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  1. @hcpookie did you guys confirm the sound bug when using Zeus for the ZUBR and the Type 22 boats? I haven't seen any mention of it in the changelog since I posted about it back last December? Just wanted to make sure it was still on the radar for the update. Thanks again for all your efforts in pushing this one forward.
  2. Pook BOATS pack

    Thanks for the update bud!
  3. Jasło Terrain

    Can't wait to see this progress further; looking forward to the day it's released.
  4. I haven't played around with the newest version just yet but if I am not mistaken the image portion will be for the various units so that when you are in the editor you can see what they look like for your faction like the "badge" part from RHS, CUP, etc...
  5. @scottb613 unfortunately there is no magical key to return you to the state you were in if you accidentally exit the ORBAT creator. I have done it many times by accident and have become so frustrated that I wanted to rip out my eyeballs. As for the files they should be there with the other stuff on the GitHub. http://alivemod.com/forum/2406-orbat-creator-general-faq http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ORBAT_Tool
  6. @hcpookie can you tell us if there are changes coming to the uniforms of the various units within the VME mod? I really hope they are not changing them because it helped to differentiate which units were which and made it super easy to adjust and tweak using the ALiVE ORBAT Creator tool.
  7. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Use your primary ID that you play the game with the most; especially the ID that you use on servers you run.
  8. @hcpookie Just found these items today when I fired up a mission I am working on: 14:28:25 vme_type22\radar.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 14:28:25 Bad muzzle direction in VME_YJ83Launcher:'usti hlavne'-'konec hlavne' Several points detailing the QLZ 04 GMG for no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/……….' in various location from the Main Turret to the optics and get in points. These are packed in my faction pbo so I am not sure if they became an error when I packed the faction or not. Also just reminded myself of this today as well: When you are in Zeus and a Zubr or Type 22 fires up after spawning in near you in the Zeus slot; the high pitched engine sounds will be non-stop. I will be glad to make a video of it the next time so you can hear it and see what I am talking about. I will be glad to get you the compressed RPT file so you can take a look at the stuff in it.
  9. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Well other than being in the wrong forum; why wouldn't you use the complete ACE mod for its functionality? The locking part is just a piece of the larger framework.
  10. Updated post with new images.
  11. Sounds like fun times but we are not going to do that.
  12. @Al Paca If you have never shot a real weapon at long ranges it's a little difficult to understand but Dedmen nailed it. A Kestrel or wind measurement device is only good for the information at its current location. Unless they have come out with some magical laser, humidity measuring device that reads the flow of dust particles in the wind you aren't going to get completely and totally 100% accurate wind speeds at every range to your target. Just imagine if you have a 45 deg oblique wind from your right or left...that changes everything because the wind is nearly a full value wind at that angle. Now what if it also has shifted around to come in from head on from the target as you are shooting? Will that cause the bullet to rise or fall depending on if it is a right hand or left hand twist within the barrel and the speed of the wind. Now take all that into effect in a game and see if you can judge everything by the usage of a kestrel device on your end???? I seriously doubt it. The basics are this....wind is not a constant at a your place and at your targets place. Coriolis Effect can come into play inside of 1km in shots but not to the effect that the magical 1000 meter range has on a shooter. Basically you as the shooter need to account for varying wind speeds every 100 meters along the trajectory of your shot. In a game setting that is difficult to do as its hard to not have tunnel vision. SO with that said...take your time and learn to use a little "Kentucky Windage" when you are taking those long shots. You might also want to read up a little on how to judge wind values and then apply those practices to the game a little bit; or just forget about long range shooting in the game. http://www.rifleshootermag.com/shooting-tips/shooting_tips_determing_wind_values/ http://www.rifleshootermag.com/shooting-tips/does-wind-move-bullets-vertically/ https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/10/02/coriolis-effect-on-long-range-shooting/
  13. So how many of us liked the original Black Hornet Nano UAV mod that was entered into the Make Arma Not War contest? I know I was one for sure and I have used it many times building missions or playing single player stuff over the last few years but always end up removing the mod from my missions because of the following things I wanted to see done a little differently. TO DO LIST Be an inventory item IF at all possible; not have to be a part of the UAV backpack. FLIR, NV and DTV views Fast recharge rate; or automatic recharge to simulate replacement of the battery pack. realistic flight time and distance. Easy to interact with and use the vanilla UAV controller. Ability to adjust the colors of the drone in the Editor for usage in various terrains. Finally the most important is to update the model of the drone to be similar to the current V3 version that FLIR offers to military and law enforcement groups around the world. So a few weeks ago I reached out to the maker of the original mod. He gave me and the team of guys at Task Force Red permission to modify, tweak and otherwise update the mod as necessary. Thanks to him for allowing us to do these things. We hope we can pull off the things we want to do but without the support that he gave us by giving the source files and his permission we would not be as far ahead as we are now. So as of today I can report that we have pushed into the realm of approaching a first release for limited testing. Using the existing model a couple of in Task Force Red have been able to update the drone to use some commands to make it an inventory item, recharge automatically, use the vanilla UAV controller and have the realistic flight time and distance. I was able to enlist the help of a 3D model guy from the Arma 3 community who was looking for some work to do and he has completed his high poly models as of last night. As soon as we can get them imported and working in Arma 3 we will have a small test time frame where we add in the various colors that we want to do and then we will push this to the Steam Workshop. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 August 2018: WIP 3D images ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 19 August 2018: Got the completed model and it looks AMAZING. The level of detail he put into it is off the charts good for the size that it will end up being. Our team is excited to get this sucker completed and out the door to you guys to play with. Finished model views:
  14. A version with an MLRS on it if it pleases you Lord @hcpookie kind sir! Those little buggers are crazy and I can't even imagine how they're actually used or if they are really something for them to truly utilize outside of casualty and resupply transportation.
  15. Yep that is what I was hoping to avoid. I cut it out of my mission as I noticed nearly a complete stoppage of the server when the AI or players were dropping 40mm grenades all around the target area.