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  1. haha awesome! Alrighty than razzored, thanks for all the help! Be safe and take care my friend
  2. Hey razzored, that is a lot of work. Razzored, I really don't want you to do all that for me. I appreciate it but that's a whole lot of work. I wasn't expecting it to be work that lasts that long. Hey razzored, don't stress yourself out with it. I am sorry if you started already but I don't want you to do all that haha. I appreciate all the help and all the feedback. I hope you have a nice thanksgiving razzored. Stay safe.
  3. Hey razzored, sounds good! Thanks again, and also, is it something like this - " this setVariable[ "side", "East", true ]; this setVariable[ "faction", "LOP_ChDKZ", true ]; " for the custom factions to spawn in the spawnAI module? But I can do some research on that part, I don't want to waste any more of your time. Thanks for all your help razzored.
  4. Hey razzored, I haven't got into scripts yet on arma 3. So no, there are no scripts in the mission file razzored. Sorry I didn't mention this earlier.
  5. Alright, let me just change the units to vanilla and I will send it to you shortly! Thanks razzored! EDIT: here is the file https://www.dropbox.com/t/PfhBj1EFmTHrSEAW
  6. Hey razzored! I hope all is well. I tried this method, but for some reason the ai refuses to spawn on these respawn position modules. I played the scenario in multiplayer, I set the respawn settings so that respawns only happen on custom positions, I killed an ai and they respawned on their corpse. I think I saw someone post in another topic about these respawn position modules, and they stated that these don't work for ai? Maybe setting up a mission and than sharing it with me might help or I can show you my mission and you can see what I am doing wrong? If for example, ai can't respawn on these modules (Respawn Positions), is it still possible to achieve the concept of ai respawning on sectors through another way? I know it works with the map marker "Respawn", but I don't think it's possible to set it up like this, to where you can make the respawn marker unlock for a side once the side has captured the sector. But thank you so much for all your help so far, razzored! I hope you have a nice weekend!
  7. Hey razzored, I hope all is well. I am fairly new to this forum thing so I don't know how to open the file you had posted. It doesn't allow me click on the file or anything, I am unsure if I am doing something wrong. Sorry for my stupidity haha.
  8. Hi all, I hope all is well. I ran into a problem when trying to make a sort of sector control/conquest game mode for just me and ai. After I finished the mission, the ai did go after the sectors but once they died, they either respawned on their dead corpse or just didn't respawn at the "Respawn Position". I set up the respawns to unlock after the sector was captured, which they worked because I was able to respawn on the "Respawn Positions". I wanted to ask if there is anyway for ai to respawn on the "Respawn Position" modules? Like would I have to add a line of code? I did figure out that ai do respawn on the map "Respawn" markers, but I couldn't figure out how to sync them to the "Unlock" logic. I am not sure if it's even possible haha. But am I able to accomplish this sort of mission? Also, sometimes the ai won't go after one of the sectors, I am unsure why but I will try to fix that in the mean time. But any help will be greatly appreciated! Take care