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Found 14 results

  1. UncreativeName11

    Gulf War

    I'm leading a development team and I need devs, especially modelers, to help complete the project, a mod set in 1991 Iraq and Kuwait.
  2. Hello, this is a simple script to halo jump a player. Does it work in Multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script do? This script allows a player to HALO on a given point on a map. How do I use this script? Place the script in Select an object on the editor and place the following line into its init to allow HALO from the action menu: (remove <t color='#37A9E7'></t> to show it as plain white like any other action) //If script is in scenario root directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'halo.sqf';"]; //If script is in other scenario directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'yourFolder\halo.sqf';"]; halo.sqf //Uncomment following line if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following line if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _haloAltitude = 1000; //Opening map and handling click openMap true; mapclick = false; onMapSingleClick "clickpos = _pos; mapclick = true; onMapSingleClick """";true;"; waituntil {mapclick}; _haloLocation = clickpos; _unitLoadout = getUnitLoadout _unit; cutText ["H.A.L.O. in progress...", "BLACK OUT", 1]; sleep 1; openMap false; _unit setPos _haloLocation; _unit addBackpack "B_Parachute"; //Halo [_unit, _haloAltitude] call bis_fnc_halo; sleep 2; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 1]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < 2}; //Giving loadout back sleep 1; _unit setUnitLoadout _unitLoadout;
  3. FILE CFS 1.01 (Dropbox, APL-SA license) INTRODUCTION CFS script attempts to guide pointed helicopter along his waypoints using very low altitude similar to contour flight. CFS's control is paused as helicopter approaches current waypoint and resumed, when new waypoint become current. Testing run footage Parameters description: Helicopter - a chopper to be controlled. Desired speed - speed in m/s, that heli will try to maintain most of the time. Default: max config speed. The faster, the more risky flight. Desired altitude - AGL ceiling in meters: controlled heli will strive to maintain that height above the ground as much, as possible. Default: 10. Values below 10 not recommended. Overfly buffer - additional buffer in meters added to calculated minimal height necessary to fly over an obstacle (map object etc.). Default: 2. Values below 2 not recommended. Obstacle detection mode - setting for obstacles detection method. 0 - less CPU hungry, pays attention only to the map objects, ignores editor-placed objects and very few exceptions amongst map objects too (example: Tanoa's sea bridge roadway). 1 - detects non-map objects as well, may cause a bit more bumpy ride, than necessary and recognize as an obstacle also objects, that should be ignored, can be more CPU-hungry. Default: 0 (recommended unless insuffice in certain scenarios). Obstacle detection range - a multiplier of obstacles detection radius. Default: 1, which translates to the bigger of the two: (heli full length + 10) OR 20 meters. Too big radius will eat FPS fast, too low will tend to ignore big objects, that still can be collided with. Emergency pull up - if this is enabled and code would detect, that heli gets dangerously close to the ground, emergency "pull up!" vertical velocity will be added, which often (not always) may help to avoid collision. In such situation it will override sharpness setting. Default: true. Sharpness factor - the lower value, the more smoothed flight, but also more sluggish reactions which increase collision risk. Default: 0.2. Values 0.1-0.2 are risky. Values below 0.1 not recommended. Maximum: 1 (safest, but least elegant). Values above 1 or below 0 may cause weird behavior. Debug mode - added 3D visualisation markers and some numerical data on the screen. Default: false. KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS CFS was tested with few helicopters (Ghost Hawk, Hummingbird and Huron) and settings along various, demanding paths, but further tests with various settings/on different terrains may still reveal exceptions, where collisions may occur. Although I did, what I could to make it looking as natural, as possible, do not expect fully realistic flight model here. It's simplified, scripted makeshift. CFS will fail, if given map object has its shape bigger, than bounding box. One example found: sea bridges elements (pillars) on Tanoa - manual correction for them included. CFS will not try to pass obstacles sideways nor will try to guide the helicopter below any obstacle even, if possible (high bridges etc.). It will always try to overfly the obstacle instead. CFS guides the helicopter towards current waypoint along the straight line, there's no path preplanning to use terrain, avoid hilltops etc. The code is run per frame to make it fluid and reliable, so it may cause some FPS drops especially over areas with many objects, like forests etc. CODE Initialization: _handle = [heli1] spawn RYD_TI_TimidIcarus;//simple _handle = [heli1,83.3,10,2,1,1,false,0.2,true] spawn RYD_TI_TimidIcarus;//advanced //[helicopter,desired speed (m/s), desired altitude AGL (m), obstacle overfly buffer (m), obstacle detect mode (0/1), obstacle detect range (m), emergency pull up, smoothness factor, debug mode] Ending: removeMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame", RYD_TI_EFEH]; Source:
  4. Need some help adjusting the flight characteristics. The UAV is too responsive to input and crashes unless it is in auto hover mode. If someone can point me at the correct portion of the config or the wiki to learn what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it. class CfgPatches { class EBU_BlackHornet_F { addonRootClass="A3_Drones_F"; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Drones_F" }; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]= { "B_BH_01_F" }; weapons[]={}; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class ebu { tag = "ebu"; class pickup { file = "BlackHornet2\function"; class pickup {}; class place {}; }; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryItem_Base_F; class ACE_ItemCore; class CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo; class blackhornetitem: ACE_ItemCore { scope=2; author="Nichols"; displayName="Black Hornet PRS"; descriptionShort=""; picture=""; model="\BlackHornet2\blackhornet.p3d"; class ItemInfo: CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo { mass = 2; }; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Man; class CAManBase: Man { class ACE_SelfActions { class blackhornet_place { displayName="Place Black Hornet PRS"; condition="'blackhornetitem' in (items _player)"; statement="[_player,'blackhornetitem'] call ebu_fnc_place"; exceptions[]= { "isNotSwimming" }; showDisabled=0; icon=""; }; }; }; class Air; class Helicopter: Air { class Turrets; class HitPoints; }; class Helicopter_Base_F: Helicopter { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret; }; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHRotor; class HitHull; }; class AnimationSources; class EventHandlers; class ViewOptics; class ViewPilot; class Components; class ACE_Actions { class ACE_MainActions; }; }; class BH_01_base_F: Helicopter_Base_F { features="Randomization: No <br />Camo selections: 1 - the whole body <br />Script door sources: None <br />Script animations: None <br />Executed scripts: None <br />Firing from vehicles: No <br />Slingload: No <br />Cargo proxy indexes: None"; author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; mapSize=4; class SpeechVariants { class Default { speechSingular[]= { "veh_air_UAV_s" }; speechPlural[]= { "veh_air_UAV_p" }; }; }; class ACE_Actions: ACE_Actions { class ACE_MainActions: ACE_MainActions { }; }; textSingular="$STR_A3_nameSound_veh_air_UAV_s"; textPlural="$STR_A3_nameSound_veh_air_UAV_p"; nameSound="veh_air_UAV_s"; _generalMacro="UAV_01_base_F"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Drones"; scope=0; displayName="$STR_A3_CfgVehicles_UAV_01_base0"; isUav=1; uavCameraDriverPos="pip_pilot_pos"; uavCameraDriverDir="pip_pilot_dir"; extCameraPosition[]={0,-0.25,-0.3499999}; //{0,1.5,-5}; //picture = "\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UI\UAV_01_CA.paa"; extCameraParams[]={0.93000001,10,30,0.25,1,10,30,0,1}; formationX=10; formationZ=10; memoryPointTaskMarker="TaskMarker_1_pos"; memoryPointDriverOptics="pip_pilot_pos"; driverOpticsModel="A3\drones_f\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UGV_01_Optics_Driver_F.p3d"; driverForceOptics=1; disableInventory=1; unitInfoType="RscOptics_AV_pilot"; unitInfoTypeRTD="RscOptics_AV_pilot"; damageEffect="UAVDestructionEffects"; damageTexDelay=0.5; dustEffect="UAVDust"; waterEffect="UAVWater"; washDownDiameter="0.1f"; washDownStrength="0.1f"; killFriendlyExpCoef=0.1; accuracy=1.5; camouflage=1; audible=0.1; armor=0.1; cost=20000; altFullForce=50; altNoForce=100; LODTurnedIn=-1; LODTurnedOut=-1; epeImpulseDamageCoef=5; fuelExplosionPower=0; vehicleClass="Autonomous"; model="\BlackHornet2\blackhornet.p3d"; icon="\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UI\Map_UAV_01_CA.paa"; picture="\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UI\UAV_01_CA.paa"; class Reflectors { }; startDuration=3; maxSpeed=100; // maxSpeed = 100; precision=15; steerAheadSimul=0.5; steerAheadPlan=0.69999999; predictTurnPlan=2; predictTurnSimul=1.5; damageResistance = 0.00555; bodyFrictionCoef=0.01; fuelCapacity=25; maxFordingDepth=0.0; threat[]={0.1,0.1,0.1}; mainRotorSpeed = -7.0; // mainRotorSpeed = -7; backRotorSpeed = 7.0; // backRotorSpeed = 7; liftForceCoef = 1; // liftForceCoef = 1; cyclicAsideForceCoef = 0.6; // cyclicAsideForceCoef = 2; cyclicForwardForceCoef = 0.3; // cyclicForwardForceCoef = 1.2; backRotorForceCoef = 5; // backRotorForceCoef = 5; mainBladeRadius = 0.01; maxMainRotorDive= 70; // maxMainRotorDive = 70; minMainRotorDive= -7; // minMainRotorDive = -7; neutralMainRotorDive=0; // neutralMainRotorDive = 0; gearRetracting=0; tailBladeVertical=1; radarTargetSize=0.0; visualTargetSize=0.01; irTarget=0; lockDetectionSystem=0; incomingMissileDetectionSystem=0; weapons[]={}; magazines[]={}; irScanRangeMin=0; irScanRangeMax=0; irScanToEyeFactor=1; class TransportItems { }; destrType="DestructDefault"; driverCompartments="Compartment3"; cargoCompartments[]= { "Compartment2" }; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull: HitHull { armor=0.1; }; class HitHRotor: HitHRotor { armor=0.30000001; }; }; class Damage { tex[]={}; mat[]= { "A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01.rvmat", "A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01_damage.rvmat", "A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01_destruct.rvmat" }; }; class ViewPilot: ViewPilot { minFov=0.25; maxFov=1.25; initFov=1; initAngleX=0; minAngleX=-65; maxAngleX=85; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-150; maxAngleY=150; }; class Viewoptics: ViewOptics { initAngleX=0; minAngleX=0; maxAngleX=0; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=0; maxAngleY=0; minFov=0.25; maxFov=1.25; initFov=0.75; visionMode[]= { "Normal", "NVG", "Ti" }; thermalMode[]={0,1}; }; class MFD{}; reportRemoteTargets=1; reportOwnPosition=1; class Components {}; attenuationEffectType="OpenHeliAttenuation"; class Turrets {}; soundGetIn[]= { "", 1, 1 }; soundGetOut[]= { "", 1, 1, 50 }; soundEnviron[]= { "", 0.031622775, 1 }; soundDammage[]= { "", 0.56234133, 1 }; soundEngineOnInt[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_start_full_int", 0.056234133, 1 }; soundEngineOnExt[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_start_full_01", 0.056234133, 1, 50 }; soundEngineOffInt[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_stop_full_int", 0.056234133, 1 }; soundEngineOffExt[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_stop_full_01", 0.056234133, 1, 50 }; soundBushCollision1[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\helis\Heli_coll_bush_int_1", 0.01, 1, 50 }; soundBushCollision2[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\helis\Heli_coll_bush_int_2", 0.01, 1, 50 }; soundBushCollision3[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\helis\Heli_coll_bush_int_3", 0.01, 1, 50 }; soundBushCrash[]= { "soundBushCollision1", 0.033000001, "soundBushCollision2", 0.033000001, "soundBushCollision3", 0.033000001 }; soundWaterCollision1[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\helis\Heli_coll_water_ext_1", 0.01, 1, 50 }; soundWaterCollision2[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\helis\Heli_coll_water_ext_2", 0.01, 1, 50 }; soundWaterCrashes[]= { "soundWaterCollision1", 0.05, "soundWaterCollision2", 0.05 }; Crash0[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\cars\cars_coll_big_default_ext_1", 0.01, 1, 50 }; Crash1[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\cars\cars_coll_big_default_ext_2", 0.01, 1, 50 }; Crash2[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\cars\cars_coll_big_default_ext_3", 0.01, 1, 50 }; Crash3[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\crashes\cars\cars_coll_big_default_ext_4", 0.01, 1, 900 }; soundCrashes[]= { "Crash0", 0.25, "Crash1", 0.25, "Crash2", 0.25, "Crash3", 0.25 }; class Sounds { class Engine { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_engine_full_01", 0.044668359, 1, 50 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="camPos*((rotorSpeed-0.72)*4)"; }; class RotorLowOut { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\blade", 0.031622776, 1, 50 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="camPos*(0 max (rotorSpeed-0.1))"; cone[]={1.6,3.1400001,1.6,0.94999999}; }; class RotorHighOut { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\blade_high", 0.031622776, 1, 50 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="camPos*10*(0 max (rotorThrust-0.9))"; cone[]={1.6,3.1400001,1.6,0.94999999}; }; class EngineIn { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\quad_engine_full_int", 0.056234133, 1 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="(1-camPos)*((rotorSpeed-0.75)*4)"; }; class RotorLowIn { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\blade_int", 0.056234133, 1 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="(1-camPos)*(0 max (rotorSpeed-0.1))"; }; class RotorHighIn { sound[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\air\Uav_01\blade_high_int", 0.056234133, 1 }; frequency="rotorSpeed"; volume="(1-camPos)*3*(rotorThrust-0.9)"; }; }; class Library { libTextDesc="The FLIR Black Hornet PRS equips the non-specialist dismounted soldier with immediate covert situational awareness (SA). Game-changing EO and IR technology bridges the gap between aerial and ground-based sensors, with the same SA as a larger UAV and threat location capabilities of UGVs. Extremely light, nearly silent, and with a flight time up to 25 minutes, the combat-proven, pocket-sized Black Hornet PRS transmits live video and HD still images back to the operator."; }; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo1" }; class TextureSources { class Indep { displayName="$STR_A3_TEXTURESOURCES_INDEP0"; author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; textures[]= { "\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01_INDP_CO.paa" }; factions[]= { "IND_F" }; }; class Opfor { displayName="$STR_A3_TEXTURESOURCES_OPFOR0"; author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; textures[]= { "\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01_OPFOR_CO.paa" }; factions[]= { "OPF_F" }; }; class Blufor { displayName="$STR_A3_TEXTURESOURCES_BLU0"; author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; textures[]= { "\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UAV_01_CO.paa" }; factions[]= { "BLU_F" }; }; }; }; class B_BH_01_F: BH_01_base_F { author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\B_UAV_01_F.jpg"; _generalMacro="B_BH_01_F"; displayName="Black Hornet PRS"; scope=2; side=1; faction="BLU_F"; crew="B_UAV_AI"; typicalCargo[]= { "B_UAV_AI" }; accuracy=0.5; class ACE_Actions: ACE_Actions { class ACE_MainActions: ACE_MainActions { selection="taskmarker_1_pos"; class ACE_Pickup { selection=""; displayName="Pickup Black Hornet PRS"; distance=5; condition="(alive _target)"; statement="[_target,_player] call ebu_fnc_pickup"; showDisabled=0; exceptions[]={}; icon=""; }; }; }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "BlackHornet2\hornetFLIR_CO.paa" }; textureList[]= { "Blufor", 1 }; }; };
  5. WINGS PRIMARY FEATURES Standalone 2nd Window Viewport of Aircraft Avionic Instruments in ArmA 3 ® Digital Clock, with In-Game/Real-Life time display Fuel Quantity Fuel Flow and Aircraft Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure Instrument Vacuum and Amperage Airspeed, Attitude, Altitude, Rate-of-Turn, Heading, Vertical Speed and RPM indicators. Navigation Instruments including VOR1, VOR2, ADF Radio Navigation and Avionics Instrument Panel with support for COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2, ADF, DME frequencies with Morse Code Identifier Adjustable Dials, Knobs and Functionality to provide Realistic Flight Simulation Experiences Compatible with customActions to enable Button Input Functionality to Operate Panel Support for Night Vision Goggles and Panel Backlighting with 2 Colour Modes; Orange and Green Support for Saitek/Logitech Flight Panel Hardware, for multiple devices Integrated Mission Support via Mission Templates and PBO Addon File Create and Navigate between your own Airports via the Mission Editor! WINGS AUXILIARY FEATURES Built as a 2nd Screen Application for Customisable Flight Simulators Powered by ArmARedisDB; a fully functional and real-time speed Memory Database system providing accurate, reliable data results Customisable, gauges and solutions available upon request CONCEPT DESIGN SCREENSHOTS OFFICIAL TRAILERS ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES In addition to our groundbreaking venture, we have been working alongside ArturDCS to create an additional 'key emulator' application based upon his well renown DCSFP suite. This application is a new, standalone version is built specifically for ArmA use and allows for users to operate the legendary Saitek Pro Flight equipment for use in Armed Assault..! Click Here for ArmAFP Github Repository! This will be packaged with the full release of WINGS. DOWNLOAD LINKS Click Here for Google Drive Mod Download! Click Here for Steam Subscriber Download! NOTICE: The download is available, and we expect changes, defects or errors as the project encounters various mod compatibilities. Please report them here or on the steam community workshop. Please ensure you read the readme.pdf CREDITS & SPECIAL THANKS Bohemia Interactive, inspiring simulation enthusiasts for generations to come! VolumeInfinite, Project Manager, Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Lead UI/UX Design Creedcoder, Lead Programmer 『BLANK』Programming Yax, CBA Input Programmer ArturDCS, Middleware Programmer Special Thanks to Doofer911 (their YouTube channel is available here) for their advice on implementing NAVAIDs into ArmA 3; an upcoming potential feature. Additionally, we would like to thank Crielaard, Firewill and Yax for their flight simulation support/advice!
  6. My two current projects contain dozens of script references from this forum all in one place with a script description text to find what you're looking for. JET TOYS SWO Mission Control DEMO If you're an experienced script writer you probably won't learn much from the references. However you're welcome to make suggestions for improvement. Keep in mind the theme of making simple scripts that are accessible to new users and not fellow computer science majors. This forum page is WIP and will expand as the above projects progress.
  7. Helicopter Dust Efx Mod For Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Enhanced Helicopter Dust/Downwash Effects. - "Brown Out" dust effect when landing on dirt. - Works on all vanilla helicopters. - Works for all addons that use default Bis Dust Effects.(Probably 99.9% of addons) - Works with CUP. - Signed and has server key. - Thanks to bis and the community. - Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vcswsapdsa0a6d5/ANZACSAS_Helicopter_Dust_Efx_Mod.7z/file https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537745369 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34523 Better pics - http://www.mediafire.com/file/t5ribmmm7u99r00/ANZACSAS_HeliDustModPic1Large.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/esmfoia9b6e2d9f/ANZACSAS_HeliDustModPic2Large.jpg/file
  8. DownTownAustinB

    Arma 3 Flight Servers

    Hello everyone, I recently got into helicopter flight, I have been practicing for quite a while. I was just wondering if there are any online servers where I can just hang out and fly helicopters with other pilots, where there is no combat, but just flight and conversation. Anyone know of any servers that might interest me? It would be a great help! Steam name DownTownAustinB
  9. Work in the simple flight model the landing gears/wheels ?
  10. Trying to get a formation of B17s to fly in a straight line at cloud level. to use as the maypole for a dog-fight. That's all I want to do. as you can imagine it has been unnecessarily difficult. Surprisingly altitude isn't the problem. I've found init scripts that effectively specify altitude, and the map isn't mountainous, so adjusting to ground isn't a problem. But every time, without fail, no matter how many AI features I disable, no matter what script, or way-point, or lack of way-point, or combat mode, or lack of combat mode, not even setting them to careless, will keep them from rolling into a massive quagmire. Spacing doesn't seem to make a difference, as they keep drifting into each other's flight lines, no matter how far apart place the formation, and once they start to drift too close, all hell breaks loose. B17s aren't very maneuverable, and ARMA AI think every plane is an F35. The formation consists of 3 squads, each in line formation, as that is the only formation the planes will follow at this size. The 3 lines are staggered 3 plane lengths apart in all directions. So long as they stay near their path, they should be nowhere near the other planes. But like I said, nothing can persuade these AI from turning into a skytrain, and then inevitably splintering apart when one of the planes jumps suddenly out of line, or worse, the formation leader bangs a hard right because he saw a 109 3 miles away. IDK how to get the 109s and Mustangs to follow the formation, I havn't even gotten that far, as getting the B17s to keep to their flight path is a prerequisite.
  11. I Wanted to raise the question if the flight or air traffic simulators help improve aviation knowledge and could it benefit you in becoming a pilot? for example, there's this game I've discovered called (snip, -mod edit), its basically air traffic control simulator. i've linked the trailer below, let me know your thoughts:
  12. Flight Failures Mod by Jack Ost What is it ? This script allows to simulate the failures you can have in your plane or helicopter. It will stop a mechanic or electronic element like the avionic or your engine. For some reasons, only non critical failures have been implemented (so you can't loose your main rotor in helicopter). Features There is three module available in Eden Editor. Place the module that you want on your mission. This mod is server side, so you don't need to have it on client side. First module is to choose random system. The random system will give you one (only one) random failure during the mission, at any moment you can have it. It's depend on the probability that you have choosen on the parameter module (if you don't place it, it will be default parameters). So during a mission, you may not have any failure. Second module is to trigger a particular failure (or multiple) directly. You can synchronize it with a trigger to have the failure at a particular moment. For information, default parameters of the random version are :- you will have only one failure- 30% of probability for avionics- 10% of probability for one engine failure (not both if two engine)- 1% of probability to loose left rudder or right rudder OR left elevator or right elevator OR tail rotor- increase (in %) of probability as a function of the flight time (+25% in 2 hours of flight) NB : I can't test the random version perfectly, so i choose to add an option to having magic repair on your aircraft. NB2 : If your fps are lower than 10, the failure will be cancelled. Guide English Guide French Guide Download LINK here Crédits Bohémia Interactive Spyke (technical adviser) Jack Ost
  13. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this topic in but, even when I land super softly with a helicopter or an airplane, the helicopter crashes. It doesn't make any sense. Please fix.
  14. Hi, i found the F18 Super Hornet mod and i have created a mission with the eden editor with both versions of the fighter, the E and F version, the F version as you probably know is "tandem-seat". So i have the empty fighter, a Munition HEMTT vehicle and two pilots, one of them the player, there is a village in which there are several OPFOR units and i have set some waypoints for the plane. It works like this -First i get in the fighter as the pilot so i can use the Service menu and select which equipment i am going to use -Then after the fighter is rearmed, then i get in the gunner seat and tell the AI pilot to get in. -I have used a trigger linked to the AI and the first waypoint, so when he gets in, it goes to the first one and then the fighter takes off perfectly. The problem is, although i have set limited speed in several waypoints the plane goes too fast so i can bomb the objetives, and also it flies at 300M height, so the fighter gets hit, and also, it is not stable at all. I have tried with the flyInHeight script, but the speed is still too high and not stable. Does anyone know how to make it fly slower, higher and more stable? And also i would like to know how to make it land when it returns to the airport. Thanks and sorry for my poor english.