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    The Abrams is the best because, as clearly stated under chapter 7.1, paragraph 3, line 10 of the Handbook of Internet Argument: "If it's American, it must be the best." As the next chapter on Unbridled Patriotism goes on to further explain, nothing is able to trump the "American Factor", no matter what attempts are made to provide facts, statistics or any other arguments contrary. For related discussion, see the topics "F22 vs <aircraft of choice>", "M16 vs <weapon of choice>", or "USA vs <country of choice>"
  2. It's because the JayArmA2Lib file included in the installer package isn't up to date. Try here: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/jayarma2lib/files Edit: Infact, it's just certain installer links that are out of date. Use the devheaven link, its up to date. http://dev-heaven.net/attachments/download/9341/ACRE_V1.1.0.234.exe
  3. I assume that this addon won't be patched to allow aircraft to fly off it till 2020? In the name of realism of course.
  4. Thank you for the latest release, Noubernou. Best regards to Jaynus & his family.
  5. The sad thing is (and i'm assuming i'm welcome to join in here, since the stuffs been posted) that I (a P:UKF Dev) was the chap that LB contacted over MSN (in incident #2) with his offer of the PR mod. He was asking around for "one of the UKF guys" and got directed to me, then proceeded to offer me PRs stuff. I don't know for sure, but I think he planned to ingratiate himself with us by playing off a perceived 'rivalry' - a shame for him that he not only misjudged our character, but misjudged the nature our relationship with PR, which is in actual fact, one of mutual respect. His stated reason, for anyone interested, was 'so we could check if PR had stolen UKF stuff', something which is about as likely (sadly) as me dating Kate Beckinsale. DISCLAIMER: He was talking out of his arse. I didn't want to accept a mod I shouldn't have, so I asked for pictures of the allegedly stolen stuff, rather than take the mod on sheer hearsay. Unsurprisingly, after effectively calling his bluff, he instantly went offline on MSN and was not seen again. A few hours later, he was leaking videos in this thread and trying to hand the stuff out to his squad. Apparently, he was really very concerned about 'stolen work'. :rolleyes: Irony? Anyway, point being that what people are saying about being open is entirely correct; here is a guy who not only is handing out videos and mods, but thought he could ingratiate himself with another mod team by playing one off against the other. I think it's perfectly sensible to warn other modders about a bad apple like this, because that to my mind is actually much worse than someone joining a mod team and making off with the addons. Here is a guy who, having been kicked out of one mod, has already shown his willingness to buzz around different mods trying to cozy up by offering "rival" products. So, i'd say it's entirely correct to warn others, if nothing more than to act as a headsup to other mod teams. ---------- Post added at 11:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 PM ---------- Ontopic, will there be an "MFV with Entrenching Tool" action? :D
  6. Was there ever an insider scoop on Lindops departure?
  7. Pathy

    U.S. States and countries with similar GDPs

    Oh my fucking word, you are thick skulled aren't you? How many times do we have to go over this? My example was not a real world example. It used the names of 2 real countries, which confused your simple little brain. Now, this is about the 4th time i've had to try and point this out to you, and you're getting increasingly irrelevant, and increasingly personal in your attacks. I've tried not to get personal back, but excuse me if i'm getting a little exasperated with such blatant idiocy. What you're doing is the equivalent to going into a forum where they're discussing Orcs in Lord of the Rings and shouting "Thats BS! I've never seen an Orc - they don't exist, so you're all wrong!" - technically, yes, you'd be correct, in that, no they don't exist - but thats not exactly the point of the discussion they were having, is it? If you did that, you'd look like an utter idiot for arguing the obvious & completely missing the point. Funnily enough... ...In the same way, arguing that my example is wrong because it is made up - well-fucking-done, you figured out that a made up example is made up - Want a medal? You can start going on about traveling to Russia (By the way, Russia is on my moderate list of 'have already traveled to' countries), and how in real life Russia this, and Russia that - it's besides the point, it was a fictional example, so you going out of your way to prove that everything I said was fictional infact proves nothing that wasn't already blindingly obvious. And if, at the end of the day, you're not just rejecting my fictional example, but the entire concept of PPP, then I cordially invite you to write up your thesis presenting the alternative, and send it to an economics journal for publication, because if you're right, then you've better knowledge of how global economics works than anyone else alive. Alternatively, you're just talking out of your arse.
  8. Pathy

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent demo out

    Well, it was a relatively short run, but thinking about it, just right. I probably wouldn't have wanted much more! :D Great value for £12, and my hearts still racing :D
  9. Pathy

    U.S. States and countries with similar GDPs

    I've met economically educated people that didn't see the housing bubble coming, I've seen the same people preach that recession is over. Then I told those people to shove their theoretical thinking, and ever since I've been better off by tens of $K. A person who does not comprehend the notion that all the goods he listed will have the same price in both countries due to Globaliz(s)ation, doesn't deserve his econ. degree. If you say so. Given that you're intelligent enough to try and argue that made up figures are made up, because they don't match the real world, and intelligent enough to carry on arguing it despite clarification that they were always intended to be made up, i'd say you're intelligent enough for me to 'shove my theoretical thinking', and just listen to what you have to say instead. So, please go on. I think you were getting to the part where prices in every country in the world are the same (due to Globalisation). How about you educate us all.
  10. Pathy

    Company of Heroes Developer Killed in Car Accident.

    Twaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Guy used his final moments to save his wife and unborn child. Nuff said.
  11. Pathy

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent demo out

    You guys might find this interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncxcB-BZpog Anyone else found they started freaking out around 1.47, recognizing the sound of the thing from the demo!
  12. Pathy

    U.S. States and countries with similar GDPs

    -edited to be more polite. ;)That may be, but you took a post of mine which I made very clear was purely designed to illustrate with arbitrary figures why we must adjust for PPP rather than use pure GDP figures, and tried to argue why fictional made numbers are wrong. Not to worry, next time i'll use "country A" and "country B" so that it isn't too confusing for people who don't understand the concept of making up an example to demonstrate theory. :)
  13. Pathy

    U.S. States and countries with similar GDPs

    Mate, please don't tell me you're arguing why a clearly made up example using arbitrary numbers is wrong. That's just embarrassing. Why?