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  1. rksl-rock

    Project RACS

    Merry Christmas to you too. I promise you, PRACS is really not a "hype machine". It is the sole work of a single man. Working in his free time. Supported by occasional contributions to bring a huge multifaction mod pack complete with Lore, missions and a huge catalogue of stories to the community for free. It was never going to happen quickly. Making any mod takes insane amounts of time, testing and troubleshooting to create. The volume of content, the lore and storytelling created around PRACS mod is the product of literally thousands of hours of blood sweat and tears. As any experienced modder will tell you; making mods for Arma is a constant frustrating grind of iterations, testing and re-design. Especially when you try to make something as huge and as complex as a Multi-Faction mod with hundreds or models of vehicles, planes, helos, weapons, uniforms, scripts, textures and the inevitable thousand and one bugs that come with them. Fighting to complete any large mod like this when people like to criticise without first taking the time to understand the effort required is at best de-motivating and at worst a painful grind to deliver to an ungrateful audience. What so many spoilt people forget is that Modding is a hobby. It is done in our free time. We don’t get paid, so often YOU will have to wait for more important things to get done first: work, health, family and life in general. Your "subjective opinion" is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that @wld427 has fun making free content for the community to enjoy. The Testers can assure you PRACS is not just smoke and mirrors Hype. It is a huge, varied and very well curated mod pack that expands the A3 Armaverse in the same way it did in Arma 1 and Arma 2. If it takes longer than YOU prefer to get hold of that free content that is a shame. However, anyone that has ever tried to make mods themselves will understand and tell you, it just takes time to do things properly. And when people constantly try and shit on your efforts it makes it harder to push through those bugs and fixes to be stable at release. Because when you do release something with even a single bug some people in this community will go to epic lengths just to tell you about it and make it all about them and their subjective disappointment. Anyway, Merry Christmas I hope you have a wonderful day and aren't too disappointed by your gifts, should you be lucky enough to get any.
  2. rksl-rock

    Project RACS

    I have virtually no input into them - i just helped Mike with some problems. You can check out his Pinzguaers here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1755268799&searchtext=Armed+forces+uk
  3. RKSL Bovington Test Area BETA41 is out on Steam. Now with added watery bits as requested by SentryUK. As always - READ the page first. Have fun. v3.BETA41 Update: 24 Oct @ 4:58am - FIXED - Geo location this has had the desired effect on the lighting. - ADDED the River Piddle. Yes that is its real name. - ADDED extra hescos at various locations - FIXED - several uneven roads. - ADDED - Lots of reeds and bushes along the river banks. - Added several new tracks - Added several bridges. - many more small tweaks and changes.
  4. Just a heads up: v41BETA is due in a few days It's likely to be Saturday (24th) Morning. Whats changed: Some minor tweaks to road network, smoothing corners and merges. Tweaks to the colours on the Satmask and maps. Toned down the saturation on the heather...way less purple now. Added some more vegitation in the sparser areas. Widened some of the country lanes to make AI use easier. Added the River Piddle. Sentry put in a request for a river to enable river crossings using RHS's new pontoons. This was something I wanted to do orginally. But for various reasons did not push it. There is a actually a river in this area with the fantastically British name of "Piddle", It is the real name and I'm not making it up. So I have added it in. I'm going to stream some of the clean up work a bit later. Internet permitting. I was planning on doing this last night but my connection was going up and down all night. The river is located in the NE corner. it doesnt really affect what was already there too much. The height map already included most of the detail already. So if you've already begun using the map for training or missions you may not be affected. You can watch the earlier work to make the changes ingame. Here: I should be streaming the rest a little later on today.
  5. Glad you like it. Re Accuracy: Well it uses real world 1m resolution DEM heightmaps. So from that point pretty accurate until you get out to the 600m Range and the helibase in the NW (My god son made that area, he's 12). Those areas are pure artistic licence. But the road placement is 100% real. The tracks maybe not so much but ive tried to stay close ot the way the terrain changes so they are - i beleive - pretty close. The building placement around the SW is mostly correct with some bits missing but the rest of the map is missing some key bits. Lawerence or Arabia's house for example at Clouds hill. There are several houses and farms missing. I didnt feel they added anything useful so didnt bother with them. I think this needs to be said. When I started this it was PURELY as an internal project for @mikephoenix and I to test our vehicles on. i had zero plans to take it to what it is now. I showed some screenshots on my discord and people began asking for private version. It was only then that I even thought about releasing it. I've already got what Mike and I needed from this map. Having said that we are going to continue to develop the buildings etc. But as so many people want to use it as a training map, I think leaving most of the space open for what ever use Clans and GU's want to do with it is probably the best way forward. So you will see lots of fixes and the new buildings will start to appears, specialised spaces will get more populated eg testing tracks will start to fill out. Maybe some ambient buildings too but I'm not sure what else I could do with the map and still have it as flexible as possible. I'm open to suggestions.
  6. Oh? I'll have another look at that. Thanks. Just FYI there is a bug tracker on the RKSL Website and you can always drop a note on our discord if you want a quicker reaction. You are welcome. Its something I've wanted for a while and the timing was just right when it happened. It really wasn't planned.
  7. RKSL Bovington Test Area BETA Bovington Camp is a real location in the Southwest of England. Its primary use is to teach members of the British Forces to drive and use all the vehicles in the British inventory. But it is also used to test and develop new equipment and improvements to existing kit. The map was started due to a conversation with @mikephoenix about having a map to test our vehicles on. I blame him for all that followed. This represents a lot of blood, pain sweat and so many tears its really not funny. It is not the best product I've ever released. And I'm reluctant to release it in this state. But so many people want to get hold of it I've chosen to let it escape into the wild. Some things you really need to understand: This really is an UNFINISHED, WORK IN PROGRESS!! Lots of broken and messed up things. You MUST set your view distance to no more than 4000m to get the best performance. It uses a 4096x4096 height map and has a 1m per vertex resolution and any view distance over 4k causes massive FPS drops. It will be updated and improved upon over time. That time frame may be months or millenia. This version is a slight step backwards in terms of progress in that it has a lot of placeholder buildings and objects. The green buildings are placeholders for custom buildings. These will be swapped out over time. White objects are unfinished or I've screwed up. They will be replaced faster than the green buildings. It was intended from day 1 to be an internal project soley for Mike and myself. If you want to whine and whinge about it, just unsubscribe and move along. And if you cant resist are going to whinge. Be constructive and make a Bug report here: BUG TRACKER Version History V3.BETA41 Public BETA - Fixes and additions V3.BETA40 First Public BETA Release Legal and EULA http://eula.rkslstudios.info/ Stats: 16.777 sq Km 99,960 ish objects. Some custom roads, Lots of custom objects, 600m Firing Range with custom firing points. 25m Pistol Range Credits Created by: RKSL Rock Custom Objects by: MikePhoenix and RKSL Rock Tested by: - Farsight - Smudge - Siddy - (when he could remember to download the right version) - SmokeDog - Kyle - John M - Lots of ref pics and advice. If you would like to donate, I would appreciate it. Especially now with COVID its hard for people to do but If you like the map and out addons dropping me a Kofi would be appreciated[ko-fi.com] Rock Oct 20 DOWNLOAD @Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2255211315 DOWNLOAD @RKSL - https://www.rkslstudios.info/index.php?/files/file/33-rksl-bovington-test-area/
  8. rksl-rock

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Regardless of "your reasons" or my health issues, please just think before you start making demands. You don't know what anyone else is going through, as @FallujahMedic -FM- said, I do this as a hobby. I don't work for anyone here and I'll release what i want to when i can. In the meantime show some respect and patience. Attacking someone without thought may just be the reason they say "fluff it" and stop making public content. And where does that leave you? Manners and patience folks. It does wonders in everyday life.
  9. rksl-rock

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Yeah, got a huge bunch of things on the go. Lot of Uk stuff, lot of helping people out with their stuff, lot of chemotherapy, some texture work. Real paid work and all the usual crap on top. Plenty of Core focus, just not on what you want. Sucks to be you.
  10. Well I'd say I have a handle on about 60% of the XML. I have a list of variables and their meaning. I even have some of the formulas in spreadsheets to help calculate the values. What I really need help with is an explanation of how each variable affects behaviour in the simulation. I say this because, previously I've enlisted the help of far more knowledgeable people than myself to help reverse engineer the values in stock configs. In this case my old University lecturer in Aerodynamics at UWE ex of Rolls Royce and BAe. And one of the design engineers that worked on the BERP rotors for Westland Helicopters. Even they couldn't arrive at the same values as is in the configs. And when we used the 'real life' values they gave me the helicopter was virtually unflyable. With so little documentation it's hard to understand the effect tweaking one value has on another. Right now its pick a class of helo and tweak - test - tweak - test rinse and repeat until satisfied. Laborious to say the least.
  11. lol yeah go for it. There is a mathcad plugin for it and I believe a standalone toolkit. Hell right now I'd just love to get my hands on the manuals with diagrams.
  12. If someone wants to give me the RotorLIB SDk sure. 😉 Without it calculating some of the values is neigh on impossible. I sat down and tried for 4 months to decipher the XML values and reverse engineer it. Either my math was wrong (very possible) or i was missing something. Talking to others after the fact I'm definitely missing info.
  13. Yes. I did some consulting for it back in the day. Been a while since i ran the game up though.
  14. V3.070 - Fix for the Fix - FIXED - Floats issue caused by the PhysX fix in 3.069 - CHANGED - AFM - Increased Ir, Ib & maxBrakeTorque Values - CHANGED - Geo LoD to tweak damage - ADDED - Materials to Fire Geo. Honestly there are about 30 other things tweaked changed and poked to. Still lots to do, I was hoping to push the Version with Door guns today but the V3.070 put me 4 days behind my plan and its going to be delayed. I have a busy few weeks ahead and it may be a little time before I can get it out. Sorry if that disappoints anyone. But real life wins everytime. Rock
  15. Thanks. New version was pushed earlier. V3.068 - FIXED Physx for Roadways - FIXED missing shadow from RH side step. - FIXED Copilot not being able to deploy floats in MP - CHANGED Rear door user action control position - TWEAKED Pylon values (Thanks Tetet) - TWEAKED Cabin Light Values - REMOVED EO Turret Search light option - REMOVED Option to control Aircrew doors in Eden (Possibly temp)