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  1. Thanks for the hints and Tipps and also your Tutorial Abs. My problem is that he says "Cannot Load model xyz.p3d" since I installed Arma 3 Tools. And also, when I try to binarize the project files on my laptop, that I used some time ago for a seperate binarisation (that works ingame on my desktop) dont work. So I really dont know what is wrong here, in the binlog it is telling me that it cant open any rvmat that is assigned and included in the projects data folder. I know it works before A3 tools was released, I have re setup my system after a long solution search but also this, with a pure BiTools 2.5.1 installation the models cant get loaded ingame. And I say - Every model, if its for a2 or a3 - he cannot load it and also cant find assigned material files. In the BUlldozer and on O2 from the biTools 2.5.1 it works fine and can load every assigned texture and material. I have also setup a quick simple test addon with fresh files, failed also. So dont know, its like a curse for me to prevent me from doing mods for arma because I know it was working before. To the a3 tools installation with Abs tutorial, just tried it now, Bulldozer crashes while loading - but maybe another error. Got an Idea what could be broken? Maybe its just a typical simple error? Help please :)
  2. Hello all, it is a really nice news to see that there are now compatible tools available! Now I have got a problem... After Binarizing my Mods I got an error ingame "Cant load object ..." This happens with every Project folder I binarize with Addon Builder. The Logfile cant read and open the textures, materials, etc. I have downloaded the Arma 3 Tools via Steam, started Addon Builder for the registry entries. Then I configured my Oxygen 2, A3 viewer etc. As I was searching for a Solution I have deinstalled the A3 Tools again, then deinstalled the BI Tools 2.5.1. Next Step was, I have reinstalled A3 Tools via Steam, started the Addon Builder - but then there was no registry entry dialouge. It started immediately. Is it normal that the Arma 3 Tools dont install a P drive? Is it still needed? Or not? Further solution searching was to install only the P drive from the Tools 2.5.1. Reinstalled the Arma 3 Tools, but also that doesnt help. Then I thought, lets go back to the roots. Deinstall the Arma 3 Tools, Reinstall the Full 2.5.1 Toolsuit. But now, sadly even with that Step, my Addons are not working after binarizing. My thoughts about that is, that the A3 Tools registry entries are still in my System and causing errors during binarizing, but I cant find them via Regedit. How can I find the registry entries of the Arma 3 Tools? What steps have you done to install the new Tools correct? Help would be appreciated! Kind regards, Donny
  3. Hello, Good to see you guys like my work and have fun with it. Nice pics btw :) Sadly I am currently at work and can't get to my pc for a update, but I am looking forward to bring one. Thanks to the first bug reports! With the uniform, it was my first one I have bring into game with this state, after a lot of try and error versions in weighting and design. The collar is a normal collar like it is used in the German army, they are normally not meant to be folded up. With a combat shirt it would make sense, but I would also like to see pictures to proof me wrong :) I thought to do a nvg, but I haven't seen a minie-D in German use, isn't it the Lucie 2 for the idz systems? And thanks for the upload on armaholic, will check the profile link out soon :) @Antoine would be cool to have a international choose of future soldier systems, a3 brings the scenario and they are not really unrealistic. Ofrp felin guys are really missing at the moment. To the aridfleck, I am no texture god, but maybe I can get the source files of my texturer to do a camo version of that. So far, have fun with the pack and I will do a patch for thé misnamed items and the missing wounds (if I get it) and a crate update with the two desert g36. Btw did you know there is a crate under Ammo named idz G36? Regards Donny
  4. Now it is time to give my work into the Arma Communtiy. This Project is based on the German Army Future Soldier System IDZ2-ES Gladius. This System is designed by Rheinmetall Dynamics and handed out to the German Army at the beginning of this year, so it is a true and active future Soldier system. With the individual Gear system of Arma 3 this Mod contains the Vests, Helmets and a Uniform of this System. As a little Gift I put my Alpha Version of the G36 into the Mod, too. It is not a perfect Weapon because I made it for the beginning for some pictures. What are German Soldiers without a G36? So I put it into the Mod too, maybe I will rework this model in some time. But so far it is not too bad for being used ingame, be in mind the focus of this Mod is the Infantry Gear. Bugs and issues, please contact me. Have fun with this work! Some Pictures: http://i.imgur.com/GteqfXW.jpg (589 kB) http://i.imgur.com/B72xxLq.jpg (645 kB) ##Features## ##Known Bugs## ##Classlist## ## Credits and Thanks ## Snorri - for the textures for the whole Infantry Gear (Thank you) Bohemia Interactive - for still giving us a modable Game and the Tools and Documentation to do this work ## Permissions and licencies ## This mod is not for Military and commercial use! Released unter the creative commons license CC-BY-NC-ND. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/deed.en_GB Files: Download
  5. I have recognized this error by myself too, but I cant find a way to fix that. Maybe it has something to do with the proxy of the Warhead that makes a extra shadow? As I have made this weapon it was my very first steps in modding and 3d modelling, now I have a bit more experience and want to put that weapon to A3 in the future, but currently other projects have to be done first. Then i want to have a new model then and will look after that shadow bug :) Btw, I have my last and final A2 Version 1.3 - fixed two things that was a bit bad: Update RC 1.3 - Fixed: Rockets dispersion to the left - Add: Triggerunits are now usable as Binoculars -Handanimations are not changeable- Download RC 1.3
  6. Update!! Changelog RC 1.2 - Fixed: Daylight Scope was usable with Nightvision Goggles - Add: Sideairfriction for Vanilla Ammo -NOT TESTED- - Add: You can now use the NSA-80 Versions on Daylight too, the Powerbutton of NSA-80 is now invented! - Add: Trigger Unit with NSA-80 Bag, Transportboxes for NSA-80 Pzf3 Ammotubes. ACE Version still recommended! Download First Post is also updated
  7. Donny

    Bundeswehr Infantry Pack

    I have sent you a pm about other stuff.
  8. Nice, I was searching if there is one existing at the moment :) Thanks
  9. You are right, it is a good question what is better. But some simple Otpics and Laser/Flash attachements are compatible to the most weapons and also adjustable because the 22mm Picatinny Rail is very common. Maybe it would be some Ticket worth to make it easier - but again from another point of view, when creating a weapon you create its normal optics to it to have them for this weapon and I think people who are going to use this are not going to use the Optics on other weapons?
  10. Oha that works, thank you for that! http://i.imgur.com/Sd8oGO6.jpg So, it is unpossible to use Custom Optics and attachments on A3 Weapons? Because this Optic only works on my Weapon now, or maybe it is in need of a little patch config entry for alle A3 weapons to get the custom ones working? In the other way, you can attache every Item on your weapon without this definition - strange. But, it is working and this was really the last thing I was thinking about! Thanks!
  11. I tried this as well, but it is not working. As references I took also the Config entries from the A3 Optic Items in the Six Config Browser. Does it something to do with the WeaponInfotype? I take "RscWeaponZeroing" for it as in the origninal scopes too. And still the same, Item appears as Item but is not attachable.
  12. Hello, after some searching the forums I have only found questions about how to make attachements working on the weapons. So I create this to ask for help, if someone of you knows what I am doing wrong. I have made my own Weapon model and an own Optics model. My Problem is, the Optic is available in the Inventory, but it can not get assigned onto any weapon - the Iteminfo changes to red when I want to drag and drop it onto the rifle. (A3 Attachements are working on my own weapon - btw) I tried that with a pre configured weaponclass and with putting the optic via init line into the soldiers gear. I have tried two different ways to include it with the model.cfg, one times as weapon and another time as default - but nothing changes it its behaviour even a missing model.cfg dont changes something. Is there a memory point on the p3d I am missing? Or is there a special way to define it at the model cfg? As I have deleted my model.cfg with the last try I cant show it up at the moment, but here is my config entry: I hope it is just a small thing to fix. Cheers, Donny.
  13. This is a nice addition that belt kit. I wanted to do some different Vest types so I think this will get a place in the BAE content too :)
  14. Thanks for the feedback :) yes, I am currently working on improving my skills with normalmaps. The Molle dont appears like I want to, but I think there is a lot of improvement possible. And also the vest loadout is not finished yet, but I havent thought about the usefuel order of the pouches, you are right. The problem with adding the pouches on the left side is that the arms of the unit will clip through them, sadly :( Maybe I could add single magazine pouches to the front left, that could work.
  15. This is a current WIP picture of the BAE Osprey mk4 Body Armour Currently the PRC with its pouch is missing, but it is part of the vest together with the Bowman. And maybe there are some little things not perfect at it yet, still in progress.