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  1. Interesting. What are you going for, a Judge Dredd type of thing?
  2. Oh, I thought you meant the specific business names of the the stores, not the products in the logos it self. I guess I'm going to check out if that's an issue.
  3. Well, if you pay attention to the signs and compare them to the original, that's what I've done. 😉
  4. Did some changes to the colorscheme of the facade.
  5. Some close up shots https://imgur.com/a/iulDs9r
  6. Got it ingame, now needs to get textures dirty.
  7. Possibly. I don't know much about architecture in this region. I might make two versions, one with signs and posters, another which is very generic so that it'll fit into more places It would make a good map. I don't think there's much need for scaling down as it's smaller than Altis.
  8. I haven't done anything you could consider Afghan since Arma 1 days, I'm working on some new Iraq buildings though. This project is something I did cause I was getting tired of the Iraq stuff, but I will return to that when this is done.
  9. Okay, progress has been slow, but here's an update. Building is now ~130k triangles, which is a bit too much for Arma, but meh. I'm mostly done UV mapping and started to make some textures. The green plaster will definitely need some grunge map.
  10. opteryx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Do you have permission from the original author to do this?