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  1. @WAR326 could you share the results via a mission file? I would like to take a look at how you have it setup to function together. Thanks
  2. [FOX] Ambient Airspace

    Pretty slick would love to see this compatible with Dedicated as well.
  3. Well we weren't quite successful with our anticipated release by the end of the year. Our first attempt to edit the configs was a little bit confusing due to the size of the 3d model. Let's just say that a certain triangular shaped starship that is from a series of wars in the stars was smaller in scale than the model. Kinda hard to get it in a backpack, but it's all good now. So while we finish up we just wanted to let you all know that the goal is in reach and we hope to have a quality product finished soon. And have it out to you all soon after final testing is done. We hope you will continue to be patient with us as we work to get the little bugger out the door. We hope you all had a great time in 2018 and that 2019 will treat you even better.
  4. No worries @TonyStarkBR didn't think about the English not being a first language part. Hope you got the understand from @Play3r with the google translate.
  5. @Damian90 you do realize that they are separate on many of the vehicles in real life right? The ZBD04 has a separate ATGM launcher from the main gun. The ZBD05 uses a main gun launched 105mm beam riding missile. So I would think that the way that they have it done is spot on for most if not all of the Chinese armored fighting vehicles.
  6. This script/mod adds great immersion to the overall aspect of the game from a PvE perspective. I agree with @0Y0 that its kinda bad to see an AI group pass right by another AI who was the last in his team to be alive but is wounded and they don't even check on the poor fellow. Not sure how that would work as I think it would add too much to the mission and might create lag or use server cycles which could be used elsewhere.
  7. @TonyStarkBR Its a known issue with the attachTo command I believe is what he mentioned in a post literally 3 posts up from yours in this thread. Take 10 minutes or so and watch the video and then you will see what he is talking about.
  8. OK so I got a little bug in my head today where I wanted to go and make some adjustments to a few things I had used long ago. So I went and downloaded all the Massi faction stuff for USSOCOM and I opened up the old template DEVGRU_Hangar_Template linked here and updated it. I removed all the modded stuff as it was one of my pet peeves that I had to download and use mods that I didn't want to use for just one mission. I used to do it because I never felt like updating this thing to just vanilla. So this updated template only has 2 dependencies and I think 99.9% of the Arma 3 community uses them in one way or another and if you don't they are supremely simple to remove on your own. Mods needed are: ACE and CBA I left all the VAS and ASORGS stuff in the mission as I found they were really simple. I took out all the references to Massi's weapons at the weapons table so if you are wanting to use this for your own stuff then go into the game logics and just type in between the quotation marks in the init field which weapons you want to use there. I also updated the weapons crates to use the larger NATO webbing ones so you can stuff those suckers to the gills if that's your thing. Thanks to @syncie who originally built the stuff out. With all that said here is the Updated Special Mission Unit Hangar
  9. I am not sure how/why you guys can't spawn in units via Zeus. I have been using this updated mod for a while now in a mission and only have a couple of issues one is with the trucks not showing any damage other than tires getting blown off until they blow up and the Z9A CAS bird that the entire helicopter except for the seats and the tail rotor disappear in a dedicated server setting. Other than that Zeus works fine for spawning in units. Well and the 5.8mm rifle bullets seem to hit like an wet wool sock being thrown from across the room.
  10. This is the one I am talking about https://github.com/genesis92x/VcomAI-3.0/tree/release/3.2 It seems that the AI are a little more stupid now compared to previous versions. I am not seeing them flank at all now in 3.1; but they seem to run directly into the area. Last night we had a group in Vagalala on Tanoa near the gas station that was over 1km away from the group I was in on the hill due south of the town on a cliff, not exposed to the world below by the jungle, wearing camo and laying still. The AI spawned in via ALiVE and then once they were fulling in they made a beeline directly for the location and even when in the trees they only attempted to change course when they could not climb a vertical rock wall to get up to us. Also still seeing a lot of AI using the mines on death even though I have gone down to 10 and under on the "VCM_MINECHANCE = 10; //Chance to lay a mine" in the AISettingsV3.hpp file trying to keep that from happening all the time.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Also found what may be a little bit of a cross over from past code in ALiVE rearing its ugly head with your script now. Going to do a simple repro again and check but just so you can get a reference a long time ago ALiVE would spawn in units and backpacks would pop in where they had spawned. I have been noticing with civilian units that that are spawning in they are dropping backpacks on their spawn location again. The reason I bring this up is I lowered the number of armed civilians in your script from 70 percent down to 35 percent. The civilians are not bringing guns into the game but they are bringing in magazines for the pistols and long rifles I added to the array. I am going to test this one over the next couple of days and report back about it. If I find an issue I will post it to the GitHub.
  12. @Freddo3000 I noticed you had a 3.2 release branch up on the GitHub. Does it have a changelog available for it so we can see what was worked on for that one?
  13. Is there an EASY way to change the amount of time that it takes to kill or incapacitate all the AI if you are in contact with them in an ambush situation. You had mentioned to me that the time was set at 30 seconds before the AI notified others but I would like to shorten that time to something a little less than that. Also we are noticing an almost immediate change back to incognito in several instances but I think it might all be related to the speed at which our guys are schwacking the AI enemy in a fight. Nearly every time they are catching them and eliminating them inside the 30 second window. Also we are noticing that some AI units are following the players all around the map but they are typically 1500-2000 meters behind them but following the exact trail back to their bases and even splitting up or calling in other AI if the players split up. I am not completely sold that this is anything related to Incognito but it might be a simple communication link between Incognito and VCOM since we are running both on the server. We are investigating this further.

    Glad to hear its all OK @mankyle hope it stays that way!
  15. Don't know if the F/G has speaker support but I know the C model did/does have speaker support; however the speaker is powered by an additional 26VDC power supply. There is another speaker that uses the battery pack for the radio itself as well. https://www.armyproperty.com/Resources/Catalogs/Harris-AN-PRC-117F(C).pdf