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  1. Glad to hear it all went well @genesis92x . Can't wait to see what happens now that you can collaborate with @Freddo3000 further. I think he has done a good job in keeping the updates flowing and working through some of the issues that have cropped up.
  2. Nichols

    HeliClub release thread

    @panzergrenadier3 these look great; should be a good addition to the game for those specific needs.
  3. Nichols

    Extended Fortifications Mod

    Sorry to hear that @Benno101 but completely understand. I am sending a PM as well because I would love to have access to those files to do a similar thing as Vandeanson is talking about with it.
  4. Small update now...been messing with the flight configs more and more and getting more frustrated by it. I am either too heavy for the flight time I am wanting or too light and the wind when loading up with ACE is blowing the thing backwards almost as soon as it takes off. Still plucking away at the configs so please bear with me as we work on it.
  5. Nichols

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    How adjustable do you want a shortdot???? I might know of one coming very soon that can adjust say 8x.....
  6. Nichols

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    A little scuttlebutt from some people I trust. I don't know this from first hand experience but the couple of guys I know personally in the USASOC and AFSOC world say their issued SCAR's are weapon locker queens. The vast majority of the time the weapons that are getting used now are the newer piston platforms from HK. Their issued M4's, 416/417, Sig Sauer and Daniel Defense weapons are what they are carrying UNLESS they need a sniper weapon. Then they are taking the SCAR-H as a supplement to the rest of the team using M4's. In an article I read a long time back when I was working In the weapons industry many moons ago a former SEAL sniper reported that some of his buddies were even pulling optics and stuff off their SR-25's and using the Mk17 as an ad hoc sniper platform until they can get their hands on what is now known as the FN SCAR 20S.
  7. Nichols

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Looking good there @fingolfin just wishing you had some AOR stuff in there but understand that you only did this for CAG/Delta. Its still a good look.
  8. Nichols

    Eden Extended Objects

    I apologize for digging up an old thread but I hate that this mod creates a dependency; is there any way without using this mod to be able to access the hidden files from the 3Den Editor?
  9. I have not seen this one pop up on my end using either RHS or CUP. I will test it out some more on my missions as well and see if I can get the same thing to happen.
  10. Can't wait to check this out and if you need a little help with testing dedicated server actions on this let me know. I have a bunch of hair gel using virtual seals that would be glad to check it for you. Go find some New England Clam Chowder and get back to work!
  11. @hcpookie I thought I had mentioned this another time but I may have over looked it by accident. It continues to stack in the RPT and creates problems down the road for our server. Thanks in advance. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655855985
  12. All you have to do is go into the editor and do a copy for the class names in the attributes section.
  13. Nichols

    Next DLC

    Females character and animations...removing the constant movement/twitching and completely removing the unrealistic head bob. That is the next DLC. 👹
  14. UPDATE 19 February: Well I figured with the recent activity a little extra update was due today. Not a lot of progress but I did make a discovery in the weight area and are going to try and push the weight out of the <1 range and move it up closer to 5 to see what happens. It should not make a big impact on the space taken up in the backpack/chest rigs but it might have a minor impact. We shall see. Still battling the winds on my test box is a pain in the rear but getting better. One of the guys working on the config is looking at three camera views in EO/thermal; those being front, 45° down and 90° down. This is a new adjustment and we are going to see if it works as he thinks it can. Now have to find a way to make it where the AI doesn't notice it unless it is flying right at eye level or below. Right now the AI will shoot at the dang thing when it gets close...need to find a way to make it invisible without making it invisible to the player so it can be picked up on return or when it sits down somewhere and is shown on the map. Lastly autonomous does not necessarily return due to the fact that it runs out of juice so fast; need to slow that down enough to make it close to real world.
  15. Anyone having issues using RHS or CUP AT weapons killing VME infantry fighting vehicles or armor?