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  1. LondonLad

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Thanks - I forgot to re-reply here to say that it was an issue on BIS end. The issue is no longer present so BIS must have resolved the issue.
  2. LondonLad

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I'm trying to login to URL http://units.arma3.com I'm getting this message when attempting to login (continuous loop) Error fetching data Error fetching filter lists. Is this a general/global issue or just to my account?
  3. LondonLad

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Request/Suggestion I would like the 'Search by Name' field to be able to search by both fields of 'Unit Name' as well as the 'Unit Clan Tag' Step to reproduce Visit URL: http://units.arma3.com Search abbreviated name (e.g. Clan TAG) within the Search Field labelled 'Search by Name' Result: Nothing found (as unless the unit has the Unit Clan Tag within the 'Unit Name' nothing shows. Example search of failure Search by Name: 16AA Search fails (finds nothing) as the Unit Name is listed under 'Unit Name: as: 16 Air Assault Brigade If the Clan Tag was included as an 'or' then it would have found the units listed with '16AA' My current workaround is to include the TAG into the 'Unit Name' like so '16 Air Assault Brigade (16AA)' This however makes the ticker-bar within the Unit page a little unpleasant due to the Unit name (scrolling on the ticker/header-bar now showing '16 Air Assault Brigade (16AA) [16AA]' - This is because this area includes both the 'Unit Name' and 'Clan TAG name' The result can be seen here - http://units.arma3.com/unit/16aa So the goal is to make the 'Search by name' more inclusive of both the fields of 'Unit Name' and 'Clan Tag Name' within that search. I hope I'm making sense :)
  4. LondonLad

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    I'm unable to test as I had already submitted and reduced the UNIT PROFILE HEADER image to less than 200KB. Has the limit been raised or the description changed to reflect the upload should be up to 200KB?
  5. LondonLad

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Unit Registration - Not submitted but going through the process of registration. Stage: 4 Media [Area of issue] UNIT EMBLEM IMAGE (MIN. 400X400, MAX. 200KB PNG) TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND RECOMMENDED I was able to upload (or seem to) more than 1 Unit Emblem - It showed the 2 I had (want to) uploaded (same image). There should be a check in place to see if an upload has already been requested. When it submitted only the 1 image showed. --- UNIT PROFILE HEADER IMAGE (EXACT 1920X400, MAX. 300KB JPG, JPEG) The description states the max file size of 300KB. However when uploading you receive a message that it doesn't accept anything higher than 200KB
  6. From my personal perspective as a server admin for my group I'd like to see the keys updated each time you release (whether bug fixes or a new features release). This ensure all parties that have the exact same version of the mod. Hope that makes sense, and I understand where you're coming from (We can always create our own keys as we're not an 'open' public server).
  7. You've forgotten to update the 'bikey' to the latest version - The keys folder still shows 'Ares_1_8_0.bikey' in the folder.
  8. LondonLad

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Congrats all - Nice work :)
  9. Congrats all - Looking forward in getting this used within the 16AA group/community
  10. We have those messages within our RPT log file too. Can't say I've noticed the black screen behavior though
  11. LondonLad

    ASR AI 3

    My question (post before yours) is more or less what I'm experiencing but with vehicles (controlling the AI via Zeus)- They don't/won't/stop following waypoint orders once in a heightened state (combat) - It feels like they've gone into a free-for-all mode).
  12. LondonLad

    ASR AI 3

    Robalo - I apologise if this has already been covered in this thread but I wanted to know if ASR_AI controls AI as drivers within vehicles (e.g. BMP's etc?)? If so, how would I exclude the drivers from being under the control of ASR_AI if I wanted to continue using ASR_AI for Infantry. In summary - I want ASR_AI only for Infantry units (boots on the ground) and not vehicles.
  13. Reported RPT errors - https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76042 Should you require anything further to help investigate the issue then please let me know.
  14. LondonLad

    ASR AI 3

    RPT has been attached to the ticket.
  15. LondonLad

    ASR AI 3

    What's the best way to get this over to you Robalo? Skype? (PM me your name if you'd prefer that option)