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  1. Nvm. It was the folders wich were fucking it up. Works perfectly now! Thanks for the fast response and help!
  2. Alright! Now it shows up in the VR Arsenal but for some reason the texture is invisible. Thanks alot anyways! This helped me quite alot.
  3. So ill put all of this in the config.cpp and get rid of all of the other files?
  4. I am having issues with retexturing headgear as well. I have config.cpp, cfgWeapons.hpp and cfgPatches.hpp packed in pbo but the helmet does not show up in the VR no matter what. I have searched for every possible tutorial and quide there is but nothing helps. Any idea why it is not working? My cfgWeapons.hpp class cfgWeapons { class HeadgearItem; class H_HelmetB_TI_tna_F; class SR_Helmet : H_HelmetB_TI_tna_F { author = "FLying-FINN"; scope = 2; weaponPoolAvailable = 1; displayName = "Helmet SR (OD)"; picture = "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\BLUFOR\Data\UI\icon_H_HelmetB_TI_tna_F_ca.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\BLUFOR\H_HelmetB_TI_tna_F.p3d"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\@SRmod\addons\Helmet\data\headgear\CTRG_Helmet_retex_ODco.paa"}; class ItemInfo: HeadgearItem { mass = 40; uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\BLUFOR\H_HelmetB_TI_tna_F.p3d"; modelSides[] = {TCivilian, TWest}; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; //subItems[] = {"Integrated_NVG_F"}; class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Head { hitPointName = "HitHead"; armor = 6; passThrough = 0.5; }; }; }; }; }; My cfgPatches.hpp class CfgPatches { class SR_mod { units[]= { }; weapons[]= { "SR_Helmet" }; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Characters_F_Exp_Headgear"}; }; }; And the config.cpp class cfgWeapons { #include "cfgPatches.hpp" #include "cfgWeapons.hpp" };
  5. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR Yeah! Ill ad it.
  6. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    Yes! Actually the ACE version on this function would be the best idea since ACE already adds lot of realism.
  7. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    @HazJ Yeah. Im pretty sure that i did it correctly but i will check if it has something wrong with it later.
  8. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    @HazJ No id didnt. I just copy pasted it to the init of my missionfile and tried it out.
  9. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    @HazJ Yes im pretty new to scripting and im still figuring shit out. Also i tested the script on one of my missionfiles but it didnt work correctly.
  10. FLying-FINN

    Realistic backpacks

    Wow! That was fast! Nice! Also very nice idea from @Harzach. As he suggested all items that are in the backpack should stay untouched if the backpack is on someones back and only way to use the items would be moving them to uniform or vest by dropping the backpack and taking them out or with other players help.
  11. Original post: "Is there any way to make backpacks accessable only when they are on ground or by other players using 'Open Backpack' action? The goal is to make player drop the backpack to get access in its inventory and so make them more realistic." UPDATE 15th Sept. -18: An addon version made! Script provided by @pierremgi PBO provided by @HazJ Download: https://hazjohnson.com/ArmA/@realisticBackpacks.zip Addon is now signed with key and bikey.