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  1. Call me weird but I basically only get cDLC for the terrains, and as far as I'm concerned I got my $ worth with Gabreta. It's pretty and varied and interesting, has great ground textures and clutter, makes good use of high quality A3 vegetation, has plenty of new buildings with furniture, and runs really well on my system. There's a few questionable config decisions (eg seaside noises near rivers) and a few very low quality A2 era vegetation assets for some bushes, but since I enjoy fixing these things it's not a problem for me. I can fully understand the disappointment for the military content side of things though, they're definitely not up to the quality of other cDLC or a lot of free workshop mods.
  2. TPW MODS TPW MODS is a modular and highly configurable suite of addons designed to increase the civilian, environmental, sonic, climatic and military ambience and realism of the A3 single player experience without requiring any scripting or module placement. You can use the TPW MODS of your choice to enhance any existing missions and campaigns, or to simply turn any empty map into a living world a la Far Cry, with endless replayability and a host of subtle realism and immersion touches that you probably won't even notice until you play without them. All mods interoperate well, are light on resources and a lot of work has gone into optimising them so they should not cause undue slowdowns or framerate issues. TPW MODS is under constant development, and continues to be refined and expanded largely due to user feedback and suggestions. Download (148 MB) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip - always the latest version PW6: http://play.withsix.com/arma-3/mods/1JrAgSIp4xGeWAAVF72WTA/TPW-MODS-enhanced-realism-immersion - many thanks to Sonsalt et al. Steam: This work is not to be made available on Steam. Any versions you find there do not have my support. Requires Community Base Addons (CBA A3): https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/168277-cba-community-base-addons-arma-3/ Latest Version Changelog 20210520 [INIT] Changed TPW MODS initialisation routines to prevent sporadic lockups when using Cam Lao Nam. [CORE 1.84, ANIMALS 1.63, FIREFLIES 1.11, SOAP 1.61] Optimised tree scanning code. Water buffaloes spawned on Cam Lao Nam, Prei Kmaoch Luong and Song Binh Tanh if using EO's Ambient Animals for Cam Lao Nam mod. [BLEEDOUT 1.40] Improved injury sounds for writhing units. [BOATS 1.42] SOG DLC Sampans spawned on Cam Lao Nam, Prei Kmaoch Luong and Song Binh Tanh. Full changelog Features Infantry realism Units reacting realistically to suppressive fire by ducking/going prone, and running away from nearby unexploded grenades (TPW DUCK)*. Player experiencing audiovisual suppression effects under enemy fire (TPW DUCK). Units reacting to falls and bullet hits by falling/ragdolling to the ground (TPW FALL). Units continuing to bleed from injuries, resulting in decreased mobility and eventually incapacitation and death if not treated (TPW BLEEDOUT). Units able to self heal using First Aid Kits (TPW BLEEDOUT). Sounds for jumping, falling, rolling and turning prone, looking down sights (TPW FALL). Plausible 2035 mesh networked HUD with range and predictive targetting, bullet trajectory tracing, positional audio ping of nearest enemies, electrochromic tinting, and full colour night vision, when equipped with tactical goggles (TPW HUD). Highly configurable ambient infantry combat, with AI able to call in support (TPW SKIRMISH). Units only run around weapons raised when in combat (TPW SKIRMISH). Units adhere to less rigid formation, occasionally stop and exhibit relaxed animations (TPW SKIRMISH). Units do not abandon (and will try to heal) incapacitated and dead squadmates (TPW SKIRMISH). Automatic repair of player vehicle at fuel stations (TPW REPAIR). More realistic (slower) movement and stance change speeds. Units rapidly reacting to nearby enemies they have line of sight to (TPW LOS)**. Automatic volume reduction of nearby gunfire, to simulate 2035 era active noise cancelling hearing protection (TPW COMPRESS). * TPW DUCK replaces TPW EBS, which has been deprecated due to native engine implementation of suppression. ** Deprecated due to improvements in native AI reaction. Civilians Region specific civilians in towns, walking from house to house and reacting to weather, cars and battle (TPW CIVS). Denser CPU friendly civilian crowds along the side of the road and near houses, reacting to weather, cars and battle(TPW CROWD). Civilian traffic, which you may commandeer (TPW CARS), playing music from their car radio (if using TPW SOAP). Drivable civilian cars parked by the side of the road near habitable houses (TPW PARK). Civilian boats (TPW BOATS). Civilian zombies, if using maxjoiner's zombies addon (TPW ZOMBIES). Civilian and military road vehicle AI will slow down/stop near footbound friendlies (TPW SANITY). You may specify which native Arma3 and mod civilians to use on different geographic regions. Maxjoiner's women will be used as female civilians on Greek and European maps, if the mod is present. Ambience Ambient furniture in enterable Tanoan, Altian, Maldenian and Livonian buildings and houses (TPW FURNITURE). Lights in civilian houses at night (TPW HOUSELIGHTS). Fires in barrels and fireplaces at night (TPW FIRE) Region specific ambient civilian environmental noises (voices, coughs and sneezes, traffic, music radio, telephones, domestic and construction noises, trains on appropriate maps), with support for user added sounds/music (TPW SOAP). Mosques playing the Azan call to prayer at appropriate times, with prayer response from nearby houses (TPW SOAP). Nearby gunfire eliciting screaming, babies crying and dogs barking, from houses near the player, and distant police sirens in built up areas (TPW SOAP). Creaking doors/timbers in houses, with whistling wind and rattling windows in windy conditions (TPW SOAP). Additional forest ambience such as creaking trees, falling branches, snapping twigs, small animals rustling undergrowth and leaves, occasional distant chainsaws (TPW SOAP). Ambient radio chatter on foot and in/near vehicles, with support for Russian radio chatter in RHS Russian vehicles (TPW RADIO). Appropriate sized flocks of baaing/bleating/clucking sheep/goats/chickens, and randomly barking dogs / yowling cats (TPW ANIMALS). Owls and foxes at night, dawn chorus of birds in the hour or so before sunrise (TPW ANIMALS). Distant howling wolves at night on remote areas of European/Nordic/Arctic maps - may be configured off, or forced on for other maps (TPW ANIMALS). Frogs croaking around reedy ponds and waterways (TPW ANIMALS). Sharks around the player in deeper water, if using Feint's Sharks addon and or THA_Sharks (TPW ANIMALS). Ambient wild and rideable horses if using the dbo_horses addon (TPW ANIMALS). Crows gradually flocking around dead bodies if there is no nearby combat (TPW ANIMALS). Wild boars with customised grunting sounds will spawn in forested areas, if using EO's ambient boar mod (TPW ANIMALS). Occasional brown bears on remote areas of European/Nordic/Arctic maps, if using walk3r's brown bear mod - may be configured off, or forced on for other maps (TPW ANIMALS). Water buffalo on various Asian maps, if using EO's ambient animals for Cam Lao Nam mod (TPW ANIMALS). Occasional helicopter and jet flybys, with automatic support for 3rd party aircraft mods (TPW AIR). Glowing blinking animated fireflies on warm summer evenings (TPW FIREFLIES). Buzzing flies gradually building up around dead bodies, rubbish piles and bins (TPW FIREFLIES). Whining mosquitos around the player at night (TPW FIREFLIES). Working streetlights on A2/OA maps (TPW STREETLIGHTS)***. Reduced engine and collision volume, increased wind/tyre volume of default Arma3 wheeld vehicles if using JSRS Soundmod (TPW_MUFFLER). *** Deprecated due to CUP Terrains implementing working streetlights Weather Region specific climate (TPW FOG). Ground fog, units with foggy breath, and a chance of snow, during colder weather (TPW FOG). Ground heat haze / mirage effects during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust devils on treeless regions of desert / middle eastern / central asian terrains during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust storm functionality which may be called via script or trigger (TPW FOG). Dynamic ground mist reacting to humidity, tree cover, and rainfall (TPW FOG). Dynamic snow which will not fall through buildings/ cover, snow goggle fx, snow fx in vehicles (TPW FOG). Rain droplet effects on most exposed ground and object surfaces near the player (TPW RAINFX). Refractive rain droplet effects on car windscreens and player goggles (TPW RAINFX). Raindrop noises on player's helmet and raised weapon (TPW RAINFX). Puddles on the ground around the player during and after rain (TPW PUDDLE). Documentation Full readme with installation and usage instructions Full changelog Sample HPP Air Animals Bleedout Boats Cars Civs Compress Crowd Duck EBS Fall Fire Fireflies Fog Furniture Houselights HUD LOS Muffler Park Puddle Radio Rainfx Repair Sanity Skirmish SOAP Streetlights Zombies Disclaimer / Licence TPW MODS is an SP mod, portions of which may work in MP. I totally refuse to accept responsibility for anything that might happen to your MP game/computer/life as a result of using my mods. If you accept this, then feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and properly acknowledge the original author (tpw) in any derivative works. Wrapping my unacknowledged work up inside your pbo addon and monetising it does not count as returning it to the community. Distributing my work via Steam Workshop is expressly forbidden.
  3. The bear is spawned with its default behaviours, just like every TPW ANIMAL, I didn't modify them in any way. So it just ambles about and makes bear noises. It won't attack, sorry.
  4. Hmm not sure about this one. The crashes I was getting were related to increased house scanning times on tpw core initialisation , which were alleviated by not loading the rest of the mods til after the house scanning is complete.
  5. Nice find! I’ll remedy that shortly. I’ll also implement a switch for tpw park so that it spawns damaged cars and wrecks
  6. I really appreciate the help anyway. I’ll keep digging.
  7. Thanks EO, I actually tried that one a while ago and in my hands at least it doesn't apply wound textures to uniforms, only to the skin.
  8. TPW ADF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4m2cui1kkojsoq7/TPW_ADF.zip Hi people. As discussed a little earlier I've been working on texturing up some ADF uniforms and gear and they're at a stage where I thought I might upload them so you can try them out. A couple of things to note: Arma3 simply doesn't have uniforms that convey the upper body bulk and general lower body looseness of modern ADF combat gear. No amount of texturing is going to make uniforms look much like those of contemporary ADF. So these are basically just meant to fit in with the near future Armaverse vibe. I have textured the blufor combat uniform in short and long sleeve variants, and a range of backpacks, vest and helmets. There are newer looking and faded variants of AMCU and Multicam. There are also Multicam top/ AMCU bottom and Multicam bottom / AMCU top variants. I used the Arma3 templates available here: , and sourced my own AMCU and Multicam textures. I've spent an enormous amount of time getting them to blend in with the general Arma3 aesthetic, not looking brand new and oversaturated. I can't tell you how much google images time I spent trying to get an idea of appropriate colour, saturation etc. I have absolutely no intention of texturing anything other than a few uniforms and gear. Unless someone can recommend a uniform template that matches the bulk/looseness requirements I whinged about above! I don't know how to implement wounded textures onto uniforms. If someone can help in that department I'd be grateful. Ok, those points out of the way, you can find the units under BLUFOR/NATO/man - combat fatigues (AMCU NEW TPW) etc. They can be dressed up in the loadout editor, or you can easily run one of the four included scripts to randomise the loadout. Just pass the name of the unit to the script and you're golden. [_this] execvm "tpw_uniform_amcu_faded.sqf" in the init line of a unit will replace the unit's uniform, pack, hat and vest, whilst keeping everything else the same. {[-x] execvm "tpw_uniform_amcu_faded.sqf"} foreach (units group player) in the debug console will randomly dress you and your squad {[-x] execvm "tpw_uniform_amcu_faded.sqf"} foreach allunits in the debug console will randomly dress every bastard on the map Eventually I'll create a range of editor units with various gear setups, but these will tide you over. The scripts will tell you all the classnames in case you want to use them directly. Cheers guys.
  9. Well done mate, you found a bug for me. The scream setting wasn't being applied. Additionally, I have added a new parameter for the siren volume so you can set that to 0 if you wish. These will be in the next update soonish.
  10. They are disabled because they are not necessary now. If you feel a strong need to re-enable them please feel free, but you won’t see any benefits, and maybe some errors.
  11. It’s actually hard to do properly because the colours/saturation when you’re editing the .paa files don’t really tell you how they’ll look in game. Lots of repacking and reloading! As I’m sure you’re aware with all your units!
  12. I've got a few things up my sleeve regarding getting some kind of ambient mission system going as per an earlier suggestion. I've also been working on texturing up my own Australian Defence Force stuff in AMCU and Multicam. Trying to get a less saturated and more worn and dusty look to the uniforms and gear. It's coming along nicely https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8xbejqacl6zptd/adf1.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tts4nktt1gtt2y/adf2.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ikp0hl0wh49yo5/adf3.jpg
  13. Thanks for the link heads up guys. I've updated the link in the first post and removed the armaholic link. Shame to see it go, before Steam it was the place.
  14. Leave it empty if you just want to spawn the default heli. Remember that aircraft will only be spawned if you have tpw_skirmish_resist_support = 1; // AAF units can call support
  15. This is just a small config patch for the Livonia map which removes the (in my ears) very loud and distracting ambient silence on this map. Feel free to remove TPW_LIVONIA.pbo if you want.
  16. TPW MODS 20210520: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [INIT] Changed TPW MODS initialisation routines to prevent sporadic lockups when using Cam Lao Nam. [CORE 1.84, ANIMALS 1.63, FIREFLIES 1.11, SOAP 1.61] Optimised tree scanning code. Water buffaloes spawned on Cam Lao Nam, Prei Kmaoch Luong and Song Binh Tanh if using EO's Ambient Animals for Cam Lao Nam mod. [BLEEDOUT 1.40] Improved injury sounds for writhing units. [BOATS 1.42] SOG DLC Sampans spawned on Cam Lao Nam, Prei Kmaoch Luong and Song Binh Tanh. Hi everyone. Back with a few optimisations and additions as detailed above. One thing I didn't mention is that some sneaky code making suppressed units yell with SOG voices made it into last release. No one bitched about it, but I've pulled it anyway as it's not ready for prime time.
  17. Mate I downloaded your latest ambient animals release within 6 femtoseconds of it hitting steam - a masterpiece. I’m just working on the appropriate logic for the buffalo spawning and it’ll be in the next release for sure. Thanks so much for continuing to push the envelope. PS Any chance of getting a regular cow model one day?
  18. TPW MODS 20210517: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h66z72l3ka3w8jf/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [INIT] Changed TPW MODS initialisation routines to prevent sporadic lockups when using CamLaoNam. OK, anyone who's having trouble with the game locking up with SOG, please try this version. It works for me, but that obviously doesn't mean a @#$%ing thing. If I can get some verification that it's working for others I'll update the first page accordingly. Thanks guys
  19. Hi guys. I think the freezes are due to TPW CORE having to work so much harder because SOG introduced an enormous amount of new and duplicated building classes which have to be scanned. I have fixed the issue for the script version of TPW MODS and am working on a version that will keep the addon version happy too. Sorry about that.
  20. @Cochise333 You can put multiple strings so that you select more specific groups of enemies. This is what I use: tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring[] = {"vn_b_men_army","vn_b_men_army","vn_b_men_army","vn_b_men_army","vn_b_men_sog","vn_b_men_lrrp","vn_b_men_cidg"}; tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring[] = {"vn_o_men_nva","vn_o_men_vc"}; tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring[] = {"vn_i_men_army","vn_i_men_army","vn_i_men_army","vn_i_men_ranger","vn_i_men_sf"}; The more I play the SOG DLC the more I'm impressed by it
  21. TPW MODS 20210510: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [CORE 1.84, FALL 1.72, BLEEDOUT 1.39] Improved behaviour of previously injured / incapacitated units to subsequent injury [CORE 1.84, FOG 1.87, SOAP 1.60] Added SOG Cam Lao Nam support. Hi everyone. This is just a quick release basically to get preliminary support for the SOG Cam Lao Nam map. This now gets the appropriate tropical weather and the same ambient tropical noises as Tanoa. If you make sure to update the HPP, it'll also spawn the SOG civilians. A few things to note: 1 - Even though this map reuses lots of building assets, it's actually duplicated and renamed them all, so the existing house class scanning I used for TPW FURNITURE does not work 2 - I'll eventually add a more authentic Vietnamese voices/music soundpack but for the time being you're stuck with the Tanoan one. 3 - The map seems to override a few configs, especially related to sound, so I can't vouvh that there won't be conflicts or bugs. Personally I'm more than happy to pay a few bucks for this DLC, despite it being built on the creaky moribund (dare I say it abandoned) Arma3 engine.The map is large and performs well in most places, even though it doesn't scale the dizzy heights of immersive jungle realism as RHSPKL. There's a few nice new vegetation and building assets in addition to the large numbers of units and vehicles. And I'm glad that BIS is giving talented modders the change to make a few $.
  22. I've tried in the past to get this happening but Max Zombies just go to shit if you try to give them different uniforms using forceadduniform. Maybe it'll work with a config?
  23. At the moment they're just generic "western" radio message I'm afraid. So basically regardless of what side you play as you'll get the same messages. To be honest it's not high on my priority list to expand. If you were up to adding additional radio messages then you could indeed tweak the config to include them, but the TPW_RADIO.sqf script would also need to be tweaked. Alternatively if you wanted to send me the east and/or resistance samples, I could add them and make the appropriate ones player according to the side