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  1. Extremely unlikely, Reblman dropped off the radar years ago. I haven't seen him online in at least 2 years.
  2. They aren't so it's a lot of work converting stuff. Plus I know there's other people out there way more competent than me to do that.
  3. Started work on buildings for old town section of Ayadiah.
  4. Hey, do you have much pictures from Iraq? I'm always looking for reference material.
  5. Haven't posted here in a while because I took a break and started another project, but I'm quite active on discord if you wanna come check out my other project. Anyway, here's some basic renders of the current stuff I've been working on for Iraq.
  6. opteryx

    Gulf War

    You got nothing to show?
  7. Buffalo hunting with babes in the pick-up mission, sounds like my kinda deal!
  8. Wowee, that satmap looks really crisp, what resolution is it?
  9. New building with texture variations
  10. New building and a rework of an older one
  11. Sounds like something that's made in the mission editor.
  12. I'll certainly do some experiements on this, but AI pathing is tedious and not high priority at the moment, so it'll be a while til I test it out.