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  1. INFO: Custom loadingscreen Spotlight. to join server in arma 3 main screen. Custom sounds. PVP is everywhere PVP area is just double respect. We do have a big selection of vehicle, tanks , aircraft, jets, helicopters, boats, ships. Discord bots: Players Online Top 10 Leaderboard K/D Last 5 kills on server. Base Rights Check Exile Server management bot. START: 250,000 Poptabs 50,000 Respect 5 Free Scratchies. MAP: GreenSea map [20.500x20.500] Radiation zone with highclass loot PVP Zone for Double Respect and unique missions. [only use handweapons you will lose half of your respect if you make a kill with any vehicle GREEN = SAFEZONE ORANGE = TRADER NO SAFEZONE WHITE CIRCLE = NON BUILDING ZONES RED CIRCLE = DO NO PLACE MINES ZONES PLAYER: Select one of our big Selections of loadouts on spawn weaponhud/groupPanel Raise Vanilla 3d Marker distance 5000 Meter. Drag body Burry body Gut body Take box and walk with boxes [load box in vehicle] Rappel require item “Rope” Revive [Changed respawntimer when died to 10 min] Halo-jump – above 35m Wages Killstreak till you die. EXP SYSTEM: Enemy AI Killed Enemy Player Killed died in action Enemy Killed Scavenged Item Salvaged Vehicle Vehicle Hotwired Vehicle Repaired Vehicle Purchased Flag Stolen Flag Hacked Safe Hacked Door Grinded Breaching Completed Construction Repaired Buildable Stolen Recovered Vehicle Harvest Complete Mining Complete Fishing Complete ZCP Complete PERK: Auto Scratchy Better Throwables survivor Beginner Survivalist Expert Survivalist Master Survivalist Recoil Compensation Recoil Compensation 2 Recoil Compensation 3 Grind Time Grind Time 2 Grind Time 3 Hack Time Hack Time 2 Hack Time 3 Lockpick Time Lockpick Time 2 Lockpick Time 3 Repair Time Repair Time 2 Repair Time 3 Flag Stealing Time Flag Stealing Time 2 Flag Stealing Time 3 Breach Time Breach Time 2 Breach Time 3 Novice Fisherman Expert Fisherman Master Fisherman Miner Expert Miner Master Miner Harvester Expert Harvester Master Harvester Harvest Time Nature Langauge Beginner Runner Expert Runner Master Runner Student Wages Speed Worker Wages Speed Banker Wages Speed Student Wages Amount Worker Wages Amount Banker Wages Amount Home sweet home Home sweet home 2 Home sweet home 3 Locker Limit Locker Limit 2 Locker Limit 3 BASE: 350 items on level 10 flags. Max 60 Meter high Maintain your base every 7 days. base decay is on 10 days If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 4 days the base will despawn. Wardrope - buy your loadouts from inside your base ATM - Bank your money and acces playermarket inside base Laptop Camera System and PlayerMarket inside base Vector-build Instant-build Garbage Container with scroll option to remove bugged items inside territory Base paint+/- 1000 textures Base Spawn once every 20 min (Level 3 Territory Flag or higher) 150-meter range Generator to switch on/off base lamps. Lock/Unlock all safes/doors inside territory! [no codes required to open them] Remote gates / drawbridges from inside vehicle. and xm8 Enhanced movement is disabled in territory / traders Remove base script. will pack all items/safes and refund flag money on your bank. make sure you empty your virtual garage the vehicle will be lost.. BASE RAID: Offline raid is disabled. if anyone with buildrights been online in the restart, the raid will be activated till restart. Possible at any time: Thermal Scanner [from the moment the lock is used you can scan with Thermal Scanner for 15 min.] Hack Safes & Containers [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Doors, windows, floorhatch and drawbridges [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Flag (VG) [Laptop] [always possible] Only possible if anyone from territory with buildright been online: Steal Flag Explosives. Wood breaching charge, Metal breaching charge & Big momma charge. Grind doors. Grinder & Battery required. XM8: [To open XM8 press: 6] Boom Commander Private Chat Vehicle Marker Basekit Base Marker Territory Management Remote Recipes Generator Discord Info CCTV Disable Chat Disable HUD Disable Statusbar Notepad Vehicle stats Viewdistance Airdrop Disable Envirmentsound PvP Zone Playerscan Perk Menu Party Family Family Management Territory Virtual Garage Stats Buy Respect Settings Auto Scratchy Play Scratchy Get Price Fix Me Dead Scan Vehicle HP Bars Deploy: Ultra Light Requires Ductape Porsche Requires Ductape Fennek Requires Ductape Lada Requires Ductape Motercycle Requires Ductape Mora Requires Ductape + Engine WaterScooter Requires Ductape Gun Boat Requires Ductape + Engine Plane Requires Ductape Armed Plane Requires Ductape + Main Rotor Mozzie Requires Ductape Hummingbird Requires Ductape AIRCRAFT: [Planes, Helicopters & UAV] BOAT: [Boats, Landingcraft, Ships & Submarine] VEHICLE: [cars, apcs, tanks and Statics] added on: Ducttape repair [on all also in combat] ReArm/Repair/Refuel at: Huron crates ReArm box for scroll option from outside Paint menu Vehicle Tuning Menu on vehicle and tanks. Complety Custom UI Custom pilot hud Custom paint menu on scrol [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Custom lisence Plates [only on vehicle with plates] [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Reclaim body/loot Save loadout Claim require code Lock Load crates Slingload/tow Boxes/Vehicle lock & unlock vehicle from inside lock pick with a knife Halo-jump – above 35m just eject. Sonar for boats Chop wood directly into the vehicle [base game vehicle only] Artilery Computer KEYS: Get range with binoculars - T R Select next target (targets are prioritized according to the currently selected weapon and the target threat) T Select target under the cursor / center of view to lock on. and get range LCTRL + R Toggle radar on/off [X] and [Z] to ascend and descend. in SDV Alt-U to lock the turret. Only works if player is in the "Gunner" view (using the sights). LCTRL-Alt-U to lock the turret facing forward along hull. Works in any view (1st person, 3rd person, etc.). Z to drive backwards with Jets & Planes. RSHIFT for fishing [you need to be in a boat and have fishing nets on you] LSHIFT + Alt + X this will cut your parashute. Action keybinds (default) [ next module on left panel ] next module on right panel RCTRL + [ toggle submodes on current left panel module RCTRL + ] toggle submodes on current right panel module CUSTOM USERKEYS: User key 1 = Unlock/lock User key 2 = Yellow Team Marker User key 3 = Remove all markers User key 4 = Self healing user key 5 = Enhanced Movement [Read bellow] User key 7 = perk is also in XM8 Enhanced movement: Load all the mods for the server and start-up ARMA 3 go to settings. than press expansions. enhanced movement. only asign a custom user key to Jump/climb remove the other keys, then go back and go to settings put everything off at settings. log back into the game and asign a key to the custom key you set. ESM BOT: Claim Rewards every 30 min Manage territory Territory payment anoucement with esm bot on discord. Territory Raid Notifications with esm bot on discord. Fix your self if you got stuck. MISSIONS & MONEY: DMS Dynamic Mission System: our missions are custom build and give nice reward vehicles. there will be loot in the crates and on the AI bodies too. [don’t forget to loot bodies!] DMS Bank mission: Bank mission will take 2% of all people there money.. logging out wont help ya.. it will still take your money! Capture points with AI waves: You will have to capture the zone for 5 min. rewards are lots of Respect and Poptabs [the more players the more money]. green circle = no one captures blue circle = you capturealone red circle = you capture not alone (enemy players) Assassination MISSIONS: Assassinate the Smuggler/Fisherman/Bankrobber to take his cash! ATM Hack [malfunction ATM] Hack the ATM and the money will be yours! Airdrops: Building Materials Grenade launchers Food&Drinks Drugs Farming ORE: in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe you can buy in hardware & scuba traders. Drug Missions: (in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife) static side missions Green and Yellow dots ( Weed warehouses and Magic forrest ) Shipwrecks: You will need diving clothing to take the box. you can load it in any boat / submarine Blue Circle: Crafting materials Fishing: Get some fishing nets at scuba trader, buy a Boat/Ship/Submarine it's "right shift" to fish! high-loot: Go loot, at our PVP area or Radiationzone. Best gear will be found there! SUGGESTIONS: Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post it on our forum in discord.
  2. After long period of efforts finally HAFM Naval mod came to a point that I and my friend Devastator_cm dreamed. Version 2.0 practically is a totally new mod replacing the previous 1.5 version (in case both versions will be used at same time there will be incompatibility issue). Bringing new ships, weapons, actions and capabilities, as much as possible like in the real life without breaking the game fun was our goal. We believe that we approached it by the best possible way so far. This mod is coming after the successful Submarines mod, in order to complete another aspect of Naval warfare in ArmA 3. For compatibility reasons we decided and split these two mods using another one as Common part/mod for Core and Weapon parts. Due to this, the Common part/mod (Core & Weapons) together with CBA are required for Submarines and Ships mods as base, without a direct dependency between Submarines and Ships (Ships does not need Submarines to work neither Submarines need Ships). Ships mod consists by six new Ships plus two from the old mod. New Ships are: Turkish NAVY - Barbaros class MEKO200TN Frigate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbaros-class_frigate Greek NAVY - Hydra class MEKO200HN Frigate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra-class_frigate French NAVY - FREMM class Frigate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FREMM_multipurpose_frigate Russian NAVY - Admiral Grigorovich class Frigate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Admiral_Grigorovich-class_frigate Russian NAVY - BUYAN-M class Corvette - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buyan-class_corvette A replenishment ship for each BLUFOR and OPFOR sides. Also a variety of weapons - missiles - torpedoes - cruise missiles - countermeasures, together with defense systems, are included in order to make things more realistic. So these Ships will also include: - Active Radar Console (same as submarines but for shorter distances) - Anti Ship Weapons Console (Torpedoes - CIWS - Missiles) - Anti Missile Defense Console (CIWS - Missiles) - Torpedoes Console (for Ships and Submarines) - Countermeasures for incoming torpedoes (same as Submarines have) - Cruise Missile Console (for deep strikes) - Artillery Weapon (Artillery Cannon) - Boats for leaving/entering the Ships (mainly for missions) - Helicopter Landing (half-scripted - almost all helicopters can be land - unload cargo into Ship - load cargo from Ship - leave landing deck - etc) - AI logic (in case ships are controlled solely by AIs, will perform evasive maneuvers and auto-defend or fire against targets) - TFAR compatibility - Replenishment Ship, with options to rearm - refuel - repair any same side Ship will be close to it (by the meaning of some minimum distance) - Flags on ships (user can choose default flag texture or add his own through eden attributes) Finally, in order to support mission makers and ensure compatibility for missions that have been build using the old mod version, there is an Optional part/addon which mission makers can use in order to be able to rework their missions in ArmA 3 editor, updating with new ships (with this addon any old mission can be loaded in editor and old ships will auto-replaced by new ones). Ofcourse, a detailed operations manual is coming with that mod, explaining the most parts of it as well as a text file with classnames. Required addons/mods for either Submarines or Ships: CBA_A3 HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523363834 Optional (for missions build using older ships version): Helper addon - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523395341 Pre-release forum Ships discussion thread: Submarines release forum thread: Submarines Steam download link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362114638 Submarines Armaholic download link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33913 Ships Steam download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118982882 HAFM NAVY Collection : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1543583710 Core & Weapons Steam download link (will be downloaded anyway with subs or ships - REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523363834 Helper addon for missions made using the old version ships (optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523395341 Operations manual (also included) external link: Press here Bugs tracker: https://github.com/Aplion/Navy---Ships/issues
  3. Sorry guys and gals because you know I still haven't released anything but a couple of WIP source files and nothing finished As I don't want to monopolize the functional carriers thread I have decided to create a new one to show my WIP creating a Hyuga class DDH. I'm still modelling things and refining the exterior. These are old WIP screenshots. I have added a couple more details since then. She's going to have interior details and maybe 7 decks. The elevators work but no helicopter (except AH-6/MH-6s) can be loaded in the hangar (the main rotors get damaged. I would have to resort to scripting to get a Ghosthawk inside for example. The davits are already modelled and partially animated I will try to post screenshots showing how I have set the model and such so anyone can learn from what I'm doing I will also share any scripts I create for getting systems to work on the DDH. This is proceesing VERY slowly so don't expect an alpha soon....
  4. Hi there In 2013 I did an Independence class LCS that served merely as a demonstrator. The engine has still the old dreaded OFP 72 meter GEO LOD limit so it wasn't possible to use the LCS at it's best. I have been doing some experiments and I think I can get ingame an Al Mubshir class HSSV. It is 72 meter long and I have reduce it slightly to keep under the 72 meters limit. I have started with the modelling last week and I can show you a couple of screenshots soonTM. My idea will be to make it fully walkable, other features will depend on how I can manage to get things done. It is not a big vessel. It can transport vehicles and has a ramp to disembark them in harbors and can operate with medium helicopters. It can also transport a HUGE quantity of troopers so I think it will be more interesting than just a missile boat. It can also deploy RHIBs, gunboats, zodiacs, etc... so it coulb be used as a base for landing ops or as a mothership. Since 2013 my modelling skills have improved a lot so now I can get much mor work faster. It won't be RKSL quality but I think it will be good enough to be used.... BTW, I will release it untagged so anyone can edit and modify it as he/she wishes... STATUS 20/01/2019 Resolution LOD: 65% GEO LOD 90% (Ship is 100% walkable and character interaction with the ship is almost perfect) PHYSX LOD 90% Shadow LOD 90% (some glitched on the bow area) Roadway LOD 100% (Ship is 100% walkable and character interaction with the ship is almost perfect). - Optimized number of polygons in the railings. - Added a 30 mm Millenium Turret. - Animated boat docking system in the starbord boat bay (90% done. Still have to model and animate a few details but the system works). - Animated boat docking system in the port boat bay (90% done. Still have to model and animate a few details but the system works. Now you can load a gunboat or two RHIBs or SDVs or a combination or both). - Added vehicle in vehicle cargo capabilities. - Animated stern cargo ramp (cargo bay is fully enterable by land vehicles). TO DO - Complete modelling and animating all interior doors. - Finish modelling the bridge and cargo space. - Add a UAV control dialog that can be used from one ship turret (this will be added if I can understand how the damned Dialogs and scripts work) - add a way for getting fallen characters back on the ship if the fall into the water. - Add pathway LOD (documentation isn't clear on this).
  5. WIP/BETA The last Brazilian Armed Forces update brought some naval units including: Three "Amazonas" class Ocean Patrol Vessels: P-120 Amazonas, P-121 APA and P-122 Araguari, each one with 2 organic RHIB's on each side. Those RHIB's are a port from Arma 2 ones, with new textures and new panel instrumentation (WIP) and are capable to carry up to 8 soldiers plus driver. All OPV's are REAL VEHICLES, movables and capable to receive helicopters on its flight decks, which have deployable fences and NVG landind guide lights. They are armed with one Bushmaster II Mk-44 30 mm front canon and 2 Bushmaster Mk-242 25 mm gun located at starboard and port side respectively. Commander has a FLIR pod located at the main mast. The vessel can carry up to 10 soldiers plus it's own crew, i.e: Driver, Commander and 3 Gunners. We'll increase that number to maybe 25. To do: - Be able to walk on it even when the ship is moving. - Detailed interior Lods for gunners, commander, driver and Cargo. - Proper damage configuration. - Custom sounds for engines and alarms. - Usable deck crane with slingload capabilities. - Deployable salvatage boats, for SAR missions... Exterior View Front Cannon Side Cannon Deployable RHIBs Functional Helipad One Brazilian version of Scorpène class submarine SBR S-40 Riachuelo. S-40 Riachuelo, is fully functional, capable of diving and "sail" around, it has two special features called: Emergency Dive and Emergency Blow, which you can dive or emerge more quickly. It is armed with SM-39 Exocet missiles, only capable to lock on targets and fire when surfaced, unfortunately. We'll implement in near future torpedo launch capabilities too. It can carry 22 soldiers as cargo plus its crew, and one mini sub or rubber boat on it's back for special operations insertions. To do: - Lock capabilities when submerged. - Disable water shader/effects when using internal lods, like I really would appreciate some help from Arma 3 GURUS on this feature! - Sonar for only subs or boats entities. - Acoustic countermeasures. - Torpedo launch script. - Recharge batteries snorkeling script Exterior view Interior view Exocet SM-39 As we always warn this is a WIP/BETA version and you can download it at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504306716 Please give us your feedback so we can improve it and correct bugs!
  6. I'm opening here a new discussion - presentation thread about future HAFM NAVY mods which includes the Submarines (as released already) and Ships (authors - me and Devastator_cm). Current versions links: Submarines: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362114638 Ships: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118982882 On next (upcoming) version, Ships part will be totally replaced by new one which will include new vessels and similar functions as Submarines, plus a common mod which will be a requirement between the Submarines and Ships. Main Ships which will be included on the new version: MEKO 200 class Frigate (a Turkish and a Greek version) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MEKO_200 FREMM multipurpose frigate (basically the French version) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FREMM_multipurpose_frigate Admiral Grigorovich class frigate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Admiral_Grigorovich-class_frigate Buyan-M class corvette https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buyan-class_corvette Plus a Gun Boat based on HSY-56A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osprey_HSY-56A-class_gunboat as well as a CB90 Fast Attack Boat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CB90-class_fast_assault_craft And a common (different textures) Replenishment ships for both BLUFOR and OPFOR sides. These Ships will include: - Active Radar Console (same as submarines but - Anti Ship Weapons Console (Torpedoes - CIWS - Missiles) - Anti Missile Defense Console (CIWS - Missiles) - Torpedoes Console (For Ships and Submarines) - Countermeasures for incoming torpedoes (same as Submarines have) - Cruise Missile Console (for deep strikes) - Artillery Weapon (Artillery Cannon) - Boats for leaving/entering the Ships (mainly for missions) - Helicopter Landing (Scripted - almost all helicopters can be land - unload cargo into Ship - load cargo from Ship - leave landing deck - etc) - AI logic (in case ships are controlled solely by AIs, will perform evasive maneuvers and auto-defend or fire toward targets) - TFAR compatibility - For Replenishment Ship, will have options to rearm - refuel - repair any same side Ship will be close to it by the meaning of a minimum distance. - Flags on ships (user can choose default flag texture or add his own through eden attributes) (In case I forgot something I'll add it later). A detailed manual will also be delivered with mod upon release.
  7. This is the latest update of my Naval mod (version 1.5) On this update many issues have been fixed and the addition of two more ships raise the number to seven. Most of the ships that have boats attached on them, now have the option for player to detach them and move as crew into them. I'll not post any detailed changelog as I worked so many hours on this mod that I'm not sure of what I've changed after all. One is sure, that all ships are working fine and still are deadly using their weapons even if the AI are controlling them. This mod has been tested only in vanilla game, using CBA_A3 (which is required), so I'm not responsible for any conflicts that might occur using other mods. The mod is coming as modfolder ready and all files are properly signed. Also a server key is included, plus a classnames.txt file for mission makers help. Original Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4aztxzghw6ayo9f/%40HAFM_NAVY_1_55.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118982882 Armaholic Link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32207
  8. Tropical Aqua Water Colour Mod For Arma3 by ANZACSAS Steve. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Changes the water color to Aqua. - Works for Altis,Malden,Stratis,Tanoa and CAWorld (Bis Base class Terrain). - Signed and has server key. - Thanks to bis and the community.. - Enjoy :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/flvbd3557bedwbl/ANZACSAS_Aqua_Water_Colour_Mod.7z/file https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1474820708
  9. Apologies for the pics. Im using a Surface Pro4 so it really doesnt have the GPU to do much more than everything on low. Features: LPD with helipad. PhysX compatible. Drivable. Multicrew positions Still to do: While the txtures do look ok there is still more work to do. RVMATs etc The CWIS isnt functioning. The PhysX in the dock is a bit tempermental I need to work on the Geometry a bit more. Animations - radar and cranes etc still need work. Loading management scripts - while the entire thing is PhysX compatible so you can drive around it. If you want to load something and expect it to stay put while you move the ship you need to lock it down. The scripted slots are limited and i'm working on expanding these.. Destruction - I'm planning on makeing it sinkable. Which means debris and lift rafts etc. Various other bits and pieces. Installation: Use your mod folders Use the BIS Addon Launcher. Finding the addon in-game: In the Editor look under BluFor > UK Armed Forces > Boats > RKSL Albion LPD or RKSL Bulwark LPD. Placement ingame: Place the ships atleast 20m from shore. This are big vessels and need space around them. Known Issues: Placing helicopters on the deck needs to be done carefully. Dont drop them from height. This will cause both objects to explode. Steering at speed results in the ship slewing. Take it slowly at first until you get used to the controls Too much speed can be built up if you are not careful. This will be limited eventually. Sharp turns resort in listing Feedback is gratefully recieved. Thanks Rock NOTE: This was an APRIL FOOLS joke. Since some people seem to have absolutely no sense of humour I'm adding this line in. LPD = Landing Platfrom DUCK. A Giant 40m Rubber Duck. Quack Quack! http://www.rkslstudios.info/index.php?/files/file/26-beta-of-albionbulwark-class-lpds/
  10. Hello everybody After the news about the Jet DLC, i couldnt help but wonder why something has never been done about amphibious/littoral operations, namely something around the concept of a Marines DLC. More than a third of all vanilla maps are made of water, but in turn the only seafaring vehicles available are the RHIBs, the minigun boat and the submarine thingie. Way too little, considering all the operations that can be conducted from the sea. Burnes had started to make some landing craft utility boats, namely the LCAC and the Mk10, but due to a hardware meltdown everything was lost and the project has been halted since. But i feel there should be more in terms of amphibious operation vehicles -moreso than jets, BTW, but as far as i am concerned thats gonna be a badly needed Sensors DLC with some planes thrown in as a bonus. In particular, there should be for both west and east sides, something on the category of a LHD (more on that later), LCU, AAV and LCAC or heavy cargo lander. About the issues pertaining such a large ship as a LHD, there are some unexplored problems: there hasnt been such a big vehicle yet, so there is no reference about it's physics, hitpoints, vulnerabilities, how it should be damaged and eventually break and sink, etc; there is an engine issue about moving objects with people standing on them which wont stuck on the surface of said object but will slip away (or rather they stay still while the vehicle moves away), and this is a problem that also Burnes met when working on his landing crafts of his; and if our maps are waaaaaay too little for jet operations the very same thing can be said about naval operations (once you create a LHD for both sides it stands to reason that then youll place them both in a map and try to have the both of them throw things at each other). But if the first two are engine's problems, the third one is rather easy to solve: the space outside the map of Tanoa and Altis is still seawater, so you can go off the map as much as you want to. But then again, i dont plan to solve all the problems: i dont have the skills to address these issues. And the smaller vehicles are useful for storming beaches and badly in need to put all this water to some use. I only wanted to raise awareness on this issue and gather (or maybe just test) the interest of the community. So, what say you?
  11. Description: I totally want this cargo ship, but it's not available in Apex... And I am impatient... So hey, I took matters into my own hands and decided to improvise a little bit. Therefore, this mod exists. So what does it do? Simple: It adds various cargo ship variants (ported over from Take on Helicopters) to the game. Sadly, they are *static* and *only* useful as background decoration. You *can not* walk on them (edit: Actually you can walk on a few parts of them), and the ships should never ever be placed in front of a players face, as they are lacking details and look plain ugly in close-up. This is a kind of middle ground I'll have to walk here... but hey, better than no ships at all in an island theme that screams for such stuff, huh? Additionally to the ships, this package comes with a script file that allows mission makers to create actual moving ships (originally written by zooloo75 - I've adjusted it a little bit for the purpose of this mod). For this script to work, simply place one of the ships in the map, then add to the init command line: _nil = [this,((direction this) + 180),500,0.025,0] execVM "\lexx\fn_shipMove.sqf"; Explanation: [target,direction,distance to move, speed, pause time] In the above shown example, the ship will move a distance of 500 with a speed of 0.025 - after this, it will stand still and do nothing. I might or might not try to touch up the texture a little bit in the future (I am not a good graphics dude), but in any case, it will never be enough to allow the ships to swim right in front of the players view, as they simply lack geometrical detail to ever look really good in 2016. For a distance shot, they are still pretty good, though (and come on, it sure as hell looks much better than this scene from Apex. The syndicate sure as hell likes their Trawlers). Link: Steam Workshop
  12. United States Naval Warfare Pack Bringing the Arma Community the missing assets from the United States Navy and U.S. Marine Corps By Seven Seas Studios Hello and Welcome! 7SS is proud to announce the WIP Launch of the US Naval Warfare Pack. This pack will include all the missing USN/USMC assets from Arma 3. This includes Ground Assets, Air Assets, Sea Assets, Uniforms, and Ordnance. In the below Spoiler, you can see all the Assets we are working on currently: Aircraft Helicopters AH-1Z Viper CH-53E Super Stallion CH-53K King Stallion MH-60R SeaHawk MH-60S KnightHawk UH-1Y Venom Fixed Wing C-2A Greyhound E-2D Advanced Hawkeye F/A-18C Hornet F/A-18D Hornet F/A-18E Super Hornet F/A-18F Super Hornet E/A-18G Growler F-35B Lightning II F-35C Lightning II KC-130J Super Hercules MV-22B Osprey T-45C Goshawk UAV's MQ-8b Fire Scout X-47B/C Boats SOC-R Mark V SOC SURC (Small Unit Riverine Craft) RCB (Riverine Command Boat) RHIB versions Ships LHA USS America LHD USS Bonhomme Richard LPD USS John P. Murtha LSD USS Ashland Cruisers - Ticonderoga Class USS Port Royal Destroyers - Arleigh Burke Class USS Michael Murphy LCS USS Independence All assets will maintain the utmost standard of accuracy and quality, and are specifically made for realism units. These vehicles will be created in such a way so they are as close to the IRL counterpart as close as possible, within the limitations of Arma 3. These mods will have the following features: All Mods Real Statistics (Speed, Turning, Etc.) ACE3 Compatibility, this includes the ACE Cargo System, the ACE Repair System, and the ACE Fastroping system TFAR/ACRE2 Compatibility, built in LR-radios in the helicopters 7SS Startup Module Aircraft Features Service menu Easy Mode - Standard Arma 3 Start-Up Medium Mode - MFD Interaction Advanced Targeting/EW Systems Aerial refueling - USAF compatible Ship Features Working war stations Working seats Working Screens Walkable Drivable(Eventually) Note: 7SS Modules will allow all vehicles in sync to have a set fold, fuel level, heath level, and more! Announcement 03JAN2016 Dev Team: Foxone SJones17 TheSn4k3 Demix524 arindfle Biohazard3420 FullerPJ KokaKolaA3 Peral SuperFastBlast Norsk2277 G.Hines Flander25 Credits: Bohemia Interactive Studios, for making Arma 3 John_Spartan & Saul, for their amazing Afterburner script and animations, and their Service Menu Firewill, for his outstanding Missilebox TeTeT, for help with scripts, O2 and general imput Mankyle, for his LCS-2 model K20017 and his US Navy friend, for alot of very nice reference pictures Discord Link - https://discord.gg/0mIH3iu3cDNRiL7V WE ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO JOIN OUR TEAM, WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH MODELLING, SCRIPTING, CONFIG, O2 (OXYGEN) AND ANIMATION SKILLS, IF YOU WANT TO HELP OUT PLEASE CONTACT SOMEONE FROM THE DEV TEAM This add-on is released under: Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND