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  1. keefehb

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Stalker it looks like your picture for me mate.
  2. keefehb

    ARMA 3 Uniform Synchronization

    Was playing earlier and had the exact same issues. Seemed to only effect civilian clothes for us though..
  3. keefehb

    Discussion on "Axed" Features

    I wouldn't pay much attention to "authenticity" or "authentic". It's just producer/marketing buzzword nonsense. For example you never "remove features" to make it "simpler", you "streamline" to make it "accessible".
  4. Your right I apologize. To add to the discussion I agree that crashes and even vehicle damage in general could be improved. Little things such as the wings being able to blown off the jets and vehicles going on fire etc could really add to the experience. Best example I can think of vehicle damage recently is Iron Front, for jets I think Albatross's suggestion would work well with minimal fuss.
  5. keefehb

    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    No to all your points. My experience of e-sports is wholly negative, my experience of the two dudebro twitch shooters you mentioned is wholly negative. Nothing good can come from attracting this bollocks, streaming is one thing, changing parts of the game to make it a competitive e-sport is insane. Kill it with fire.
  6. Same way you make a military sandbox accessible, water it down.
  7. Surely if they were to add a better medical system it would use modules like the old vanilla one, and indeed ACE uses. That way people that want it can use it and xyberviri can rest easy knowing Arma is still a game and not a complex simulator.
  8. Celery my reply was shit, I accept that lol. Making a balanced tank vs tank mission with respawn enabled on chernarus would be very difficult using current Arma 2 units. I still think terrain can play a part however and it also depends on what the missions objectives are? Are we literally talking just 2 teams of tanks shooting each other? Or has one team to capture an objective.. All that has to matter.
  9. It can be NATO tech level without being the copy and paste it is now though.
  10. No no no. They need to crash authentically and accessibly.
  11. keefehb

    Seattle Map into ARM III

    Would be good to see it modded in or a map similar. It's been awhile since I played with TOH but if I remember correctly it would need a fair bit of work to add detail in, it was designed to be seen from above.
  12. Depends on the objective. Using the terrain or by giving the team with the so called better tanks a higher number of players on their team. That's assuming players are interested in working together and playing it smart, however I'm told assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.
  13. keefehb

    Fatigue effects

    Yes. Authentic is the new buzzword for arcading shit up but trying to make it sound like it still has realism at heart. If you use the word realistic to refer to Arma 3, you don't get it, your a bitter Arma vet etc By using "authentic" instead of realistic it adds the notion of "accessibility" which attracts new players who seen Arma previously as a game with a mensa level of complexity, driven by a small vocal minority of people with the brains of a spoon. tl;dr This is a circle jerk, BIS will either find a middle ground for the stamina system that suits the dudebro's and us milsim nerds or we will just end up modding it ourselves.
  14. Had this earlier today, had to ctrl alt delete to get out of the game. Strangely I could still switch from first to third person and the ai were still shooting lumps out of each other..