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  1. I had to read that twice. I thought he was touching men (again). More shiny stuff incoming soonish.
  2. Well I'm sorry to be the cause of wearing out your F5 key. Real life is proving to be a pain. Literally. <grumpymode> I'm actually sat here unwrapping, re-configing and bug squashing on the party night of the year all so people can moan at me :P </grumpymode> I'm not well and its proving hard to focus. I had a set back 8 days before Christmas and it's taking longer than i hoped to recreate what was lost. I don't like (knowingly) releasing incomplete or buggy stuff so I decided to finish all of this rather than just release an incomplete and broken addon. If you would like me to release the addon with diminished features I can...Broken Beta anyone? < --- Genuine Question.
  3. rksl-rock

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Would have been nice to know. I've been fielding these key issues for a while now, I've only just discovered its due to the 3CB upload. Reporters have denied having any other RKSL addons installed. This explains so much.
  4. rksl-rock

    3CB BAF Weapons

    This is fascinating to discover that 3CB are uploading RKSL content to Steam without consent. I'm looking forward to an explanation for that. This is one of many reasons why you shouldn't re-upload other peoples content without permission. @MitchJC The new versions of RKSL content use a completely new key. It's an issue caused by Da12thmonkey signing the Attachments pack with a different private key to the one I previously used. Once the updates are out in a few days this will not be an issue anymore.
  5. I've modelled the Torpedoes and Depth Charges. Getting them to work properly is another issue. Testing on these hasn't gone well. I've tried several options now, finally settling on a scripted solution. Which isn't really something i wanted to do. (Im really bad at scripting ask Uro) I'm going to leave them as they are for now, which is literally as bombs until i can get another option sorted. Oddly the Wildcat doesn't actually have Dipping sonar in the real world.. Something I never understood since its predecessors all had it and it was seen as an absolutely necessary feature. ASW was a key part of the RN's claim to be able to defend British waters which added yet another nail in the Nimrod's coffin. I must update those banners Yeah the The Spearhead class model was only ever planned to be a static ship/object. I was planning on using it as a base in a mod pack. Its sat there for ages now collecting digital dust. I'll have pick it up again later in 2019.
  6. Merry Christmas to one and all! Have a wonderful time. The plan was to release a few things today. Real life has stopped that. Sadly my plans for the the next few days don't allow any PC time. So, breaking tradition releases will be delayed until i get back. Q) Will the Wildcat get released? A) Yes, the plan is to release a BETA minus a few planned/malfunctioning features followed up with an update in January. Q) When is it going to happen? A) After boxing day and before New Years Eve...probably. Real life permitting. Q) What else are you going to release? A) Several updates to existing addons and a few more unseen surprises and toys these will be spread out over the days after the Wildcat Beta release. I hope you all enjoy the holidays. Be safe, have fun and don't drink and drive. Get a cab. Rock
  7. rksl-rock

    Underwater Rocket

    I've had the same experience. Only bullets work. The only way i can see torpedoes working is by scripting. :(
  8. How long is a piece of string :) And I don't mean that in a nasty way. I dont have huge amounts of free time anymore. It was almost due for release early in the year but i got sick. other things took priority and it got sidelined. Right now It still needs a lot of re-work to get it up to the standard im happy with and during the course of some other projects I've learnt a few new things that will make the addon much better. So I'm afraid you just have to wait. @All the armchair critics out there: As much as I love making addons I will ask people to remember, i do this for fun. I do not work for anyone in this community and I do have commitments in the real world. No one has ever actually come and asked whats going on behind the scenes. Only, when they will get addons. "Dance monkey! Dance!" isn't something i respond to. Time permitting some addons will get released and updated as per RKSL Christmas Tradition. Thats all i can say right now. Say it with me folks "It will be done when it's done!"
  9. Use an official ArmA3 version. There is no public ArmA3 version available yet. Any version you find is a hacked version of the ArmA2 2.6xx version released solely for ArmA2. You could also use one of the addons that allow compatibility with ArmA2 that the public addon is actually made for.
  10. EDIT: Just been asked what is a WAFU = Wet And F@#%ing Useless. Comes from WWII when Planes were launched from destroyers to provide air cover with no way to land back on the ship. After they ditched and spent the rest of the time on board doing nothing. hence WAFU ;)
  11. I've already had 2 other people ask for ACE support and given them the same answer. I will happily add config hooks for them if enough people request it and it does not not create a dependency. But I will never add non RKSL dependencies into our addons unless absolutely necessary. Not everyone uses ACE, or RHS or many of the other possible enhancement packs out there. My preferred and recommended Fast roping solution is Duda's Advanced Rappelling but that is an option not a hardwired requirement. Same for Lesh's Towing. Both are suggested options but they remain options not dependencies. The Puma is getting a huge update right now off the back of the work on the Wildcat. As with the wildcat there will be new features. I do have plans for an enhanced load master position that will require individual control of the doors. However several groups have specifically requested that i restrict door control to aircrew only. I guess people are tired of random door openings. I'm not a fan of FFV on things like the Puma that have an armed option. To my mind it doesn't make sense. For the little bird where you are sat on a bench on the outside of the aircraft it makes perfect sense. In the Puma where you are totally enclosed and have door gunner options. Not so much.
  12. I've been neglecting these forums for a while, the RKSL Twitter and Facebook followers have been getting more updates recently. But I thought I'd just drop this in here:
  13. rksl-rock

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Its your alpha layering. In Object builder select all the windows and goto the Faces Menu > Move Top. This will bring them to the top of the Alpha stack and they will work properly. And by the way these look amazing. I particularly want the Raider myself.;)
  14. Thanks for the post. If you care to read the thread and bug tracker everything you have noted is a known issue. I've just not gotten around to all the fixes yet. Its been a very busy 9 months. The PIP issue is down to the max number of PIP screens in the vehicle. I believe the actual max allowed is 12. There are something like 20 in the current model. I've removed and consolidated some of them but it does mean reduced functionality for non-drivers. Gunner proxy issue is a bit odd. its caused by the turn in/out feature which I've never liked. But it was requested and as yet i've not found a practical solution to make it work properly. Reload anims were left out so i could release on time but also because the character anims were causing rpt errors. Dravven was supposed to be making the revised custom anims for them but vanished a week before the deadline. I've not seen him since. Most of these are fixed on the dev version i have. Its just messy. I'll hopefully get around to cleaning up the remaining fixes soon ish. A lot depends on work and real life.