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  1. Looking good. How's performance so far?
  2. I stopped working on this because firstly I realized I was texturing this wrongly and I would have to convert it to multimaterial textures and secondly the people who was most interested in getting their hands on this was "life" community and they're so toxic and do nothing but steal and abuse content so I lost all interest in working on it. Perhaps I'll revieve it for Arma 4.
  3. Looking good. Would be nice with some large custom structures that are futuristic brutalism. By the way, how's performance so far? I'm building a large urban map that will feature mostly custom assets so this would be a nice reference on how performance handles.
  4. Of course, but I think buildings are more important to begin with 😉
  5. I was thinking of making some Phoenix Dactylifera for my Iraq terrain which doesn't have the bottom branches cropped. Something like these: But they're not a high priority object ATM so I don't know when I'll get at it.
  6. Interesting. What are you going for, a Judge Dredd type of thing?
  7. Oh, I thought you meant the specific business names of the the stores, not the products in the logos it self. I guess I'm going to check out if that's an issue.
  8. Well, if you pay attention to the signs and compare them to the original, that's what I've done. 😉
  9. Did some changes to the colorscheme of the facade.
  10. Some close up shots https://imgur.com/a/iulDs9r
  11. Got it ingame, now needs to get textures dirty.
  12. Possibly. I don't know much about architecture in this region. I might make two versions, one with signs and posters, another which is very generic so that it'll fit into more places It would make a good map. I don't think there's much need for scaling down as it's smaller than Altis.