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  1. Indeed you’re right, and both give me the shits. The Tanoa sound is altitude related, the Livonia is not. I really hope it is changed, it’s getting in the way of my desire to explore and find bugs to help terrain development.
  2. TPW MODS TPW MODS is a modular and highly configurable suite of addons designed to increase the civilian, environmental, sonic, climatic and military ambience and realism of the A3 single player experience without requiring any scripting or module placement. You can use the TPW MODS of your choice to enhance any existing missions and campaigns, or to simply turn any empty map into a living world a la Far Cry, with endless replayability and a host of subtle realism and immersion touches that you probably won't even notice until you play without them. All mods interoperate well, are light on resources and a lot of work has gone into optimising them so they should not cause undue slowdowns or framerate issues. TPW MODS is under constant development, and continues to be refined and expanded largely due to user feedback and suggestions. Download (126 MB) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip - always the latest version Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22592 - many thanks to Foxhound et al. PW6: http://play.withsix.com/arma-3/mods/1JrAgSIp4xGeWAAVF72WTA/TPW-MODS-enhanced-realism-immersion - many thanks to Sonsalt et al. Steam: This work is not to be made available on Steam. Any versions you find there do not have my support. Requires Community Base Addons (CBA A3): https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/168277-cba-community-base-addons-arma-3/ Latest Version Changelog 20190525 [CORE 1.71, FOG 1.75, SOAP 1.47] Added preliminary support for Livonia DLC terrain. [ALL] Added global delay to all mods to allow all TPW CORE functions to complete initialising. [CARS 1.66] Improved range of default Arma3 vehicles spawned (more vans and trucks). Prevent cars from running out of fuel. Better stuck car removal code. [CROWD 1.18] Improved idle animation speeds. Distant simulation disabled civs will now disperse if cars nearby. Injured/dead crowd civs will now be removed after 30 seconds or so, if not in view of player. [HUD 1.74] Simplified unit dots brightness will match overall HUD brightness (thanks Zakuaz). [MUFFLER] Reduced engine/rpm pitch correlations (ie engines won't rev to such high rpm). Vans now get more appropriate diesel MRAP sounds. Trucks get more appropriate Ural sounds. [PUDDLE 1.03] Will use Livonian puddle objects if available. Full changelog Features Infantry realism Units reacting realistically to suppressive fire by ducking/going prone, and running away from nearby unexploded grenades (TPW DUCK)*. Units reacting to falls and bullet hits by falling/ragdolling to the ground (TPW FALL). Units continuing to bleed from injuries, resulting in decreased mobility and eventually incapacitation and death if not treated (TPW BLEEDOUT). Units able to self heal using First Aid Kits (TPW BLEEDOUT). Sounds for jumping, falling, rolling and turning prone, looking down sights (TPW FALL). Plausible 2035 mesh networked HUD with range and predictive targetting, bullet trajectory tracing, positional audio ping of nearest enemies, electrochromic tinting, and full colour night vision, when equipped with tactical goggles (TPW HUD). Highly configurable ambient infantry combat, with AI able to call in support (TPW SKIRMISH). Automatic repair of player vehicle at fuel stations (TPW REPAIR). More realistic (slower) movement and stance change speeds. Units rapidly reacting to nearby enemies they have line of sight to (TPW LOS)**. Automatic volume reduction of nearby gunfire, to simulate 2035 era active noise cancelling hearing protection (TPW COMPRESS). * TPW DUCK replaces TPW EBS, which has been deprecated due to native engine implementation of suppression. ** Deprecated due to improvements in native AI reaction. Civilians Region specific civilians in towns, walking from house to house and reacting to weather, cars and battle (TPW CIVS). Denser CPU friendly civilian crowds along the side of the road and near houses, reacting to weather, cars and battle(TPW CROWD). Civilian traffic, which you may commandeer (TPW CARS). Drivable civilian cars parked by the side of the road near habitable houses (TPW PARK). Civilian boats (TPW BOATS). Civilian zombies, if using maxjoiner's zombies addon (TPW ZOMBIES). Civilian and military road vehicle AI will slow down/stop near footbound friendlies (TPW SANITY). You may specify which native Arma3 and mod civilians to use on different geographic regions. Maxjoiner's women will be used as female civilians on Greek and European maps, if the mod is present. Ambience Ambient furniture in enterable Tanoan, Altian and Maldenian buildings and houses (TPW FURNITURE). Lights in civilian houses at night (TPW HOUSELIGHTS). Fires in barrels and fireplaces at night (TPW FIRE) Region specific ambient civilian environmental noises (voices, coughs and sneezes, traffic, music radio, telephones, domestic and construction noises, trains on appropriate maps), with support for user added sounds/music (TPW SOAP). Mosques playing the Azan call to prayer at appropriate times, with prayer response from nearby houses (TPW SOAP). Nearby gunfire eliciting screaming, babies crying and dogs barking, from houses near the player, and distant police sirens in built up areas (TPW SOAP). Creaking doors/timbers in houses, with whistling wind and rattling windows in windy conditions (TPW SOAP). Additional forest ambience such as creaking trees, falling branches, snapping twigs, small animals rustling undergrowth and leaves, occasional distant chainsaws (TPW SOAP). Ambient radio chatter on foot and in/near vehicles, with support for Russian radio chatter in RHS Russian vehicles (TPW RADIO). Appropriate sized flocks of baaing/bleating/clucking sheep/goats/chickens, and randomly barking dogs / yowling cats (TPW ANIMALS). Owls and foxes at night, dawn chorus of birds in the hour or so before sunrise (TPW ANIMALS). Distant howling wolves at night on remote areas of European/Nordic/Arctic maps - may be configured off, or forced on for other maps (TPW ANIMALS). Frogs croaking around reedy ponds and waterways (TPW ANIMALS). Sharks around the player in deeper water, if using Feint's Sharks addon and or THA_Sharks (TPW ANIMALS). Ambient wild and rideable horses if using the dbo_horses addon (TPW ANIMALS). Occasional helicopter and jet flybys, with automatic support for 3rd party aircraft mods (TPW AIR). Glowing blinking animated fireflies on warm summer evenings (TPW FIREFLIES). Buzzing flies gradually building up around dead bodies, rubbish piles and bins (TPW FIREFLIES). Whining mosquitos around the player at night (TPW FIREFLIES). Working streetlights on A2/OA maps (TPW STREETLIGHTS)***. Reduced engine and collision volume, increased wind/tyre volume of default Arma3 wheeld vehicles if using JSRS Soundmod (TPW_MUFFLER). *** Deprecated due to CUP Terrains implementing working streetlights Weather Region specific climate (TPW FOG). Ground fog, units with foggy breath, and a chance of snow, during colder weather (TPW FOG). Ground heat haze / mirage effects during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust devils on treeless regions of desert / middle eastern / central asian terrains during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust storm functionality which may be called via script or trigger (TPW FOG). Dynamic ground mist reacting to humidity, tree cover, and rainfall (TPW FOG). Dynamic snow which will not fall through buildings/ cover, snow goggle fx, snow fx in vehicles (TPW FOG). Rain droplet effects on most exposed ground and object surfaces near the player (TPW RAINFX). Refractive rain droplet effects on car windscreens and player goggles (TPW RAINFX). Raindrop noises on player's helmet and raised weapon (TPW RAINFX). Puddles on the ground around the player during and after rain (TPW PUDDLE). Documentation Full readme with installation and usage instructions Full changelog Sample HPP Air Animals Bleedout Boats Cars Civs Compress Crowd Duck EBS Fall Fire Fireflies Fog Furniture Houselights HUD LOS Muffler Park Puddle Radio Rainfx Repair Sanity Skirmish SOAP Streetlights Zombies Disclaimer / Licence TPW MODS is an SP mod, portions of which may work in MP. I totally refuse to accept responsibility for anything that might happen to your MP game/computer/life as a result of using my mods. If you accept this, then feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and properly acknowledge the original author (tpw) in any derivative works. Wrapping my unacknowledged work up inside your pbo addon and monetising it does not count as returning it to the community. Distributing my work via Steam Workshop is expressly forbidden.
  3. You're big on delays aren't you? You need to stop killing civs and kicking them out of cars :) I actually used to have AI who left a commandeered vehicle just move to the nearest building, to despawn but somewhere along the line this went pear shaped and one or both of them would just stand there. I'll investigate further.
  4. TPW MODS 20190525: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.71, FOG 1.75, SOAP 1.47] Added preliminary support for Livonia DLC terrain. [ALL] Added global delay to all mods to allow all TPW CORE functions to complete initialising. [CARS 1.66] Improved range of default Arma3 vehicles spawned (more vans and trucks). Prevent cars from running out of fuel. Better stuck car removal code. [CROWD 1.18] Improved idle animation speeds. Distant simulation disabled civs will now disperse if cars nearby. Injured/dead crowd civs will now be removed after 30 seconds or so, if not in view of player. [HUD 1.74] Simplified unit dots brightness will match overall HUD brightness (thanks Zakuaz). [MUFFLER] Reduced engine/rpm pitch correlations (ie engines won't rev to such high rpm). Vans now get more appropriate diesel MRAP sounds. Trucks get more appropriate Ural sounds. [PUDDLE 1.03] Will use Livonian puddle objects if available. I’ve broken my long standing injunction against using the sometimes flakey dev version to get my hands on the Livonia terrain. Pretty impressive for a prerelease, let’s hope they sort out the poor urban performance, shrink the buildings a little, add a bit more diverse content and get the background ambient noise sorted out. In the mean time , TPW MODS will help you enliven it. Currently the ambience is Russian, I’ll get to work on a Polish pack.
  5. I'm sure it's that annoying constant ambient environmental whoosh sample. I also often get the pops when hitting escape, or alt tabbing.
  6. I don't have a NASA supercomputer either, and can run most maps at 50+ fps. I tried turning textures to low and it made no difference. I wonder if the buildings aren't properly occluding stuff from rendering.
  7. Any reason why the Chernarus+ buildings are such framerate killers? Can they get away with it in DayZ because the engine is more efficient?
  8. @Rydygier: preorder it, switch to A3 dev branch, and the map and some assets will be available in game.
  9. Yeah it's easy to get carried away with installing everything. Your game takes 5 minutes to load and can bog down a bit. My stripped down A3 is CBA, TPW MODS (obviously), JSRS Soundmod, Tactical Position Ready and Enhanced Movement. If your game is running too fast might I suggest Chernarus Redux, or the new Livonia terrain :) I've rejigged TPW HUD and the dots now respect the overall HUD brightness, same as the full HUD. Not sure how I let that one stay in so long. I'm hoping to release an update tomorrow, TPW MUFFLER / JSRS config errors not included.
  10. So how Polish is the map @Rydygier?
  11. chernarus_flashlight.pbo is the culprit, it runs 2 scripts fn_darkness_effect.sqf and fn_getaperture.sqf which prevent ambient light when underground. Trouble is they run on all other maps too and interfere with any scripts such as TPW MODS which use setaperture for things such as night vision. chernaruski, if you're running TPW MODS then you activate colour night vision with ctrl+alt+n By the way, thanks for an astonishing terrain (although my CPU doesn't thank you, it's very heavy!).
  12. Oops, incorrectly posted this in the assets thread first. The only asset I've checked out in any detail is the Livonia map itself. Given its prerelease status I don't want to come across as too harsh, but then again I did just pay $30 to help bug test it. I'm not planning on submitting feedback to the black hole that is the feedback tracker :) Good: Great varied landscape and live/diseased/dead vegetation assets. Spectacular environmental sound design, particularly in forests at night. Right up there with Hunter COTW or Kingdom Come Deliverance. Some wonderfully evocative and atmospheric areas. Bad: Horrific optimisation around large urban areas, where my computer sometimes struggles to hold 35fps without mods. (I expect this kind of thing from a mod terrain, not a BIS official one). Bad satmap mismatches, particularly between the tan satmap/bright green grass. Overpowering daytime atmospheric ambience that sounds like constant wind / distant traffic, needs to be scaled back about 95%. Pretty bad ground clutter popin. Night lighting config is a bit extreme, I can barely illuminate 5m in front of me with a torch. Intermittent popping of environmental samples. Worldname is "Enoch", not "Livonia" Neutral: Yet another map where everyone lives in a limited range of ramshackle 19th century huts or decaying soviet era buildings, not a single modern building on the map Those hoping for an essentially remastered Chernarus are going to be disappointed I think No fucking furniture...
  13. tpw

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Looks like another high quality DLC (which I will instantly buy) - and we finally get to meet the aliens who stole all the furniture and abducted all the women. I wonder if they stole the AI pathfinding ability, the fresh water, the dynamic shadowing, the proper hit reactions and multicore optimisation too? In all seriousness, these high quality DLCs and CDLCs just highlight how badly the game they run on needs work.
  14. Mate I’m so sorry for that, and my condolences to your data plan. As soon as I got the heads up from @stlassen I immediately changed the zip so that tpw_muffler.pbo is now in an addons_optional folder. But obviously not in time to save your arse. If it makes you feel any better I’ve worked on the addon some more and the civ traffic sounds even better...
  15. So you need to be suppressed by 3 or more bullets in 10 seconds. A single bullet won’t do it. Also, make sure that you have ebs.pbo, which contains the invisible shell
  16. Thanks for picking this up. Yeah just remove the tpw_muffler.pbo. I will have a look at making its loading conditional
  17. TPW MODS 20190522: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [ANIMALS 1.52] Will not spawn animal ambience if tpw_core_battle == True. [CIVS 1.20] Code improvements [CORE 1.70] Support for DADPAT uniforms for civs if available. [DUCK 1.10] Player suppression effects may be enabled: pulsing slightly blurred peripheral vision, increased heartrate and panting. [FIREFLIES 1.09] Will not spawn insects if tpw_core_battle == True. [HUD 1.73] HUD display will temporarily turn red if player is suppressed (by TPW DUCK). Health display will turn red if player is actively bleeding. [MUFFLER] *NEW MOD* Patches JSRS soundmod so that default Arma3 vehicles have reduced engine and car collision volume and range, and increased tyre/wind volume and range. Ok, back with a slew of significant and insignificant changes. You be the judge which is which. Firstly, I've reintroduced player suppression back, as an option in TPW DUCK. If enabled, it attaches an invisible suppression shell object to the player, which detects passing bullets. If the script determines that you're suppressed with enemy fire, it'll briefly flash TPW HUD red to let you know, and will add audiovisual effects courtesy of the Arma3 fatigue system, so you'll get a little darkening of the screen edge (and blurring if you have radial blur enabled in your settings), and increased heart rate (with optional screen shaking if enabled in TPW BLEEDOUT) and panting. All pretty subtle, but can add a bit of battle immersion I suppose. The other big change is the addition of TPW MUFFLER (readme), which patches (with the kind permission of lord_jarhead) JSRS Soundmod so that wheeled vehicles (Arma3 default vehicles and those that inherit from them) sound more like modern cars and less like street hotrods with straight through pipes. This had been a long standing grievance of mine, and I'm glad I could try to address it. So if you're using JSRS, the civilian vehicles spawned by TPW CARS will no longer overpower the soundscape with loud stop/start engine noises heard hundreds of metres away, and will blend in with ambient traffic noises from TPW SOAP. Unfortunately it only affects the vehicles patched by JSRS, so if you're using mod vehicles such as RDS, CUP, GM etc, you'll still get the full volume of those. Enjoy.
  18. This is caused by a workaround that Chernarus Redux uses for underground lighting for the large underground bunker. It seems to interfere with any scripts such as TPWHUD which rely on setaperture to change brightness. The only solution is to disable chernarus_flashlight.pbo
  19. You can use both if you want to, but it’s best just to use one or the other.
  20. And after investigating I remember why I didn't go with createagent: the spawned agents are a pain in the arse to move, and more importantly they don't have a side, so don't work with TPW HUD. To be honest there's little value in pursuing it, I nerf so many AI and FSM functions of the civilian units that they barely use any cycles anyway.
  21. Thanks mate. I did investigate agent spawning ages ago and vaguely recall having issues. Might be time to investigate this again now that I’m a 13% better coder.