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  1. Thanks for posting that about the AAA lag there @hcpookie I was coming back around to give you a heads up on finding that today when I loaded up an old mission to update it and when I played it my rig completely went batcrap crazy and froze once the 100mm cannons started shooting at me in a MELB little bird....NOT RHS VERSION....anyway I froze up my system so quickly that I had to manually reboot the system and unfortunately the RPT file didn't save at all. Which has started to become a thing with some Arma crashes lately. Anyway I was on playing on Tanoa and had ALiVE running with Fen_A3 handling some of the other aspects and they were working fine until I decided to try and fly some AI troops into a town to hit a target and the AAA cannons lit up the sky.
  2. Well since I am in a holding pattern waiting on VME to release their updates....nothing at all since this mod and the 15th PLA are only reconfigs of the VME mod to make them work with ALiVE properly.
  3. Arma3 Videos

    Task Force Red Operation Darude Mission recordings from 26 June Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    Well if it is able to be be "driven" I would be all for the option to have it in each faction. Especially considering it is a ship that would be built and sold to whoever had the cash money to buy it. Otherwise it's is just going to have to go through the process for many of us and be config'd to work for all the factions in various faction packs for missions. So just go ahead and get it out of the way from the beginning so many of us don't have to create another mod to load for a mission.
  5. Well @Alwarren a HARM does stand for High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile so I can only guess that the reason is some SAM missiles themselves have a small tracking radar once they pointed in the right direction they can acquire and track so if they are launched optically (which is a real thing as well) then they can lock on independently and track to kill.
  6. Wish I could see what the "small rundown" is for the mission makers. This looks like a good tool but wondering if you could limit the player groups that would be allowed to use the various weapons with out punishing the whole server full of players? For instance lets say you have one group that plays as a Special Forces A Team and another that plays as just a US Army infantry unit. More times than not the regular infantry guys would be the ones that I would like to see not using enemy weapons that were recovered after a fire fight; unless they had no other choice due to no ammo for primary weapons, etc... but for the SF team they should have the knowledge of utilizing recovered enemy weapons and not being penalized. Also isn't ACE Overheating listed in the CBA settings now as well? I usually don't say this but this code might be something that you could see if the ACE team would be willing to push into their main mod once you get it dialed in 100%.

    Looks good bud. If you need any groups to test it in multiplayer scenarios I know a very dedicated group that will be happy to test it in a few missions immediately even as a WIP item.
  8. ADV - ACE CPR

    Thanks for the answer. I was curious if you guys were doing something that might be really slick and fun to implement.
  9. ADV - ACE CPR

    Sounds good to me @Belbo we'll give it a try once you get that update pushed out. Till then we can wait.
  10. ADV - ACE CPR

    Thanks for the quick answer. The answer on the first question pretty much covered what I was thinking. Wish we could use something like this but due to the way we play with our medical settings its a non-starter for us.
  11. ADV - ACE CPR

    @MK84 quick question mainly because I am just curious about the request you made to make it where you can only use an AED in a medical setting or vehicle? An AED is meant to be used ANYWHERE without the need for medical facility or medical vehicles.
  12. ADV - ACE CPR

    First off @Belbo thanks for taking the time to make this and the other stuff you do for the Arma community. I have used your undercover script and I love the simplicity of it. I have not used any of the medical stuff you made before and would like to know a little more about this before I just jump right in. In reading the thread and searching for the answers to my questions I am at a loss of how to implement them in a setting like what we have with our group. So let me lay a little groundwork here. In our group we play with ACE medical on the advanced side; we don't use revive systems at all; and we have a medical area setup back at base with the express reason to transport critically wounded back to base for full treatment. Generally if we are out on an op and someone gets hit by enemy fire or they get blown up or seriously injured by an IED or mortar/artillery rounds our medics go into full medic mode; AFTER the firefight has died down. Which means that as the wounded person you are on your own to treat yourself as you are able and if you are mobile then to make your way to cover. If not then stay down and out of the fight but let us know when you gain consciousness again. So now questions: Can it work without revive timers? If so what settings do I need to adjust? If not would it be possible to make it work without revive timers? Did I read correctly that you can set the max revive time to 20 minutes (aka 1200 seconds)? How does this differentiate when you have a player that is down due to unconscious state due to severe wounds but they have been stabilized and are waiting on transport? Meaning what if someone has a tremendously low heart rate and BP due to severity of wounds received and the only way they are going to be brought back up is at a medical facility? Does the animation lock the medic into the CPR functionality and not allow them to move on to other patients that might need help as well? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  13. Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    My only request with it would be to make sure that it has the ability to use the FRIES system equip option in the editor for fast roping via ACE. Other than that the thing looks pretty good and should be something that our group will use for sure.
  14. US Military Mod

    The "cat eyes" were developed in the 1970's and put to use starting in late 1979. I think the official introduction date was either 1980 or 1981 and this was done because the US military wanted to start pushing to operate at night for most combat operations. This band was developed to give the individual soldiers the ability to see the guy in front of them in a column or in a patrol without needing NVG's. Keep in mind that NVG's were super rare and basically only given to Spec Ops units such as Delta, SEAL Team 6, 160th SOAR and selected SF and SEAL units going on deployments due to the cost of the individual devices. At this time Rangers were not considered special operators in the 80's. At least this is what I understand from some old instructor guys I had back then.
  15. US Military Mod

    Sorry for pulling up an old post but I wanted to chime in here with some information that I remember from when I was in US Army ROTC from the fall of 1989 till fall of 1991. I didn't get a chance to continue because I wrecked my knee playing football in college. Now keep what I am about to say in mind here because even though the SAW was adopted and started being used in 1984/1985 it never saw widespread use in the US Army until the ramp up to get troops into Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War. When units started their deployments to the Gulf the US Army started pulling M-60's from units and giving them M249's. The ROTC cadre at my school was a bunch of old ready to retire former SF, 82nd and 101st guys from Vietnam were still teaching us small unit tactics that most of them had dealt with while serving during and after Vietnam. This was based around a squad with 11 troops; weird huh. This was laid out with 2 fire teams of 4 troops (example: fire team leader, an AR using an M60, an assistant gunner aka AG who also had an M-16, and a grenadier armed with an M-16 w/203 launcher) then there were 3 extra riflemen with M-16's who could be attached to either fire team to provide maneuver or additional firepower. US Army basic Rifle Squad size makeup as it was taught to me during ROTC training. Squad Leader M-16 Rifleman x 4 M-60 x 2 M-16 Assistant Gunner (aka ammo bitch and spare barrels) x 2 M-16 w/203 Grenadier x 2 Important note here: I don't believe squad sized units started getting radios for each man until AFTER they returned from the Gulf War. Platoons were not supposed to operate across extreme distances as all fire team leaders were supposed to maintain visual contact with the Squad Leader and the Squad Leader was supposed to be within visual or audible contact with the Platoon Leader. IIRC the maximum distance they wanted us to operate across depending on terrain was about 150 meters from front to rear and side to side. As terrain got more difficult we were supposed to contract that size down to under 50-75 meters.