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  1. X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Maybe you should take a look at VCOM AI script version. If you are not using ALiVE then you should be OK as there is a problem with persistence using ALiVE at the moment.
  2. I have never seen it with just ALiVE and CBA; it is always with TFAR but it has been a while since I messed with the TFAR aspect and I have a mission where it finally got beaten into submission so I am not sure how I made it go away.
  3. You have to use Notepad; I use Notepad++ to build the factions; in order to have an area to paste the information into. If you watch this VIDEO from SpyderBlack you will get the gist of what to do and how to make it function as a new unit faction. It is extremely easy to do and really helps keep it from overwhelming you when you see all these exportable functions in the ORBAT creator.
  4. Breaching Charge

    Can't wait to give it a try.
  5. From my limited research and knowledge on the matter most shotgun shells of the period AFTER the Civil War were drawn brass, or a paper tube with over shot card wad and rolled edge closure and almost all of the shell bases were brass that was stamped with the gauge and makes name similar to what is done today. Also shotgun shell boxes didn't look anything close to what we have today or even like they were after WW1. They were ornate 2 piece boxes with very cool pictures drawn on the tops of the manufacturers logo and name.
  6. Task Force Red MIL-SIM Community Who We Are: Task Force Red (www.task-force.red). Task Force Red is the result of a continual evolution of a group of MIL-SIM players from some great communities in the past. We started over 6 years ago as Survival Operations and have evolved into what we are today. We do not tolerate racist remarks and people being generally rude just for the heck of it. We focus on being a tight-knit group with good working relationships within the Task Force structure. When we say hardcore MIL-SIM, we do not require anyone to do push-ups in game or any other stupid stuff. We have members who are current and retired military from countries all over the world and we take great pride in making sure that our members do things the right way. With that said you will get joked with by the team and it's all in good fun; BUT If you are a special snowflake with toilet paper feelings and emotions running up and down the sleeve of your shirt then this is not the place for you. What We Do: Within Task Force Red we utilize mission makers and players to help create and customize missions to be immersive and completely interactive. The "good guys" don't always win in our scenarios and it takes coordinated efforts among our players to ensure that the mission is done satisfactorily. Our missions run the gamut from one off mil-sim to fully persistent A.L.i.V.E based deployments that run 24/7; when doing a persistent mission we utilize the A.L.i.V.E architecture to create persistent and authentic campaigns. Our missions, load outs and units are as authentic as possible, with a focus on immersion and realism for our users. Why You Should Join: If you want an environment of "Yes Sirs and No Sirs!" this probably is not the place for you. If you want to be play the game using realistic tactics, playing realistic units against a realistic enemy, this is the place for you. What we are looking for: First and foremost everyone is needed to be infantry from time to time. Just because you are a pilot, tank driver, truck driver or a boat driver doesn't mean you are not going to be needed in the ground action. Please read below to see what positions we are looking for in Task Force Red. Aviation - Both rotary wing and fixed wing drivers and crew members; you will be a part of a group that will be asked to land in a tight LZ and keep the birds spotless or drive a lumbering transport aircraft. Heavy and Light Armor - If you want to be a tank crewman or an APC crewman; we need you. Infantry: You will get a chance to play everything from a simple WW2 ground pounder who can't see at night to a Special Ops guy doing a high speed mission in a modern day scenario and everything in between. Medical Personnel: We are looking for guys who are familiar with the ACE Advanced Medical system and if they are not familiar then you need to be willing to learn. Training: We have a training server up with a limited version of our modpack. When you join you will be given access to the training server and prior to doing a mission or deployment you are expected to know your basic kit without us having to do pack checks and make sure you are light enough and able to do the tasks. If you think you are in Seal Team Six and want to pick up a sniper rifle on your first day, just don't do it. We like to make sure that our members are capable of doing the tasks that are needed before you waste community resources in a mission setting. On the training server anything is fair game as long as the units are not doing specific training at that time. Age Requirements: We ask that our members be at least 16 years of age. Website: http://www.task-force.red/ Teamspeak: taskforcered.ts.nfoservers.com Enlist Now: http://www.task-force.red/recruitment
  7. (WIP) Rhodesian War

    Following now...can't believe I missed the announcement on this coming back. I knew a couple of guys who immigrated to the US after the Rhodesian conflict back then; both of them were pretty cool to talk with and the older I got the more I was able to learn about it.
  8. Global Mobilization

    That truck looks great. Going to use it for a little side mission I have going on.
  9. I am guessing that for the trains you are going to use Duda Advanced Train's mod? Overall I like the way this is going. Been keeping an eye on this for a long time now.
  10. 1. Morphine is the item that you should administer AFTER bleeding has been controlled; in most cases. However in Arma you can give it first to alleviate the issues of the player being blacked out or white out from pain. However you need to give it before you give epi to wake them up. 2. Correct on the CPR; do not perform it before stopping bleeding. However its critical to do a quick triage on them before you move ahead...depending on the type and amount of trauma injuries and you could be wasting time and resources on someone that will be dead in a few minutes but as the medic it's your call to decide who gets the various color cards for triage. In our community I really want our medics to start the triage system when possible. But our methodology is shoot first, bandage second and make sure that you as the injured player at least puts the white stuff on red stuff when you get a free minute to do so.
  11. I can't wait to see this one come to fruition. I have wanted to do a French based ALiVE deployment for a long time now. Speaking of will the mod have ALiVE compatible units or will we have to customize them to be able to not have to create workarounds if we use the ALiVE mod for campaign and AI management?
  12. I have had issues with IED's in missions doing both things. It seems like the ACE IED module is kinda wonky at times and the ALiVE IED module is kinda wonky most of the time. I have gone away from having them in the missions I make entirely and we end up just Zeus placement of IED's when possible. We have also had issues with Zeus placed IED's not being recognized by players when they are using ANY explosive detection devices in game and the things still exploding or not exploding until well after the players are out of the area.
  13. @hcpookie Here is another bug I just confirmed following up another guys post on the Steam Workshop regarding the SX2190 truck variants. Regardless of which one you spawn in they are all appearing as the resupply variant. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/655153321/1489987634006989909/?ctp=3#c1621724915795190133
  14. @hcpookie Thanks for all the hard work you have been putting into this and helping the community as a whole. We just started using VME in our newest ALiVE mission today and have found a few other bugs related to EQ2050's. EQ2050 MG and GL versions you can only put 2 people in from Zeus. The driver and gunner are the only ones that will enter the vehicle. If you try to place more troops in the vehicles they will be able to be loaded into the vehicles. Also the driver in the EQ2050 MG and GL can not be shot and injured by any guns or explosives will not kill the driver. However once the vehicles tires are blown the driver will exit and then he can be killed.
  15. @hcpookie I also posted on the Steam Workshop: JH-7A bug...backseat pilot/WSO does not show up inside the cockpit in the editor. When using with ALiVE he also does not spawn in the aircraft and stands on the ground outside of it.