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Found 17 results

  1. razor6014


    Dear BI devs, Excelent work on the updates and keep it up. Can we please have parachutes, even if its a placeholder it would greatly improve the QoL moving forward Kind regards and thank you for all the good work!
  2. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166919 - BTR is missing viewport functionallity from previous games dating back to OFP (Hoping just an in-work technical issue) - BTR commander periscope is non-functional - Pressing "Right Click" would focus players view on the viewport and zoom it in to fullscreen (same as all previous ArmA tittles) - Using "ScrollWheel" while "Focused" on a viewport/optic would cycle forward and back through avaiable view ports / gunner / commander optics similar to Enlisted or Red Orchestra 2 - Bonus: smooth animated transitions between viewports / optics (see Enlisted / RO2) - Thank you for reading!
  3. https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/terrain-tutorial The terrain guide is hard to navigate right now, it would benefit from a interactive table of contents. - Show the user where they are on the page - Allow navigating between headers and paragraphs faster - Improve digestion of long posts There are actually many pages on the bohemia sites that have a lot to scroll through so a feature like this would benefit the blogs and stuff too!
  4. DayZ has a feature where if you steer a vehicle while it's stationary, you can hear the ground (e.g. gravel) crunching under the tires. I think this a nice touch that would be good for Arma Reforger aswell.
  5. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166712 Grenades are much improved in Reforger over ArmA3 which is great news, much thanks for that! However it could be improved a bit to get it to a level of ACE3 grenade system. Suggestion is pretty simple: -Add grende trajectory indicator -With greande in hand or in the throwing stance "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, press the "Cycle firemode key (V)" to cycle between regular throw and underand throw modes -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed trajectory indicator is displayed, scrolling the mousewheel will increase or decrase the throw strength and change trajectory indicator -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, pressing "Perform Action Key (F)" will cook the grenade Here is an excellent video from Dslyexci on the ACE grenades: Hope something like this makes it to Reforger or Arma4 -Thank you for reading!
  6. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166918 - Feature is present in all previous titles since OFP - Opening the front hatch on the BTR-80 is great however limits visibility a lot - Press "Stance Adjust key" AKA "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to turn In or out for Driver, Commander, and the x2 rear passenger hatches - Huge QOL and Situational Awareness improvement for First Person Driving - Huge Situational Awareness improvement for Commander and rear passengers - Would be applicable to future vehicles aswell such as LAV-25, BRDM-2 - BONUS: ability for commander to use binoculars while turned-out on the last "Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up" step - Thank you for reading!
  7. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166917 - Please add basic interactables and basic idle passenger pose - Not asking for get in / out animations (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Not asking for ability to fire from vehicles (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Most mods have this for Arma 3 (RHS / CUP), SOG Prarie Fire DLC - It was and still is Soviet / Eastern European common operating procedures - If playing first person only, a lot more visibility and fun to BTR passengers - It is in the main menu and steam banner - If not for Reforger please consider for ArmA 4 - Thank you for reading!
  8. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166916 Currently if the vehicle is parked between two buildings cannot get in or out as it shows them as obstructed, which is realistic behaviour, however the additional top entry points are not accesible in-game Please add interactables to the top of the BTR-80 hatches to get in / get out from the top of the vehicle after climbing on it same as the Hummve Gunner Position - Driver - Commander - Passenger - Passenger Not asking for any animations to hatches or character, just basic functionallity, although proper animations would be a welcomed addition later down the line - Thank you for reading!
  9. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166809 - Please bring back the previous Arma series behaviour of vehicle occupants staying inside vehicles when killed and the vehicle is not completely destroyed - If a ragdoll is inside of the vehicle slot add an option to "REMOVE OCCUPANT" without getting into that seat Thank you for reading!
  10. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166736 The new physics based driving is awesome, kudos to the team for such a great job, however it brings some quirks with it There are already a couple of mods that adress this, however non of them are run on official servers I think most of us have experianced this scenario playing Conflict, speeding across a road/field in a Jeep or a UAZ, hitting a small rock/pothole and subsequently being in a crash with the vehicle ending up upside-down leaving 4-5 players stranded in the middle of nowhere, kilometers away from the nearest vehicle depot, left with no options but to respawn or having to run for 15 minutes. And how many times has the team lost its MHQ respawn truck with it being flipped over in the middle of nowhere, driver respawning, leaving the team at a disadvantage because of this. Here is an example: Proposal is something like this, to make it a bit realistic and add a teamwork aspect to recovering flipped vehicles, that way we can radio for help if there are not enough players. - Server side setting for how many players/AI required in the viscinity to flip a vehicle based on players per vehicle metric ton (1000kg) rounded to the nearest ton (For example 1 player/AI per ton [1000kg]) - Max cap of players/AI required (lets say 5) for heavy vehicles such as Trucks and BTR, etc for example: Jeep: 1100kg / 1000kg = 1.1 ton => round = 1 * (1 players/ton) = 1 player < 5 players max setting, 1 player required Hummvee: 2400kg / 1000kg = 2.4 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required UAZ: 1700kg / 1000kg = 1.7 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required 5 Ton: 9990kg / 1000kg = 10 ton => round = 10 * (1 players/ton) = 10 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required BTR: 11500kg /1000kg = 11.5 ton => round = 12 * (1 players/ton) = 12 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required Interactable UI Element that would be greyed out if not enough players for example: UNFLIP [3/5] Ofcourse with server side or mission difficulty setting this can be tunned (# players/ton, max players) to adjust to taste - Thank you for reading!
  11. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166670 This has always been a gripe of mine since the original OFP, Arma 1, Arma 2 and Arma 3, although there are a lot of mods such as RHS that fix this, this also can be seen in the SOG DLC's M113's. If a player is a gunner in an open turret vehicle, usually always is a "One burst Johnny", especially in pvp modes where life expectancy of gunners in open-top vehicles is a few seconds at most. Once rounds start cracking overhead there are no options to take cover, or even to brake line of sight other than scurrying to switch to an open seat or bail from the vehicle. Suggestion is while in the gunners seat pressing the "Crouch button" or "Stance Adjust + Mousewheel down", player would let go of the weapon and tuck inside the vehicle. Stance adjust would be ideal as players could just peek over the top of the hull to figure out where the fire is coming from before jumping back on the gun, with the lowest value of stance adjust having the character completely covered inside the vehicle. Really hope this makes it into vanilla Arma games in the future. -Thank you for reading
  12. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166666 Since the scroll wheel menu is gone, there is no way to quickly load the desired magazine / unrebarell GP without going into inventory. Simple fix suggestion hold reload Key + Mousewheel to scroll through available ammo types, change mag / unload and reload desired ammo type on release of the reload key Please excuse the poor paint editing job, but should get the concept across Thank you for reading!
  13. As far as I know we currently have no way of creating dedicated servers with our own hardware for the Xbox version of Arma Reforger. I also know that the dev team is also working on fixing problems with the Official Servers' stability. Regardless of that though, I would highly recommend giving Xbox users the ability to create dedicated servers with our own hardware. This could be with another Series X/S we own or with our own PC/LAPTOP. This would give us the option to troubleshoot our servers and reboot them if necessary. Currently when official servers crash, i.e, kick everyone out, we have no way to fix these servers and have to wait for them to come back online. This could take hours and it's not just a one server issue, they are all doing this consistently. Please give us this option.
  14. Hauptmann_Gondola

    UI Fix in editor

    Please, PLEASE for the love of god, consider ordering the editor's FILE dropdown menu in the following manner: New Open Save As Save Thus saving everyone the grief of accidentally clicking "save" and overwriting anything by accident, instead getting a prompt. Thank you.
  15. Hello everybody After the news about the Jet DLC, i couldnt help but wonder why something has never been done about amphibious/littoral operations, namely something around the concept of a Marines DLC. More than a third of all vanilla maps are made of water, but in turn the only seafaring vehicles available are the RHIBs, the minigun boat and the submarine thingie. Way too little, considering all the operations that can be conducted from the sea. Burnes had started to make some landing craft utility boats, namely the LCAC and the Mk10, but due to a hardware meltdown everything was lost and the project has been halted since. But i feel there should be more in terms of amphibious operation vehicles -moreso than jets, BTW, but as far as i am concerned thats gonna be a badly needed Sensors DLC with some planes thrown in as a bonus. In particular, there should be for both west and east sides, something on the category of a LHD (more on that later), LCU, AAV and LCAC or heavy cargo lander. About the issues pertaining such a large ship as a LHD, there are some unexplored problems: there hasnt been such a big vehicle yet, so there is no reference about it's physics, hitpoints, vulnerabilities, how it should be damaged and eventually break and sink, etc; there is an engine issue about moving objects with people standing on them which wont stuck on the surface of said object but will slip away (or rather they stay still while the vehicle moves away), and this is a problem that also Burnes met when working on his landing crafts of his; and if our maps are waaaaaay too little for jet operations the very same thing can be said about naval operations (once you create a LHD for both sides it stands to reason that then youll place them both in a map and try to have the both of them throw things at each other). But if the first two are engine's problems, the third one is rather easy to solve: the space outside the map of Tanoa and Altis is still seawater, so you can go off the map as much as you want to. But then again, i dont plan to solve all the problems: i dont have the skills to address these issues. And the smaller vehicles are useful for storming beaches and badly in need to put all this water to some use. I only wanted to raise awareness on this issue and gather (or maybe just test) the interest of the community. So, what say you?
  16. sync <code> SQF makes it very easy to achieve asynchrony, while at the same time offering no means of synchronization. Some people seem to think that race conditions aren't a thing in SQF. This is of course wrong, as the scheduler is free to pause execution almost anywhere. A simple example: if (player hasWeapon _someWeapon) then { player removeWeapon _someWeapon; player addWeapon _someOtherWeapon; }; Here it is entirely possible (though admittedly unlikely) for the scheduler to pause between the condition and the effect, and consequently for the player to drop the weapon, keeping it, while also receiving the new one. I have personally witnessed a similar situation occurring in a real game under very heavy lag. Using certain hacky solutions it is possible to get around these issues. Relating to the previous example, it is for example possible to create an atomic function which at the same time attempts to remove the weapon, and returns a boolean indicating whether it was. It is also of course possible to create simple mutexes and consequently spinlocks. Neither solution is very pretty however. As such i suggest the following, very simple, script command: sync { /* some critical section */ } This command should execute the right hand argument synchronously, without the possibility of interruption by the scheduler. Use of any scheduler-only commands such as sleep and waitUntil should generate errors, just as they do in the unscheduled environment. If used in the unscheduled environment the command would have no special effect of course, behaving instead similarly to call. [<string>,...] preprocessFileLineNumbers <string> Many mod developers make clever use of macros for conditional compilation, for instance in order to enable or disable debugging features such as logging, argument validation, call stack tracing, et cetera. This is often done using macro constants defined either in each code file, or in a central header file. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to include files from the mission in an addon, as it is vice versa. This means in order to enable or disable the aforementioned features, one has to rebuild the mod, or a part of it while defining different macro constants. To ease this, and undoubtedly many other tasks, i suggest the extension of the preprocessFileLineNumbers command with a variant accepting, as the left hand argument, an array of strings representing macro constants to be defined during preprocessing. For example: ["MY_MACRO", "DO_THE_DEBUG"] preprocessFileLineNumbers "myScript.sqf" Would be equivalent to defining these macros at the top of the myScript.sqf file, like so: #define MY_MACRO #define DO_THE_DEBUG // ... compileFinal <code> We can all agree that the compileFinal command, as well as the underlying concept, are great additions to SQF. However they seem to necessitate placing each function, no matter how small, into its own code file. I would often prefer to place related functions, such as class member functions, next to each other in the same code file. For instance: //map.sqf my_fnc_map_add = { // add key value pair to the map }; my_fnc_map_get = { // retrieve value from the map using the specified key }; my_fnc_map_remove = { // remove the specified key from the map }; my_fnc_map_hasKey = { // determine whether the map contains the specified key }; Now all of these functions end up being non-final, and editable. For a dirty workaround something like this might be used: my_fnc = compileFinal str {...} However extending the compileFinal command with a variant accepting code as the right hand argument seems like it would be very simple to implement. serializeObject <object> / deserializeObject [...] Persistence across sessions is nothing new. Implementing it however ranges from arduous to downright impossible (at least without hacking memory via extensions), depending on the desired fidelity. Correctly saving and loading the attachments on a weapon inside a backpack inside a vehicle for instance isn't exactly simple. What i'm suggesting is two new simple commands to streamline this process. The proposed serializeObject command, given a right hand argument of type object, might return an array containing enough information to recreate the object with high precision. Properties such as type, position, orientation, velocity, damage to each part, and the entire inventory tree should be included. The counterpart, deserializeObject, could then be used to bring this array representation back to life. This would simplify immensely the task of persistence seen in many missions and mods, as well as offer a performance boost by moving a significant portion of SQF code over to a native implementation. Please share your thoughts, or any other suggestions you might have. If any (or all) of these have been suggested before, i apologize.
  17. I'm using zeus a lot. But everytime im on my server & open zeus I need to use ARES to add all players to zeus so I can follow them. Can't there be a module for like adding all pre-placed objects into the zeus interface? Would love this feature