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  1. Nichols

    PLA Forces

    There is already a mod for the QBZ191 and a few others but you will have to look for them on the workshop. I don't have links readily available.
  2. Nichols

    NIArms Release Thread

    I believer Toaie is going back through and doing updates on older models. I thought I saw that in a twitter post on there but now I can not find it. Some of the issues you are bringing up with the magazine compatibility is because you need a compat mod to use those specific ones. Also when various mods get updated like CUP and RHS is tends to break compatibility mods for ammunition occasionally. If you know about the compatibility mods for ammunition; I would start with that if something is "broken" and if you didn't know then you're welcome.
  3. Nichols

    NIArms Release Thread

    All of the weapon mods are available via the Steam Workshop as well. I personally find it easier to just use the All in One version off the workshop and if you need something specific well...you know where it is in your mod files.
  4. Nichols

    Eden Extended Objects

    Thanks bud! I had completely forgotten about this one.
  5. Nichols

    Land Navigation mod

    I wish this mod was still around!
  6. Nichols

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    There was one made back in 2016. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804802280 and this one was updated in 2017 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=328962087
  7. Nichols

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I don't disagree with what you are saying here but I do think that the amount of behavior mods is on the mission designer/community mission team to test extensively to see if it works for them and the group as a whole even likes what it does. As someone that likes to build missions I also like them to be somewhat controllable from a Zeus perspective. Meaning the Zeus should have the ability to redirect without constantly fighting the AI to do what they need done or by extension just allow the Zeus to oversee what is happening without making it overly complicated.
  8. Two things here...this is not the help location and you should be asking this in the LAMBS Danger thread. There might be a little bit of a better chance of someone answering in the thread. However I believe you have to have the mod in place in the mission file and I believe a module or at least some config work in the details before it just magically works. At least that is what I would do as a mission maker in the past.
  9. Nichols


    Can't wait to see how this unfolds; it is a very interesting mod and idea.
  10. Nichols

    Gulf War

    I'll take that role as well. I've always wanted to be a No-Nonsense Spandex wearing dude. Might accentuate the beer belly and bad knees a little bit better than my work pants and long sleeve shirts.
  11. Nichols

    Hyuga Class DDH

    If you are still interested in doing the mission you are talking about please shoot me a message. I can give you a hand with it but will need some time to reacquaint myself with the proper tools to make it function. I have done several missions on land but never done anything regarding boarding a ship whether it was stationary or moving. Would be fun to give it a shot and learn something new at the same time.
  12. Also @hcpookie I know you mentioned a while back that you were working on the QBZ-191 weapon but I found this one on the Steam Workshop today. I haven't downloaded it yet to see what it looks like in game but I am going to do that since I am working on updating all my PLA factions to current looks and will also jump into the texture world and attempt to make the "Starry Sky" camo for the new PLA uniforms as well for my factions.
  13. Nichols

    Real Armor Mod

    Thanks for the link.
  14. The answer will come when it comes. @hcpookie is like many of us in the modding community and we have real paying jobs and families and those all take precedence; especially around the holidays/end of the year. Please be patient and understand that sometimes the answers are not easy to give.
  15. Nichols

    Real Armor Mod

    I know this is an ancient thread and my post will bring it back up to the top but does anyone know where this mod can be found now?