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  1. TPW MODS TPW MODS is a modular and highly configurable suite of addons designed to increase the civilian, environmental, sonic, climatic and military ambience and realism of the A3 single player experience without requiring any scripting or module placement. You can use the TPW MODS of your choice to enhance any existing missions and campaigns, or to simply turn any empty map into a living world a la Far Cry, with endless replayability and a host of subtle realism and immersion touches that you probably won't even notice until you play without them. All mods interoperate well, are light on resources and a lot of work has gone into optimising them so they should not cause undue slowdowns or framerate issues. TPW MODS is under constant development, and continues to be refined and expanded largely due to user feedback and suggestions. Download (126 MB) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip - always the latest version Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22592 - many thanks to Foxhound et al. PW6: http://play.withsix.com/arma-3/mods/1JrAgSIp4xGeWAAVF72WTA/TPW-MODS-enhanced-realism-immersion - many thanks to Sonsalt et al. Steam: This work is not to be made available on Steam. Any versions you find there do not have my support. Requires Community Base Addons (CBA A3): https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/168277-cba-community-base-addons-arma-3/ Latest Version Changelog 20190922 [ANIMALS 1.57, CORE 1.77, FOG 1.79, SOAP 1.51] Added Svartmarka. [CORE 1.77, CARS 1.70, PARK 1.30] tpw_core_excludestrings[] will now correctly exclude vehicles and civilians. E.g. "IDAP" will exclude IDAP civilians and vehicles. Full changelog Features Infantry realism Units reacting realistically to suppressive fire by ducking/going prone, and running away from nearby unexploded grenades (TPW DUCK)*. Player experiencing audiovisual suppression effects under enemy fire (TPW DUCK). Units reacting to falls and bullet hits by falling/ragdolling to the ground (TPW FALL). Units continuing to bleed from injuries, resulting in decreased mobility and eventually incapacitation and death if not treated (TPW BLEEDOUT). Units able to self heal using First Aid Kits (TPW BLEEDOUT). Sounds for jumping, falling, rolling and turning prone, looking down sights (TPW FALL). Plausible 2035 mesh networked HUD with range and predictive targetting, bullet trajectory tracing, positional audio ping of nearest enemies, electrochromic tinting, and full colour night vision, when equipped with tactical goggles (TPW HUD). Highly configurable ambient infantry combat, with AI able to call in support (TPW SKIRMISH). Automatic repair of player vehicle at fuel stations (TPW REPAIR). More realistic (slower) movement and stance change speeds. Units rapidly reacting to nearby enemies they have line of sight to (TPW LOS)**. Automatic volume reduction of nearby gunfire, to simulate 2035 era active noise cancelling hearing protection (TPW COMPRESS). * TPW DUCK replaces TPW EBS, which has been deprecated due to native engine implementation of suppression. ** Deprecated due to improvements in native AI reaction. Civilians Region specific civilians in towns, walking from house to house and reacting to weather, cars and battle (TPW CIVS). Denser CPU friendly civilian crowds along the side of the road and near houses, reacting to weather, cars and battle(TPW CROWD). Civilian traffic, which you may commandeer (TPW CARS). Drivable civilian cars parked by the side of the road near habitable houses (TPW PARK). Civilian boats (TPW BOATS). Civilian zombies, if using maxjoiner's zombies addon (TPW ZOMBIES). Civilian and military road vehicle AI will slow down/stop near footbound friendlies (TPW SANITY). You may specify which native Arma3 and mod civilians to use on different geographic regions. Maxjoiner's women will be used as female civilians on Greek and European maps, if the mod is present. Ambience Ambient furniture in enterable Tanoan, Altian, Maldenian and Livonian buildings and houses (TPW FURNITURE). Lights in civilian houses at night (TPW HOUSELIGHTS). Fires in barrels and fireplaces at night (TPW FIRE) Region specific ambient civilian environmental noises (voices, coughs and sneezes, traffic, music radio, telephones, domestic and construction noises, trains on appropriate maps), with support for user added sounds/music (TPW SOAP). Mosques playing the Azan call to prayer at appropriate times, with prayer response from nearby houses (TPW SOAP). Nearby gunfire eliciting screaming, babies crying and dogs barking, from houses near the player, and distant police sirens in built up areas (TPW SOAP). Creaking doors/timbers in houses, with whistling wind and rattling windows in windy conditions (TPW SOAP). Additional forest ambience such as creaking trees, falling branches, snapping twigs, small animals rustling undergrowth and leaves, occasional distant chainsaws (TPW SOAP). Ambient radio chatter on foot and in/near vehicles, with support for Russian radio chatter in RHS Russian vehicles (TPW RADIO). Appropriate sized flocks of baaing/bleating/clucking sheep/goats/chickens, and randomly barking dogs / yowling cats (TPW ANIMALS). Owls and foxes at night, dawn chorus of birds in the hour or so before sunrise (TPW ANIMALS). Distant howling wolves at night on remote areas of European/Nordic/Arctic maps - may be configured off, or forced on for other maps (TPW ANIMALS). Frogs croaking around reedy ponds and waterways (TPW ANIMALS). Sharks around the player in deeper water, if using Feint's Sharks addon and or THA_Sharks (TPW ANIMALS). Ambient wild and rideable horses if using the dbo_horses addon (TPW ANIMALS). Crows gradually flocking around dead bodies if there is no nearby combat (TPW ANIMALS). Wild boars with customised grunting sounds will spawn in forested areas, if using EO's ambient boar mod (TPW ANIMALS). Occasional helicopter and jet flybys, with automatic support for 3rd party aircraft mods (TPW AIR). Glowing blinking animated fireflies on warm summer evenings (TPW FIREFLIES). Buzzing flies gradually building up around dead bodies, rubbish piles and bins (TPW FIREFLIES). Whining mosquitos around the player at night (TPW FIREFLIES). Working streetlights on A2/OA maps (TPW STREETLIGHTS)***. Reduced engine and collision volume, increased wind/tyre volume of default Arma3 wheeld vehicles if using JSRS Soundmod (TPW_MUFFLER). *** Deprecated due to CUP Terrains implementing working streetlights Weather Region specific climate (TPW FOG). Ground fog, units with foggy breath, and a chance of snow, during colder weather (TPW FOG). Ground heat haze / mirage effects during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust devils on treeless regions of desert / middle eastern / central asian terrains during hot weather (TPW FOG). Dust storm functionality which may be called via script or trigger (TPW FOG). Dynamic ground mist reacting to humidity, tree cover, and rainfall (TPW FOG). Dynamic snow which will not fall through buildings/ cover, snow goggle fx, snow fx in vehicles (TPW FOG). Rain droplet effects on most exposed ground and object surfaces near the player (TPW RAINFX). Refractive rain droplet effects on car windscreens and player goggles (TPW RAINFX). Raindrop noises on player's helmet and raised weapon (TPW RAINFX). Puddles on the ground around the player during and after rain (TPW PUDDLE). Documentation Full readme with installation and usage instructions Full changelog Sample HPP Air Animals Bleedout Boats Cars Civs Compress Crowd Duck EBS Fall Fire Fireflies Fog Furniture Houselights HUD LOS Muffler Park Puddle Radio Rainfx Repair Sanity Skirmish SOAP Streetlights Zombies Disclaimer / Licence TPW MODS is an SP mod, portions of which may work in MP. I totally refuse to accept responsibility for anything that might happen to your MP game/computer/life as a result of using my mods. If you accept this, then feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and properly acknowledge the original author (tpw) in any derivative works. Wrapping my unacknowledged work up inside your pbo addon and monetising it does not count as returning it to the community. Distributing my work via Steam Workshop is expressly forbidden.
  2. Phenomenal map, the amount of work that must have gone into it is mind boggling. Thanks so much @furean and your collaborators..
  3. Hi guys. Sorry, I’ve had a couple of months off the tools. I’ll look into the various issues
  4. Cheers mate, I wasn't trying to be a wanker, just pointing out that there other other code ideas that tinter could try.
  5. Not strictly true. I wrote an SP script called TPW Furniture for TPW Mods several years ago, which spawns simple compositions into defined house classes with minimal overhead. @tinter you’re welcome to grab any ideas out of my code if you want.
  6. Thanks for the report @gatordev. I very occasionally get an error thrown by my mods, and do my best to track it down. Believe it or not I do my best to release tpw mods bug free. I haven’t seen anything like you’re describing and would be keen to know if others do too so I can address it. I’ll have a deep dive into the code today. I have changed nothing in the initialisation routines recently. Cheers mate
  7. How did you install the mod? Using the included batch script? It sounds to me like there's some TPW MODS files somewhere else within your installation. Search for tpw_ in your file explorer.
  8. If you create and save a scenario using mods, and then try to load the scenario without mods it usually leads to various problems. The mods are saved as part of the mission.sqm and the scenario will try to load them. BTW, welcome to the forum :)
  9. So did you get TPW MODS working correctly in the first place? If it's correctly installed there will be the your_arma3_folder\@TPW_MODS folder containing all the pbos, and your_arma3_folder\userconfig\TPW_MODS folder containing the HPP configuration file TPW MODS does not install any other files, so if you remove the above folders you've essentially removed all trace of it.
  10. Thanks mate, I’ll l look into that ASAP .
  11. To do this you need to do two things: 1 - Have a look at the relevant parts of the HPP file: tpw_skirmish_friendlytype[] = {1}; // BLUFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {0,1,7} will spawn user selected, NATO and FIA BLUFOR. Empty = NATO default tpw_skirmish_enemytype[] = {4}; // OPFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {4,5} will spawn CSAT and CSAT PACIFIC OPFOR. Empty = CSAT default tpw_skirmish_resisttype[] = {6}; // INDFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {-6,-7} will spawn FIA and AAF resistance, wearing Shemaghs. Empty = AAF default tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring[] = {}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly units from config tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring[] = {}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring[] = {}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy units from config tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring[] = {}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select resistance units from config tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring[] = {}; // Custom string (comma separated) to select resistance vehicles from config You need to change the tpw_skirmish_XXXXtype[] = {0} so that they will use custom units You need to change tpw_skirmish_XXXXunitstring[] = {"STRING1","STRING2","ETC"} where the strings are present in the classnames of the units you want You need to change tpw_skirmish_XXXXvehiclestring[] = {"STRING1","STRING2",,"ETC"} where the strings are present in the classnames of the vehicles you want 2 - Find out the classnames of the units you want to add, and select the appropriate string that will best match them. You can easily do this in the editor. e.g "CUP_B_US_SOLDIER" will select CUP US Army units "CUP_B_HMMWV" will select US Humvees. Obviously I am not a mind reader and have no idea what WW2 forces you intend to use, but you should easily be able to do the same for them.
  12. TPW MODS 20190928: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [ANIMALS 1.57, CORE 1.77, FOG 1.79, SOAP 1.51] Added Svartmarka. [CORE 1.77, CARS 1.70, PARK 1.30] tpw_core_excludestrings[] will now correctly exclude vehicles and civilians. E.g. "IDAP" will exclude IDAP civilians and vehicles. Thanks for the bug reports guys. I've now fixed things so that exclusion strings work properly. Apologies for the oversight.
  13. Yeah there's no way to exclude cars at present, I'll add it in. @Morriski have a look at tpw_core_mapstrings[] = {"c_man","c_man","cup_c_c","cup_c_tk","c_man","c_man"}; // civilian classname strings for Mediterranean, Oceanian, European, Mideastern, African, Asian maps respectively If you always want cup euro civs regardless of the map: tpw_core_mapstrings[] = {"cup_c_c","cup_c_c","cup_c_c","cup_c_c","cup_c_c","cup_c_c"};
  14. @Temppa, your work to take a beloved but dated map and use Livonia assets to turn it into an overgrown a post-war wilderness is absolutely inspired. It looks absolutely spot on and the performance is phenomenal. Apart from a few missing pond objects and some misplaced ruins as noted, it's just a fantastic terrain, and deserves to be a standalone terrain too, like some of the others in your pack. Congratulations on another outstanding terrain, and thanks!
  15. You need to make sure that you have a 0 (for user specified) in tpw_skirmish_enemytype, then it will use whatever vehicles matching the strings you specify in tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring By default tpw_skirmish_enemytype is set to use CSAT vehicles (4) tpw_skirmish_enemytype[] = {4}; // OPFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {4,5} will spawn CSAT and CSAT PACIFIC OPFOR. Empty = CSAT default
  16. TPW MODS 20190922: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] // ANIMALS tpw_animal_crows = 1; // crows will build up around dead bodies. 0 = no crows //>< [CORE 1.76, FOG 1.78, SOAP 1.50] Added Khoramshahr. [ANIMALS 1.56] Crows may be configured on or off. [CORE 1.76] More injury animations added. Units will immediately stop playing injury animation if killed. [DUCK 1.13] Improved AI reaction to nearby grenades by running away and diving to the ground - should improve grenade survivability (thanks Mickeymen). Player suppression deactivated in vehicles to prevent anomalous behaviour (thanks Mickeymen). [FALL 1.70] Prone units will ragdoll instead of flinching. Hit (by bullets or the ground) units will be temporarily "dazed" and less effective. Injured prone units will no longer soak up damage. [SKIRMISH 1.54] Adjusted speed of sound calculations so that camera shake is slightly delayed after hearing explosions. [SOAP 1.50] Added train sounds to Ruha.
  17. Howdy all I've got some ideas I'd like to try out with improving FPS by spawning simple geometric occluder objects around the player to reduce the amount of rendering in busy scenes. May or may not be naive bullshit, but the problem is that I am simply unable to generate a simple geometric occluder object to test my ideas out with. So, based on this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Geometric_Occluders , I fired up object builder, created a simple 5x5x5m object with only a view geometry LOD, selected the cube, converted it to convex using Structure->Convexity->Component Convex Hull and renamed the selection from Component01 to occluder_01 as per the page. I saved the p3d and wrote a very simple config packaged it up using BinPbo to give an object which can be placed in the editor. So far so good. However when I preview the mission, the placed object does not occlude a single bloody thing. So am I missing something obvious here? Is there in fact a way to make a standalone object which will prevent rendering of the other objects it obscures? Any info appreciated, thanks!
  18. Of course you're right. There's a happy medium between the current system where almost no AI react, and the extreme where every AI reacts instantaneously and in the same manner. I'll keep plugging away.
  19. linvonia.pbo is in the addons_optional folder. Transfer it to the addons folder and it'll work. Be aware, the mod merely reduces the volume of the overly loud ambient "silence" that makes Linvonia sound like the inside of a waterfall. It doesn't remove any sounds and doesn't do anything to improve the (shithouse) performance of the terrain. YMMV :)
  20. The principle is that if now there's a grenade object within 25m of any AI they'll immediately turn away from the grenade, run for a few seconds then dive to the ground before it explodes. The current version of TPW DUCK you are using actually has AI vision active, so AI will run from the grenade if they have line of sight to it. However this is part of the reason for the current inability of most AI to react (pretty much anything blocks line of sight, even a single blade of grass, so I've removed it. So as you have guessed, the code now only works relative to radius, and does not take into account vision, hearing, or any other random factors. But at least it works. Having the AI react to grenades at all is a large boost in authenticity. Pretty much any aspect of Arma3 fails the realism test if you look at it closely enough, so I'm not really keen on writing in totally humanlike responses to grenades.
  21. Thanks guys for your support. @domokun I have filed a DMCA takedown (thanks for the link), let's see how that goes. I was a bit conflicted doing so, DMCA has been wielded pretty bluntly by big corporations. @gatordev I have added a crow switch, will release it shortly @mickeymen, I've massively sharpened up the AI response to grenades (by disabling various AI parameters so they just run instead of @#$%ing around).
  22. Thanks mate, I appreciate you going in to bat for me. At least he didn’t call it Xandro’s Mods.
  23. TPW MODS 20190831: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.75, FOG 1.77, RAINFX 1.21, SOAP 1.49] Added Cham Winter. [MUFFLER] Reconfigured to patch JSRS_Soundmod_Complete. [SKIRMISH 1.53] Any faction may be assigned civilian clothing by adding 0.1 to its number. e.g 7 = FIA, 7.1 = FIA in civilian clothing, -7.1 = FIA in civilian clothes + shemaghs. -0.1 = custom faction in civ clothes + shemaghs. Improved damage ambience around explosions: immediate terrain objects vapourised, nearby objects damaged, trees reduced to stumps, more persistent haze. I haven't had a lot of time to work on TPW MODS over the last month, so I'll just release what I've done so far. @mickeymenI'll work on the issues you identified as time permits.
  24. All cool, it wasn’t your comment I was referring to. No doubt something in contact upset things, because I have changed nothing related to the (vestigial) map support. I’ll ry to investigate, but no promises!