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  1. Well crap was going to use your furniture script on a redo of my Tanoa Takedown mission and just read the thread where you said you weren't releasing yet with the update....bad news for me but good news overall. I can pull the furniture script out to save some FPS for my community but then I loose the action of having furniture in the buildings all over the map.....DANG IT MAN!!!! Seriously keep up the progress; will be good to see what you have come up with in the future.
  2. I know this one is old but I am getting this error constantly spamming the RPT of a mission I am building. I am using the mod version of this but its not helping when I use the script either. 15:19:38 Error in expression <vehType) then { _isAllowed = true; }; } forEach _vehKindWhitelist; if (!(_isAllo> 15:19:38 Error position: <forEach _vehKindWhitelist; if (!(_isAllo> 15:19:38 Error foreach: Type Bool, expected Array 15:19:38 File r0ed_SurvivableCrashes\functions\fn_vehicleInit.sqf, line 13 15:19:38 Error in expression <vehType) then { _isAllowed = true; };
  3. @EutychesNo idea on the release date; real life is slowing a bunch of us down at the moment for work and family. We are actively working on it when we get a chance which is about once a week but the final config work is all we lack and that is taking the longest time. Once we get a version we think is ready for final testing I will drop you a PM about it.
  4. @Eutyches Thanks for the heads up. We honestly had not thought about that side of it and I didn't realize that lower case versus upper case made a difference in how the mod worked on the different server types. I will be sure to pass along the information and get it pushed to be a cross platform setup. Also will go about working on my other faction mods to make them more appealing to Linux community's for same reason.
  5. I did just find a bug that wasn't squashed so it doesn't work as it should when loading into Arma 3. Got to get the kinks worked out of it before I can release the hounds to the world.
  6. @foxhound thought you might want to know that the 45th has been renamed and rebuilt.
  7. @hcpookie Posted another set of issues on the Steam Page for you to take a look at; will post some pictures in here as soon as I get to a stopping point with my faction rebuild. I deleted the "Arid" troops from my 45th_Airborne and 15th factions as they don't fit with the look because most PLA troops outside of the special forces types do not have body armor. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1562282342/1750106661719595317/#c3020122487774192780
  8. Small word of advice for the future....please use the Spoiler icon (looks like an eye) on the post bar above in the future to post large chunks of text. Secondly that isn't an error you really need to be concerned with at it doesn't effect anything. Its just text that spams the RPT for a short amount of time and really causes no issues. I have seen it with other faction mods in the past NOT just VME related items.
  9. Posted in the Bug Report portion on the Workshop @hcpookie found US flags on PLA forces dressed with chest rigs in the Multicam uniforms.
  10. Thanks for the updates @hcpookie Looking forward to getting my faction mods updated with the newest stuff.
  11. Not much left @S. Bacon just have to get some final config work sorted out and then get it packaged up for the release. We are not going to release until it at least has SOME semblance to the real deal in performance. Thanks to @Crielaard we have some ideas on real world working knowledge and as such we want to be as close as we can without being too feature perfect. This is a tool; not unlike a hammer but certainly not something that will kill everything. It will be something that will give your team an edge in case the other guys don't have it available.
  12. tws move speed mod

    I am guessing as a mission maker we need to put that in the unit's init field?
  13. Going to PM you some questions if you don't mind.
  14. tws move speed mod

    Like the concept and can't wait to see how it works in a mission I am building. Is there a way to adjust based on different players in the mission? Say an SF team would conceivably have a higher conditioning value than the group of insurgents they are working with and therefore be able to move at a slightly higher rate of movement than the insurgents.
  15. @beazley repeated it correctly. There will not be a backpack for this and either fortunately or unfortunately our recharge rate for is unrealistic...I call it a battery change without changing the battery. Flight times are about what you would expect for something that small being able to fly at up to ~20mph and cover about 2km....meaning its a short legged little bugger and the camera needs to be pointed at your target in order to see it. There is not a swivel turret...which would be TOTALLY unrealistic for something this size. As for when its ready....hopefully sooner rather than later.