that constant background wind noise is driving me insane.
  12. Thanks for the detailed report mate. The last version I uploaded (about 8 hours ago) is working well at my end. My setup spawns 2 custom blufor, chooses between 2 preset opfor, and 2 preset indfor. I can think of two possible reasons for it being tardy on your setup. 1 - you have enormous numbers of things in CfgVehicles due to mods. When you use a custom faction string, it has to scan all these CfgVehicles entries. The more custom strings, the more times it has to do it. 2 - you’ve got a dodgy string or more, that can’t find a matching unit in CfgVehicles. This would cause an empty group to spawn, which might give the appearance of nothing happening. If you could try dropping the skirmish time down to 10sec, and just spawn some presets for all your factions, and see how rapidly the system populates. That might tell me where skirmish is bogging down for you. I’m going to try to further refine the system by prescanning just the man class entries out of CfgVehicles.
  13. OK so maybe I'm a bit confused. Here's what is happening at the moment. There is an invisible shell about 5m in radius around the player. All it has is a collision geometry, so if a projectile hits it, a hit eventhandler fires. At the moment that eventhandler increments a counter if the projectile comes from an enemy, and if the counter registers 3 times in 10 seconds then it triggers the blur and other suppression effects. Now I can make it so the counter increments if any bullet hits it, including those from the player's squad if they're firing nearby. It won't register a hit from the player's own bullets, because they are hitting it on the inside. Player bullets could potentially register if they ricochet off something and hit the shell from the outside. This is what I have coded for, but haven't been able to test. When I was first doing suppression stuff years ago, I found that allowing bullets from the player's own side made firefights impossible, since the player just ended up visually suppressed constantly, regardless of whether the enemy was suppressing him. So what I have come up with is a compromise. All passing bullets will cause a low level of visual blur (but no other suppression fx). More that 3 enemy bullets will cause the full suppression (panting, edge darkening, increased heartrate etc) and heavy blur. Please don't make out that I am being unreasonable.
  14. I've added the code, but am not sure about it. If you can get 3 ricochets to fly past you in 10 sec it might work. If not, I'm not going to lose sleep over it mate.
  15. Hmm, I spent quite a few hours working on this and it was absolutely spawning units from multiple custom strings just prior to me uploading. Guess I’d better have another look. EDIT: All fixed, please download again. There was a massive delay due to multiple scanning of the config for appropriate units. I've "pre scanned" it and use that, so it only scans for custom units now.