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  1. gobbo

    Altis map - planned changes

    I already love those changes and can't wait to see them deployed to the dev branch. An abandoned hotel is exactly what I need for a mission I'm working on (well, I didn't know that I needed it before the announcement, but it gives me perfect material to work with). A pity this change will likely break some missions referencing certain objects, but I think it's worth it and a mission can be fixed easily if you know your way around mission making. I also have to admit that I'm slightly mindblown by this: Great continuity there! (Whether intended or not)
  2. Definitely at some point, but I won't be able to do that for at least two weeks as I'm currently not at home.
  3. Cheers, Foxhound! Actually gob_pins doesn't need ACE; the only requirement is CBA for the Extended EventHandlers. I have made and included an optional ACE patch that hooks my system into the ACE cartridges system, so it can be switched off.
  4. Because I've had no internet for a while now, I have had a lot of time to bring a few small projects to a finish and polish them for public release. And because that's more than I want to spam threads, I'm going to collect them here (and probably update the thread for new addons in the future). All addons are made by myself, unless otherwise mentioned. I don't know if there are other addons that already do the same, I just love to play around with configs and scripts, so please refrain from posting stuff like "but addon x does that already and was released y years ago, you copied the idea!" gob_angelwings This addon changes the C-130J's flares to represent the proper signature "Angel Wing" flare pattern they have (which BIS actually made, but for some reason didn't use). It also adds a new flare launcher that fires 10 sets of flares over 2 seconds, to be closer to the actual thing. Short demonstration video: Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21983 gob_nogroupicons This addon removes the squad leader HUD, which is very useful (and actually made) for player-only multiplayer. Doesn't work with ACE's "compact" HUD, you'll have to disable that in the ACE Clippi tool first. Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21984 gob_noperivis This addon removes the annoying peripheral vision icons, good for screenshots. Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21986 gob_pins This addon drops a pin whenever you throw a grenade, handled completely clientside. Requires CBA. Optional ACE config that can be switched off in-game together with the ACE cartridge system included. Pin model and texture by Donny. Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21988 Licence cc-by-nc-sa, with the following additional terms: You are not allowed to modify the addons themselves, however modified configurations requiring the base addon can be done. I would like ot be notified of those if they are made public, though. In any case, the original author(s), must be credited. You may not port these addons to any other games, they are intended to be used solely with Arma 2, its expansion Operation Arrowhead, and DLC British Armed Forces, Private Military Contractors, and Army of the Czech Republic.
  5. Make another trigger, put this into the condition, assuming you named the three OPFOR triggers "ClearedLocation1", 2, and 3: ((triggerActivated ClearedLocation1) && (triggerActivated ClearedLocation2) && (triggerActivated ClearedLocation3)) (replace "this" with this code) Sync this new trigger to the task state instead. Basically this activates the trigger once all three locations are cleared. It's an easy workaround that should do exactly what you want.
  6. I'm currently trying to "load" an ammobox into an MH-9 with attachTo. As I expected from precious Arma 2 attempts at the same issue, the helicopter takes engine damage and goes up in a ball of flames as soon as it starts moving, so I was very happy to see the disableCollisionWith command, and tried it out: box attachTo [helo,[0,1.35,0.75]]; box disableCollisionWith helo; However, the command doesn't seem to have any effect at all, so to confirm my suspicion, I placed down two Hunters. And again, I presumably disabled their collision with each other: car1 disableCollisionWith car2; To no avail. The cars behaved just as I already expected; they collided with each other as if the command was never executed. Am I missing something or does the command simply not work as of Alpha 0.54.103957? Edit: And yes, I've double- and triple-checked the names.
  7. The logistics part will allow you to pick up ammoboxes (and very possibly other objects as well) and store them in vehicles. This is very likely going to happen on a physical basis (i.e. the boxes will be visible, other than various logistics scripts, where the boxes get moved away and exist only as a list item). Here's a screenshot of the ArmA 2 version (1.12MB). The resupply part will basically be a big ammobox that gives out supplies, i.e. you can approach the box and fill a smaller ammobox with items for ammo resupply runs. I'll put up a video of the unfinished Arma 2 version soon, so you get a better idea.
  8. I'm currently playing around with the FxCartridge classes in an attempt to get a new approach at staying brass. However, when I apply the simulation "thing" to them, they bounce like bouncy balls for about 10 seconds before finally settling down. The result is that rifle casings will occasionally travel well over 100m, bouncing up and down in a very unnatural looking fashion. I've also tried "thingX", which will cause them to not get any sideways velocity at all, but drop straight to the ground from the ejection port, to simply stay there. Neither of these is what I'm looking for, but the "thing" approach seems like what I want, except for the extreme bounciness. Is there any way to get rid of this ridiculous behaviour? I've tried different weights and different airFrictions, but neither seems to have any effect at all, which leaves me stumped.
  9. I may be a little late for the party, but try appending a "Global" to each command, i.e. addMagazineCargoGlobal addItemCargoGlobal addWeaponCargoGlobal
  10. The hardest part about that would be making the animations and models. To be able to mount the bayonet to a rifle, you'd need the model of the rifle without bayonet, then the rifle with bayonet, and if you want the bayonet to be usable separately, you'll also need a model for the bayonet. The rest is fairly easy to implement, due to the stabbing rather than slashing nature of the bayonet, which can be simulated by a bullet and an animation working in sync. Like I said, let me know if I can do anything for you in that regard. :) That I did indeed, and if I wasn't busy with other stuff, I'd probably be working on the CMS as well. ;)
  11. I consider myself somewhat competent in scripting, PM me if I can do something for you. I'd do the bayonet in the config, though. Have a stabbing animation and make the bayonet fire a slow bullet. Not pretty, but it's the easiest way without introducing new problems. Very excited for the addon, I absolutely LOVE BDUs and DCUs (you are going to do DCUs as well, no?), and seeing them in such fidelity makes me happy like a little child on Christmas. Keep it up!
  12. I'd absolutely love to see a "MagazineType" config value. Currently it's a pain in the rear to add new magazines, because you have to update all affected weapon base classes. Having MagazineTypes, like "556x45_STANAG", 556x45_G36", "762x39_AK", etc. would make it easier to do this. Here's an example: caweapons.pbo, config.cpp would contain the base class with the MagazineTypes[] instead of the magazines[] value class cfgWeapons { class M16_Base: Rifle { [...] MagazineTypes[] = {"556x45_STANAG"}; }; }; somesillymod.pbo, config.cpp would contain the MagazineType in the magazine class. class cfgMagazines { class some_silly_magazine: CA_Magazine { [...] MagazineType = "556x45_STANAG"; }; }; Hope I didn't write this too confusing. At least in my head the idea and even its implementation is clear... :o
  13. Sorry for the radio silence there. We're still alive and working on the modules. Over the last two months, we've been running a series of successful tests, which have turned up a few minor bugs and flaws. At the moment, we're working on them as well as a code restructure to allow the scripts to run even smoother. The medical station has already been on my personal wish list for a while, and I'm certain I'll get that in eventually, however, at the moment we have a few more important features we want in there before we can take on that one. But we'll get around to it. At the moment, the hearts and minds portion of the scripts keeps track of actions of BLUFOR individuals, e.g. killing civilians makes them more hostile, while giving them food or water raises their disposition.
  14. Thank you for taking the time to make the mission and plan all this, we really enjoyed it!
  15. What's the word on sound mods? Which, if any, are allowed?