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  1. rksl-rock

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Regardless of "your reasons" or my health issues, please just think before you start making demands. You don't know what anyone else is going through, as @FallujahMedic -FM- said, I do this as a hobby. I don't work for anyone here and I'll release what i want to when i can. In the meantime show some respect and patience. Attacking someone without thought may just be the reason they say "fluff it" and stop making public content. And where does that leave you? Manners and patience folks. It does wonders in everyday life.
  2. rksl-rock

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Yeah, got a huge bunch of things on the go. Lot of Uk stuff, lot of helping people out with their stuff, lot of chemotherapy, some texture work. Real paid work and all the usual crap on top. Plenty of Core focus, just not on what you want. Sucks to be you.
  3. Well I'd say I have a handle on about 60% of the XML. I have a list of variables and their meaning. I even have some of the formulas in spreadsheets to help calculate the values. What I really need help with is an explanation of how each variable affects behaviour in the simulation. I say this because, previously I've enlisted the help of far more knowledgeable people than myself to help reverse engineer the values in stock configs. In this case my old University lecturer in Aerodynamics at UWE ex of Rolls Royce and BAe. And one of the design engineers that worked on the BERP rotors for Westland Helicopters. Even they couldn't arrive at the same values as is in the configs. And when we used the 'real life' values they gave me the helicopter was virtually unflyable. With so little documentation it's hard to understand the effect tweaking one value has on another. Right now its pick a class of helo and tweak - test - tweak - test rinse and repeat until satisfied. Laborious to say the least.
  4. lol yeah go for it. There is a mathcad plugin for it and I believe a standalone toolkit. Hell right now I'd just love to get my hands on the manuals with diagrams.
  5. If someone wants to give me the RotorLIB SDk sure. 😉 Without it calculating some of the values is neigh on impossible. I sat down and tried for 4 months to decipher the XML values and reverse engineer it. Either my math was wrong (very possible) or i was missing something. Talking to others after the fact I'm definitely missing info.
  6. Yes. I did some consulting for it back in the day. Been a while since i ran the game up though.
  7. V3.070 - Fix for the Fix - FIXED - Floats issue caused by the PhysX fix in 3.069 - CHANGED - AFM - Increased Ir, Ib & maxBrakeTorque Values - CHANGED - Geo LoD to tweak damage - ADDED - Materials to Fire Geo. Honestly there are about 30 other things tweaked changed and poked to. Still lots to do, I was hoping to push the Version with Door guns today but the V3.070 put me 4 days behind my plan and its going to be delayed. I have a busy few weeks ahead and it may be a little time before I can get it out. Sorry if that disappoints anyone. But real life wins everytime. Rock
  8. Thanks. New version was pushed earlier. V3.068 - FIXED Physx for Roadways - FIXED missing shadow from RH side step. - FIXED Copilot not being able to deploy floats in MP - CHANGED Rear door user action control position - TWEAKED Pylon values (Thanks Tetet) - TWEAKED Cabin Light Values - REMOVED EO Turret Search light option - REMOVED Option to control Aircrew doors in Eden (Possibly temp)
  9. RKSL Studios presents our BETA of the AW159 Wildcat HMA2 This is a BETA and does not represent the final version. This addon WILL change and EVOLVE. There is no guarantee class names will stay the same and performance and features may change between versions. You need to understand: - This BETA (3.065) is approx 2 versions behind the current internal build. - Internal textures not final - MFD system/setup is NOT Final - No guns in this version - next update...should be... - Torpedoes disabled - not working ingame - Depth charges disabled - not working ingame - Loadouts are going to change. - No wreck model Why release an older beta? Its my Birthday and Internally we've reached an impasse. I'm asking for a fresh look for issues. Specifically I want feedback on: Basic Flight Model Advanced Flight Model Weapons performance Radar & Sensors PLEASE NOTE: Please see the Change Log. AW159 Wildcat FAQ LEGAL DISCLAIMER - RKSL Studios addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. - The RKSL Studios addons are not an official Addon or tool. - The use of these addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. The Full End User Licensing Agreement for this addon pack is available here: http://eula.rkslstudios.info/ PACK CONTENTS Wildcat HMA2 - Helicopter carrying 2 Crew and 4 Passengers. (The AH1 will follow later) FEATURES: Dynamic Loadouts Optical Turret with NV/Thermal modes Emergency Floatation System - See the AW159 Wildcat FAQ Option to open/close doors in EDEN attributes. Option to open/fold Rotors in EDEN attributes. Optional Support for Duda's Advanced Rappelling Optional Support for Lesh's Towing Mod integrated Towbar - for towing. BUGS AND FEEDBACK We would appreciate hearing about any issues or suggestions you have experienced. Please use the Bug Tracker below: Wildcat Bug Tracker CREDITS This addons and model is 100% unique and does not incorporate any 3rd party content: Models: RKSL Rock Textures: RKSL Rock Animation Setup: RKSL Rock Character Animation: RKSL Rock Config: RKSL Rock A3 Testing: JASS Toxic Lemon Charlie's Hemorrhoid Devoted Stoat The Idiot previously know as "Generic Harmless Animal" Kyle M Soggy Biscuit III Research and Support, Help etc: * Banks for answering questions and reviewing Pizza. (Avoid Dominoes in Yeovil) * Jay B for reading the manuals over the phone. * Bertram for providing the most pedantic technical critic possible. And so many other that provided help solving many many issues. Thanks Rock September 2019 Like this addon? Feel Like providing some help and motivation? How about buying be a Ko-Fi? DOWNLOAD ON STEAM
  10. No, not the same thing. The community towing solutions are only a work around. We are talking about more than just tow ropes. With a proper physX setup we are talking about proper articulated vehicles. The ability to hook up trailers and tow at speed without lag and massive rubber banding. This was a feature in VBS 1.22 in 2009. Why not now?
  11. I'll upvote this too.👆 (Before i say anything else; Yes I know VBS is now different than the current ArmA/RV game engine) VBS2 1.22 way back in 2009 had physx support for towing. Its 2019 and we still don't have a full PhysX implementation in ArmA. Why not? Why has it never been implemented? For those that dont realise the possibilities: Walking on moving vehicles. Towing Realistic damage Realistic object interactions/collisions (ie no more flying tanks) Arguably improved performance And far more.
  12. VERSION 3.002 - Released CHANGE LOG 3002 - Fixes and Additions FIXED - Cargo and Crew now vulnerable. ADDED - Can now toggle all animations via the Attributes panel in EDEN. ADDED - New Skins. Generic Grey, Camo & Civ Yellow CHANGED - AI now can control the ramp. CHANGED -- Debeach conditions relaxed.
  13. New version uploaded: 3.001 - Bug Fix Release FIXED :Glass lens on Folding mast do not fold. REMOVED :External dependency to Foxhound LPPV CHANGED :De-Beach script activation is too restrictive
  14. Errors 1 & 2 are now fixed the update will be pushed in the morning. Error 3 - Debeaching. The reason its locked down so tightly was to make it a last resort kind of thing. Also to prevent cheating/griefing with it. The first few versions were limited to >5kph and eventually 1kph. Hemorrhoid found a way to cause havoc in the Welldeck of Albion. hence why you have to be static. Which LPD are you clashing on?
  15. rksl-rock

    RKSL Puma HC1 for A3

    I am working on a new Puma series base model that will allow me to create different versions and grow into Super Pumas, Cougars and Caracals etc Its just taking longer because i dont have much free time.