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  1. i cant wait for the LCAC and Mk10 to be completed! These are the only vehicles that make any use of all that sea on Tanoa and Altis...
  2. maffa

    Scrap the AI System

    Arma is not a twitchy competitive FPS. It has nothing to do with COD or BF, or Overwatch for whats worth. Ai is paramount important to Arma. Half the matches in clan nights are COOP. Other complex missions like Antistasi totally rely on AIs. High Command module is a great promise never fullfilled: you cant even order a unit to get in a vehicle for god's sake, not to mention all the times they get stuck and wont move. Not every clan can field enough players to have TvTs all the time, and the very low bottom line is 20 players, 10 per side, just to have an Unreal Tournament like small scale mission. In a coop it's not unusual have x1.5 up to x3.0 AI for every player, and the scope of coop missions gets grander and grander. And yet we still have AI inside buildings laying low below windows, never getting up and sometimes firing by clipping their guns from walls.
  3. there are a couple oil rigs in the workshop already. You dont need much in order to do one, there are all the assets ready to make a passable one. What we need are operable things, nominally landing ships, stuff that can combine with land troops. I am not too convinced about riverine/patrol boats because thats something that cannot be done nothing about: say the enemy has such an asset, how are you (you infantryman) supposed to do anything about it? It's like an out of target tank that can obliterate you from afar and that will never come closer to your position, nor you never will to it. Now, landing crafts: thats another set of things. With landing crafts (and USMC AAVs) you have a vector of entry from sea to land, you can hope from a Tanoan island to another, you have shore storming scenarios. And yeah, a functioning (as in "non clipping to your death") Khe Sahn is badly needed.
  4. (In the topic opened to take some attention away from planes to give sea assets some love, here's the proposal for yet another scenario irrelevant plane. This is hopeless...)
  5. That'd be nice, but as i said there's the problem that infantrymen canot move around the boat while it moves. If the ViV works because vehicles arent supposed to move around while being ferried around, people do move around, and if you need to defend a large obvious ship then you got a problem on your hands. Now, if i think at Burnes' LCAC and Mk10, they where made so that even if people remain stuck on the platforms if wont change much because the ship walls are so high that they wouldnt be able to do much anyways. But be as it may, im happy with anything. I just say that landing ships and USMC AAVs and a static LHD are much more urgent than anything else (as far as this supposed Marines DLC is concerned).
  6. LOL if i could i'd already done it, dont you think? ;)
  7. let the launcher slot be used for whatever weapon you want to shoulder, and let it swap with whatever you want to keep on your hands.
  8. That's exactly what i asked for in my OP, except i can do without the coastal patrol boat since there's already the minigun boat. I never though of having a mobile, functioning LHD, with armaments and bells & whistles, even though i can hope for it. Unfortunately there's the problem of having unattached units to mobile vehicles that skid on place as i wrote before, so iether everyone has a position inside the vehicle (driver passenger you name it), or it wont work. Besides, the real missing asset is the landing craft, as there's nothing like that in either vanilla nor mod.
  9. if you are interested in landing ships and marine warfare you might lobby for them in the relevant thread on general :)
  10. Thanks guys for the feedback. The poor urgency of a Marine DLC, or any other sea related activity, is shown by the very low response to this very thread. I wrote it more than a month ago, and yesterday it got its first reply. This says all. Compare it to any jet or airplane thread, and get your own conclusions. TYhis thread was meant to cater attention and interest on the topic, but as you all can see almost nobody gives a toss about ships, period. Be it because there never were ships in any other arma titles so there's no experience attached to the activities involving marine warfare, be it because ships are seen as slow moving unexciting pieces of hardware, be it because beach storming dont excite anyone's fantasy... search me, honestly. In my mind a mission where you start from a LHD and you can land anywhere on a island shore with a fast armoured transport is much better than being transported by a C130 that took off and landed 6 km away from the dropoff point. it also is a much more employable piece of asset in public server mission types as KotH and alike. I fought for years against the tide of people that want the strangest jet planes on Arma maps, because they dont make any sense whatsoever. Of course anyone is free to like anything they want, but dev time is a limited resource and i wanted something that was much coherent with the scope where Arma moves in. Serious fighter jet maps include both Koreas and sea up to japan, or the whole Balkan area, half of Italy and a piece of Greece, and DCS maps are as big as the Caucasus, while the second biggest map on Arma is an island you can stroll coast to coast and back on a lazy afternoon. moverover, with all the due respect for the outstanding job BIS devs do, planes "fly" like drifting air balloons, be it because flying is something that the engine doesnt handle very well, or because if they were to properly fly they'd need ten times the space to do so. I am an avid Arma player as i am a flight enthusiast, and everytime i see a plane on Arma my heart aches and my eyes are in pain. But again i cant blame anyone for liking what they like, and in this specific case this Jet DLC will bring a major sensor overhaul which is most welocome as it is overdue, and i cant wait for the Armor DLC. But i cant just help but wonder what all that water on Tanoa Altis Stratis is there for, if not to brag on map sizes on gaming magazines.
  11. A moving GPS/map on a Hud with waypoints on it would be good...
  12. Control + function keys (or even better ctrl + arrow keys) arent currently used by anything, and in any case airplane and helicopter have their own dedicated keyset. I understand that you dont have any time to browse thru pages in a jet in a 30x30 map (see my opinion on the topic of having jets operating on Altis) but i can see workable MFDs on apaches and blacksharks alright, and then you can have all the time in the world. Then those who have HOTAS can very well map those keys on their joysticks. It doesnt sound too bad to me.
  13. well, if you bother going with ALT+ combos why not going on function keys and/or the arrow keys? You could also rotate different pages of MFDs (ATG/ATA/System/etc) But what about vehicles and systems that have a radar but dont have a weapon? Im thinking about pure radar systems (with server missile station as in a IADS architecture (integrated air defense system) where the missile pods are slaved to a radar site, or more probably scout helicopters (OH-6M scout Littlebird, OH-58 Kiowa, etc)
  14. maffa

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Oh ok, then either im remembering it bad or the site isnt updated yet.
  15. maffa

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    AFAIK the head tracking isnt implemented yet... And about the Eyex, i've bought it on a whim last year for Arma and E:D but it never satisfied me and im currently selling it on ebay, all in all my TrackIR does everything i need.