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  1. Fences and walls that aren't broken! Please for the love of all that is holy and innocent someone make an area that doesn't have broken down fences. Especially in areas where the military/government is not blatantly being ridiculous with their citizens. Heck even in areas where the government is a iron ruler the fences are generally in good shape.
  2. How do AI currently react when driving and walking through the map; particularly with respect to any bridges or other passes over water?
  3. Don't think you understood what I wrote. I wrote "I have attempted to work it out using similar functions from the sample helo configs that is available from BI but its not functioning the way I want right now." The functions are the same regardless of whether its a drone or a helo. However; having taken the advice from some guys who have done a ton of config work in the game before I attempted to use those functions and it still did not cure the problem. So its back to working on it from a rotor speed, maxSpeed, friction coefficient and drone weight (setMass) perspective. I appreciate the guys who are patiently waiting for this but there is a ton of tiny issues that seem like they pop up in the configs once I get one settled the others pop up. Hopefully none of them keep me from moving ahead.
  4. Since you guys are asking for an update.... There has been no change; the flight configs are killing me and I am not sure if it is due to the size of the model or what. I have attempted to work it out using similar functions from the sample helo configs that is available from BI but its not functioning the way I want right now. I have it in game and it looks great but actually being able to use it is a completely different animal. I will try to keep you guys updated more as we move towards the summer time.
  5. Appreciate the feedback here @hcpookie but I am at a loss on what to do. Since the last update to VME it has become nearly unusable for me in a dedicated mission. I have scrapped everything and attempted just a server where I load only VME and it continues to chug along at <15fps server side. I need to get these RPT files over to you for you to check.
  6. Has anyone else experienced extreme lag using the base VME mod recently in a mission? Recently we attempted a Zeus based mission and the server fps was around 5-10fps for everyone. The minute I uploaded the same mission using different units the server fps was up over 50fps. Of course I do not have the server RPT files as we were attempting to toss things around quickly but I do have the mission file if anyone wishes to take a look at it.
  7. Nichols

    NIArms Release Thread

    Yep @toadie2k did a great job with what we asked to be done with that one. Thanks again for making that awesome optic happen for @Yedidya and me to be able to get it to our guys a while back. It is an amazing looking optic on the weapons and with the reticle!
  8. It is @piggypotpie However it is only Independent. I made a few OPFOR factions based off of it as well. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1656441631 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186831171
  9. Anyone got a Liberation setup that is available to pull over for Lingor? The one I found on the Steam Workshop refuses to load up and play so that I can pull it out and update it with the latest CUP and RHS updates.
  10. Nichols

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    If you need some help doing that I would be glad to help out.
  11. Nichols

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    When you guys are releasing the units will the unit configs be compatible with ALiVE?
  12. @Von Quest Thanks for adding the ID# to the thread so players can look it up if easier if they don't have their hidden folders view turned on.
  13. Would be nice if it didn't have the old version of TFAR as a requirement.
  14. Nichols

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    @SENSEII Would you consider looking into a pause functionality similar to what the ALiVE framework has for when players exit a persistent mission? For communities that have a desire to run longer term persistent missions that is a life saver; well not literally but it helps to keep the AI from retaking all the same areas over and over and steam rolling over areas while your teams(s) are sleeping.