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  1. opteryx

    visible waterobject

    You can add a vertex really far up in the Geo LOD (say 200m) that should force the engine to think the object is very large and will render out to 12 km. Beyond that you're gonna have to use either FeatureSize or FeatureType, I can't remember which is the one that works currently, but I'm pretty sure the large solar towers on Altis use them. Unfortunately there's a 500 object limit per map with this so you might quickly run out if you're using a lot of lake objects.
  2. opteryx

    South Asia v1.4 No errors!!

    Nope. I do know that Audiocustoms is (was?) working on porting Seattle, though.
  3. opteryx

    South Asia v1.4 No errors!!

    What do you mean by that? Last time I checked, all 3d models in ToH were .p3d format.
  4. I had the same issue and found the same solution. This wasn't an issue earlier so I wonder what changed to cause it.
  5. opteryx

    Project True Viking

    Cool stuff! You guys really need a Discord though.
  6. opteryx

    Desert Terrain

    Why do you call yourself "An A3 Dev" if you can't even make a flat empty map? I don't think you're gonna get much more help here as it's mostly the same people that frequent the Terrain Makers Discord. Just follow the PMC guide as best as you can, then when you get stuck on something you ask for help. If people see you've obviously ignored something in the PMC guide they're not gonna bother to help you out.
  7. opteryx

    RwG Addon Tunnel -Preview

    These look really great. Have you made any fake terrain meshes to cover them up too?
  8. Starting to look really good! Keep it up!
  9. opteryx

    Real World Map

    When you've gotten the basics down from the PMC tutorial you can advance to this guide for making geo specific terrains https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:real-world-data-tutorial
  10. Dude, someone with your kind of artistic talent should really venture into making buildings. Believe me, there has always been a massive need for building assets in Arma. Great work.
  11. opteryx

    ARMAnet Podcast

    Loved the podcast and I'm looking forward to future episodes. Have been missing an Arma podcast since Sahrani Radio back in Arma 1 days.
  12. Join the discord and ask there, it's way more active than the forums https://discord.gg/5azZAk